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Cold weather runner

2 May

Happy Sunday all! Ok….not so happy, I tried but still despise this day. I feel like this day would never end and got a lot done though so clicks to that. 

I took Lincoln out this morning and of course when I have no bra on and am wearing my glasses, run into a hot new neighbor who also has a dog. I am talking like Channing Tatum hot. 


Which I really never thought he was that hot but now looking at him, yeah he’s pretty hot (That’s for you Neyal). We ended up talking for a few minutes while our dogs played and bid our goodbyes. 

I made a big Sunday breakfast with an egg and eggwhite omelet topped with avocado and ketchup with a side of turkey bacon and an english muffin with Trader Joe’s Superfruit Spread and coffee in my favorite mug. 





I went to the pool for a few hours and had the place to myself. I got some reading done and listened to my iPod. With it being 85 degrees out, I thought more people would be there but I thought wrong. 


When I got back in I was famished and ready to chow. I made a BIG Salad because it’s National Salad Month

Seriously, isn’t this salad gorg? It has spinach, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, tomato, feta and carrots topped with T Marzetti’s Honey Balsamic 



I also had the last two pieces from the pizza I made last night. I reheated in the oven so it wouldn’t get soggy and it smelled like pizzeria pizza by the time it was done. 


After that, I ventured out to go shopping. I went to Ross and got a cute skirt, tank top, underwear and cutting boards. I love how ghetto fabulous Ross has become and actually prefer it over Marshalls or TJ Maxx. I think those two have become more expensive in the past few years and the only reason I go to those stores is to save money so it kinda defeats the purpose. 

Then I went to Old Navy where the entire store (yes including clearance items) was 30% off and got a number of things–gaucho pants, a skirt, numerous tank tops, earrings and a necklace all for $60. And all within my budget too! 

By the time I got home, the clouds were starting to set it and it was around 4P…..my least favorite part of Sunday. I struggle with Sunday afternoons because I want to do nothing but don’t want to nap. I popped in a Netflix movie I have—The Invention of Lying. 


I fell asleep mid way through the movie because it was so bad so that sucks. I woke up right at the end and yeah, still sucked. I so need to revamp my Netflix queue. 

Soon enough it was dinner time and I had something new….an orange meal. I’ve had a green meal before but never one of Oompa Loompa standards. 

I baked chicken wings then tossed in wing sauce with a sweet potato on the side along with a shredded carrot and cilantro salad. 



Random meal but delicious! Maybe I should start doing themes of colors for my meals? 

Then I decided to go out for a run because I had nothing better to do. I really didn’t want to go because it was still hot and muggy out but I figured why not?  I hydrated before I left and ended up only doing 1.75 miles. I started running in cold weather and like it that way, I am not digging running in hot weather at all. I was sweating like a whore in church, felt like I was going to pass out and just wasn’t feeling it. But then again, at least I was out there doing something but just disappointed I couldn’t push myself anymore because of how crappy I felt. I love running in cold weather, love the chill in the air, how the cold air enters my lungs but this hot stuff I cannot do. 

 How can I enjoy it more—wear lightweight clothes, hydrate more, etc? Any tips would be appreciated! 

And I am not a pretty sweater by any means–I turn insanely red, am completely drenched and just nasty. 


 I put together my goals for the month of May (evaluation of April goals to come soon!) 

*Keep on running  

*Think outside the running box in regards to workouts and mix it up with other things (kettlebell, yoga, etc.) 

*Be more aware of my sugar intake . There’s no Recommended Daily Allowance of sugar that I could find but the Department of Agriculture (USDA) advises adults who eat a 2,000-calorie diet to limit consumption of sugar to about 40 grams (10 teaspoons) so I will follow those guidelines. 

*Track my food and exercise on a daily basis 

So that’s it, I will rock these.

Oh–click here to win some Justin’s Nut Butter! And has anyone seen Justin? He’s pretty damn hot.

Hope everyone is having a terrific evening!

Image Heavy

1 May

Hi all-hope everyone is having a great wknd (I can’t believe we are half way through it already!) I got a let of catching up to do so let’s get to it! And as the title says…Image heavy so just a forewarning.

