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A leap of faith, y’all

30 Mar

 I have been all about the comfort food lately. I love going out-of-town and trying new places but with that it brings bigger portions, unhealthy grub and an upset belly. After my weekend of yummy eats, I am happy to be back home cooking and eating healthier than I have been. But that doesn’t mean  everything is boring and plain-I was all about the down home cooking on Monday night! And the inspiration for this?

Paula Deen y’all!


Oh Paula, you ride random men like a horse, are very orange and say y’all as much as you use butter but I really do heart you. I found this Paula Deen Southern Peach BBQ Sauce for only $1.80 at Big Lots while in Pittsburgh. I love bbq anything so I was excited to try out a peace bbq sauce.

I marinated two chicken breasts in the sauce for 20 minutes then cooked both on the stovetop


While that was cooking, I chopped up half of a white onion and baby bella mushrooms and cooked with extra virgin olive oil, black pepper and my new California Crushed Jalapeno spice from Penzey’s.

I sliced a sweet potato and let that bake in the oven at 400 degrees for a little over 20 minutes. Since the mushroom/onion mixture had some spice to it, I countered the sweet potatoes with sweetness by sprinkling with cinnamon

This was an interesting and fun meal since each bite had a different taste! In a perfect world I would be able to eat The Lady’s Cheesy Mac every day without consequence of weight gain or clogged arteries but I was equally happy with her sauce.

 Dinner on Tuesday night was another comfort meal-breakfast for dinner! It’s been such a long time since I’ve embraced BFD and Tuesday was an especially rough one at work so I headed home to make a quick, hearty and protein healthy dinner.

The idea was to have an omelet and toast. I cooked some onions and mushrooms for about 10 minutes then added to the egg mixture along with shredded cheese.

My omelet attempts usually end up a fail due to the flipping but hello omelet success this time around!

As for my lunches, they have been Lean Cuisine all the way! And to make it even better, I’ve actually been enjoying them. They usually lack flavor or taste to me but I enjoyed these from the past two days.

And now for breakfast but before I begin you should head to Olie Pants for a Love Grown Foods giveaway!!! I’ve been indulging in cereal for the past two days-Kashi Island Vanilla Cereal. I hate cereal so for me to be crazy about cereal means it must be good!

I am not a huge fan of vanilla scented or flavored foods due to this


Ugh, Vanilla Fields takes me back to 1996 when I was working my first job at Walgreens. I was restocking the perfume and there was a nasty spill and the cosmetics section reeked of it for days. I get ill when I get  a whiff of someone who is rocking it. Thank God not many people wear that crap anymore.

Oh yeah, I didn’t mention how I put in my months notice at work today did I? Yep, April 29th is officially my last day with my company. I’m excited/happy/scared/nervous all rolled into one. I am completely miserable in my job and who knows what life will throw my way next but I am sure going to try to enjoy the ride!

Anyone out there ever quit their job without having something lined up? I make good money and it’s nice knowing I have a steady income but the money just isn’t worth my unhappiness at this point.

Inspire, Perspire?

9 Jun

 Yesterday was a day of meh eats.  Nothing really screamed at me and I just was not feeling my meals. I shall do pictures only because meh is the only word to describe.

Ok so I shall speak about dinner because it was BFD—always a bomb ass meal in my book. I made egg white and egg scramble with cooked mushrooms and onions topped with avocado and ketchup with a side of spray buttered bread

Today started off better at least. I made a green monster that was actually green instead of brown with almond milk, 1 handful baby spinach and Spiru-Tein Strawberry Protein Powder—yum!

I felt inspired to eat something pineapple after reading Mo’s post about pineapples last night. I bought a Pineapple Chobani Greek Yogurt the other week but have been nervous to try it out. For breakfast today I mixed the pineapple greek yogurt with Kashi Crunch!, mixed berries and unsweetened coconut.

My thought on this?

Absolutely disgusting. It was too artificially sweet for me and just did not taste good. Sigh, I hate when I have bad Chobani experiences. I love the Chobani so much but when I try a flavor I don’t like (the only other one I didn’t like was the Chobani Champions Chocolate) it’s just a huge let down. Don’t worry Chobani, I won’t quit you. On another note, don’t judge by my desk, I work better in an organized chaos kind of atmosphere.

