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Tulips, babies and stripper hair

16 Mar

Random title yes? Random times call for random titles so hold on, this post is gonna be all over the place.

So the past few days have been hellacious at work-just stressed out, too much work on my plate and I am off three days next week so I have to get a majority of stuff done this week. My work requires that I put hold dates on items so if I work an account, I have to set out a hold date of 10 days or less to work it again. I can’t really do that with being off next week so I am going to be bogged down with work this week and next until I leave and then come back for more fun. Speaking of work, you will notice I’m blogging during the day which rarely happens during the work week. I called in sick today due to a stomach ache. Which really isn’t a lie since my stomach is in knots due to stress from this job, so I don’t feel bad about calling in sick since this job is deteriorating my health.

I’ve done some random cooking in the past few days. On Monday night, I had no clue what to make so I did what I usually do-chop up some veggies and let them cook while trying to think of something to do with them that could turn into a meal.

Soon, I found a defrosted chicken breast, I cut that up and coated with fajita seasoning and cooked on the stovetop

I remembered I had refried black beans sitting in the fridge so this soon came together as a Mexican meal. I also had taco tortillas in the fridge but wasn’t feeling tacos (I don’t think I’ve ever said that before!) so I cut up the tortillas and baked them to make tortilla strips/chips

I mixed the beans with cheese and salsa and nuked for 2 minutes. They were so creamy and delicious and I used the tortilla strips to scoop it up with.

This was a quick and semi healthy meal and it felt like I was actually at a Mexican restaurant (sans margaritas and sombreros of course)

On Monday night, with only 20 minutes left of the show, I started to watch the Bachelor. I used to watch the Bachelor and Bachelorette but haven’t seen Jake was Bachelor and thought it’s been boring since then. The Emily chick that was picked is from Charlotte so I keep hearing about it 24/7 down here like it’s a big claim to fame to have someone from Charlotte on the Bachelor. Personally, I couldn’t stop staring at her stripper like hair

And that I watched After the Final Rose and she changed her hair so she looks like every other Junior League-esque woman in Charlotte, I like the platinum stripper hair better.  Part of my problem with this city is the lack of diversity, I feel like everyone looks the same from the girls with their pearls, J Crew and sunkist hair to the guys with their pastel colored clothes and John Edwards hair. Watching her and Brad was awfully awkward though, you could just tell he was way more into her than she him. Plus she doesn’t seem like the colder beer in the fridge. But then again, I was reading something online this morning saying how they are already done with. Why do I care about this? I have no clue.

I actually got out on Tuesday for an hour long lunch–that never happens anymore! One of my co-workers went to Mert’s, a soul food place Uptown a few blocks away from work. I haven’t been to Mert’s in ages but on a cold, dreary day when I am stressed soul food definitely does the trick! I had my heart set on the Fried shrimp Po Boy but then I saw our server bring a couple of dishes to the table next to us and I couldn’t stop starting. When I asked what it was-she said it was a BLT. Hold up, a BLT looked that sexy? I don’t think so! But then told me they serve their BLT on foccacia bread and that’s when I flip flopped over to the BLT side. Never would I order a BLT at a restaurant since I could make it at home but throw foccacia into the mix and that was the game changer. I got that and a side of mac and cheese

Now I’ve had some BLT’s in my day but that is the biggest one I’ve ever seen (twss) But let’s get real-I could have had a bowl of that mac and cheese and been happy. Dare I say it’s the best I’ve had in Charlotte?

Yes I dare, it was. And I’ve had a lot of mac and cheese in my day.

Mert’s is definitely a solid spot for a quick, soul food filling lunch!

On Tuesday afternoon, my neighbor texted me telling me that she was out of town but her boyfriend sent her flowers but she was going to be out of town the whole week. She told me I could go ahead and take them if I wanted since she wanted to enjoy them–how sweet is that? Since I like flowers but don’t ever receive them, I jumped on that and picked them up when I got home. 

Tulips-my favorite! Dying tulips but still tulips!