Yesterday was yet another busy day at work and I started the morning off with a Kashi Go Lean Roll Chocolate Peanut Bar 


And of course, a Venti Iced Coffee was in order since it’s getting pretty warm out 


Since it was month end our manager brought in bagels and I’ve never met a carb I didn’t like but only had half a blueberry bagel with plain cream cheese 


It was gorgeous out so that meant the hippies were back–yay! 


I got an array of produce—red onion, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, okra, zucchini, apples, a pear, an avocado, cucumbers and peppers. 


All that for $10—not a bad deal at all. 

I had the last of the enchiladas for lunch. I love cooking but can only eat so much of one thing without getting sick of it. This was bittersweet-happy to be finished with this batch of enchiladas but sad because they were fantastic. 

I got ready and headed to Thomas Street Tavern to meet my friend Shalon out since she was in town this wknd. Thomas Street has an awesome outdoor area full of tables and seating that is perfect for day drinking. Yet another reason I can’t wait to move closer to Uptown. 


Leslie and Shalon

Me and Shalon

I heart you Bud Light

I kept eyeing Shalon’s shoes—only $3 at K-Mart….adorable! 


Love the tree

The servers kept bringing food out to the tables around us and I would just stare at the food while people were eating because I was starving by 730P. The fro-yo didn’t fill me up so well nor did the Bud Light. The original plan was to go to Cantina 1511 but there was no parking anywhere and we ended up at Thai Taste. I’ve only been there once and looooove pad thai so I was happy. Pad Thai is the only kind of Thai food I’ve tried. I always want to try something new but then what if I don’t like it? But then on the other hand, what if I try something new and I absolutely love it? I guess I’m not willing to take that chance. 

I started out with Tom Yum soup 


And the main event-Seafood Pad Thai 


Love me some Thai Taste 🙂 


I had to work on Saturday morning so had to call it a night by 10P b/c I can’t do the whole going to work hungover thing anymore. I got home and Lincoln was very excited to see his momma. 


And then attempted to get some cute pictures of us 



And Shalon brought me some fresh strawberries from her town…..hello yummies 🙂 


I fell asleep easily (thanks to Bud Light and Pad Thai) and was starving come morning. 

I toasted two pieces of bread and spread half an avocado on it along with Trader Joe’s Superfruit Spread. 


And made an egg sandwich for a heart breakfast 



When I got  to work I stopped at Starbucks for another Venti Iced Coffee. They were surprised to see me and it was actually kinda peaceful in there for once. 


I guess some could say work is peaceful on the wknd since no one is there but I find it rather creepy. 


The lights aren’t on, I kept hearing strange noises and was paranoid someone was going to creep up on me. I got a lot of work done and tested out system and everything was a go. I even input some information for other people on my team since I am nice like that. Hey, if they want to pay me out an outrageous amount of money for working OT, bring it. 

I brought some snacks for the half day at work 


I never had this Kashi Chocolate Pretzel bar before so I was looking forward to it 



So sad to be stuck inside in on a beautiful day 


I got home and was so ready for lunch. I had a major headache and was wiped from the morning at work. Today is my day off where I don’t track and really don’t care if I eat bad or not so I went with a salami and Muenster cheese sandwich with mustard. Anytime I have a salami sandwich I have to have it plain with no veggies and cheese and mustard only. 


While I was at work, Lincoln had a day at the doggie spa and it was time to pick him up! When they brought him out I couldn’t stop smiling because he looked even more adorable than he normally does! 


I love his new scarf!

We took a much needed nap then went out for a walk, went to the grocery store and stocked up on goodies for the wk. I got this adorable dress at Target for only $6!!! And I can pair it up with cute red heels (even though I have two pairs of zebra prit shoes and a purse, it would be overkill). Mind you, I didn’t have on a good pair of undies that suck in my fat but I think it will be cute when I am down a few more lbs. 


 The main thing I was shopping for was baking stuff because I finally decided that I wanted to try baking after many failed attempts in the past. 

I saw a recipe for Chocolate and Banana Protein Muffins with Chocolate Chips  on Mari’s site and decided it looked easy enough and was onto cooking! 

I am out of chocolate protein powder so I subbed this packet of Amazing Meal Chocolate Infusion that’s been sitting around 


In the mix 


Ready to go! 


