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Let Them Eat Carbs

27 Jun

I love double posting days!! I lasted at the pool for two hours this afternoon. I was sweating bullets after I hopped in the pool a few times and even had a little sweat rag to help me out a little. I really need one of those fans that mist water on you and then I will be all set.

I got back to the dogs and made chicken tacos with red peppers, onion and avocado for lunch topped with T Marzetti’s Light Ancho Chipotle Ranch (I am sure you are sick of seeing this but I am going through all of my food and still have half a bottle left!)

Scrumptious. Avocado, you never fail me. I was soon on my way to hit up some different stores in search of clothes for NYC this wk. I went to Kohls and got a cute top for $30, umm, yeah that’s expensive in my book. I used to love their stuff but lately find it a little meh. I was in a different area of town and saw a Ross and quickly turned that way to see what goodies I can find. I got two dresses, two tops and a new workout DVD all for $40! I love you Ross.

But the big event of the day was next. The big event that has been four years in the making:

YES!!!!! I haven’t been to Ikea since I lived in Tempe and we had one right near my apartment. We got Ikea this past year but it’s on a completely different side of town for me and I heard it is a crazy house there. I recruited one of my co-workers to meet up with me there since she has a truck and with list in hand, we got to shopping!

I ended up getting a bed frame, tv stand, kitchen cart, two rugs and some other random goodies

All of this came to $100 under my budget for Ikea so I was loving that. I was expecting to be absolute madness on a Sunday afternoon . It was crowded but nothing over the top and we got out of there within an hour and a half, not bad at all.

Dinner came next and I was at a loss as to what to make. I am loving this whole “Let’s eat everything in the fridge and freezer” but I don’t have anything that’s calling out to me “Eat me!!”

I noshed on the last of my Tribe 40 Spice Hummus with Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil Triscuits

And I present, a most random meal: Pierogies, baked sweet potato and zucchini

This wasn’t anything too spectacular. The sweet potato was too crisp and the zucchini too mushy. I normally cook my zucchini on the stove top and will be sticking to that routine from here on out. The pierogies were good but I usually make sautéed onions and mushrooms and a side of plain greek yogurt with them so it was a tad bland.

Random thought of the day: How does David Caruso have a job? I am watching CSI Miami right now (purely because I don’t have a remote control and am being lazy) and this is just horrible. Is his acting supposed to be a joke? Please someone fill me in because this makes me believe I can obviously become an actor or a big Hollywood agent, who helped him get this role.

Hope everyone is gearing up for a great week! It’s quarter end for me which means the next three days will be dead at work but then things pick up on the first of the month (wake up wake up wake up) but who will be off on the the first of the month? Moi. I need a day before going on vacation to get things in order, get last minute shopping done, lounge by the pool, get my nails and my brows did and sadly, take Lincoln to the boarding place he is staying. Also, there is a Charlotte blogger meetup in the works for this Wednesday so that is super exciting to look forward to b/c that will be my first blogger meetup and then when I go to NYC I am meeting up with the lovely Mo and Mari–can’t wait!


24 Jun

I just wasn’t feeling the coffee this morning but craving something cold with this crazy, hot weather and opted for a Mango Green Monster. Look at how green it was! This was one of the best ever! I made with baby spinach, Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt, Frozen Mango’s, flax-seed and one packet of Splenda

I had a diet coke on the bus so got some caffeine in my system but this green monster? Yum.

We had a Just Fresh open today and they were offering free coffee for a month to the first 100 customers. I completely forgot about this but one of my coworkers who doesn’t drink coffee went and got a breakfast pastry and had the coupon. He asked if I wanted it and I responded with “Is the pope Catholic?” Free coffee for a month?!? That’s like a dream come true! I fear that I will become like Kramer on Seinfeld when he gets free coffee for a lifetime and starts getting all jittery, has the shakes, etc.

Beautiful. I will be there every day instead of Starbucks now. I have no loyalty whatsoever when it comes to free stuff.

My coffee buddy came in late and I told him about the free coffee deal but by at that point they stopped giving out the free cards. I lent him mine to go get some free coffee since I am nice like that. He came back to my desk sans card. I asked him where it was and he just shrugged his shoulders. I had a knife at my desk for cutting my fruit (I’m all about the love) and pulled it out and was like “I don’t mess around when it comes to free or coffee, give it up!” and then I continued to recite lines from the Princess Bride such as “My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!” accent and all and he looked at me like I was from outer space.

