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Whipping it out

8 Jun

Coming back from being out of town sucks. It sucks normally but sucks even more when you only have three weeks left in your home. I’ve been trying to separate things to give to charity and pack the rest of my stuff up but it’s hard. I will look at a piece of clothing I haven’t worn in awhile and remember the day I bought it or first wore it and have a hard time parting from it. So my new rule is that if I haven’t worn it in the past year, it’s going to the thrift store (old college shirts don’t apply to this rule as one of these days I’m going to get a quilt made out of them)

Along with that comes going through my kitchen, trying to use as much as I can without throwing it out before moving day.

So until my lease runs out, I’m trying not to buy anything except for produce, milk and yogurt.  I bought a bunch of produce on Monday and it should be enough to get me through the week.

However, going through all the food in my cupboard sometimes leads to mundane meals such as breakfast on Tuesday.

I know you all haven’t seen a bowl of oats in a long time. Mostly because I find it so drab that I don’t feel the need to post the oats I eat since they never look magical. Besides, who wants to stare at pictures of oats? Actually, scratch that. This bowl was quite tasty and it was my first time adding chia seeds to oatmeal. I added it with the oats and water when it was in the microwave instead of soaking them in water like I normally do. Banana and agave nectar were the other add ins for a simple, filling breakfast.

I met up with friends for lunch at Savor Café on Tuesday afternoon. I’ve only been to Savor once before for lunch and was quite pleased so I was stoked to check it out again.  I love going out to eat and trying different places but don’t have many places I frequent all the time so when I find one I dig, I go with it.

Let’s talk weird/annoying stuff.

This table.

Ok, I don’t like posting pictures of strangers on the Internet b/c I wouldn’t want someone to do that of me. But this table was driving me bananas-they all sat down, whipped out their phones, looked at the menu, whipped out their phones, the guy in the black ordered a salad, got the salad and yep, you guessed it, whipped out his phone while eating the salad!! I could not stop staring at them because what is the point of going out with others if you’re going to be staring at your phone the entire time? I will break out my phone when I’m with others but not the entire time or even a majority unless someone is going to be meeting us and I need my phone or  am expecting a call/text/email that I need to take.

I’ve even had friends who would text me when we were out….right across the table from each other. For real? Drives me bananas. I know I would not do well without my cell phone but sometimes I need a break from it and turn it out. I don’t like being connected all the time. Don’t even get me started on when a guy pulls out his cell phone on a date…..

I finally peeled my eyes off of the iPhone table and saw that my friend had a gift for Linky!

He is going to be bling blinging all over Charlotte! Bitches will definitely be up on his sack….if he had one.

I ordered the Farmers Market sandwich

I love that they allow you to order any side item you want with a sandwich. They have the standard fries, cold slaw, pasta salad, fruit and side salad and they also have a casserole of the day. The one for Tuesday was cauliflower casserole which sounded delicious but I wasn’t in the mood for anything too heavy. The side salad is the perfect portion and it’s loaded with toppings. Hooray for garbanzo beans!

The salad was good but the sandwich? HEAVENLY! I can’t remember the last time I ordered a tomato/mozzarella/basil concoction. Maybe because I don’t think I ever have? It just never appealed to me but it was so hot out and sounded fresh, light and zesty. The combination along with the balsamic vinegar hit the spot but the superstar of the sandwich was the bread. Look at how fluffy it is! And the grated cheese, good lord, the grated cheese.

We went to Central Coffee afterwards and chatted outside. In the shade and with an iced coffee in hand, it wasn’t too bad out but I can tell this summer is going to be a scorcher.

Lincoln was feeling a little neglected when I got home

But neglect soon turned into love when I whipped out part of my friends leftover turkey burger she gave me to give to Lincoln

Where do you stand on the cell phone issue?

Whipping the phone out at the dinner table or out with friends: Yay or nay?

On the agenda for today

8 Jun

Today started out just fine: I finished The Girl Who Played With Fire last night and fell asleep right after, the sun was shining and just woke up in a good mood.

I took Lincoln out and came back in to make breakfast and coffee. When that was finishing up I grabbed my planner to see what was on the agenda for today. I tend to fill things in a few days in advance and make revisions to what I need to get done as needed.

But then something caught my eye while scanning when needs to get done today.

Hold up, did I really plan to GTL and write it down?

Why yes I did


Today should be an interesting one. I ‘ve been curious about the Bump-It, so maybe this is a sign that I should purchase one? Not to Snooki extremes of course but I think I could rock a little bump.


Off to get my guidette on!

Do you watch Jersey Shore? I’ve never seen it and am very adamant about going through life without watching it.