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8 Feb

 I don’t understand how some people are inconsiderate in the workplace, Texas Toast was at it again today.

Texas Toast is the lady in the cubicle behind me who is so loud, makes it  a point once a day to make it known that she is a  Texas gal and obnoxious. She rolls into work around 10A each day and leaves around 4P and probably makes double what I make. She is on conference calls nonstop and always on speaker phone. And most of the time, she is sooooo loud and cussing….at work! Now, I cuss like a truck driver (when not at work and around those I am close with) however at work-um, no. That’s just unprofessional. Then after each call, she sighs so loudly like she has just finished hours of manual labor (oddly enough the sigh kinda sounds like Chewbacca!) Another annoying thing she does is ask “Do you have a quick second?” A second is a second. What kind of go-go-go world do you live in that you need it be quicker?

 Just not a way to start my Monday. I did try a new flavor Greek yogurt for breakfast-Apricot.Mango Greek Yogurt from TJ’s.

Verdict-Amazing. I figured this could either be really good or really bad. I added some frozen blueberries and flax and it made a filling breakfast

 Snack was a Bosc Pear (with a lovely backdrop of Uptown Charlotte)

And our email wasn’t working today…..which is fabulous. A wonderful way to start the wk! And this issue happened last wk so I don’t know whats going on. At least the Internet is working so that kept me occupied but it would be nice to be able to do business as usual.

I was looking through some pictures from college since I finally got my scanner up and running and am a little sad for a number of reasons

 *In almost every single picture, I am holding a beer or drink. Why did I pollute my body so much and how in the world did I consume all that liquor? Now if I have three or four drinks, I am done. Thank God I am safe and nothing too bad ever happened to me. I was also thinking of my “diet” back then and I had so much unhealthy food, I cringe thinking of it. Because a value meal from McDonalds goes perfectly a night of $2 beers! I wish I would have taken better care of myself and worked out more. I really let myself go the last two yrs. Grrrrrr. I know there is nothing I can do about it now but it still bothers me.

 * I wish I had the friends I did back them closer to me location wise. My friends are so spread out all over the place and maybe get to see some of them once a year but primarily keep in touch via email, text, facebook, etc. It’s hard to make those connections after college when people you work with or live near have such varied backgrounds. I lived in my sorority house for two years with girls and the other years lived in the dorm, an apartment with one of my dorm buddies and then my own apartment. Now I have neighbors who I believe are in the Russian mafia, one who doesn’t work but is on his patio drinking every time I am coming in or going out and I think the guy below me is a serial killer (he had a really big freezer delivered to him and never makes eye contact).

Then I had co-workers at Applebee’s who were different from me but never had any issues with anyone. The biggest one maybe the guy and girl who used to argue back and forth about who was the better artist–Widespread Panic or Snoop Dogg. And now I have co-workers who smell like bleu cheese and butt and others who don’t know how to socialize. Weird.

 *I remember my last year in college, I was so ready to get out into the real world and work, pay bills, etc. Now? Not so much! I would kill to roll out of bed, have breakfast ready for me and walk to class then come back and go to bed.

* I really need to get a game plan for my move this summer. When I moved to Phoenix, I didn’t have a job lined up but found one right away. When I moved to Charlotte, I transfered with my company. And DC is one of the areas I am looking into and it is just so big I don’t know where to start! Either that or I have just stopped believing in myself which is just sad and not like me 😦

Sigh, sorry for all this just sad and I feel stuck of where I am in life right now and very unhappy.

Lunch was the spaghetti squash I made the other night with faux meat sauce and it was fabu!


Dinner was a big salad—yet again! Including

Turkey pepperoni, kidney beans, onions, sprouts, tomato, balsamic vinegar and lite peppercorn dressing

And go me for actually giving myself a manicure!

I also had a baked potato topped with fat-free sour cream and avocado–my new favorite thing!

 I will need to stop myself from eating this everyday. It was so delicious–and I didn’t even add any salt.

What the rest of the night holds in store, no clue. I was going to work out with my kettlebell but I am still sore from running this weekend so will push tomorrow.

I am sure this will be part of my evening plans:


I wonder what the drama will be tonight?? And more important, is he going to send skankalicious Vienna home?