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31 & loving the Biebs

17 Apr

Can someone tell me why they moved me to the food cube at work? Seriously, we used to keep all the food in the cube I’m occupying for the next two weeks and there is even food art on the wall! I have some extra cushioning attached to bum so they probably know I like to eat but this is ridiculous.

I’ll admit, I do get a little hungry while glancing over to the white board of food, except for the spaghetti with flies hanging around it.

But at least there is some healthy foods like fruit

And there is even sushi on the wall!

Which led to me to go out for sushi on Friday night. I had a $40 Living Social deal for Akahana Asian Bistro which I went to for the first time last month. I wasn’t too impressed by their service when I went but their sushi was tasty and $40 can buy you alot of sushi! When we got there, we saw a special for $1 domestic beers and that was a sign we were supposed to be there. $1 anything wins my heart and when it comes in the form of Yuengling, game over. When our server came up, he told us that ALL rolls were Buy One, Get One free as opposed to Tuesdays and Thursdays like they used to do. I got overly excited because of the $40 we had to blow through then he told us we couldn’t get the BOGO rolls with the Living Social deal. Thank God I asked beforehand because I could have seen us ordering eight rolls then after our bellies were full finding out that the BOGO didn’t apply.

We started off with edamame

And naturally, $1 beers

Then the feast of sushi came out. Well not really. To stay around the $40 mark we ordered three rolls and sadly, it wasn’t enough food for the two of us. I love that I have friends who love food as much as I do.

On the left is the Florida Roll

This was my favorite roll because it was very spicy and loaded with spicy tuna.

In the middle is the Mt. Fuji Roll

This was my least favorite roll. In theory it sounded good but the mango and the sweet sauce was too much for me. It was more of a dessert sushi roll than anything.

On the right is the Sweet Romeo Roll (I got this last time and loved it!)

It was eel fest with the eel topping and eel sauce-so delicious, plus the tempura flakes gave it a nice crunch.

Afterwards, we went to Bistro La Bon to meet up with my friends friends for dessert. I got some strawberry thingamabob with fresh strawberries, phyllo dough, strawberry puree and whipped cream. Seriously, I am calling it the strawberry thingamabob because our somewhat snippy waitress didn’t give us a name for what it was.

Saturday was full of running errands and by 2P I was dragging. Then I remembered I had only had one coffee and that was around 8A. I usually have three coffees in the morning so I needed some Starbucks loving and my friend and I went and sat out on the patio and enjoyed a cool, java drink.

Yes, love.

 Thank God I got some coffee flowing in my veins because Saturday night was a friends 40th birthday party

Why hello though red velvet cake

There were tons of people there and one dog who was all dressed up for the party.

This is Buffy. I was trying to get her to commit to being Lincoln’s bitch but wasn’t sure if Lincoln would like her or not. He is into voluptuous girls but has a case of the jungle fever

And Bieber balloons!

I must find these for my own home!

But then again, being a single 31-year-old woman with a house full of Bieber balloons possibly treads the waters of being creepy. On the other hand, that could be my hook for landing my own tv show called “31 & Loving the Biebs” They could follow me around and I can profess my love for the Biebs and his talent. I would sing his songs and know every word (which is a lie, I know only two songs of his and some of the words), tell them every single fact there is to know about the Biebs (which I know nothing about him except he is from Canada and has good hair) and talk about my love for him (which is also a lie since I like him but there is no absolute, dying love for him). Maybe one day on the show I would be able to meet the Biebs and I can be one of those ultra emotional women who start crying when he starts singing. After typing all of this, I am going to start using this when I meet creepy men at the bar! No normal men wanna hear about the Biebs right??

No worries though, for now I will like the Bieber from afar for I am a sucker for a Canadian man with good hair.


I’m kinda tempted to roll into work on my last day donning this and pajama jeans


Back to the party though, it was fun but I get paranoid about driving home so I left early and called it a night. It was a good time indeed.

I woke up super early today because that’s how I roll on Sundays. I hate that I can never sleep in on Sunday mornings because nothing opens until noon or so. I got to the YMCA before the doors opened and found a Precor AMT right away. I thought there would be a mad rush of people there when they opened but it was on the empty side which is a huge change of pace.