I kept them alive for a few hours but by nighttime, they were not in good shape. At least I got to enjoy them for a few hours though and they didn’t go completely to waste.

Dinner was very loosely based off of Rachel Ray’s recipe for  Korean Style Chicken or Pork Noodle Bowls.

Except I didn’t have any cabbage

or fresh ginger

or fresh garlic

So I improvided and used what I had (the spices themselves not the fresh stuff) and I used mushrooms and broccoli instead of cabbage. I was a bit unsure about the tomato paste to use in the sauce since I’ve never had an Asian dish that had a sauce that was tomato based but I decided to go with it since one of my goals is to try new cuisines.

Hmmm, I’m still conflicted about the meal -it was good but not as zesty as I thought it was going to be. It tasted like a glorified Italian dish instead of a Korean dish–even with the garlic, ginger, rice vinegar, soy sauce and agave. Edible, yes. Be making it again? No.

And it  definitely didn’t look like Ray Ray’s version


On the side, I  tried Annie Chung’s Mini Wontons-Chicken & Garlic flavored.

I’ve never experimented with wontons at home, even frozen ones so I was a bit skeptical about these little things.

I microwaved for two minutes and didn’t add any sauce to them and they were fantastic on their own! However, if you don’t like garlic definitely do not  try this since the garlic overpowered the chicken completely. I will be adding these to a soup next time since they are the perfect bite sized addition. I really could have had a plate of these for dinner and been happy. I can’t wait to try more Annie Chun’s products!!

And can I just say how much I love this little pup?

I must love him because I scheduled his appointment for his yearly shots today and asked for the estimate. $190!! And that’s without his heart worm medicine. Little dog has it good I tell you.

Has anyone seen how Dale Levitski from Top Chef has imposed a no kids rule at brunch at Sprout in Chicago? I am all for this. I cuss like a trucker and hate feeling bad about dropping the eff bomb when there are little ones around. And speaking of little ones-I feel like everyone I knew is pregnant or has had a kid within the past six months. It’s a weird feeling seeing people you know from childhood or girls whose hair you held back while they puked at a frat party having children. I can confidently say that I won’t be contributing to the population any time soon! Which reminds me, I need to find an outfit for the baby shower I’m going to this weekend…..

Would you go to a restaurant that had a no kids rule?

Any fun recipes you’ve tried this week? Inspire me please!

On the wings of blech

2 Mar

It’s snowing it’s snowing! I was minding my business at work today and happened to look outside the window and there it was! I don’t know what it is about snow but in my mind, it just makes everything better.

I started out my day with yet another iced coffee Green monster with soy milk, chocolate whey and splenda

Speaking of protein powder, click here for a chance to win  Sun Warrior Protein Powder!

Breakfast was oats, frozen berries, flax and TJ’s Apricot-Mango Greek Yogurt on top—I have this girl to thank for bringing this into my life-you are GENIUS!


I had on a purple sweater, purple jacket and had my purple lunchbox today…which everyone was making fun of me for since I always have a full lunch box and wait for my bus like a six-year-old. I felt like all I needed was this to complete the deal

However the bank may frown upon drinking during the day. I think it could either be a really good or really bad idea

Pro’s: Be more social, think the world of secondary loan closing is fun and sing Living on a Prayer at the top of my lungs when it comes on at my desk from Pandora.com

Con’s: Tell people what I really think about them, drink too much and puke or pass out (I wonder if I could ask my manager’s manager to hold my hair back?)

But then again, I could take a nap under my desk Costanza style

That being said—-I think I will stick with the coffee and water for now!

I went into Starbucks in our building today and I received a warm welcome from my baristas (because they are there for me and no one else). It’s nice to be missed and they thought I lost my job and would never show again. Unfortunately, work still calls because momma needs a new pair of shoes!

Lunch was fantabulous and filling—chicken cakes and spaghetti with grilled onions, shrooms , spinach and shalots. But then I brought it over to my desk to eat after heating it up, it smelled like cotton candy. Not chicken, veggies or evoo but cotton candy. Funky.