We had a temp on our team start today and she sat with me all day. She has a background in finance and is talkative so that was a nice change for me. I pretty much showed her our entire job function and what we do throughout the day and it was enjoyable. I love training people and showing them our process, how our line of business works, etc. For lunch, I had chicken stir fry with snap peas, mushrooms and zucchini

Dinner starred a new ingredient: Eggplant. The hippies have gorgeous eggplants and I always pass them by but never buy them. I decided to take a chance and buy one and make a grilled eggplant sandwich. I sliced the eggplant and grilled with extra virgin olive oil, paprika, garlic and pepper.

 While dinner was cooking, I had an appetizer of Trader Joe’s Tomato & Basil Hummus with sliced cucumbers

Verdict? I was not impressed. The flavor didn’t pop at all and I didn’t taste a hint of basil at all. Thumbs down, TJ, thumbs down. Two of my favorite things letting me down in one day is just no bueno in my world.

I had the eggplant on a kaiser roll with tomato slices and baby spinach with a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar and parmesan cheese along with roasted red potatoes

And some Patriotic Pretzels for dessert…..God Bless America

I’ve been a lazy ass as of late. I will admit that right now. I come home from work, do nothing but cook and hang out then suffer from insomnia some nights. This doesn’t make me a happy camper and definitely does not leave me wanting to work out. After I had dinner, I was sitting on the couch watching Family Guy and catching up on some blogs. I was contemplating working out and again, made the excuse that I will just do it tomorrow (as I did yesterday, the night before that and so on) and then I read this post on Kelly’s blog. That post and what she said motivated me to get off my butt and do some strength training.


Kettlebell 20 lbs

*Halos (2 sets, 12 reps)

*Shrugs (2 sets,14reps, each side)

*Swings (3 sets, 13 reps)

*Squats (1 set, 14 reps)

*Upright Deltoid Row (1 set, 13 reps)

*Straight Leg Deadlift (2 sets, 13 reps)

*Bentover Row (2 sets, 13 reps)

*Side Bends (2 sets, 15 reps, each side)


*Concentration Curls (15 lbs. 1 sets, 13 reps each side)

*Tricep Kickback (10 lbs 1 set, 13 reps each side)

*Shoulder Press (15 lbs. 2 sets, 13 reps each side)

*Bench Press (10 lbs. 2 sets, 13 reps each side)

It was only a 25 minute workout but I was happy I did something and had a nice calorie burn and average heart rate of 148 and max of 182

Thanks Kelly for giving me some inspirational words pushing me to work out today. I am all about the tough love!

I had an apple post workout

Right when I was about to chomp away, I saw little Lincoln curled up on the ottoman

I hate how depressed he looks at times then to make it even worse, he will pick his head up, look at me then drop his head down with a big sigh. Yeah, we went for a nice 20 minute walk after that to lift his spirits. And wtf is up with dog owners with little dogs that are Lincolns size not wanting to be social? Lincoln will pull me over there (he is eight lbs and I am not a skinny girl) and then the owners will pull their dogs away from Lincoln and wont let them play. He just wants to sniff some butt, throw my dog a bone!

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Feeling Hot Hot Hot

6 May

Anytime I think of the song Feeling Hot Hot Hot, I think of the office skit and thank god, not the song.

I hate that song. Almost as much as this song

I curse you Mony Mony. Which really sucks because I love Billy Idol.

Anyways, the last two days have sucked…..hard. Of course because of work. The girl who I backup is out of the office and her workload is exploding and so is mine. So having my normal workload x2? No bueno. Plus Stinkalicious called in sick the past two days which I would normally enjoy but not so much when we need all the help we can get. Stinky looked fine taking their regular four smoke breaks on Tuesday though so whatever. And I was supposed to go out for Cinco de Mayo and had to cancel my plans because I was at work late. AND my parents were supposed to come in this wknd but I had to ask them to come up some other time (an 11 hr drive, they must love me!) because there is no way I can leave early tomorrow. So the frustration grows as always.

But enough of that, let’s get to the fun stuff–the food 🙂

Yesterday I tried something different for breakfast-a whole wheat wrap filled with egg whites, feta and ketchup

This is definitely going into the rotation more. I love that I can nuke the eggwhites for a minute and a half at work and chow at my desk. I need to get a sturdier tortilla one though because it kept falling about. But then again, it was some ghetto brand that I got on sale.

