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18 Jan

So I am not much of a runner at all but I decided 2010 is a new yr and it’s going to be all about me 🙂 I was smoking crack perusing the web the other night after a KettleBell workout and felt very motivated which lead to me to google upcoming 5K’s in the Charlotte area. I remember reading about the  Couch to 5K  Program and felt very intrigued. I figure….I have been woking out and much more stronger than I used to be. I have no challenges to myself right now  so why not? And now it is official—March 13, 2010 will be running my first and not last 5K!!

I am so pumped to start this and get with it! I did the step in wk 1 yesterday which was very hard (having to follow the streps and not run when I want to) and am definitely aching today.