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Proud Tiffany

30 Apr

For the past week I’ve been humming or singing the line “Left a good job in the city” from Proud Mary (The Tina Turner one of course, not the CCR one. Speaking of which, whats Tina Turner been up to these days?)  I would say it’s an appropriate song to have in my head since I did have a good job in the city and as you know, I left it.  I threw deuces at corporate America and just left…..and it feels good.

My last day at work was actually a good day. I didn’t get any going away cakes or lunch from my co-workers but I did get three free drinks from Starbucks.

I had to say goodbye to my Starbucks crew since I won’t be going Uptown anymore. Pay for parking? Hell no. I will just learn to love the Starbucks crew at the one near my house. It took me awhile to get in good with the baristas at the one in my building so now I am going to have to work double time to establish report in two months. Time to bring out the witty remarks and quips!

I stopped by my hippies to say goodbye to them and collect some produce for the weekend.

But turns out they set up at different farmers markets in the area so I will get to see them again! That’s what I call winning!

I got some free samples from the Trident girls working the corner at the intersection my office is located

I came back to find a note from one of my coworkers on my whiteboard

Teardrop. I’m really going to miss my co-workers.

Then I was instantly inspired on where to go for lunch—sushi of course! I went by myself since everyone seemed to be really busy (I guess with me not having work to do, forgot what that was like?) I went to RuSan’s for their $9.99 sushi buffet. RuSan’s is questionable, so much that one of my friends calls their sushi McSushi since it all seems to be fried and all the sushi chefs are from south of the border. When I walked in, the place was bumping for lunch time and knew I made the right selection of where to go. For $9.99, I could get a couple of plates and have a sushi food baby sitting in my tummy.

And sit in my belly it did. And now in a “I think I have food poisoning” kind of way but more so in a satisfied way. It’s a great place to stop by if you’re looking for a quick fix.  I sat around the rest of the afternoon going for walks and reading at my desk. My manager was in a meeting so I couldn’t just scoot. I had to set up my voicemail and give him my badge so I wouldn’t have access to my building further. Because if I could go anywhere in the world, it would be work, not Europe.

Sigh, look at that 25-year-old girl with such hope and aspiration.

Then the fun began! And by that I mean happy hour! Well, after work drinks since happy hour in North Carolina is illegal. Instead of limiting it to a few hours in the afternoon, NC is baller and allows all day drink specials. So I say blame the government if people are drunk all day! 

I need some crackers with my cheese

I declined on the car bombs

PBR ring

 Good times had by all! I can’t believe it’s over though. I keep wondering what’s going to happen on Monday–am I going to wake up early like I always do and get ready for work until I realize that there is no work? Then when we were out last night, it dawned on me I’m employed–eeks! I haven’t been unemployed since I was 25 so this is going to be a major adjustment for me and have to brush up on my interviewing skills. It was difficult saying good-bye to people though and some even snuck out without saying bye–what’s up with that?? It’s my party and you will say good-bye when I tell you to, thank you. I started to get teary eyed when telling people how much I would miss them and how I wasn’t going to see them again at the office. Every emotion was coming out, it was ridiculous. I just hope this leap of faith I’m taking works out in my favor because even though I know this is what’s best for me right now, I go back and forth when it comes to confidence in myself. It has to work out, right?

After all those drinks last night, I’m feeling quite ripe. I got home went to bed and then woke up at 3A and been up ever since. I don’t know why I didn’t get a nap in this afternoon but I just wasn’t tired so I’m waiting to fall asleep as I’m typing.

Do you socialize with your co-workers outside of work or do you keep things professional?

Frugal Friday Guest Post: Two Boos Who Eat

29 Apr

Hi everyone—happy Frugal Friday! As many of you know, today is my last day of work for God knows how long. So my eye is on the prize and will be going to happy hour to celebrate my freedom from corporate America after the work day. But have no fear because I have a wonderful guest post for you all today from Amanda of Two Boos Who Eat. I love reading the adventures of Amanda and Andy in Southern California and am envious of what a solid and supportive marriage they have. Reading their blog always brings a smile to my face!

Hi Simply Shaka readers! My name is Amanda and I blog over at Two Boos Who Eat with my husband Andy.

Right now, I’m working on my teaching credential and don’t have a paying job. It’s hard but I’ve learned to be super creative when it comes to saving money!

· Groupon& Livingsocial aren’t super present in the suburbs but they DO offer good deals in L.A. so I try to follow the e-mails and save them for a rainy day. I recently purchased an hour massage on Livingsocial for $40. I wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise.

· Local community supported agriculture! My husband and I signed up for a weekly organic produce pick-up. It’s $20 a week and it’s ALL organic. We can’t pick our produce since it’s seasonal, but we always get a nice variety of delicious fruit, greens and veggies. I highly suggest researching “CSAs” or “Produce Pick-ups” in your area.