Continuing my celebration of National Salad Month, I made a BIG Salad for lunch. And when I say BIG, I mean BIG. It was in a huge ziploc container and everyone kept making fun of me when they saw me carrying it over to my desk.

The salad included—spinach, zucchini, red, orange and yellow peppers, tomato, carrots, onions, feta cheese with leftover tuna from the other night and T Marzetti’s Honey Balsamic.

I was just in a terrible mood yesterday afternoon with all the work I had and mistakes of my backup’s that I had to fix. Which really sucks because I looked super cute in my new skirt that I bought. I am not a skirt or dress girl at all so me wearing a skirt and showing my legs is MAJAH! I am very self-conscious of my calves, they aren’t cankles or anything but just thick. Anyways. my skirt, compliments of Ross–ten bones!

What would make me feel better?


Even if I did have to shell out $25 of my very much hard-earned money, it was totally worth it. I seriously read her books over and over again so it’s worth the investment. I was reading it on the bus today and had to put it away since I was crying from laughing 🙂 If you haven’t read Jen Lancaster, please do. She is my absolute favorite author (it may be because I think we are one in the same, except I’m not a die hard conservative!)

Since I eat Mexican food every other day it seems like, I decided not to go with Mexican last night and made a random meal

Potatoes and Okra tossed in extra virgin olive oil with garlic salt and paprika

And nuked some of the chicken wings I made the other night

I couldn’t let Cindo de Mayo pass without something relatively Mexican so I broke out a Trader Jose Light for kicks.

And after yesterday’s day, I downed that bad boy!!!

Today just started off on a bad food. I had 50 something on my own emails to get to and then 40 something in my backups box. Ugh. I had to go Starbucks as usual and used my free drink coupon for a Venti Skim Raspberry Latte. YUM! And right now I am going to say this morning was all about emotional eating…and drinking. I brought yogurt and berries but went down to Showmar’s for breakfast. I haven’t been in a while and the girl at the cashier was like “Damn girl, you’re losing weight!” That made me feel good, especially since I was about to indulge in a fatty greasy breakfast.

Behold—an egg, bacon and cheese sandwich on whole wheat (hey at least I got whole wheat!)

A greasy breakfast would not be complete without potatoes

I could seriously taste the butter it was cooked in, it was fabulous.

I munched on Somersaults Salty Pepper Nuggets that came in the package of goodies I won over at Savor And Stretch

Yummy! I can’t wait to try the Sea Salt flavor. I need to see if they sell these in my area.

I love the picture on my calendar for this month. I’m hoping it keeps my motivation up and running.

My sugar cravings hit and I have been jonesing for regular Coke lately and finally gave in. I could drink Coca-Cola every day and be happy. The sugar content, not so crazy about. But it was totally worth it.

Lunch was finally around 330P and yet another shout out to National Salad Month! This was the best one yet– a BIG Salad spinach, zucchini, red and orange peppers, green peas, onions, cucumbers, tomato, shredded cheese topped with Salmon Salad and Trader Joe’s Feta Dressing.

OMFG. I cannot stand baked or hot salmon but love it in sushi but never tried the canned kind like this. Amazing, I just mixed with light mayo, chopped onions and paprika and it was a delicious protein addition to my salad. Will definitely be having this again!!

Right before leaving, I had a last-minute snack

I got home and wanted something quick, easy fulfilling. BFD it was!

I broke into my Nature’s Path Pomegran Plus Waffles

While those were toasting, I made scrambled eggs—all of this from one egg and 1/3 cup eggwhites (of course cheese was scrambled in)

BFD never fails to amaze me. How could someone NOT love BFD? I loved these waffles. I felt they just tasted less process and fresher, if that makes any sense. And there was a hint of pomegranate so nothing too overwhelming nor artificial.

And we already had one episode this season of Community with Joel McHale in his skivvies but another one tonight? Yes please.

Hope almost Friday!!

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Country Grammar

28 Apr

I started today out with some would say a non traditional breakfast…..a whole wheat wrap with Trader Joe’s Organic Hummus, lettuce, half a tomato and mushrooms.

Surprisingly good and filling. May need to try this again. Nothing remarkable about this morning it was pretty quiet. I’ve been in a better mood lately at work and I think my co-workers think I’m getting some loving on the regular or something. Even I think I’m extra preppy for my normal demeanor so who knows. But keeping a positive attitude while at work was one of my goals for this month so I’m definitely on that!