Dessert was a fruit bowl. I love fresh fruit when it’s cold out. The pineapple was so fresh and the best part

I was bored this afternoon so went out and attempted to play in the snow. By play, I mean go out and walk around. It’s lame being an adult. I would love to go make snow angels and come back to a hot chocolate (maybe with Peppermint Schnapps??) and take a nap by a fireplace. But oh yeah, this thing called work is getting in the way. I stopped at the Starbucks before venturing out and got myself a refill. I love afternoon coffee. Hell, I just love coffee. I went outside and found below

Snow falling down but not sticking. Not fun. However, the minute I come back into the office, it starts going bananas outside.

What if we lived in a world where it rained bananas? I think I would want to live in the desert since it would never rained. And what if there was a desert full of desserts? And it didn’t rain banana splits but just had them all over the place!? Sorry for the LSD-like thoughts, the coffee  (and a diet coke when I came home) has kicked in! But on another note, I have never even had a banana split and think we need to change that in 2010.

But then again, I may look like this eating one

I was going to go to a networking event tonight but couldn’t get out of my parking lot and was stumped what to make for dinner. It’s cold out, I didn’t have a lot of vegetables on hand and three letters came to mind—BFD!

I threw together two eggs, 1/4 cup liquid eggwhites, chopped onions, mushroom, parsley, shredded cheese and Morningstar Veggie crumbles in the pan

The original plan was to make an omelet but I didn’t have the patience for that so random scramble it was. Note this made so much—I had enough for dinner and for breakfast tomorrow-word.

I usually make my eggs with butter or milk but today I just whisked and added salt, pepper and a garlic. A good alternative on top though would have been I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter spray….speaking of which, click here for a chance to win a  coupon for ICBINB!, two recipes and a platter, spreader and spatula from Crate and Barrel.

I picked up this spread TJ’s after work and it was frickin amazing! Very rich, thick and full of flava!

The final product

I went this long with avoiding the elephant in the room——The Bachelor Finale last night

OMG. Good stuff.

My thoughts:

*After 30 minutes, I was over the crying and the lovey dovey stuff. I don’t expect them to talk like porn stars (wait do they even talk in the “movies”??) but enough is enough. “He warms my soul”, “she makes me smile and feel complete”, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you”. We get it

*I think the makeup could have been better. I kept seeing a hint of hair on Tenley’s upper lip and it bothered me (I’m an Italian woman and I notice these things)

*Tenley was finally growing on me and then this happened

*Loved both of the gals dresses at the end

*I will go postal if I hear “On The Wings of Love” one more time

*I don’t know how I feel about Alli as the Bachelorette. Suddenly, work is ok and she doesn’t have to go back. Also, doesn’t she work for Facebook? Couldn’t she work online and not have to go back to SF all of a sudden on the show and now leave ala Ed from last season ?? I was really hoping it would be Tenley who was the Bachelorette

*I don’t think Jake is going to last long on DWTS

However I think Evan Lysacek is going to be fabulous and make it fun!!!

Peace out homies!

Mama says they was magic shoes. They could take me anywhere.

1 Mar

First things first-I wanted to say thank you to all of you with your encouraging words about running and great acorn squash ideas–that made my Monday a little more tolerable!

Monday already? March already? I am not diggin how fast time is flying. I haven’t really been wanting hot coffee lately….even though it is 30 something degrees when I wake up. I made an iced coffee spinach smoothie to take on the bus with me in my cool new Vortex cup I got this wknd