· Couponing! I subscribe to several coupon blogs on google reader. I put all of the coupon blogs in a separate folder so it’s easier for me to check it. My favorites:

o Organic Deals

o Mambo Sprouts

o The Krazy Coupon Lady

· Target Clearance I’m frugal when it comes to buying clothes while not having a full-time job. I’ve found cardigans, yoga pants, socks and pajamas for super cheap.

· Travel I’m all about Travel Zoo.  They have AWESOME deals.

Anywho, there are a few of the ways I’ve made things work during a tight time. I’m always looking for more ways! Let me know if you have any!

Do you belong to a CSA?
Where do you get your coupons from-online or the newspaper?


Want to guest post and school others on how you save money?  Shoot me an email!

How to kill time in a cubicle part deux

28 Apr

Another boring day with nothing to do. Thank God, it will be all over tomorrow at 4pm because there is nothing more I can do with my day.

A run down from today:

*Organized my coupons (there will be an upcoming Frugal Friday on my couponing ways!)

*Read magazines

*Touched up my nails

*Proclaimed I’m never going to indulge in a bloody margarita again after last nights festivities

I got home, passed out around 845om, woke up at 1130pm and went back to bed around 4am. Suffice to say, I felt like crap today.

*Indulged in a Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte


I say indulge because rarely will I order a $4 drink if I don’t have a free drink coupon.

*Practically cried when I saw my Chick Fil A coupon had expired because grease was the one thing I needed in my system

But got a free bagel with cream cheese instead

*Found some websites to waste time

This one was my favorite: Dads are The Original Hipsters

*Went to the library to return a few cds

*Found out that Jon Secada is still alive and well and putting out cd’s

*Got some new cd’s

*Wondered why I went buckwild with a BOGO sale on M&M’s and Starburst at CVS

*Marveled at how great my hair looked with it’s natural curls coming out to play  without doing anything to it

*Read about  Bru’s Wiffle in Santa Monica and decided I will be there if I am in Southern Cali again.

The serve Belgian waffles but not just for breakfast dishes—they have it as the base for other dishes such as Chicken Curry Salad Waffle and a Pizza Waffle!

*Watched Shiba Inu’s live for a ridiculous amount of time. They were absolutely adorable but then I started to get concerned because do they ever go off line? When do they get to go outside and do their business? What happens when they grow up, will there be replacements like with Menudo?

*Found out Fage offers coupons online

But Athenos doesn’t since it’s a Kraft product and per their website

“During special promotions we may offer coupons in order for people to try something new at little or no cost. The brand must pay for these coupons and the number of coupons available is limited by brand marketing and promotion budgets.

We do not offer Kraft coupons upon request, but look for them in newspapers, magazines, and on product packages”

Thumbs down, Athenos, thumbs down.

*Went to Target to shop

Found a cute jacket on the clearance rack along with a pair of fun sandals since it looks like I won’t be wearing my flip flops as much as I have been.

*Had a killer lunch of leftovers

*Googled pictures of Colorado and Colorado Springs. My best friend just moved there and I think I am going to visit this summer!



Please tell me something excited about your day!

Special delivery

28 Apr

Mail rocks. I feel like I never get anything fun in the mail anymore except for Netflix once a week and a random card or package. But this past week has been full of nice surprises….

1) Starbucks free petit treat coupon

At first, I thought this was my free drink coupon and was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t. But then I got excited since I’ve been eyeing their cake pops. I’m all about having a small sweet  in the afternoon for a little pick me up.

2) Books and coupon!

I won this book through a giveaway on  Looking Up While Slimming Down.  Neyal even sent me a coupon for Chobani Champions since she knows I love the CHO and knows I love saving money even more!

3) Swanson Health Products!

I recently had the opportunity to try three Swanson Health Products.

*Hyaluronic Acid Firming Serum

As much as it pains me to say, I’m getting older and along with that comes changes in my skin. The texture of my skin has changed due to age, sun damage and other factors and I am not 100% happy with how my face looks. Every day I wake up, I see lines that never used to be there and bags under my eyes. This is not a good look for me. When I received this in the mail, I opened it up like a little kid on Christmas and tried it out immediately!  The serum is clear and not gooey like other products out there. The scent is citrusy with a hint of woodsy. I put it on the area of my face I want to firm such as my forehead, cheeks and around my eyes every morning and night. It’s very light weight and it only takes a small dab to cover the areas I wanted to get. It didn’t take long to dry after applying so it was easy to put on my night time moisturizer or makeup on afterwards. I’ve been using it for the past two weeks and can say my face feels tighter in those areas but not a 180 in firmness since I haven’ been using it too long .  I would buy this product on my own since it is very reasonably priced compared to other firming serums out there. My only gripe was that the bottle is silver so you can’t see how much you have left.

* Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

I’ve been reading about coconut oil in the blog world and wondered what the hype was about. I love coconut anything and regularly use use vegetable and extra virgin olive oil  to cook with, so I figured, why not give coconut oil a shot? But when I got the tub of coconut oil and opened it up, I had no clue what to do with it since it was in a solid form.

I did some research online and you can heat it up or you can add to smoothies, granola and many other things. Works for me!

My first experiment with it was with tofu. I breaded the tofu with plain breadcrumbs while the coconut oil was warming up. I used about to tablespoons of it since it packs some calories and fat with it

The coconut oil warmed up very quickly, so I tossed in the tofu and let it fry. Maybe it was the music I was jamming to or I wasn’t completely ravenous but it seemed to take shorter to cook than when I use vegetable oil—nothing wrong with that!

As much as I love coconut. I was a bit weary about it coming out completely coconut flavored  but the tofu came out crispy with barely a hint of coconut. 

I also used coconut oil in my smoothie to give it a little hint of coconut which brings us to the third item I received

*Nutiva Chia Seeds


Yet another item that I’ve been reading about in the blog world for some time but never knew why people were so crazy about the chia seeds. From reading about them online, I wondered—did people like them because  they that tasty or that beneficial to your health?

Turns out there are many benefits to chia seeds–From What’s Cooking America:

Chia – 10 Health Benefits of This Superfood

  1. Supports Heart Health
    Chia seeds can help reduce blood pressure. The seeds contain one of the highest known plant sources of essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6). EFAs cannot be synthesized by our bodies however, it is very important that we get enough to support our immune, cardiovascular, nervous and reproductive systems. EFA deficiency is quite common in North America.
  2. Stabilizes Blood Sugar
    Chia seeds slow down the rate at which complex carbohydrates are digested and then assimilated into the body. The soluble fiber helps to stabilize blood glucose levels resulting in steady, sustained energy. In one study on diabetic patients, Dr. Vladamir Vuksan of St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, found that blood was thinner and less prone to clotting and blood pressure of participants dropped significantly, after three months of taking Chia seeds daily.
  3. Energizing
    The word “Chia” comes from the Mayan language and means strength. Chia seeds are a balanced blend of protein, carbohydrates, fats and fiber. It is said that 1 tablespoon of Chia can sustain a person for 24 hours. Athletes have reported that Chia seeds help them perform at optimal levels for much longer periods of time.
  4. Anti-Inflammatory Properties
    A number of arthritis sufferers have reported reduced pain and inflammation after a few weeks of taking Chia seeds. The high concentration of omega-3 helps to lubricate joints and keep them supple. Additionally, Omega-3s are converted into prostaglandins which are known to have both pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effects.
  5. Weight Loss
    The essential fatty acids contained in Chia seeds helps to boost metabolism and promote lean muscle mass. The seeds are sometimes added to food to provide bulk and nutrients while adding very few calories. For these reasons, many people have found Chia quite useful in weight loss and weight maintenance.
  6. Detoxification and Elimination
    Similar to psyllium, the swelling action of Chia in the body helps to cleanse and soothe the colon, and absorb toxins while lubricating and strengthening peristaltic action.
  7. High Quality Protein
    Chia seeds contain about 20% protein, a higher percentage than found in many other grains such as wheat and rice. Chia seeds contain strontium which helps to assimilate protein and produce high energy.
  8. Antioxidants
    Chia seeds are an excellent source of antioxidants containing even more antioxidants than fresh blueberries. The high amounts of antioxidants in Chia seeds also keeps the oils from going rancid – contributing to a long shelf life.
  9. Provides Fiber and Other Nutrients
    Besides EFAs, Chia seeds also provide fiber, iron, calcium, niacin, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus.
    2 tablespoons of Chia = 7 grams of fiber, 2 grams of protein, 205 milligrams of calcium, 5 grams omega-3
  10. Brain Power
    EFAs are known to make cell membranes more flexible and efficient making nutrients more readily available and nerve transmission more efficient. This helps to improve brain function (including memory and concentration).

I’ve just tried it in my smoothies but want to start adding them to my yogurt and oats. I’ve been soaking the chia seeds in water for five minutes before adding them to my smoothies to soften them up a little. I’ve enjoyed them so far, they don’t have a real taste to them and if you soak them, aren’t too seedy. But give me all those benefits in one little serving? You can be sure I will continue to use chia seeds!

That being said,I still want a Chia Pet


Thank you Swanson Health Products for sending me the three items and giving me the opportunity to try them out!

What’s something exciting you’ve gotten in the mail lately?

If you use coconut oil and chia seeds, what do you do with them? I need ideas!!

How to kill time in a cubicle

26 Apr

I always wanted to have some free time at work. But now that they gave away my accounts, I have all the time in the world. So here is a little glimpse into my world and how I killed eight hours yesterday.