I deal with a lot of nasty people in my industry(I guess dealing with millions of dollars on a daily basis makes some people that way?) And dealing with a particularly rude one this morning I sent him a quick “Thank you” for finally emailing me documents that I’ve been requesting for almost a month now. He responded back with “Your welcome” ummm its you’re. It took everything in me (and the fact I don’t want to be fired) not to respond with “Its you’re biznatch!” You can be nasty to me for no reason but at least I know how to use your as opposed to you’re!

I had leftover pork enchiladas for lunch.

I’ve made enchiladas before but never with pork and this was hands down the best batch yet. I don’t know if it was the succulent (how do you like that big word!) pork or the full fat cream cheese but I was in a fatty lactose heaven!

We had three people out this afternoon (yeah I work on a team of six) so things were a bit hectic after lunch. Most of it involved cleaning up  other peoples problems which is annoying but unfortunately part of the job. But its all good since I already have a few hours overtime this wk. Which means extra time and a half money so bring it on! Anyone else get paid OT?


I then decided to go for a run. I don’t like daytime running at all but figured it was going to be light out for a while go and get that done with. There weren’t too many people out on the trail and the sun was shining and things were perfect. I love how the light was shining on me and it was silent except for my footsteps. What I didn’t like was looking at my shadow and seeing my big booty shadow. But then again, it was kinda encouraging. I haven’t ran in a while so it was tough me. I would run two or three minutes then walk one and repeat. My ankle was killing me sporadically (thank you Clueless for giving me that word), I couldn’t breathe and my heart rate was getting into the 190’s/200’s so I had to slow it down a bit. Regardless, a good workout. I covered about 4 miles in 50 minutes and had a nice calorie burn!

Yeah, 169 was my average hr. EEEK!

I have no fresh veggies on hand and no meat so dinner tonight was easy to decide on. When in doubt I BFD! I went with egg in a hole which I’ve seen but never made. I took two pieces of bread, made a hole in each with a glass then put on the stove top with 1 tbsp melted butter. I whisked two eggs with salt, paprika and shredded cheese then poured it into the hole.

I laid out a dab of ketchup for each piece of bread and spread Trader Joe’s Superfruit Spread on the cut out pieces of bread

Carbs, eggs and cheese? Count me in. I loved it!

These are officially the devil’s work

And their packaging lies. It says one serving is 50 pieces (40g). I measured this out and this did not look like 50 pieces to me but then again, I could just want more but want have more and am bitter about that.

Has anyone heard of the show Sunset Daze? It’s a new reality show on WE about a retirement community in Arizona. Some are saying it’s Golden Girls meets Jersey Shore. I cannot wait to watch it! I am just hoping there is no hot tub scenes or making out at the bridge club.

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Another one that ends on Friday is for a nice Wiseman Tea Package including a pot and samples of tea–check out the contest over at Danica’s Daily!

On the wings of blech

2 Mar

It’s snowing it’s snowing! I was minding my business at work today and happened to look outside the window and there it was! I don’t know what it is about snow but in my mind, it just makes everything better.

I started out my day with yet another iced coffee Green monster with soy milk, chocolate whey and splenda

Speaking of protein powder, click here for a chance to win  Sun Warrior Protein Powder!

Breakfast was oats, frozen berries, flax and TJ’s Apricot-Mango Greek Yogurt on top—I have this girl to thank for bringing this into my life-you are GENIUS!


I had on a purple sweater, purple jacket and had my purple lunchbox today…which everyone was making fun of me for since I always have a full lunch box and wait for my bus like a six-year-old. I felt like all I needed was this to complete the deal

However the bank may frown upon drinking during the day. I think it could either be a really good or really bad idea

Pro’s: Be more social, think the world of secondary loan closing is fun and sing Living on a Prayer at the top of my lungs when it comes on at my desk from Pandora.com

Con’s: Tell people what I really think about them, drink too much and puke or pass out (I wonder if I could ask my manager’s manager to hold my hair back?)

But then again, I could take a nap under my desk Costanza style

That being said—-I think I will stick with the coffee and water for now!

