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Lady of Leisure

15 Feb

I heart sleeping in!!! I slept in until 8A today and had a relaxing morning. I made my coffee and watched the Today show.

I made oats with soy milk, banana, 1 tbsp of TJ’s Pumpkin Butter, flax and apple pie seasoning in my cool Chicago Bears bowl ūüôā

While watching the Today show, they had a segment asking different Olympians who their Vancouver Olympic crush is. I now know who mine is—-Ted Ligety—rawr!!

I¬†had nothing to do today. I could have¬†clean, do laundry, look up jobs in DC but none of that sounded fun. I ended up going to Walmart¬†to get half price V Day¬†stuff (Reece’s Pieces for $1.75, the Gods of Moderation will hopefully come to my side!)¬†and some bubble bath. After that, I ventured over to Salvation Army. I love thrifting and prefer Salvation over Goodwill since they have sales each day on different colored tags on their items.

I found these adorable salt and pepper shakers for $1!!

I got some cute hats for $.99 as well but no pics until I wash those!

It is rainy and cold out so I wanted something hot. I was coming home from Salvation and remembered that I have a free 12 inch sub at Harris Teeter due to me. While checking out, I ran into this:

Drama! I almost shelled out the 4 bones to buy this but decided not to. That girl is straight up trouble (and I wish she would dye her hair back to brown-blonde is not a good look on her) Then I was reading The Hollywood Gossip about this as well. I just love celebrity gossip! I cannot wait to watch this tonight!

Back to Harris Teeter…..

 I went with the meatball sub and got cut in two pieces. I usually have one half and put it in the oven and top with cheese for a hearty meal.

 And a big salad with broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers, snap peas, honey mustard and balsamic vinegar.

¬†Suffice to say, I can’t move now. Too much food.

I could totally get used to this not working gig. But only for a day or two, I think after that I would go crazy! Happy President’s Day!

waiting for kick off

7 Feb

I have a love.hate relationship with Sunday mornings. Love them on days like today, where I have nothing to do and am ok with that. Hate them when I have a ton of things to do yet nothing really opens until 11A. Another hate is that I have basic cable because tv on Sundays just sucks. I can watch GMA¬†until 10A¬†or so and then it is all religious stuff or politics (I choose the latter thank you). Most of the time, I end up popping¬† a DVD in or going to Pandora and have a ……

Dance parties are rampant here at mi casa. It gets me excited for the day, wakes me up and Lincoln partakes as well!

I was curious about the Thomas’ Whole Wheat Bagel Thins I bought the other day, so I toasted that¬†and topped with Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butter¬†and made an egg scramble with spinach, garlic and mushrooms.

The bagel thin was good…..just a slimmer version of the bagel without all the fluff but I liked it. And 6 grams of protein a serving-rock on. I wasn’t expecting that at all!

I did some laundry, dishes, cleaned my kitchen, figured out my scanner/printer (and now have pictures from way back online!), got my mail (in which I have two packages–I wonder what they are??!!) and walked to Trader Joe’s. I was craving a big salad for lunch and needed berries for my oatmeal and yogurt. I usually try to stay away from Trader Joe’s after 10A¬†on Sundays (I love that they open at 8A¬†since I am a morning person) because all the Stepford¬†wives and churchies go there. And the Stepford wives usually bring their 3+ kids and do not discipline them at all. It really grinds my gears!! I am spoiled though because Trader Joe’s is maybe¬†a three-minute walk from my place so when I move it will be a rude awakening for me!

The dressings for the salad

In the salad:

*Kidney beans


*Baby Spinach

*Shredded Cheese



*Banana Peppers


Holy yum! Exactly what I was craving. I also re-heat a piece of the pizza I made on Friday since it was the last piece. Salad + Pizza is always satisfying in my book!

¬†I plan on going to Ulta¬†this afternoon to get some goodies with the gift card I got for Christmas. I love Ulta¬†because you get a point for every dollar you spend and they take manufacturer’s coupons. For the SuperBowl festivities I am going to a bar to watch the game.¬† Be safe party people!

An Oh Em Gee kinda day

6 Feb

So far at least. Today has been wonderful thus far!

The first Oh Em Gee came with breakfast. I made rolled oats on the stove with Silk Soy Milk and smashed banana. When done, I threw in some Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butter and flax but also decided to try the oats with almond butter since I have read many do that.