*Read about funny grammatical errors

*Then read that Jon Bon Jovi is opening up a community restaurant with “low-cost or no-cost meals to diners in exchange for volunteer work at the restaurant”?? Very cool I would definitely go there! But then I read about a restaurant in which Danielle Staub, Jake Pavelka, Heidi Montag and others are working at.  Yeah, no thank you.

*Walked around carrying files to trick other into thinking I was busy

*While walking around, got mad compliments on my new headband that I scored for $1.50 at CVS this weekend.

*Painted my nails

*Wondered if I went around to people who are making phone calls and give them manicures if I could make a profit?

*Then wondered, when did I become so pink obsessed?

Ok not exactly pink but in the same family

*And how I felt so old because I am having major arch problems in my feet and had to make a podiatrist appointment before my insurance ends on Saturday.

*Started to make a list of boys I kissed in college but get stumped after the first month of college

*Wondered if I can find Today’s Special on DVD

Does anyone else remember this show?

*Read magazines

* Thought about  Tyler Florence and how he  bears a striking resemblance to  Ewan McGregor, only more voluptuous (nothing wrong with that Tyler!!)



*Cleaned out my wallet and checked balance on various gift cards hanging out in my wallet

*Cleaned out my purse and found random coupons that are still valid

*Wondered how a piece of cheese can taste so damn good

*Caught up on blogs

*Invaded my co-workers cubes to chit chat

*Soon realized that they still had work to do and didn’t have time to talk to me

*Took a lunch break

I haven’t been able to take a lunch break in awhile so I am enjoying this during my last week. I had a BOGO coupon for Rock Bottom that I wanted to use since I don’t know when I will be in the Uptown area of Charlotte after Friday. I grabbed one of my co-workers who I haven’t seen in awhile  and we sat outside and  talked about my plans and future adventures. I kind of blindsided her with the news of my last day but I didn’t want to tell her via im or email and wanted to see her before my last day.

Servers kept walking by and I would just stare at them as they passed by with plates of French fries. My friend would ask me if the guy was hot and I said “I have no clue, I’m just staring at the french fries” I gave up french fries for Lent and have been longing for them so all I wanted was to see some french fries in front of me. What seemed like forever, we finally got out food. I got the California Chicken Sandwich and half a plate of fries—mission accomplished!

It was great to catch up with her and she even picked up lunch since as she said “I probably won’t ever see you again” which ended up bringing me down since that’s probably a true statement. I told her I would give her my blog info though so she can keep track of my adventures!

*Visited my hippies and got produce for the week

All this for only $5.30! Which after work, I turned into a gorgeous Greek Salad topped with cooked tofu, onions and mushrooms with Athenos Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

*Went to Chick-Fil-A to redeem my coupon from the Chick-Fil-A calendar for the month of April

*Showed a little skin to score some fat free honey mustard and buffalo sauce

*Watched and listened to a serene waterfall in the heart of Uptown Charlotte while trying to find my chi

Then scooted out at 430pm to I could get home, a girl can only fit so much into a day!

How do you kill time on a slow day at work?

Beer me a piece of chicken

25 Apr

After a pretty crappy Easter day, Easter dinner turned out to be a success! We will start out with the sides though, after much struggle, I decided to give beets a chance. I’ve always been skeeved out by them but after reading about them on Hungry Meets Healthy, I wanted to give them a fair trial.  Enter this recipe for Roasted Beets with Feta, I thought maybe with the help of some feta cheese, maybe beets didn’t deserve the bad rap I gave them.

Me against the beets

Peeling them wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was going to be. I thought the skin would have been more coarse than it was but soon enough the skin was off and it was time to chop up

I tossed in extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper then roasted for 40 minutes at 40 degrees. Naturally while preparing these I was singing “Give Beets a Chance” to the tune of “Give Peace a Chance”

I tossed with feta cheese, lemon juice and green onions and voila-a new side dish to try!

I really can’t compare the taste of beets to anything I’ve had before as it seemed a bit gritty. But then again, coat something in enough extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper and you can’t go wrong. After a few bites of conflicted feelings about this, I ended up loving this new side. Plus, it’s adds a pretty, unconventional color which I am all about.

I made deviled eggs for the brunch that didn’t happen due to me getting locked out of my house. I mashed the egg yolks  with two packets of Dijon mustard and one packet of mayonnaise. I like the heat so I added paprika, black pepper and crushed  jalapeno to give it a little kick.

I topped with green onions and hot sauce, absolutely delish!


And these disappeared while making dinner since I was starving!

Which brings me to the main course for Easter-Beer me a piece of chicken!

As a part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program, I recently had the opportunity to create a recipe using New Belgium Beer. I received a stipend to purchase New Belgium beer and the ingredients needed to make a recipe of my choice.