I went into Starbucks in our building today and I received a warm welcome from my baristas (because they are there for me and no one else). It’s nice to be missed and they thought I lost my job and would never show again. Unfortunately, work still calls because momma needs a new pair of shoes!

Lunch was fantabulous and filling—chicken cakes and spaghetti with grilled onions, shrooms , spinach and shalots. But then I brought it over to my desk to eat after heating it up, it smelled like cotton candy. Not chicken, veggies or evoo but cotton candy. Funky.

Dessert was a fruit bowl. I love fresh fruit when it’s cold out. The pineapple was so fresh and the best part

I was bored this afternoon so went out and attempted to play in the snow. By play, I mean go out and walk around. It’s lame being an adult. I would love to go make snow angels and come back to a hot chocolate (maybe with Peppermint Schnapps??) and take a nap by a fireplace. But oh yeah, this thing called work is getting in the way. I stopped at the Starbucks before venturing out and got myself a refill. I love afternoon coffee. Hell, I just love coffee. I went outside and found below

Snow falling down but not sticking. Not fun. However, the minute I come back into the office, it starts going bananas outside.

What if we lived in a world where it rained bananas? I think I would want to live in the desert since it would never rained. And what if there was a desert full of desserts? And it didn’t rain banana splits but just had them all over the place!? Sorry for the LSD-like thoughts, the coffee  (and a diet coke when I came home) has kicked in! But on another note, I have never even had a banana split and think we need to change that in 2010.

But then again, I may look like this eating one

I was going to go to a networking event tonight but couldn’t get out of my parking lot and was stumped what to make for dinner. It’s cold out, I didn’t have a lot of vegetables on hand and three letters came to mind—BFD!

I threw together two eggs, 1/4 cup liquid eggwhites, chopped onions, mushroom, parsley, shredded cheese and Morningstar Veggie crumbles in the pan

The original plan was to make an omelet but I didn’t have the patience for that so random scramble it was. Note this made so much—I had enough for dinner and for breakfast tomorrow-word.

I usually make my eggs with butter or milk but today I just whisked and added salt, pepper and a garlic. A good alternative on top though would have been I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter spray….speaking of which, click here for a chance to win a  coupon for ICBINB!, two recipes and a platter, spreader and spatula from Crate and Barrel.

I picked up this spread TJ’s after work and it was frickin amazing! Very rich, thick and full of flava!

The final product

I went this long with avoiding the elephant in the room——The Bachelor Finale last night

OMG. Good stuff.

My thoughts:

*After 30 minutes, I was over the crying and the lovey dovey stuff. I don’t expect them to talk like porn stars (wait do they even talk in the “movies”??) but enough is enough. “He warms my soul”, “she makes me smile and feel complete”, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you”. We get it

*I think the makeup could have been better. I kept seeing a hint of hair on Tenley’s upper lip and it bothered me (I’m an Italian woman and I notice these things)

*Tenley was finally growing on me and then this happened

*Loved both of the gals dresses at the end

*I will go postal if I hear “On The Wings of Love” one more time

*I don’t know how I feel about Alli as the Bachelorette. Suddenly, work is ok and she doesn’t have to go back. Also, doesn’t she work for Facebook? Couldn’t she work online and not have to go back to SF all of a sudden on the show and now leave ala Ed from last season ?? I was really hoping it would be Tenley who was the Bachelorette

*I don’t think Jake is going to last long on DWTS

However I think Evan Lysacek is going to be fabulous and make it fun!!!

Peace out homies!

Car is no longer a piece of Gigli

11 Feb

Today flew by! I rolled into work super early because I had to drop my car off at the dealership to be fixed, then had to train a member of another team as part of a contingency plan we are setting up. I really liked training and showing our job task and how to do what I do.

Breakfast and lunch were nothing exciting-just leftovers, meh.

I got my car back this afternoon and it’s all good now yay! Fingers crossed for no stuck pedals! I rolled home about an hour before the normal time I got home and found my new Polar F7 Heart Rate Monitor waiting for me—score! I had to take it out on a test run and holy cannoli-I have really been underestimating my heart rate and calories burned. A good investment indeed 🙂

BFD tonight! I decided on a breakfast bowl with a baked potato as the base, sour cream, egg and egg whites, spinach, onions, parsley, cheese and ketchup. Oh–and a Morningstar Veggie Italian Style Sausage link. Which they should call it “Morningstar Veggie Smells like an Italian Pizzeria Owners Underpants Sausage because that stuff stank!! I thought something was dead in my kitchen yet it tasted good. I am very confused how I feel about it.