 I kicked a$$ during my workout:

35 minutes on the Precor AMT with resistance ranging from 9 to 13

bicep curls (12.5 lbs 12 reps x 2 sets)

Tricep pushdowns (15 lbs 13 reps  x 4 sets)

Tricep extensions (15 lbs 13 reps x 3 sets)

Lateral raise (12.5 lbs 12 reps x 2 sets)

Side bends (25 lbs 25 reps x 2 sets)

Chest press (20 lbs 13 reps x 3 sets)

I did all of that within an hour and was instantly energized from it. I came home and made a smoothie with coconut milk, chia seeds, blackberries and Spirutein Blueberries & Cream protein powder then got ready to meet up with a friend for lunch.

We went to Tavern on The Tracks since I had a BOGO coupon and you know, the frugal thing with me. I love my friends who respect my couponing and don’t mind going to their first choice place in lieu of saving a few bucks. It was an absolutely gorgeous day in Charlotte so we found a seat on the patio which was bumping since there was only one table available. Then we figured out why that table was available….it was right next to the speakers with a dude about to start singing. Now, I am all for music. Especially on a gorgeous day but when the area is 25×25 feet, if that, do you really need two speakers? Answer:No. My friend and I barely spoke during our meal because we couldn’t hear anything and we were just in a rush to get out of there as soon as we were done so the ringing in our ears would stop. I got a fabulous black and bleu burger out of it though with homemade chips

Bad Catholic of me to ask but if you give something up for Lent, can you eat it again starting on Easter Sunday or the Monday after? I gave up french fries and could not want them more right now. Chips with a burger is not as fulfilling as a hot, salty order of french fries, just sayin’.

So that was my weekend in a nutshell. I feel like I did a lot but didn’t get alot done, go figure.

Biebs-Love him or hate him?


12 Apr

So a little late for a weekend recap post but better late that never right? Yet another unexciting weekend and I am fine with that. Sometimes, I just want to do nothing social and get stuff done around the house.

  I think by the end of the weekend, Lincoln was ready for me to go back to work. Maybe because I  made him partake in a photo shoot?  Since he is a part Poodle, I figured he should sport a beret to show off his heritage!

Ok, I could see how he hates me doing stuff like this but it’s just too adorable to pass up. And this is what I do when I’m bored. I really do need to pick up a hobby.

Saturday night was spent in, which worked out perfectly since it was raining cats and dogs. When it’s raining, there is no way you can get me to go out, I am completely fine with staying in.

I had a dinner of leftover pizza along with a salad and some vino

Two glasses deep, I had the grand idea to make 3 Ingredient Muffins.

I used Spice Cake instead of the Devil’s Food Cake it calls for and used 1/4 bag of chocolate chips.

I love the Spice Cake addition and will use it again!

On Sunday I got alot of errands done in the morning then went to the gym and had a killer workout! I did 35 minutes on the Crossramp, doing weight loss interval with a resistance of 7, 10 minutes rowing then did an upper body workout including:

shoulder press (15 lbs 13 reps x3 sets)

bicep curls (15 lbs 13 reps x3 sets)

side bends (25 lbs 25 reps x 2 sets)

tricep extension (15 lbs 13 reps x3 sets)

concentration curls (15 lbs 13 reps x3 sets)

I felt great after this workout! I came home and replenished with a smoothie made with almond milk, ground flax-seed, fresh strawberries, frozen strawberries and Spiru-Tein Blueberries & Cream protein powder

Holy yum, this smoothie was fantastic! I love the combination of fresh and frozen strawberries and slurped this down! Oddly enough, I didn’t even get a brain freeze so that was a bonus.

I made chicken stir fry for dinner in an attempt to use up some of my quinoa that I bought last summer. I swear, I feel like I’m never going to go through this four pound feedbag but I have definitely put a dent in it. I wanted to use the quinoa for two reasons 1) obviously to use it up 2) to add some more protein to my meal since it packs an average of 14g of protein per cup.