I was excited and nervous while they were baking. Would they turn out great? Burnt? So-So? Patience was not on my side. 

Fresh outta the oven! 



I couldn’t let them sit there and not try one. I poppedd one out and topped with Crazy Richard’s Creamy Peanut Butter 






OMG, I cannot believe how amazing they were! They were sweet but not too sweet with a nice balance of chocolate and banana. I tasted the hint of apple sauce and all in all, these are fabulous and y’all will be seeing this on my page more in the future. Thank you Mari for posting this fabulous recipe!!! 

 I had a hankering for pizza and had this sitting my freezer and decided to break it out 


While that was baking, I made a BIG Salad with spinach, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, onions and carrots topped with Kraft Light Three Cheese Ranch 



Tonight may be a lame night. It’s 1030P and I already want to go to bed but am trying to wait it out and see if I can fit in one of my Netflix movies in. How is it Saturday night already? Hope everyone is having a marvelous wknd!!

Country Grammar

28 Apr

I started today out with some would say a non traditional breakfast…..a whole wheat wrap with Trader Joe’s Organic Hummus, lettuce, half a tomato and mushrooms.

Surprisingly good and filling. May need to try this again. Nothing remarkable about this morning it was pretty quiet. I’ve been in a better mood lately at work and I think my co-workers think I’m getting some loving on the regular or something. Even I think I’m extra preppy for my normal demeanor so who knows. But keeping a positive attitude while at work was one of my goals for this month so I’m definitely on that!

I deal with a lot of nasty people in my industry(I guess dealing with millions of dollars on a daily basis makes some people that way?) And dealing with a particularly rude one this morning I sent him a quick “Thank you” for finally emailing me documents that I’ve been requesting for almost a month now. He responded back with “Your welcome” ummm its you’re. It took everything in me (and the fact I don’t want to be fired) not to respond with “Its you’re biznatch!” You can be nasty to me for no reason but at least I know how to use your as opposed to you’re!

I had leftover pork enchiladas for lunch.

I’ve made enchiladas before but never with pork and this was hands down the best batch yet. I don’t know if it was the succulent (how do you like that big word!) pork or the full fat cream cheese but I was in a fatty lactose heaven!

We had three people out this afternoon (yeah I work on a team of six) so things were a bit hectic after lunch. Most of it involved cleaning up  other peoples problems which is annoying but unfortunately part of the job. But its all good since I already have a few hours overtime this wk. Which means extra time and a half money so bring it on! Anyone else get paid OT?


I then decided to go for a run. I don’t like daytime running at all but figured it was going to be light out for a while go and get that done with. There weren’t too many people out on the trail and the sun was shining and things were perfect. I love how the light was shining on me and it was silent except for my footsteps. What I didn’t like was looking at my shadow and seeing my big booty shadow. But then again, it was kinda encouraging. I haven’t ran in a while so it was tough me. I would run two or three minutes then walk one and repeat. My ankle was killing me sporadically (thank you Clueless for giving me that word), I couldn’t breathe and my heart rate was getting into the 190’s/200’s so I had to slow it down a bit. Regardless, a good workout. I covered about 4 miles in 50 minutes and had a nice calorie burn!

Yeah, 169 was my average hr. EEEK!

I have no fresh veggies on hand and no meat so dinner tonight was easy to decide on. When in doubt I BFD! I went with egg in a hole which I’ve seen but never made. I took two pieces of bread, made a hole in each with a glass then put on the stove top with 1 tbsp melted butter. I whisked two eggs with salt, paprika and shredded cheese then poured it into the hole.

I laid out a dab of ketchup for each piece of bread and spread Trader Joe’s Superfruit Spread on the cut out pieces of bread

Carbs, eggs and cheese? Count me in. I loved it!

These are officially the devil’s work

And their packaging lies. It says one serving is 50 pieces (40g). I measured this out and this did not look like 50 pieces to me but then again, I could just want more but want have more and am bitter about that.

Has anyone heard of the show Sunset Daze? It’s a new reality show on WE about a retirement community in Arizona. Some are saying it’s Golden Girls meets Jersey Shore. I cannot wait to watch it! I am just hoping there is no hot tub scenes or making out at the bridge club.