I was expecting my inbox at work to be out of control from being out on Friday but it wasn’t too bad at all. Our department did want us to take the Keirsey Temperment report to see what type of personality we are. Ummm I am the fun kind-duh! I’ve always wanted to do one of these but never had the chance and  found that I am an Idealist Champion —–Idealists are spiritual, intuitive people who can enjoy spending a great deal of time and energy working toward a better understanding of who they are. The ultimate hope of this group is to attain true wisdom. For the most part, Idealists are enthusiastic individuals who can find joy meaningful relationships as well as the world around them. People of this temperament can pride themselves on being loving, kindhearted, and authentic. Other fine traits include being more giving and trusting than many around them. An often-passionate temperament that yearns for romance, Idealists can make intense mates, nurturing parents, and inspirational leaders.
In a world filled with unique individuals, when it comes to personality there are only four different temperaments and 16 types of people. Understanding these personality types and mastering your own can be the keys to achieving your goals.
Your temperament is the Idealist (NF). Idealists are relatively rare, making up no more than 15 to 20 percent of the population. Yet their ability to inspire people with their enthusiasm and idealism has given them influence far beyond their numbers. Your particular personality type, the Champion (ENFP), make up little more than 3-4 percent of the total population.

Love it, that is me to a T. We are going to share our results in our team mtng this wk and I am anxious to see everyone else (since my team is full of socially awkward people)

Breakfast was TJ’s Apricot Mango Greek Yogurt with frozen berries and flax mixed in.

I sported my new green sweater I got this wknd and got mad compliments. That just put me in a good mood and way to start off the month. The people like what they see, what can I say? 🙂

I ran into my Starbucks buddy this morning (I didn’t go this morning because I am trying to get off the Bucks) and was telling him  about my running this wknd and made a joke about how I was running like Forrest Gump.

He looked at me as if I were speaking Japanese and turns out he has never seen it. This then followed by me freaking out and asking him how he has never seen it. And I may have pushed him ala Elaine from Seinfeld but I just don’t think I have ever met anyone who hasn’t seen the movie. Given, I have nevr seen Star Wars or Breaveheart but I thought everyone has seen Forrest Gump.

By 11A, I was about to break into my lunch (that’s how I get knowing I brought leftover Mexican food for lunch). I tried to hold off as long as I could but that turned out to be 1145A.Seriously, if you had this waiting for you, would you be able to resist it’s siren call?

Didn’t think so. Oh Mexican food, I heart you but you are no es bueno for my booty. I am talking about the greasy, cheesy kind I have a few times a year. I love it. The best is when I got a bite and had some refried beans, rice and the chicken enchilada all together in one forkful. It’s like when you get the nucleus of nachos and have a sampler in your mouth!
This afternoon was fairly uneventful. I didn’t have too much going on so I surfed the internet, did some work and took a nice 20 min walk around the uptown area in an attempt to wake me up.

Dinner was a clean meal and delicious. I bought a piece of tilapia last wk at Bi-Lo, which is one of the supermarkets here. Everyone says that Harris Teeter has the best seafood out of all the supermarkets but I haven’t had a good experience with that store and love Bi-Lo. Even if people think they are ghetto fabulous.

Anywho, I thawed the tilapia and rubbed some evoo and lemon garlic on it and baked for about 15 minutes. While that was going, I cooked some Barilla whole wheat thin spaghetti and grilled onions, mushrooms, baby spinach and shallots in evoo and old bay seasoning.

On another note, I absolutely love having my kitchen scale. I can’t believe how much I used to think “a serving” was. Now I measure it out in grams, make the serving size and split in two for two meals.

Then I took some shredded carrots and parsley, dashed white vinegar on it, threw in some salt and pepper on and let sit for 10 minutes. A great refreshing treat!

So simply yet I’ve never tried or even thought to combine these two. I love parsley and when I buy it, try to incorporate it into as many dishes as possible. I feel so much better than normal when I eat clean, feel like I am getting so much more bang for my buck and feel accomplished since I didn’t have to go to a box and make a meal out of ingredients I can’t even pronounce

And the question for the night-will he choose sugar….or spice??

That’s right Jakey-Poo, you’re going to need a lot of vino if you’re planning on making Vienna your wife!

T-Minus 30 minutes to the Bachelor—can’t wait!

L.A. Face with an Oakland Booty

23 Feb

 I got two compliments about my weight loss from co-workers today—which was totally unexpected! I have been feeling somewhat discouraged lately and trying not to go by the numbers on the scale and more of how my clothes fit, which have been getting looser and looser. However a good portion of my life has gone with the idea of paying attention to the scale and not to inches, how clothes fit, how I feel etc. it is a bit difficult to get used to.