I cooked two chicken breasts then set aside while the veggies were cooking. In the mix-snap peas, broccoli, bean sprouts and mushrooms. I whipped up a quick marinade of soy sauce, garlic, red pepper, black pepper and ginger and poured on the veggies while cooking. When near done, I added the chicken back in to simmer with the soy sauce mixture and soon enough it was done.

I laid the veggies and the chicken mixture over the quinoa. This tasted just like take out and filled me up for the rest of the evening–success!

Also, I’m distracted as of late.

Why you ask? Here we go……


I am getting ready to give my portfolio  away at work (about 150 accounts) so I am trying to make sure everything that needs to be done is done. I went into work for three hours on Sunday to play catch up and still didn’t get everything done so I am going to try my best to get it done within the next few weeks. And I have a few people that I am supposed to screw over tomorrow and not looking forward to it.  So, if you have seen an increase of drinking on my behalf, the job is why.

However on a brighter note, only 13 days left!  Along with that, I have an internship that I am starting so that’s starting to take up some more time in my schedule. It’s unpaid but it will give me some experience and will be able to put it in my resume. So, if I don’t post as much as I normally do, that is why.


I talked to my parents on Sunday and they told me that my dad was in the hospital last week since he was feeling dizzy so they wanted to check his blood and his heart. I love how they didn’t tell me this until four days after the fact.  I didn’t catch the whole story from him but they want to run an ekg on him to check on his heart and there is a chance he may need a pacemaker. He had a heart attack three years ago so this worries me and to top that off, my parents don’t have health insurance so that is just one more thing to worry about. 

*Boy drama

An ex boyfriend of mine may be coming into town next month. He says he is going to but I have a feeling he is going to bail given his track record

*Location location location

My lease is up in July and I still have no clue where I am going to end up. Originally I thought I wanted to move north but now that spring is coming around, I’m not so sure about that. I definitely don’t want to stay in Charlotte but want to get out of the South and move somewhere reasonably priced. Unfortunately, the areas I would really love to move to on this coast cost an arm and a leg (Chicago and DC) If only I could afford to live in San Diego!


I’m going through some personal issues with myself right now and doing a lot of self-reflection of who I am and where I am in life. Bottom line is, as much as I love myself and think I am bomb.com, I’m not 100% happy with the person I’ve become-inside and out. I have a lot to work on in that aspect. I choose not to talk about it on here because it would be Debbie Downer  and I really don’t want to get into details but that’s what’s up for me.

*Oral hygiene

Part of my molar fell out the other day, I don’t know how or more importantly, where it went?. WTF?

So that’s whats going on with me, what’s distracting you lately?


9 Oct

WTF is up with this weather? Why is it October and 85 degrees out? If someone could give me a logical explanation, I would love to know but until then, I need this to go away. Hot weather makes me irritable and I am sick of having to go in between two seasons of wardrobes. Even though I am annoyed by the weather, my internet is finally up and running which makes me happy since it’s been on the fritz the past few days. It’s been working but at the speed of dial-up which has been driving me crazy. Nothing has really been going on here-just working and hanging out. I had no plans last night so I made a quick dinner of penne with hot sausage, mushrooms and kale

I walked over to Picasso’s for two beers. Or not. The plan was to have two beers but five beers later I was home and illin. Like majorly illin. Let’s just say that it involved praying to the porcelain king a few times…after five beers. WTF? I don’t know what made me so sick but I do not puke after five beers. Suffice to say, a big breakfast was in order this morning.

Sometimes turkey bacon is a fail. I wish I would’ve had the real stuff to soak up the liquor. Had it not been so pretty out today and if I didn’t have plans, I would’ve laid on the couch all day. Fortunately, the Ciao Italia! Festival was today. They have this festival every year over Columbus Day weekend but I’ve never been able to go so I was excited I would finally get to go this year.

No Italian festival is complete without food. I had the eggplant parmesan sandwich and of course, a large cannoli.

I love the t shirts they were selling, especially the “Approach with Caution-Italian Temper” one.

Lincoln and I went to Independence Park afterwards. It was a perfect day to be outside however it saddens me a bit that more people don’t visit parks and enjoy them. Our tax dollars are going towards them so we should enjoy them more!

 Hot dog!

I needed something to cool me off afterwards and stopped at Carolina Smoothies.