And check out Missy Maintains for a chance to win a Seventh Generation Cleaning Kit! Ends on Friday so hurry over there 🙂

Another one that ends on Friday is for a nice Wiseman Tea Package including a pot and samples of tea–check out the contest over at Danica’s Daily!

Likes and Dislikes of the day

3 Apr

Happy Saturday all–this is going to be a long one so get comfortable.

I woke up at 8A

What I liked about this

  • I got to sleep in

What I didn’t like about this

  • I had to set my alarm on a wknd so I could get my oil changed

I still wasn’t going to let my oil change appointment get in the way of me missing big weekend breakfast

I had cream cheese on hand for once since it was on sale $.67–holla and I made stuffed french toast stuffed with cream cheese and Trader Joe’s Superfruit Spread

I used two sliced of Trader Joe’s Whole Grain Bread and 1/8 of the Philly Cream Cheese package with three tbsps of the Superfruit Spread

What I liked about this

  • Umm, everything? It was amazingly delicious and decadent. I really like that word and don’t use it too often but I think if I were to start using it often, it wouldn’t have the allure it has.

What I didn’t like about this

  • It had to come to an end

It was beautiful when I stepped outside and so happy spring is here!

What I like about this

  • Gorgeous weather, I can start tanning again and just happier in general

What I don’t like about this

  • The fact that I forgot to wear SPF at the pool yesterday and got sun on one side of me but not the other. Oh and the fact that I am extra crispy and not original recipe

I then went to the Toyota dealership to get an oil change since I’m driving to DC next wknd. I got my car in August and just hit 4,000 miles this past month. I really don’t like to drive anymore. And I had a free coupon for an oil change so yay!

What I liked about this

  • Free oil change-duh. And the potential to see hot grease monkeys 🙂
  • They have an ultra cool cappuccino machina including Butterfinger cappuccino. I had to try it (I only filled half the cup and filled the other half with regular coffee)

What I didn’t like about this

  • They rotated my tires without telling me that it is an additional $20 so I had to pay out-of-pocket. Not good customer service there.
  • No hot grease monkeys 😦

I drove across the border to South Carolina afterwards to get gas

What I liked about this

  • South Carolina gas is usually $.20 cheaper a gallon than North Carolina. Plus I used my Bi-Lo reward points and got an additional $.30 off which brought it down to $2.25 a gallon.

What I didn’t like about this

  • The people in York County cannot drive. They either go 40 mph or 95 mph on the highway and it’s frustrating

After I got gas I drove a little further to go to Rainbow AKA the ghetto baby girl store that I love so much. I mentioned how I think of Jennifer Lopez as a style icon and I love the graphic, flashy tops she wears. Since I am going to DC I need new clothes right? Right.

What I liked about this

  • Holy good buys batman!!

I don’t know if I’ll wear this in DC but I could wear it out or to work which I really like.

OMG frickin love this top. I love the cut, that it ties in the back to make my waist smaller and accentuate the girls (which in turn can get free drinks??!) and pockets in the front. Fabulous.

Buy one, get one 50% earrings. They are the same in gold and silver and I looooove big earrings.

What I didn’t like this about this

  • That I was called “Snowflake” by one of the girls in the store since I was the only white chick there. I felt like Alicia Silverstone in Beauty Shop

It was 2P by the time I got home and was FAMISHED! I had so much food on hand and made a roast beef sandwich with lettuce, tomato, dijon, low fat mayo, Muenster and american cheese. Hey, I warned y’all I love cheese. I also had half a bag of Trader Joe’s Lite Kettlecorn

What I liked about this

  • Like breakfast-everything. This was a MONSTER sandwich and totally filling. I know a sandwich and popcorn sound random but it was a great combo

What I didn’t like about this

  • That I never have lunch meat on hand to make sandwiches like this, we may need to change that soon.

I had some tofu leftover and wanted to use before I go to DC so I patted them dry and marinated in A1 Cracked Peppercorn

I also cut a sweet potato up and doused in evoo and McCormick’s All Seasoning Spice

I spent some quality time with Lincoln afterwards

What I liked about this

  • “Shake it Like a Salt Shaker” by Ying Yang Twins came on and we danced to it

What I didn’t like about this

  • We started to play catch with his favorite squeaky toy. I threw it, he ran to it then ran back to me without it. I then explained the mechanics of catch and retrieve to him but am 99% sure he didn’t understand me

Soon it was time to make dinner so I threw the potatoes in the oven and grilled the tofu up on the stove top.