Foodbuzz must read my blog because as many of you know, I am all about the beer.  I like to know a little about the beer I was going to create a meal with and stumbled upon New Belgium’s core values:

Company Core Values and Beliefs

1. Remembering that we are incredibly lucky to create something fine that enhances people’s lives while surpassing our consumers’ expectations.

2. Producing world-class beers.

3. Promoting beer culture and the responsible enjoyment of beer.

4. Kindling social, environmental and cultural change as a business role model.

5. Environmental stewardship: Honoring nature at every turn of the business.

6. Cultivating potential through learning, high involvement culture, and the pursuit of opportunities.

7. Balancing the myriad needs of the company, our coworkers and their families.

8. Trusting each other and committing to authentic relationships and communications.

9. Continuous, innovative quality and efficiency improvements.

10. Having Fun.

This just made me love them even more! Hey New Belgium, if you’re looking for someone I know a girl who is going to be jobless come Friday and loves beer and having fun. Let’s make this happen!

After a failed attempt at fish and chips earlier this week (I didn’t even post it on here due to the enormous fail that it was) I decided to based my recipe off Chicken Vesuvio my mom used to make.

I made my own little creation using New Belgium’s Mighty Arrow Pale Ale

From New Belgium’s website

“MIGHTY ARROW Pale Ale provides lots of pleasurable sniffs from Amarillo and Cascade hops with a fetching honey malt base. This is our brewed tribute to Arrow, Kim’s Aussie/Border Collie mix who ran (literally) New Belgium for 12 years. When she wasn’t patrolling the brewery grounds, she was famous for her office visits: She never met a tummy rub she didn’t like. Atta girl Arrow.”



Calories –


Hops –

Target, Goldings, Cascade, Amarillo


Beer me a piece of chicken ingredients:

One bottle Mighty Arrow Beer

1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil

2 teaspoons black pepper

1 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons oregano

¼ teaspoon ground mustard

1 teaspoon garlic

Chicken leg quarters (I used two and a half)

I poured the beer in a mixing bowl then added the extra virgin olive oil

I added the oregano, salt, pepper, garlic, ground mustard then whisked to create this beautiful sauce

It’s like edible tie dye!

I let marinate for six hours then cooked at 400 degree for an hour

The result?

Chicken that was cooked perfectly— crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside. What I liked about it was that it wasn’t completely overloaded with oil like my mom’s Chicken Vesuvio used to be (sorry Mom, it’s true!)  I will definitely make this again and look forward to incorporating more beer into my meals since I clearly don’t get enough in my weekend activities.

Thanks New Belgium and Foodbuzz for giving me the opportunity to create a recipe!

Do you add beer to any of your recipes?

What did you make for Easter dinner?


24 Apr

Ok, can I just say that this is my last week of work? Time has flown since I’ve given my notice to my employer, even with me giving away my whole portfolio. I am not going to miss the work one bit but I am really going to miss my coworkers. They are the best crew as a whole that I’ve worked with in a long time and none of them smell like my old co-worker who smelled like bleu cheese and ass.

As for the weekend, well, you guessed it. It went by too fast as usual. We didn’t get to leave early on Good Friday like everyone else I know but I ended up scooting out of there at 4:15pm. I’m sorry but if I have no accounts to work, am falling asleep at my desk in between reading cooking magazines, my time can definitely be spent better elsewhere. Plus, what are they going to do-fire me? I think not. I hope not at least.

I went to the gym right after work and it was a dead zone which was a nice change of pace. Nothing irritates me more than having to wait for a machine. Edit, nothing irritates me more than others who are waiting for machines and hover around you while you work out, as if that’s going to help time pass quicker. Why don’t they just go find something else to do instead of just standing there? They are there for a workout, yes?

Regardless, I don’t even remember what I did besides the Precor AMT but I must have had a rockin workout

I wasn’t in the mood to cook afterwards so I just whipped up a quick meal of asian cole slaw.

Always does the trick.

I also came home to a package from my sister—my Vera Bradley Puccini bag she picked up for me at the Vera Bradley sale in Indiana.

The theme for Saturday’s lunch was let’s-see-how-much-produce-I-can-fit-into-one-meal. It started with Athenos Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Spread on a tortilla to make a quick wrap with red peppers, cucumbers and carrots


Complete with a side of apples and nectarines

Shortly after, I attended the Yelp Charlotte Elite  Cajun Invasion at Cajun Queen. I visited this restaurant only once before and was let down by it since it’s supposed to be the best Cajun restaurant in Charlotte. But feed this girl free food and drink and my vote may be swayed.

Wine was provided by Three Girls Wine

I didn’t try any but my friend said it was wonderful. I am temped to buy a bottle since I am one of three girls. However, I am always skeptical of any company or product that doesn’t have a website. It’s 2011, get with it.