This place is close to home and I’ve passed by hundreds of times but never stopped in. I went in and love the selections they had plus you could get a free add in so I chose the anti-oxidant one with my Carolina Sunrise smoothie.

And they sell Spiru-Tein there! Check out my new flavors—I’m so excited!

And so was Lincoln! Or maybe he was excited about his new blanket that I bought for $2.99 at Salvation Army?

I’m sick of the Real Housewives (with the exception of my precious Jersey housewives—love em!) How many franchises are there now? And why so many? I’m sick of seeing these rich women creating drama in their boring lives. I keep seeing the previews for Beverly Hills and they keep saying something about high stakes drama and they cut to one of them yelling out “ENOUGH!”. Um, ok. Yelling out, “ENOUGH!” isn’t drama to me. If you are telling me there is drama, I want to see hair pulling, ambulance, cheating, cops, spitting ala Pumpkin on Flavor of Love. Rich over highlighted housewife from Beverly Hills saying “ENOUGH!” isn’t drama in my world, Bravo. Seeing that one of the Housewives series is always on, I think Bravo should move it to more “real” cities and it should be one for the corresponding day
Monday-Real Housewives of Milwaukee
Tuesday-Real Housewives of Topeka
Wednesday-Real Housewives of Weirton, WV
Thursday-Real Housewives of Tifton, GA
Friday-Real Housewives of Fairbanks, AK
Saturday-Real Housewives of Sioux Falls
Sunday-Real Housewives of San Antonio

And yes, I do have this much spare time on my hands to think of cities. I’m sick of seeing these over privileged people and their supposed drama. I want to see real people dammit.  But at the same time, I can’t help watching this crap. I spent an hour watching Real Housewives of the ATL this morning and I think I am hooked to that one-oi.

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable weekend so far–does anyone else have Monday off as well?

And lastly, a big GOOD LUCK to all the gals running the Chicago Marathon tomorrow—you will rock it!

Waking up is hard to do?

5 Oct

I did it! I finally woke up early and got a work out in. I have major sleep issues so I value every second of sleep I get however with it getting darker and cooler out, I really haven’t been in a work out mood come night-time. I had plans after work so I set my alarm for an hour earlier than I normally wake and laid out my workout clothes next to my bed. When the alarm went off, I was awake and excited to get an early workout in.

After some technical difficulties with both Pandora and my heart monitor I found my flow and got a nice workout in. After spending over $100 on my Polar heart rate monitor, I really don’t want to buy another one but this one has been breaking my heart lately. I water it down a bit, have the strap fitting comfortably yet it still wants to tell me my heart rate is 85 when I am doing kettlebell swings (which normally have my heart rate at 160+) so I am a tad annoyed. I kept it on this morning just so I could see how I was doing time wise because of that other little thing I had planned for today (aka work). It would be so nice to have 40 more hours to myself each week yet have an income. A girl can dream…..

20 lb Kettlebell
Upright Deltoid Row (12 reps, 3 sets)
Halos (12 reps, 2 sets)
Side Bends (20 reps, 1 set)
Swings (15 reps, 3 sets)
Squats (15 reps, 3 sets)
Shrugs (13 reps, 2 sets)

15 lb Dumbbell
Curls (13 reps, 3 sets)
Shoulder Press (13 reps, 3 sets)
Reverse Fly (12 reps, 2 sets)


Donkey Kicks (12 reps, 2 sets)

After the workout, I took Lincoln for a much deserved walk. Like me, he is also loving the cooler weather which means we go for longer walks. It’s a win win for both of us. What’s not a win win is when he ran out into traffic this morning. We just won’t even go there……

I had a filling breakfast consisting of cheesy eggs atop sour dough toast along with a blueberry banana smoothie with Blueberries N Cream Protein Powder.

Nothing exiting really happened this morning but I had a BOGO coupon for Fuel Pizza so grabbed a coworker and off we went. I got a BBQ Chicken slice and it was perfection with the perfection amount of bbq sauce to where it wasn’t too soggy along with enough red onions to add flavor but not overpower it. It reminded me of a Texas BBQ Brisket sandwich we used to serve at Applebees. She paid for my slice but I got a side salad with honey mustard as well since a slice of pizza isn’t going to hold me over,

I met up with some friends at Polished and got a much-needed pedicure tonight. I love getting my piggies done but getting my piggies done while sipping on wine? Even better.