Dinner is served!

What I liked about this

  • The sweet potatoes were absolutely amazing

What I didn’t like about this

  • The tofu, not so much. The best I can compare it to is Al Pacino in “Gigli”

Amazing actor, has played remarkable roles in the past and has never really disappointed. But eventually, he does disappoint. And the disappointment goes by the name of Gigli…..or A1 tofu

Butler won!!!  Butler won!! Butler won!!!

 So happy for them and cannot wait for the WVU game.

What I like about this

  • I am happy for Butler since they were the underdog and my sis went there. And WVU hasn’t gone to the Final Four since 1959 waaaaaaaay longer before I was a glimmer in the eyes of my parentals

What I don’t like about this

  • I am not in Indianapolis to enjoy it. I feel about 85% better but wasn’t better enough in time.

Off to watch the game!

Whole Lotta Catching Up To do!

28 Mar

Hi all-I have been totally MIA for the past few days due to A) it being gorgeous outside and B) too much to do so this is the catch up posts of all catch up posts. But I do have lots of pictures of food so redeeming myself there!

Starting off with Friday, I had the greenest green monster I have ever had!

I got to work and was covering my desk + another person’s so needed a Starbucks stat……and I went venti this time which I never really do anymore.

Since I am a nice co-worker (and don’t want my butt to get any bigger) I brought in Dove chocolates and set them in the break room

I went back into the break room five minutes later to make my breakfast and they were gone. The people live their Dove!

I made a bowl of Chobani blueberry greek yogurt, sliced peaches, unsweeted coconut and flax—it was delicious!

The morning went smoothly without too many issues

Lunch was Annie’s Shells and Cheese with broccoli florets

And then the craziness started and lasted all afternoon. I did pack along a salad to have along with the shells but didn’t have a minute to get over to the break room to prep it. Nothing too horrible but just a lot going on and was happy when 5 o’clock hit!

I was riding along on the bus home and you could hear my stomach growling and the salad was just sitting next to me so I broke it out. I want to apologize to other bus riders who had to smell my salad with tuna salad and vinegar. But there were only four other people on the bus and I was starving!!!

I took Lincoln for a long walk and by the time we got back, I was mentally wiped clean. I couldn’t think after the craziness that occured at work and wanted something easy for dinner so I fried up some frozen pierogies and grilled mushrooms and onions on the side.

Oh pierogies, I will never quit you

I settled down and finally got a chance to watch this past wk’s episode of Lost which was all about Richard.

I soon had someone watching me

What an episode!! I may have to watch it again today because it answered so many questions.

Lincoln started inching himself towards me so he could beg for food

Ha, he looks drunk here

I was in bed by 1030 on Friday night because I am lame but I did get a nice eight and a half hours of sleep which is unheard of for me!

I tried out my Sticky Bun Coffee I got on sale at Bi-Lo on Saturday morning

And we all know about BFD but what about DFB? I feasted on mashed potatoes with avocado and greek yogurt for breakfast

I was tempted to add some garlic, salsa and lime juice to make guacamole potatoes because it just sounds magical.

Lincoln was due for a check up and we spent a half hour at the vet getting his shots so he can be a healthy boy!

I came home to a nice surprise—my Crazy Richard’s peanut butter I won from

I had to break into this right away because…..well….no specific reason other than I just wanted to!

I made a Morningstar Chicken Pattie with Frank’s Red Hot topped with cheese on a Thomas Whole Wheat Bagel Thin and tomato with a sliced banana topped with Crazy Richard’s Creamy Peanut Butter.

 The verdict? AMAZING! It was super creamy which I am a total fan of and not too thick (I am just starting to like peanut butter again because it’s thickness turned me off). I will definitely start using this kind and can’t wait to try the chunky)

Lincoln wasn’t feeling so hot due to his shots so he sat with me while I caught up on some reading

Soon after, I decided to take on the mall since JCP was having a great sale. I don’t like going to the mall because it just seems like madness each time I go and too many people. If I do ever go, it’s right when it opens in the morning and I go in and get out stat. I got two tops at JCP then went to Steinmart and got two more tops(those are for work though so nothing too saucy).

