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Still snowed in

30 Jan

It is 10PM and I havent left my residence today (except to walk Lincoln and get my mail). This city is absolutely ridiculous and behind the times when it comes to snow. Everything is shut down and I keep watching the news which lists all businesses that are closed for today. I then have to remind myself that I am in a major city with an airport, businesses and other things to classify it as a city. Just annoying!

After going out in the snow, I had a feeling Lincoln was a little chilly

I put Lincoln’s turtleneck on and he loved it ….but was still all about the love 🙂

Ever since reading this post, I have been singing Lady Gaga to Lincoln…..this needs to come to an end!!! 😛

Since it was cold, icky, snowy out, I decided on some comfort food for lunch….NACHOS!

The usual suspects

Add a bowl of Chobani Greek Yogurt and salsa mixed with that—bon appetit!

We would for a nice walk in the snow after that and then it was nap time. I love being able to justify a three hour nap on a Saturday.

I woke up refreshed and cleaned my kitchen and watched some tv. It was once again, meal time.

The day of comfort food continues with homemade pizza (yet again using Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Pizza Dough)

 Spinach, artichokes and mushrooms with some evoo, garlic, oregano and red pepper flakes cooking


One would think since I am part Italian, I would be able to round into a nice circle. No can do. I did think it kinda looked like a state though but couldn’t find any states it looked like. West Virginia would be a fun one to make some time though!

 The result—HUMUNGEOUS Pizza!!!

I sliced and added some nice marina dipping sauce

 For dessert, I had some Big Love

And every time I see Law and Order (the regular one not one of them million of spin offs) and Jeremy Sisto comes on, I can’t help but singing “Rolling with My Homies” in my head. From one of my most favorite movies eva, Clueless.

However my favorite quote from that movie is “Ummmm I can’t do any activities where balls fly in front of my face?” “There goes your social life!” Love it 🙂

Kinda bummed, I was supposed to see “When In Rome” with a girlfriend tomorrow afternoon but looks like it won’t be happenening due to snow. Hopefully next wknd!

At least tomorrow, I will be able to use the gym here and walk over to Trader Joe’s and Starbucks….something to look forward to!

Y’all know how much I love Chobani Greek Yogurt (seeing that I post about it every day) if you would like the chance to win an entire CASE of Chobani, click here to Stephanie’s site to enter!

Let it snow

30 Jan

I had such a wonderful sleep last night and woke up to this—yay! First snow of the year, I am so excited!

It maybe snows once or twice a year here so when we do, it’s an excuse for me not to do anything a big deal. I had to take Lincoln out and I was interested to see if he was going to like it.

Operation Snow 2010 a success! I tried to keep him out for as long as possible since I love the snow but was jonesing for some coffee and big weekend breakfast! I decided to make french toast with bananas and of course, coffee.

The toppings (with my favorite magnet in the background hehe 🙂 )


I have never tried pumpkin butter atop french toast but knew it could not be a bad thing plus with syrup and banana? Yes please!

The final product


Delicious! I really have no clue what I am going to do today since the roads are bad here. I could clean (meh), set up my printer (meh but still a better option than cleaning), organize stuff to sell on ebay (cha chang) or just sit on my butt drinking coffee watching Turbo Dogs (yes a real show). I think I will do that for now.

On another note, whatever happened to Snow who rapped sang “Informer”?


SNOW GOT HOT!!!! That’s what’s up? When did that happen? Look at his swagger, hello. A licky boom boom down indeed. YUM. Ok focus…..I always thought it would be cute if he met a girl rapper named Flake and then they had a baby girl and named her Snowflake and they would be a traveling rapping family. But screw Flake, Snow is hot now and YUM! Enough of that though…..

If you read my rant the other day, you will remember my issue with work. How I want to leave but they keep giving me raises (waaa waaaa I know poor me) But seriously, I found out yesterday I got yet another raise. A substantial one too. I just got one back in November, they must really not want me to leave.  But I do want to leave and move somewhere where my friends are so it’s a catch 22. Especially when unemployment is so high. Mo money, mo problems I tell you.