Anyways, it was a nice way to start my morning and a reminder to myself to keep moving forward and not get stuck on the notion that I have to be a certain number. I will state this now-I am a big booty gal

Enter in one of my most favorite Nike ads

 I am happy to be living a healthier life style, incorporating healthy foods, habits and workouts in my life but sometimes wonder what would happen if my butt keeps shrinking? It’s the bane of my existence….yet the thing that defines me. I am little in the middle but got much back, cursed with an Italian butt, etc. I don’t want to be some normal girl with a normal figure but at the same time sometimes hate my booty and the attention it brings.

 Oh Sir Mix A lot-you sing to my heart. 

 I am a true LA Face with an Oakland booty but what happens if I keep losing weight and my booty goes bye bye? Fortunately, I don’t think it will ever go away not be a flat a**sed girl, it’s just not in my DNA.  In my perfect world, we would be able to decide where on our bodies we wanted fat to dissolve from (along with me donating my fat to the starving kids in Africa) Sigh.

On a random note– I totally want to buy this shirt!


Now onto protein I’ve noticed ever since giving up a majority of meats I have been light headed and had zero energy. I was looking at my food diary from the past wks and I can see a significant drop in my protein intake. Before Ash Wednesday, it ranged from 85 to 140 grams a day and this past wk most days have been in the 40’s and 50’s range. As much as I don’t want to, I am going to try meat again for a few days and see if I feel back to normal. It is important for me to stick with what I gave up for Lent however it is most important for me to feel healthy and normal

That being said, I made nachos with ground turkey and black beans for dinner.

My snacks this afternoon were a kiwi and a tangelo

Lunch was the same as yesterday–Morningstar veggie sausage link, broccoli with whole wheat thin spaghetti

Breakfast-Oatmeal, flax and frozen berries

Onto the good stuff—-The Bachelor!

That whole thing with Roslyn was ridiculous. I will her that she is a really good actress with all the acting she did last night with the she said vs. she said when it came to her fling with the producer


And then with the low blow she hit Chris Harrison with saying that he was hitting on the producers wife? Wow. I am looking forward to the finale and seeing the girls (love on the commercials they have “Will Jake choose sugar or spice?”) meet his parents. From what they are showing, it looks like his family loves Tenley and not showing so much for love for Vienna. At least the finale is set in Hawaii—so no more turtlenecks for Jakey Pooh.

Reflections of the Bachelor

15 Feb

Ahhhh Bachelor-you continue to steal two hours of my life each Monday.

I love how Jake said he would love to come back to St Lucia on his honeymoon. I would think that would be a little awkward. You go their on your honeymoon but were previously there making out on the beach, talking about falling in love and possibly making the love with two other chicks? Negatron Jake, negatron.

He mentions how he is the protective type–in other words…..jealous

I cannot stand Tenley’s voice. It reminds me of a strung out Minnie Mouse.

Were they really playing “On The Wings of Love” the instrumental version when Jake and Vienna were on the pirate ship?

I stopped counting the number of times Jake said marriage or wife after 26 (I was really trying to keep track but was multi tasking with laundry and cleaning!)

When he is with Vienna, I feel like he is her baby sitter.

Ali got served!!!

Dear ABC: Thank you for sending them somewhere warm (where Jake can go shirtless 75% of the time) and not somewhere cold.

Mental note: Add Jake saying  “toughest decision yet” and “breaks my heart” to phrases to drink to during The Bachelor drinking game

When he chose Mia, I gasped and Lincoln started licking my face uncontrollably, too cute.

Sigh…..that’s it.  Next week’s reunion should be interesting.

Lady of Leisure

15 Feb

I heart sleeping in!!! I slept in until 8A today and had a relaxing morning. I made my coffee and watched the Today show.