WVU was playing at 7 so I got on my gear and headed to a bar a few blocks away from my place to watch. It was $2 Corona’s and yeah, pretty much stayed with those all night. I was alone so just sat and the bar and needed nourishment. Confession…..I absolutely love bar food. I know I shouldn’t but I do and could eat it every day if I could.

I got a cheeseburger with french fried potato chips

So I know it doesn’t look like much but this was one of the BEST cheeseburgers I’ve ever had. I can’t describe why, it was just amazing. I stayed there the rest of the night, made new friends and watched WVU beat Kentucky to move onto the Final Four!!!

What has two thumbs and a sister who lives in Indianapolis? THIS GIRL!

Pending I can get Friday or Monday off of work, I will be making a beautiful nine hour drive to Indianapolis next wknd. I really don’t want to drive but refuse to pay $500+ for a plane ticket. I don’t have tickets but think it would be fun to hang there with all the basketball madness going on. Plus my sister went to Butler so a little bit of a rivalry there which makes it even more fun!

Anyways, after too many Corona’s I made it home and once again, famished. I made nachos, which is just fabulous drunk food. But I wasn’t too drunk that I couldn’t take a picture 🙂 They had Morningstar veggie crumbles, cheese, avocado, jalapenos with greek yogurt and salsa on the side.

And I devoured every last bit!

This morning I was looking forward to a big breakfest….well, a super huge hungover big breakfast: scrambles eggs with mushrooms, cheese and avocado and a Thomas Whole Wheat Bagel Thin with TJ’s Superfruit Spread

Nom Nom

It’s supposed to be absolutely miserable out today which I am excited about because

*I’m hungover and don’t want to move

*Have blogs to catch up

*Need to cook lunch meals for this wk

*Have Netflix movies to catch up on:


Giveaway!!!Here’s two fun ones for you:

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All the time in the world

14 Mar

Happy day light savings everyone! This hour difference is seriously messing me up so I will be happy once I get used to it but until then, I feel like I have too much time on my hands.

I woke up at 730A this morning and started the day off with my new Trader Joe’s Diner Blend Coffee

Delicious as always! I don’t want to think about what I’m gonna do when I move and won’t be able to just walk over to Trader Joe’s. Sadness 😦

And I despise Sundays, they are my least favorite day of the week. But one thing that always makes it a little bit better is a big breakfast!

I made scrambled eggs and added milk to them, I can’t believe how fluffy they were! I rarely have regular milk on hand so use a little butter or just the cook up the eggs alone with some spices but wow-it made a world of difference!

I topped them with half an avocado and toasted some Earth Grains whole wheat bread and topped with Trader Joe’s Superfruit Spread. Yummy!

I also had leftover potatoes I made the other night

That killed a good half hour of my time so I made a batch of granola bars that I made a couple of weeks ago. This time I added raisins and more coconut.

And that took about 45 minutes.

All there is on tv on Sunday in the morning is churchie stuff or political shows so I was quickly going crazy. It was sunny and a little chilly out and needed to get out. I decided to pack up, grab Lincoln and go to Freedom Park. Freedom Park is a huge park in Charlotte with great walkways, trails, tennis courts, etc. It’s more near the Uptown area so I don’t go that much but wanted to move a little and I am sure that Lincoln wanted to socialize.

He was a little tired at first

But finally woke up and was ready to go to the park!


It was a perfect day to get outside!

We walked around for an hour and hung out. I haven’t been to Freedom Park in awhile but was quickly reminded why I used to go all the time. Fun little fact, a few scenes from the movie Shallow Hal were filmed at Freedom Park and most of the movie was filmed in Charlotte.

We were driving back and saw a Rita’s Ice and immediately pulled over—I love Rita’s and didn’t know they have them here.

I got a Cherry and Vanilla Gelati which was fantastic!

Is it wrong that I love that my normally hyper dog completely passes out after we go in the car?

And now at home –look at his little tongue sticking out, hehe! I’m such a sucker for this dog.

I have nothing to do and it’s only 2:30P so I think I will follow Lincoln’s lead and nap it up.