The reason I didn’t try any was all because of Mother Earth Brewing.  This was my first time hearing of this beer but found out there are a North Carolina brewery in the eastern part of the state. Hooray for local brews!

The Weeping Willow Wit was my favorite-very comparable to Blue Moon. By the end of the event, I switched over to Sisters of The Moon, which is an IPA. I’ve never been a huge fan of IPA’s but starting to grow an appreciation for them as of late. Plus, the hippie names make me smile. I couldn’t remember the name of Sisters of the Moon  but kept calling it obscure names like Brothers of Jupiter or Fathers of Saturn. The beer rep seemed amused and that’s what I was aiming for. What can I say, my need to make people laugh is part of my charm.

We started with appetizers of shrimp and fried oysters.

Then they told us that the buffet line of entrée items was being served so we grabbed some more grub. I didn’t even need any more since the fried oysters and shrimp had my heart but I wanted to see if the Cajun Queen could wow me this time around.


Enter in jambalaya, etouffee with crawfidh, grilled chicken and peach bread pudding. All of it was absolutely delectable and I could have gone for seconds but didn’t want to seem like a complete pig.

You win Cajun Queen.

All in all, it was a fun event to attend. They open at 5pm daily so it was pretty baller to have the restaurant to ourselves and the house band that has been performing there for 24 years even came in to play for us.

Thank god, I had all that beer in my system because it helped me out with falling asleep right after. I needed the energy since it was one of my co-workers birthdays and didn’t want to bring the lame sauce by only staying out for a few hours.

Carrying on the cajun theme from that afternoon, we started at Bourdreaux’s in NoDa for hurricanes.


I love their hurricane menu because they are categorized by Category 1-5 Hurricanes-1 being the weakest, 5 being the most hooch filled hurricane you can get. I settled on a category 4 since I had to drive that night and wanted to enjoy the drink instead of wincing every time I took a sip.

Soon after, we headed to Solstice Tavern then to Sin City for karaoke.

Sin City was not what I thought it was going to be. When I think Sin City, I think of bright lights, a huge area and sketchy people. Well, sketchy people it did have. I’m talking more men with neck tattoos than I’ve ever seen in my life, bad hair pieces, worse karaoke singing and vampires.

Yeah, I said vampires. This guy was standing next to us and he had his vampire teeth in. As soon as I saw this, I was on a mission to relocate to another area of the already-small karaoke area.

I heart when randoms get in the background of pictures. And why do I still throw deuces? So three years ago.

Good times had by all. And I even hung until 1am or so with only having a couple of drinks. I am really going to miss these people.

And now it’s Easter afternoon. My Easter hasn’t been the greatest……I woke up early and went to the park with Lincoln where I killed two birds with one stone by listening to a church service that was going on. Then I came home to lay outside before going to a friends for lunch. All was right with the world, the sun was out, it was hot out but not so hot I sweating my balls off and I had Bitter is The New Black in hand since I can read Jen Lancaster over and over again. I made my way inside to freshen up and my door was locked. I started to panic—I never lock my back door if I am hanging out in my yard but for some reason the second lock was locked….not by my doing. I suspect by my landlord when he showed my house a few days ago. I went to the front door and it was locked and thank God I had my phone on me because I had to get in touch with my landlord stat. I called him up and he told me he was three hours away. Of course he was. He told me his wife was in town and could come by and let me in but she would be an hour or so. So I waited… the sun which only got hotter and the minutes were going by so slowly. Soon, she showed up and let me in but by that time I was in no mood to be social with anyone (I’m a bit moody for those who do not know me) and just wanted to cool off at home. He called me to make sure I got in and then sprung it on me that he was showing my house. Today. From 4pm to 6pm. On Easter Sunday, in case you didn’t catch that part. Who the hell shows a  house on Easter afternoon, can’t they wait one day? What if I had plans or people coming over? I charged up my computer and went to one coffee house but this random creeper kept following me around. I would get up and move because he smelled like trash and was singing “Amazing Grace” but once I found a new location, there he was. I drove home since it was around 530pm to check the status of if he was done or not and he said he had one more set of people that he was waiting on. So I sit here at Starbucks, blogging my little heart out.

Please tell me your Easter was better??! I just want to go home.

Frugal Friday-Word to your mother….Earth that is.

21 Apr


Happy Frugal Friday and happy Earth Day! My inner hippie is glowing from the inside because of Earth Day and all the good deals that come with it!

Some tips for saving money while living green:

*Reusable mug when getting coffee or tea. I feel better about not using a paper cup plus my tumbler is cute and resembles a Starbucks cup.

*Reusable bags when shopping-duh-like you haven’t heard of scene this one before.

*Re-use Ziplock bags and tin foil. I know it sounds kinda cheap but if it have a ziplock bag where I’ve stores dry ingredients in, I will wash and reuse it for something else. I am not letting them go to waste unless there is something wrong with them. I do the same with tin foil that is in good condition and hasn’t been holding anything perishable within it.