Now? I am spending time with this cutie

Also, on the agenda

My friend is getting back into Charlotte at 1115P tonight and guess who is a good friends and offered to pick her up? This girl. I am hoping that the wine makes me tired enough to nap but when I wake up, the coffee will hit for a little bit and then I can crash again then wake in the morning and do it over again? Make sense? Hope so.

To Shore or Not To Shore?

30 Aug

Today was a Summer Bank Holiday in the UK which apparently affected a huge portion of my work. It was completely slow today and I found myself with extra time to surf the web, read, talk walks, etc. This was nice but I can’t roll like this every day, I need some kind of work to keep me occupied.

I had leftover taco casserole from the other night. I added some extra cheese (since cheese makes everything better) and salsa to thin it up a bit. I am all for the spice but this had me fanning myself for a half hour afterwards. Not so much my mouth but just my body, I just wanted to cool down and be at a normal temperature again. I have one more left and froze another portion for a later date and am anxious to see how it froze. I love making batches of meals then having it a few times and freezing the rest. I don’t understand why more people don’t eat leftovers or take it for lunch, I think it’s usually better the second time around!

I was blissfully full but an ugh was about to hit. I had some dude from the past start IMing me at work. Really? We went our separate ways last year but he just started with my company last week and felt compelled to IM me. That’s a tad annoying. I mean, I understand why he would want to IM me but still, let it go. Plus, isn’t it a tad inappropriate and unprofessional to be doing that?

The lack of work today had me questioning things in life….what am I doing career wise? Am I going to stay in Charlotte? Why has this year gone by so quickly? Should I  start watching the Jersey Shore or not?

Unfortunately, I focused on the last question the most. I’ve never seen an episode however I know who all the key players are and know they like the GTL and like to get drunk. Besides that, I think they may work? I am just confused what they do all day and what the hype is. What also confuses me is how some of them make so much money when they seem like idiots who just get drunk and party? I will surely become an idiot if someone would pay me that much. Desperate times call for desperate measures and I can be very dramatic if the mood calls for it and if the money is talking. I love reality tv but think if I start watching, I will become hooked. I don’t want to be that girl who goes onto The Jersey Shore bulletin boards to read what the spoilers are and start following these people. Plus I have so many questions-Why is their hair so big? Why do they tan so much? Do they know the dangers of tanning?  Why are they all from places except Jersey? Why are they in Miami and what are they doing there? I never see them smile with their teeth, do they have any?  I am very intrigued but kind of believe The Jersey Shore is like Pringles-once you pop you can’t stop.

Perplexed by all things Jersey Shore, I made an Italian dish for dinner-Balsamic Chicken over pesto spaghetti with green onions and fresh tomatoes

Yay for the colors of Italy–represent!

Feeling uninspired from my strength training workouts lately, I did just a kettlebell and kettlebell only session

Kettlebell-20 lbs

Side Bends (20 reps, 2 sets)

Halos (13 reps, 3 sets)

Swings (13 reps, 3 sets)

Shrugs (13 reps, 2 sets)

Step Ups (25 reps, 3 sets)

Upright Deltoid Row (13 reps, 3 sets)

*Bentover Row  (13 reps, 3 sets)

Paired with a whole bunch of jumping jacks, planks and dancing in between sets, this workout kicked my butt. I was dripping by the end and felt like I was pushing myself more than my normal workouts when I incorporate a 10 and 15 lb dumbbell. I had an awesome calorie burn and my heart rate really got up there. It was interesting to see what a difference it brought from workout out along with my dumbbells and want to start incorporating kettlebell only workouts in my routine.

I refueled with a pomegranate smoothie with Chobani Pom Greek Yogurt, Pom Wonderful, Flax,Almond Milk and Vanilla Whey-delish

I am excited for tonight. I have absolutely no plans and the highlights will be washing my hair, doing the dishes and catching up on blogs. This past week was a bad one for me. I just felt off and not as happy as I usually am. I am going to blame it on coming back from Phoenix but I was really in a bum mood most of the week and just not feeling anything. I feel myself again and happy I am out of my funk!