OH EM GEE! Why have I not tried this before?? It was a party in my mouth ūüôā I used Trader Joe’s Almond Butter with Flax Seeds (which absolutely looked disgusting when I opened it up with a film of oil on top) and it was great! It is a new product of theirs so I decided to try it and will definitely use it again.

The second OH EM GEE occurred while working out. I am doing the Couch to 5K running program but haven’t been able to run this past week¬†due to rain and snow (I so want a ¬†treadmill!) I went on the Greenway today but no one was there because it was 40 degrees and drizzling out. Perfect weather to me though! The parking lot is usually packed but looked like this:

I ran/walked about 3.5 miles and ran more than I have in the past. I was really proud of myself for pushing myself while old me would have just gave up and walked when it hurt or got tough. I discovered a new trail though that has a steep incline and primarily walked up there but it was nice to see something new. I cannot wait to get my heart rate monitor and be able to see how far I am going for real and how my calories I am burning! OH EM GEE for pushing myself and going further and running longer than I have before!

Post Workout Snack was a Bosc pear

Afterwards, I went to Harris Teeter because they were having an awesome sale this weekend and I wanted to get my savings on. Bring on the third OH EM GEE of the day:

Morningstar Products for $2.99 each!!! I love this brand and they are usually $4.29

I love Morningstar because their products actually taste good, the sodium level is not through the roof and you can use their products in a number of ways (the Crumbles for instance I use in omelets, tacos, spaghetti sauce, etc.)

Cho-Cho-Cho-Cho-CHOBANI! Yes, I say it like 50 Cent when he says G-Unit ūüôā A new product I have never seen–Chobani¬†Champions (flavors are chocolate and honeynana). I don’t know they are trying to appeal to children of the 70’s (which I totally am because I lived 18 days in the 70’s) or kids but it roped me in! I haven’t found anything about it on their website though….hmmm

 I cannot wait to try!

A single serving or three of Edy’s Slow Churned Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream may have fallen into my cart (possibly because they were $.99 each)

Or Blue Bunny Aspen Frozen Yogurt Granola Bar—a¬†new product and again, intrigued! These will have to be a minor indulgence though, they are 150 calories each but 7 grams of Saturated Fat alone, eek!

These good deals worked up my appetite! I decided to make quesadillas¬†for lunch. I used my leftover brown rice, black beans, onion and jalape√Īo¬†mixture and mixed that with 1/4 cup of Mexican Cheese and spread on half of a burrito size tortilla.

This was the perfect size because it was just enough and didn’t use two tortillas which are 170 calories each.

I had them with Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Tortilla Chips and salsa mixed with light peppercorn dressing……

And the final OH EM GEE!

Let’s see what the rest of the day brings ūüôā

Let it snow

30 Jan

I had such a wonderful sleep last night and woke up to this—yay! First snow of the year, I am so excited!

It maybe snows once or twice a year here so when we do, it’s an excuse for me not to do anything¬†a big deal. I had to take Lincoln out and I was interested to see if he was going to like it.

Operation Snow 2010 a success! I tried to keep him out for as long as possible since I love the snow but was jonesing for some coffee and big weekend breakfast! I decided to make french toast with bananas and of course, coffee.

The toppings (with my favorite magnet¬†in the background hehe ūüôā )


I have never tried pumpkin butter atop french toast but knew it could not be a bad thing plus with syrup and banana? Yes please!

The final product


Delicious! I really have no clue what I am going to do today since the roads are bad here. I could clean (meh), set up my printer (meh but still a better option than cleaning), organize stuff to sell on ebay (cha chang) or just sit on my butt drinking coffee watching Turbo Dogs (yes a real show). I think I will do that for now.

On another note, whatever happened to Snow who rapped sang “Informer”?


SNOW GOT HOT!!!! That’s what’s up? When did that happen? Look at his swagger, hello. A licky¬†boom boom down indeed. YUM. Ok focus…..I always thought it would be cute if he met a girl rapper named Flake and then they had a baby girl and named her Snowflake and they would be a traveling rapping family. But screw Flake, Snow is hot now and YUM! Enough of that though…..

If you read my rant the other day, you will remember my issue with work. How I want to leave but they keep giving me raises (waaa¬†waaaa¬†I know poor me) But seriously, I found out yesterday I got yet another raise. A substantial one too. I just got one back in November, they must really not want me to leave.¬† But I do want to leave and move somewhere where my friends are so it’s a catch 22. Especially when unemployment is so high. Mo money, mo problems I tell you.