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Start spreading the news……

20 Jan

Monday Monday. Or not. Tuesday Tuesday. I love when Tuesdays feel like Mondays, it’s like a nice little gift to start the wk¬†right! Mentally, it was very rough waking up today. I think I finally woke up and was coherent around 3PM…..two hours before I went home for the day! ūüė¶
¬†At home I was sipping on my coffee then an angel appeared in front of me. Ok not an angel or in front of me but this beautiful specimen….Mr. David¬†Muir on Good Morning America.

How have I never noticed him before? Maybe because I was Team Cuomo for so long. But look at all that hair? Hello Daddy!

Breakfast was 6 oz Trader Joe’s 2% greek yogurt topped with Bobs¬†Flax Seed Meal, frozen¬†strawberries and a couple tbsns¬†of the coconut granola I got at earthfare yesterday (sorry for lack of pictures, someone forgot to charge her camera and the¬†camera on the ¬†phone was not wanting to cooperate with me today)


Today was a pretty uneventful day at the office until¬†Texas Toast¬†(lady who sits near me)¬†decided to eat some kind of fish¬†and Brussel¬†sprout concoction at 10am. I swear it smelled like death with a little bit of homeless warmed over.¬†But at least Texas Toast wasn’t clipping her nails. Which I hope when she¬† does they’re her fingernail and not her toenails.¬†Sometimes I despise working in a cubicle and long for the day when I don’t.

I was happy,¬†I managed to sneak out for a 20 min walk near the end of day. Coming back from a long holiday wknd, it is usually busy. But today, oddly quiet…..very very very strange.
I did have one highlight of the day—-my friend Danae¬†decided where she wants to go for her birthday trip in July—New York City!

We are going for a girls wknd¬†with six to eight girls. It will be¬†a much-needed¬†vacation by that point but I am just so excited! Hot men, good food, amazing shopping—I may never come back ūüėČ After we chatted about that, I pretty much spent the rest of the day working looking on-line for flights, hotels, etc. Productive worker I am!

Dinner was an epic fail of a calzone. I had some extra Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Pizza Dough ($.99 a package—what a steal!) and made a calzone for myself stuffed with rotisserie chicken I needed to use, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and onions. I folded over (again a time when my camera would have come in handy) and coated with evoo and powdered parmesean cheese. My oven sucks. And it knows I know it sucks! It ended up burning a bit on the ends but edible. I really want a real NY style calzone now. I will have to work on that!

Also, please¬† remember today is National Popcorn Day! Yay! I just enjoyed a small bowl with some Frank’s Hot Sauce on it-yum!¬†RIP Orville……