Lazy Day…..or not

23 Jan

Today has been a great day thus far!

Woke up and had a wonderful cup of coffee along with my favorite orange juice (and the only kind I will buy)…..Indian River Juice. If you have never tried it, please do! I am originally from South Florida and grew up on this stuff!

Then I had a cup of coffee in my favorite coffee mug (how could you see this mug and not be happy? I collect mugs and got this one in WV when I went up in the fall)

I made a wrap for breakfast with three slices of Butterball Turkey Bacon, Papetti Easy eggs, laughing cow garlic and herb cheese wedge with a bit of ketchup on a burrito size tortilla and a side of fruit. Wonderful, easy, filling….fabulous!

After that, I felt like my day was ready to begin….yet I had no plans. I decided to put together dinner for tonight —– Slow Cooker Beef Brisket with Beer  from

Anything with beer and beef has my vote plus I have never had parsnips before so cheers to trying new things! I choose Frugal Joe’s Beer from Trader Joe’s.  A wonderful cheap beer if you have a TJ’s near you. And you can mix beers and create a variety pack for yourself or friends as a gift from their varied selection!

Here’s all the ingredients together in the crock getting ready to cook

 After that, I cleaned my kitchen (finally!)

After that I went for a 2 mile (even though it was colder than I thought out!) and made it back and made lunch……Cheemo Spinach and Feta Perogies with grilled onions (if you can’t tell by now, I am onion friendly) and Chobani 2% Plain Yogurt with pepper and garlic mixed in for dipping. I love making these because they are so easy and something out of the ordinary. I definitely want to learn how to make my own perogies this yr!

I went to the dog park with my friend and her dog with Lincoln afterwards then came home to this beautiful creation all finished.

The meat just melted about when I took it out of the crock and I am excited for dinner tonight!

All together now….

The meal

Broccoli with some Ken’s Lite Honey Mustard

My friend and I went out to a local bar shortly after and enoyed some beer

Then I spotted a baby… a bar. Lovely. At least there is no more smoking allowed in the bars here (on another note, I believe I left before the baby did—eek!)

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