*Buy items in bulk  bins such as nuts, oats, grains, rice, etc.

*Use rags instead of paper towels. If I am giving away shirts to Goodwill or one has a stain that I can’t get out of it and it looks hopeless, I will cut into pieces and use for cleaning up. You can get a lot out of one shirt and

*Buy used items instead of new. You all know I love my thrift stores and if I can get something there for 75% less than a new item, you can bet you’re a$$ I’ll be buying it!

*Find new ways to use common items found around your house. Lisa recently posted about how ice cube trays aren’t just for ice this past week and I seriously got giddy seeing all the creative ways you can use plain old ice cube trays. Get creative!

*Grow your own produce and herbs. I’ve yet to try this since I’ve never lived in an apartment that has gotten enough sunlight to make it grow but I want to do this so badly. Especially after seeing the prices of tomatoes and basil lately! It kills me to know I could be paying a lot less for them compared to at the store or farmers market.

Earth Day Deals!!!

*Bring a reusable cup or tumbler into Starbucks and get a free coffee or tea today!

*Caribou Coffee is also offering a free coffee of the day to those who bring in a reusable cup today, I will be hitting that up in the afternoon.

*Word on the street (well, the street that my friends who do have Whole Foods is)  is that Whole Foods is having an array of activities at select stores on Earth Day such as free coffee, free yoga, free composting class, etc. Check out their site to see if your Whole Foods is hosting an event!

*Bring five plastic bags into the Disney Store and receive a reusable shopping bag


I may have to go to the Disney store, the bag is adorable!

*Take part in the Zoya Nail Polish Exchange!  Send in your nail polish for a new bottle of Zoya nail polish for only $4 per bottle for shipping and processing. This could be a great way to clean out your medicine drawer and get some new colors for summer on your digits!

*Like Powerade Zero on Facebook and get a BOGO Free coupon to print out right away!

What have you done to be more green?

Any good Earth Day deals that you know of?

Not a holy day

20 Apr

Welcome to my hell


I’m starting to give away all of my accounts at work to people on team. Which means, I have to go through 150+ accounts, see if there is any unfinished work on them, if I missed any defaults that haven’t been recognized and if not, go ahead and send glorious default letters out. Fabulous. So for the next week and a half, I am going to surrounded by files, looking for a new home.

Lunch was a beautiful disaster. Since I opened a can of refried black beans last night, I wanted to get to using them since it seems to take me forever to go through one can. I added salsa and cheese to a bowl of refried black beans and microwaved for two minutes to make bean dip with chips 

Ok, so it may not look delicious but how can you go wrong with a killer trio like beans, cheese and salsa? The plan was to have chips and dip, which is entirely appropriate, balanced meal for a 31 yr old working woman. But the chips I brought ended up breaking en route to work so I took the broken pieces and added to the mix.


I tried this Acai Berry Boost along with my bean dip meal. I added half of the bottle to 32 oz  cup of water and it was quite tasty!

My friend and I had plans for dinner and the place were were going to for Vietnamese, Ben Thanh, was in a *ahem* questionable part of town. We drove together since neither of us knew where it was and hello, safety in numbers. But when we got there, it was closed. Like no cars in the parking lot and no one had been there in hours, closed. I thought this couldn’t be right since I’ve read fabulous reviews on Yelp about this place and didn’t hear anything about it closing so what gives?  I texted one of my Vietnamese friends whose parents own a Vietnamese restaurant to see what the deal was

Her answer was justifiable since I went back and looked at their website and saw they were closed on Wednesdays—doh! Justifiable also since it is 4.20 but not so much because I don’t smoke the gang.

We saw some lovely sites en route to another Vietnamese restaurant

I guess one could be laid back and driving however I was curious if he had matching socks on and was he going to put on his shoes when stepping out of the car.

We ended up at Lang Van by pure luck alone. I knew it was somewhere in a questionable area but wasn’t sure about the location and since the location seemed a little sketchtastic, I never ventured out to see where it was. It worked out perfectly since it’s been voted Best Vietnamese restaurant in Charlotte multiple years in a row.

I could see why this place was voted the best Vietnamese in Charlotte since they were mad people get their hump on their! Hmmm, that doesn’t sound too good, it’s not like an orgy restaurant or anything, they were just celebrating hump day. I could have just backspaced or deleted that line but I am lazy.

We started with an order of jicama rolls with Chinese sausage in them

I ordered   bbq meatballs with vermicelli however the meat didn’t look like meatballs when it came out. But then again when my friend ordered the #47, the lady told her “No, you want the #45” so she may have switched my order while putting it in.

Guess she thought I look like a girl who likes to eat meat off a bone? And she would be right.