I made oats with soy milk, banana, 1 tbsp of TJ’s Pumpkin Butter, flax and apple pie seasoning in my cool Chicago Bears bowl 🙂

While watching the Today show, they had a segment asking different Olympians who their Vancouver Olympic crush is. I now know who mine is—-Ted Ligety—rawr!!

I had nothing to do today. I could have clean, do laundry, look up jobs in DC but none of that sounded fun. I ended up going to Walmart to get half price V Day stuff (Reece’s Pieces for $1.75, the Gods of Moderation will hopefully come to my side!) and some bubble bath. After that, I ventured over to Salvation Army. I love thrifting and prefer Salvation over Goodwill since they have sales each day on different colored tags on their items.

I found these adorable salt and pepper shakers for $1!!

I got some cute hats for $.99 as well but no pics until I wash those!

It is rainy and cold out so I wanted something hot. I was coming home from Salvation and remembered that I have a free 12 inch sub at Harris Teeter due to me. While checking out, I ran into this:

Drama! I almost shelled out the 4 bones to buy this but decided not to. That girl is straight up trouble (and I wish she would dye her hair back to brown-blonde is not a good look on her) Then I was reading The Hollywood Gossip about this as well. I just love celebrity gossip! I cannot wait to watch this tonight!

Back to Harris Teeter…..

 I went with the meatball sub and got cut in two pieces. I usually have one half and put it in the oven and top with cheese for a hearty meal.

 And a big salad with broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers, snap peas, honey mustard and balsamic vinegar.

 Suffice to say, I can’t move now. Too much food.

I could totally get used to this not working gig. But only for a day or two, I think after that I would go crazy! Happy President’s Day!


8 Feb

 I don’t understand how some people are inconsiderate in the workplace, Texas Toast was at it again today.

Texas Toast is the lady in the cubicle behind me who is so loud, makes it  a point once a day to make it known that she is a  Texas gal and obnoxious. She rolls into work around 10A each day and leaves around 4P and probably makes double what I make. She is on conference calls nonstop and always on speaker phone. And most of the time, she is sooooo loud and cussing….at work! Now, I cuss like a truck driver (when not at work and around those I am close with) however at work-um, no. That’s just unprofessional. Then after each call, she sighs so loudly like she has just finished hours of manual labor (oddly enough the sigh kinda sounds like Chewbacca!) Another annoying thing she does is ask “Do you have a quick second?” A second is a second. What kind of go-go-go world do you live in that you need it be quicker?

 Just not a way to start my Monday. I did try a new flavor Greek yogurt for breakfast-Apricot.Mango Greek Yogurt from TJ’s.

Verdict-Amazing. I figured this could either be really good or really bad. I added some frozen blueberries and flax and it made a filling breakfast

 Snack was a Bosc Pear (with a lovely backdrop of Uptown Charlotte)

And our email wasn’t working today…..which is fabulous. A wonderful way to start the wk! And this issue happened last wk so I don’t know whats going on. At least the Internet is working so that kept me occupied but it would be nice to be able to do business as usual.

I was looking through some pictures from college since I finally got my scanner up and running and am a little sad for a number of reasons

 *In almost every single picture, I am holding a beer or drink. Why did I pollute my body so much and how in the world did I consume all that liquor? Now if I have three or four drinks, I am done. Thank God I am safe and nothing too bad ever happened to me. I was also thinking of my “diet” back then and I had so much unhealthy food, I cringe thinking of it. Because a value meal from McDonalds goes perfectly a night of $2 beers! I wish I would have taken better care of myself and worked out more. I really let myself go the last two yrs. Grrrrrr. I know there is nothing I can do about it now but it still bothers me.

 * I wish I had the friends I did back them closer to me location wise. My friends are so spread out all over the place and maybe get to see some of them once a year but primarily keep in touch via email, text, facebook, etc. It’s hard to make those connections after college when people you work with or live near have such varied backgrounds. I lived in my sorority house for two years with girls and the other years lived in the dorm, an apartment with one of my dorm buddies and then my own apartment. Now I have neighbors who I believe are in the Russian mafia, one who doesn’t work but is on his patio drinking every time I am coming in or going out and I think the guy below me is a serial killer (he had a really big freezer delivered to him and never makes eye contact).

