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why I don’t trust men with a lot of hair

28 Jan

John Edwards is just a dirty dog! So he cheats on his cancer stricken wife, fathers another woman’s baby and now there is a sex tape coming out?  Meh. This guy just sickens me. Poor Elizabeth Edwards. Maybe this is why I go for bald men?

 Mr. Clean could totally kick John Edwards  a** any day of the wk….and leave with a clean kitchen!  

 I am happy to say I did NOT have Greek Yogurt for breakfast! Every year my parents get me a Chick Fil A calendar, which has coupons for each month. Since this month is almost over (don’t even get me started on that topic!) I decided to stop there before work this AM and get my free Chicken Biscuit. It was so wonderful! However check out these stats……1,310 mg sodium!!!! Good lord, that’s about half of what I have one day. How did I used to eat this stuff all the time? It rang in 450 calories however the only bright point (besides being delicious) was the 19g of protein it has. I wanted to switch up breakfast for once but not that much!


I have no work to do at all. This morning I did my taxes (nice refund, cha ching!!), looked online for a new digital camera, flipped through recipes for meals next wk and such. At one point, I was about to fall asleep as my desk. I hate days like this, I just can’t sit here and be bored. I have told my boss this several times and one of the many reasons I want a new job. Yes I am good at my desk but a trained monkey could do it and I am not challenged at all. Plus my degree is in Journalism-Public Relations and I work in Debt Finance so yeah……surprise that I am not interested in my work. The problem is they keep giving me raises ( I know this doesn’t sound like a problem but when you are trying to think of reasons why you are unhappy with your job and want to leave, this is a HUGE roadblock). So really with that, there is nothing keeping me in Charlotte and I am miserable here. I don’t like the people, haven’t made friends that will be lasting relationships, hate my job, the guys here suck and the list goes on. Definitely time to start moving on. Sorry for the rant, it’s just been something that’s been heavily weighing on my mind. I need to get out of here, that’s all I know.

 I bring my lunch almost every day to work and today was one of those. But then one of my coworkers (Mr. Sighs A lot) walked by with something fried from Showmars . The girl who sits across from me looked over at me because we complain to each other about what he has for lunch because it smells so good and we always bring something from home. We then decided we needed to walk over to Showmars and today was my favorite special—Chicken Salad Pita with fries



This just made my day a little better!


The afternoon turned out to be a little more exciting than this morning. I took a nice 30 min walk around Uptown (absolutely gorgeous today-60 degrees and sunny!) and just passed time until 445P