The Hangover

24 Jan

Oi, I now remember why I don’t drink so much anymore. I feel like death warmed over. Splitting three buckets of beer is never a good idea but oh well, live and learn. Woke up this morning and wanted greasy food to soak up the liquor however I had nothing on hand and Bojangles doesn’t deliver (I would soooo tip well if they did!) That being said, I scoured my fridge and decided on french toast. Which I would normally love but when you want a biscuit and some BoRounds, it just didn’t do the trick. I topped with strawberries and syrup along with a huge cup of coffee.

I don’t have cable so basically Sunday morning suck in mi casa. I am a huge fan of Netflix and forgot to check my mail yesterday so I need to stop by my box today. I ended up watching Chasing Amy with doggy my side. I forot how much I love that movie and still remember seeing it in the theater …..13 yrs ago!!! Eek, where does the time go?? Unfortunately I do have to get dressed, put my contacts on and look like a member of society. But then again, I am just heading to WalMart so maybe not!! LOL

I had one of the best lunches I have had in awhile….a salad from Harris Teeter and a slice of their Margherita pizza. Fabulous. I love the Harris Teer near me because they make their own pizza and have a sweet oven to bake them right there. That along with their wonderful salad bar, gelato bar, sushi station. Chinese-Tai take out and Starbucks, it is a happy place for me 🙂

Salad consisted of the following with Poppyseed dressing:

*Spring Mix





*Red Peppers



*Green Olives

*Hardboiled egg

I have never tried margherita pizza before and was pleasantly surprised!

I checked my mail and got the last disc of Weeds Season 5 and my fitness magazine (I was going to buy Women’s Health but saw it was $4.99 for one issue, W-T-F? Is that some kind of joke? My subscription to fitness was $10 for the yr) which both I will be enjoying this afternoon along with watching the football


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