I thought this list “The 25 worst romanctic Comedies Ever” was interesting however do not agree with the ones below:

 ‘Blind Date’
Shocking as it may seem, Bruce Willis wasn’t always a badass. Before ‘Die Hard,’ he was a wisecracking smart-aleck on ‘Moonlighting.’ And in this pathetically unfunny comedy by Blake Edwards, he plays a dweeby exec who’s powerless to stop a drunken hottie (Kim Basinger) from ruining his life on the world’s worst blind date. Maybe you can entertain yourself imagining how John McClane would deal with the situation. We’d rather just watch

 ‘Haunted Honeymoon’ (1986)
Looking for the inspired horror hijinks of ‘Young Frankenstein’? (Also written by Gene Wilder?) Keep looking, bub. You won’t find it in this ’30s period piece with real-life comedy couple Wilder and Gilda Radner as a pair of about-to-be-hitched radio stars who spend the weekend in a haunted mansion. The tragedy isn’t just that Radner died shortly after filming, it’s that she and Wilder are wasted in this unfunny mess.

‘Two of a Kind’ (1983)
Olivia Newton-John and John Travoltawould have been better off choosing ‘Grease 2’as their reunion vehicle instead of this schlocky waste of time. Not only do our two stars have to fall in love, the fate of humanity rests on whether they hook up or not. With God and the Devil running interference, this contrived comedy just makes us groan. Unless you’re hellbent on seeing Gene Hackman as God, this one’s skippable. 

Who’s That Girl’ (1987)
Just because you throw in a cougar (the animal kind), doesn’t mean you get a classic screwball comedy. In this uninspired redo of ‘Bringing Up Baby,’ the Material Girl stops channeling Marilyn and goes with a beyond-annoying impersonation of squeaky-voiced, ’50s actress Judy Holliday. Wacky, attorney-shanghaing shenanigans ensue, but it’s a painful ride for both us and co-star Griffin Dunne.

Ones I definitely agree with:

‘Employee of the Month’ (2006)
Best reasons to see this: Jessica Simpson’s ample chest. Guys getting whacked in the privates. “Gay” and “retarded” jokes galore. Yeah, those are the pluses. Even cameos from other comics like Andy Dick and Harland Williams fail to add much humor to the proceedings. You could always look it as a bromance between romantic rivals Dax Shepard and Dane Cook  as they spend far more time vying for Simpson than either one does with her — but yeah, that wouldn’t do much good either.

 ‘Down to You’ (2000)
How to tell this crummy Freddie Prinze Jr. romantic comedy from all the others? This one co-stars Julia Stiles, is set in college, and features Freddie (here called “Al”) trying to commit suicide by soap after their breakup. Yes, you read that right. Soap. All we can say is this movie might make you reach for the soap too. Oh yeah, and it’s the one that’s earned a putrid “4%” on Rotten Tomatoes.

Good Luck Chuck’ (2007)
Whose bright idea was it to make comic Dane Cook a romantic lead? As the luckless Chuck, women sleep with him only because, it seems, whomever he beds will wed the next guy she meets. So what’s he to do when he meets Jessica Alba? Frankly, we don’t care. The mood is rude and raunchy but the laughs are few and far between. And we’ve seen more romance on Cinemax!

‘Summer Catch’ (2001)
Sure, the stars are attractive but there’s not much more to this rom-com than scantily clad hotties. Freddie Prinze, Jr., in yet another formulaic and forgettable flick, plays a Cape Cod lawn boy who yearns to play baseball and who falls for rich girl Jessica Biel. The clichés come fast and furious as he learns to believe in himself, win the game and get the girl. Nothing you haven’t seen a million times before.

‘Gigli’ (2003)
Who knew that the seemingly hot pairing of then-lovers Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez would yield the biggest box-office disaster of our time? After audiences got a whiff of the cringe-inducing dialogue (like the infamous “it’s turkey time” scene), the film was pulled from theaters after just three weeks. This mega-flop racked up more Razzies and jokes than ticket sales and its unpronounceable title became a metaphor for anything that’s really, really craptastic.

Gigli was excruciating to watch yet I want to Netflix it!