Then I had co-workers at Applebee’s who were different from me but never had any issues with anyone. The biggest one maybe the guy and girl who used to argue back and forth about who was the better artist–Widespread Panic or Snoop Dogg. And now I have co-workers who smell like bleu cheese and butt and others who don’t know how to socialize. Weird.

 *I remember my last year in college, I was so ready to get out into the real world and work, pay bills, etc. Now? Not so much! I would kill to roll out of bed, have breakfast ready for me and walk to class then come back and go to bed.

* I really need to get a game plan for my move this summer. When I moved to Phoenix, I didn’t have a job lined up but found one right away. When I moved to Charlotte, I transfered with my company. And DC is one of the areas I am looking into and it is just so big I don’t know where to start! Either that or I have just stopped believing in myself which is just sad and not like me 😦

Sigh, sorry for all this just sad and I feel stuck of where I am in life right now and very unhappy.

Lunch was the spaghetti squash I made the other night with faux meat sauce and it was fabu!


Dinner was a big salad—yet again! Including

Turkey pepperoni, kidney beans, onions, sprouts, tomato, balsamic vinegar and lite peppercorn dressing

And go me for actually giving myself a manicure!

I also had a baked potato topped with fat-free sour cream and avocado–my new favorite thing!

 I will need to stop myself from eating this everyday. It was so delicious–and I didn’t even add any salt.

What the rest of the night holds in store, no clue. I was going to work out with my kettlebell but I am still sore from running this weekend so will push tomorrow.

I am sure this will be part of my evening plans:


I wonder what the drama will be tonight?? And more important, is he going to send skankalicious Vienna home?


1 Feb

GTL GTL GTL. I have said this all day since I just got schooled in what exactly Jersey Shore is! I got an email saying “The Situation” (which I also learned this is a person, not a thing. Go figure!)

 I am kinda intrigued and a small part of me wants to go. Oh yeah, except I wake up at 545A most mornings and need to be on my A game when I am at work. Are his abs for real? Is this like a spin-off of Growing Up Gotti? And how much laundry do they do that they have to add a “L” for Laundry in their oh-so-cool acronymn?

I have spent the last two hours on the phone with HP as my computer was not wanting to start but it is finally up and running again!

I walked to the bus stop today instead of driving because the roads were still pretty icy. It was a happy Monday because of my cool new lunchbox (Thanks Target!) which holds 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 days of snacks!

Cmon, how cute is that??

I got into work and apparently missed the memo on coming in late today. I rolled in at 730A and my co-workers made it in from 930A-10A. Nice. Love that the girl from Florida can get in early but the Yankees and Charlotteans can’t. I wish there was a font for snark!

I decided to try something different from breakfast–oatmeal with flaxand blueberries. A purple mess (and it matches my lunchbox!)

I spent most of the day surfing the web (wow have not said that in forever) and getting schooled in the fineness of Jersey Shore.

Breakfast was left over sloppy joes and chicken noodle soup

with a crack snack pack that I haven’t enjoyed in forever!


This afternoon is a haze but I know I didn’t do a lot of work. I think I spent a good hour socializing, went to the library, Starbucks, met with my manager for a meeting we are having with a separate group tomorrow and that’s it.

Dinner was leftover split chicken with Ken’s Lite Honey Mustard sauce and a baked potato with a dab of ranch dressing and seasoning.


 Last season on the Bachelorette, I was on Team Jake.

 But now, I would really like to make a drinking game for the Bachelor. This is what I got so far:

*”This is like a fairytale!”

*” I don’t want to get hurt” take two drinks

*”I’m here to find a wife” take three drinks

If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

And Vienna is super annoying tonight, she reminds me of a beat up Haley Duff. Home girl slice better slow her roll with chomping on her acrylics or her french manicure is no longer going to be french. Meh. Jake, win my heart back and please vote her off!!