Weekend Recap

9 Aug

 On Saturday, I was up and at em at 5A. WTF is that all about? Let’s just say I was not a happy camper about the situation but couldn’t go back to bed so I laced up my shoes and got to walking. Ok, well not quite…..it still a bit dark so I watched some infomercials then walking I went. It was so peaceful out and I only saw a couple other people out running and walking, I absolutely love desert early mornings.

Not bad for almost an hour of walking. I stopped at Starbucks on the way back and got a grande coffee and then made a breakfast smoothie with blueberries, half a packet of Spiru-Tein Banana Protein Powder, Almond Milk and Xanthan Gum

 As many of you know, I am not a nut butter fan at all. I will eat it every now and then (especially when covered in chocolate) and have read many rave reviews of Peanut Butter & Co. Bloom had it on special for $3 a jar this week and I bought a jar to see if I would like it.

Success! I haven’t had oats since it was cooler outside and decided to bring it back on Sunday morning. I sliced a banana then sprinkled the slices with cinnamon, laid rolled oats over that and then topped with a dollop of the Cinnamon Raisin Swirl. Yummy. I think if I bought the White Chocolate Peanut Butter they had I would be done (thankfully they were sold out when I bought this jar)

 After seeing this recipe on Tamara’s site, I was in the mood to bake. I still have a supply of POM Wonderful on my hands and haven’t baked in a while so I bought the few ingredients I didn’t have on hand and got to baking! I don’t have a cake pan but have muffin pans on hand so I made cupcakes with this recipe and bought Fun-Fetti cake mix instead of vanilla cake mix.

I love playing with food dye

 These were great but I was expecting more pomegranate flavor so I would use more next time.

After seeing the cooking demonstration on pesto at Carrabba’s on Saturday, I decided to make my own.


Lincoln was even eating good. I had to either use or throw away the last turkey burger I gave the other night and knew he would appreciate it

I made home-made pizza with Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Pizza Dough topped with mushrooms, olives and fresh basil and scallions.

I met up with some girlfriends for lunch at Fox and Hound It was Sunday at noon and  hot outside. Why not have a drink? I tried the Fruit Loopy-Three Olives Grape and Cherry vodka, Triple Sec, hurricane and sour mix with a splash of Sprite.




Can I just drink this forever? Ok, maybe not forever because I would go into sugar shock but I could seriously down this in a few sips since it was so good!

I kept flip-flopping between wings, a burger, sliders or a sandwich. I love bar food so much but everything else looked good. I finally had to just close the menu and decide on something because if I didn’t I would have never made a decision. I hate that. I wish more restaur ants would have Choose Two options because sometimes I want to try something new but then what if it disappoints?

Anywho, I got the Black Forest Sandwich—grilled turkey, applewood bacon, Monterrey jack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and honey mustard on a Bavarian pretzel roll.

I stopped at Earth Fare after that to look around and ended up getting a Magenta Magic Smoothie

It was great but this alone reminded me that I can make my own smoothies at home and save $4 or $5 a pop. Damn you smoothie cravings!

I went to Ross and got some great deals—two dresses and a Nike Fit Dry shirt (for only $5—holla!!)

I went on a two-mile walk and then did some yoga poses when I got back home. I even ran a bit on my walk and it didn’t hurt too bad and my knee isn’t hurting any more from when I don’t run so I may start incorporate more running into my program again. Well, when it gets cooler at least, I am so not a hot weather runner.

I really had no clue what to make for dinner. I have lunch for the next couple of days courtesy of Carrabba’s but then I remember my beautiful white eggplant I bought the other day

Eggplant Parmesan it was!

I cut the eggplant and dipped in eggwash then in seasoned breadcrumbs and baked for 17 mins at 400 degrees. I flipped half way through and sprinkled with marinara sauce, mozzarella and gorgonzola cheese a few minutes before it was finished then placed on noodles. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out since I wasn’t frying it but it was delicious and the texture was similar to meat.

Oh, Lincoln got pretty! I almost forgot about his day of beauty.

