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Reflections of the Bachelor

15 Feb

Ahhhh Bachelor-you continue to steal two hours of my life each Monday.

I love how Jake said he would love to come back to St Lucia on his honeymoon. I would think that would be a little awkward. You go their on your honeymoon but were previously there making out on the beach, talking about falling in love and possibly making the love with two other chicks? Negatron Jake, negatron.

He mentions how he is the protective type–in other words…..jealous

I cannot stand Tenley’s voice. It reminds me of a strung out Minnie Mouse.

Were they really playing “On The Wings of Love” the instrumental version when Jake and Vienna were on the pirate ship?

I stopped counting the number of times Jake said marriage or wife after 26 (I was really trying to keep track but was multi tasking with laundry and cleaning!)

When he is with Vienna, I feel like he is her baby sitter.

Ali got served!!!

Dear ABC: Thank you for sending them somewhere warm (where Jake can go shirtless 75% of the time) and not somewhere cold.

Mental note: Add Jake saying  “toughest decision yet” and “breaks my heart” to phrases to drink to during The Bachelor drinking game

When he chose Mia, I gasped and Lincoln started licking my face uncontrollably, too cute.

Sigh…..that’s it.  Next week’s reunion should be interesting.