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27 Jan

This is how I felt all day. And I had my coffee. Two cups and a diet coke (which I haven’t had since the wknd) and still felt like I was going to strangle someone.

It is a little after 8P and I finally feel like I am starting to wake up. I have been so beat today which is weird since I got a good amount of sleep last night. But the night before, I got maybe three hours of sleep and was bouncing off the walls. I guess I finally hit the wall! Maybe it is because of the weather and it being cold out. All I know is when it gets like this, I want to come home from work, get in my fleece pajama pants and do nothing!

I finally for in touch with Toyota today to ask about the recall and they said I don’t need to bring in my car just yet which is good. However, I heard that they don’t even have a fix for the accelerator pad problem! So I guess keep driving and cross my fingers that the pad doesn’t get stuck? Good plan of attack!

Breakfast was Chobani Strawberry yogurt, strawberries, flax and coconut granola. I need to get some Chia seeds, I keep seeing them everyone and am curious about them.

Work was steady enough today but I was still bored and trying to find stuff to do. When this happens, I start discovering annoying habits of my co-workers. One of them is a project manager and on conference calls all day. Any time the call ends or he is walking past my desk, he always sighs……and when I say sigh, I mean siiiiiiiiiiiiiiighhhh. For a man, he is very dramatic. You would think he just got done doing manual labor. But no, on a conference call about a new system we are going to be incorporating into our work place. Weird. And annoying.

Lunch was the last of the slow cooked beef brisket (YAY!) and Uncle Ben’s Rice Pilaf with sautéed onions and mushrooms. And that would be collard greens in the corner ( my co-worker was waiting for me to heat my lunch up and had some extra).

I walked over to the library for something to do (and they had The Lizzie McGuire CD waiting for me……I am 30 mind you. There is one song on there I discovered on Pandora that I wanted to get. But it evens out because they also had Vampire Weekend waiting for me!) and found this awesome book

I am not a vegan by any standards but it is always fun to try new things and if they are standard recipes but healthier,great! I flipped through this on my way home and it has a lot of good stuff! And she put in random facts about the ingredients she uses in her recipes and I just love that kinda stuff 🙂

I came home to a happy dog and we took a nice walk outside before it got dark. I fixed myself a bowl of spaghetti using Barilla Plus Whole Wheat Thin Spaghetti and topped with the spinach, artichoke and mushroom mix I cooked last night and some Parmesan cheese-yum!

I wish I had a salad on the side or something. I was still hungry afterwards so decided to have a little desert. I have a bunch of Betty Crocker Warm Delights (the mini ones) so I nuked that for 30 seconds that scooped out and put then over some Chobani 2% Plain Greek Yogurt. Delish!

I have decided that when I die, I would like to be buried with my Blackberry, Fleece Pants and Chobani because I love it so.

I finally had a full belly after that-yay! I took a nap and woke up to a fur baby on me 🙂

Life is good. I cannot believe Lost starts in less than a wk, that just makes me so happy! And my trip to NYC won’t be the only trip I have this yr…planning a trip to DC in April. And I can bring Linky with me so he can finally meet his new BFF Riley (my friends dog). I am anxious to see what kind of shenanigans they get to while we enjoy the Cherry Blossom Festival! I am also looking to move from Charlotte and DC may be one of the possible areas I am looking into. The fact that I don’t have a sugar daddy to help pay the bills or a job set up there isn’t working in my favor though. Or the fact that it is one of the highest cost of living areas in the country either. Meh!