Dirty Dog

Clean Dog

I am really confused where this weekend went. I feel like I just got off work on Friday and once again, back to the grind. This needs to change soon.

Stuffed, soggy and smooth.

20 Jun

Thanks for the compliments on the hair everyone! I am starting to get used to it and loving the style! If yesterday was all about the beauty for me, today was all about pampering for Lincoln.

He was given a nice belly rub this morning then held like a baby (I’m a little too crazy for this dog)

And besos aplenty!

Like me, he got his hair did but no highlights for the Linkster. Turns out one of my friends grooms her own dog and in effort to save $40 I asked her if she would trim Lincoln and she didn’t mind at all. Doesn’t he look like he’s planning something deliciously evil in this picture?

I made stuffed blueberry french toast this morning.  I prepared two slices of bread as normal and while that was cooking, microwaved 1/4 cup frozen blueberries and 2 tbsp cream cheese under warm and soft then spread on one of the pieces of french toast then topped with the other.

With a kiwi, apple and banana fruit bowl on the side

Fantastic, I liked using frozen blueberries a lot more than when I made this for the first time! I didn’t think I was going to be satisfied with just two pieces of bread but this + the fruit bowl really filled this girl up. I wish I could make a big breakfast everyday, sigh 😦

I caught up on some reading at the pool—I am halfway through this book and recommend it so far!

I got back in and took a long shower and then made a quick lunch—turkey and cheese sandwich on wheat with tomato, baby spinach with Tribe Forty Spices Hummus spread on both sides. This was my first time trying this brand of hummus and I loved it! It had a nice kick to it with a smooth pepper flavor. It was the perfect spread to give a boring turkey and cheese sandwich some pizzazz.

And picked up my pottery piece I made this last Sunday–it turned out cute-yay!

Soon, it was the time of day I despise most on Sundays-3P. This is optimal nap time however with my sleep issues, I can’t give into naps that often on Sundays. I was sitting down enjoying some Triscuits and Tribe Forty Spice Hummus.

I had Lincoln by my sat, Glamour in my hands and all was quiet, which it shouldn’t have been since i was doing laundry and should’ve been on spin by that time.  I went over and the water was just sitting there and I tried pulling the plug, starting over again and nothing. I rent by washer and dryer and called the company and left a message for their emergency maintenance but never heard back. I couldn’t let it just sit there right? I didn’t know what to do but get the water out so off to work I went. First, I took the clothes out and rung them out as well as I could. Holy balls, this took forever and was working my arms good!! Then I took two plastic cups and started on getting to work out of the washer. Which resulted in this bucket ……times five. Argh.

I threw the clothes in the dryer and only took about five hours to dry—can’t wait to see my electric bill next month!! Doing all that felt like a workout in a half from digging for water, carrying the bucket to the sink and pouring out then doing it again. Thank God I am moving in three weeks!

I had the last of my Reid’s salads for dinner–grilled chicken caesar with T Marzetti’s Light Ancho Chipotle Ranch….can ya tell I like this dressing?

This was probably the worst of the salads I had from Reid’s. The chicken looked seasoned but really had no flavor and it would’ve been nice if the croutons were packaged separately instead of getting all soggy.

I’ve been in such a rut with working out outside since the warm weather and humid hit but decided to get out after dinner and go for walk. I covered a little over two miles and it was nice to get out for a bit and enjoy the end of the evening as the sun was going down.

I really wanted to get some ice cream afterwards but didn’t have any on hand so I made a smoothie with almond milk, ice and Spirutein Cookies N Cream Protein Mix. I loved this! I could smell the cookies n creaminess when I poured it into the blender and definitely will buy this again—for smoothies or desserts in general!

I’m feeling kinda blah right now and feel like I have a headache coming on.I feel like I did so much today and have been up forever but I’ve only been up 13 hours-ay chihuahua! Sooooo……apologies if this post isn’t so fun or witty. On another note, I kind of feel good about tomorrow. I am not going into work knowing I will be slammed (and not in a good way) from the minute I walk in until the minute I leave. I will get to take a break, a lunch break and be treated like a human! Let’s see if the case of the Mondays makes an appearance or not…..