This was a flavorful, light, hearty portion with a mix of greens under the vermicelli however I made the rookie mistake of adding too much chile sauce. It worked out there because the staff was on spot with refilling my water, I think I must have had 11 glasses or so of water to wash down the heat. I like any restaurant that is that concerned with m H2o intake.

I got a pretty rockin fortune as well so I would say all in all it was a successful evening rolling through a questionable area. I am now curious as to who this unexpected source is going to be? Maybe an ex-boyfriend will win the Powerball tonight? Time to start sucking up!

Do you like Vietnamese food? If so, what’s your favorite dish?

Do you have any fun driving quirks?

Say hola to my little friend

19 Apr

For as crappy as Tuesdays usually are, today wasn’t bad at all.

I had an Earnest Eats Cran Lemon Zest bar and Dannon Greek honey yogurt for breakfast.

 I was a bit reluctant to try the Earnest bar since it’s vegan and I may have a misconception about vegan products being bland or tasteless. When I took it out of the wrapped, the small of cran and yes, zest overcame me. I bit into it and was in shock—it was scrumptious! It was moist but not too moist and bland would be the last word to describe it. My main gripe was that it was a small bar so it was gone within a few bites and a higher fat content that I would have liked. 

As for the greek yogurt, honey greek yogurt is my obsession as of late. How did I never try this flavor before? So freakin yummy.

I had the final leftovers from Sunday night. Instead of adding pasta to the stir fry like yesterday, I heated the leftovers then laid upon a pile of plain cole slaw mix to make a quick, Asian salad!

I’m going to start using cole slaw mix as the base more. I will buy a bag and go through only half of it not knowing what to do with the other half and this is a perfect way to incorporate it.

I had a consultation for my tattoo removal in the afternoon so I got to leave work earl. Plus, it was another gorgeous spring day so getting out of the depressing gray cube  is always a nice thing. I talked to the doctor and it turns out I don’t need any more sessions of laser tattoo removal however they want to wait a few months before doing any procedures to remove the scarring.

So you can get an idea of how much color has been removed, here is a pic of me five years ago

And this is what it looks like today

You can barely see it anymore however there is a bit of it that has been raised from scarring and I would like to get it back to an even level. I hate to say this and will never admit it to her face but I wish I would’ve listened to my mother. Of course green is the hardest color to remove and this has cost me a good $1,000 more than getting the tattoo when I was 16. And I got my tattoo by a guy named Mr. Happy, how effin creepy is that?? I hate spending that much money because I am a frugal gal but it was a mistake I made when I was young and dumb. I felt like I couldn’t wear a lot of things I wanted to especially in the work place so getting it removed was the option that seemed best.

They were also concerned about my right arm.

I hate when I can’t get my self tanner all blended it. My left arm looks normal while the right arm looks like I have a funky skin condition going on. I assured them I was fine and it was all Hawaiian Tropics part. I was so self-conscious about it at work and whenever someone would come into my cube, I would hide my right hand.

Then dinner happened. I had no clue what I was going to make except that it was going to be chicken since I had a piece defrosting in the fridge. So I went to old faithful-stuffed chicken. Instead of making a hummus or spinach stuffed chicken like I have in the past, I put a south of the border spin on it and stuffed it with refried black beans, garlic and jalapeno spices.

I pounded the chicken (hehe) and then spread the refried beans on it along with the spices

Then I realized I was out of toothpicks, which means I will have to make a trip to Chipotle soon. I remembered that I bought some interesting toothpicks during my trip to NYC this winter.

I love ranch. Even ranch flavored toothpicks but sadly these didn’t taste too ranchlike so this was perfect to hold the chicken together.

I heated two tbsp of oil then placed the chicken in the pan to cook

I let cook while turning every two or three minutes so it could cook thoroughly, it took about 20 minutes

I turned the heat down and added salsa and cheese to the chicken and let cook for another five minutes

I had mini nachos on the side topped with jalapenos, green onions and cheese for a perfect Mexican meal done in less than 30 mins!

So, how was it? ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Yes, I realize that’s all caps but that’s how good it was. My only regret is that I didn’t make another piece of chicken for leftovers but this will definitely be another addition to the stuffed chicken collection.

I had an admirer sitting watching me while I ate.  Even Lincoln could tell it was some good grub.

Afterwards, I made myself go to the gym. I was supposed to go last night but didn’t for no reason whatsoever other than laziness. I did 35 minutes on the Precor Crossramp on the interval workout with a resistance ranging from 8 to 10

All in all a good workout, I was just happy I got off my butt and did something. I was such a sweaty mess afterwards, all I want was a hot shower and then a cold smoothie.

Blackberries, coconut milk and chia seeds

The smoothie was good but as soon as I finished it, I wanted a po boy, what’s up with that?

Do you have any tattoos or gotten any removed?
Do you make stuffed chicken?