“Hello? Princess Bride?” and again, he shrugged his shoulders and said “Never seen it” What? How has someone never seen that movie? It’s a cult classic and personally, I’ve probably seen it over 50 times since I used to love it so as a kid. He then told me he has never see Forrest Gump, Star Wars, Shawshank Redemption, etc. I haven’t seen the latter two of the three so I can relate there.

For breakfast, I kept it simple: Half of a sweet potato and egg whites with a packet of ketchup

For lunch, I had leftover Chicken Fried Rice.

A fresh, sliced peach. I love how it looks all psychedelic with the swirls.

I walked to Reid’s in the afternoon despite it being 93 degrees out. When I am out for a good deal, nothing stands in my way. I am all about the saying “Neither rain, nor sleet nor snow….will keep me from a sale!” I ended up getting goodies there, they are closing this Saturday and the entire store is still 40% off. All of this for $15!

Goya Recaito Cilantro Sauce—I cannot wait to cook with this!

Grandma Gibble’s Old Fashioned Homestyle Popcorn

A variety of Hearth Strings Foods granola bars—Blueberry Muffin, Gingersnap Cookie, Cherry Vanilla

Baby spinach and bananas

A Coconut Crème cupcake

I wanted to dive right into this beauty of yummy, sugary goodness but was good and only had half 🙂

After work, it was time for RiverJam @ the National Whitewater Center. During the summer, the center has a free concert series every Thursday and Saturday night. It’s a beautiful venue with great live music, dog friendly and beautiful sights

They have the River’s Edge Bar and Grill and we got a table right in the sun, which was killer, but thankfully had an umbrella-ella-ella so that helped a bit. But when it is 7P on a summer night in North Carolina, it doesn’t help that much! We kept fanning ourselves off and waiting for the sun to go down. There was a funk band playing but we were there for a little over two hours but they may have played four or five songs. It seemed like they were taking a break more than they were playing.

Blue Moon made a much-needed appearance (not only because I had a rough day at work but because it’s summertime!)

Appetizer of fried pickles with ranch dipping sauce

It did not disappoint, as fried pickles usually don’t. I never tried fried pickles until I moved to NC and wish I would have never tried them because they are slices of heaven

I had the Apple Walnut Chicken Salad –Marinated grilled chicken atop spring mix with apples, crumbled bleu cheese and candied walnuts with Balsamic Vinegarette

Fantastic salad! It was very refreshing and the candied walnuts added a nice sweet touch to contrast the apples. And I am all for any kind of crumbled cheese! I was looking at the hummus plate but needed something cool and refreshing and this hit the spot!

Seriously, why has Lincoln been glaring at me lately? Dislike.

I’m curious now—what’s a popular movie that everyone has seen but you haven’t?

 I’ll be announcing the winner of my giveaway in tomorrow’s post, you still got a few more hours to enter if you haven’t!

Spice girl

3 Jun

I am totally loving the sweet potato and egg white combination. I added some ketchup to mine this morning and it kept me full but sadly did not wake me up.

I have a small cup of coffee while getting ready in the morning and hit up Starbucks when I get to work but this morning I didn’t feel like coffee. Which made me sad. Who am I without coffee? Tiffany and coffee is just synonymous. Sigh. Well, I didn’t feel like coffee and didn’t feel soda and I’m not a tea person. I ventured to Starbucks in hopes of something would catch my eye. While waiting in line, I noticed this man waiting for his drink (edit-very very very cute man) and he looked familiar. It was a guy who worked on my floor three years ago but I haven’t seemed since. He bulked up a lot and looks fine now. He saw me and did a double take and came over and was like “Tiffany?” He hadn’t seen me since I lost all my weight and he kept telling me how great I looked and he couldn’t believe that was me. Screw coffee—that perked me up!

I ended up getting a tall Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte though which is good for me since I usually get a Grande or Venti coffee.

This morning wasn’t slow at all-hectic to say the least and I just didn’t feel like myself. I felt like I was coming down with something due to the lack of caffeine and stress. I took 20 minutes to go to the library and look what they had!

One of my favorite (and most cheesy) movies of all time-CenterStage. My sorority sisters and I used to watch this in the sorority house all the time and I can pretty much recite the movie by heart. “I am the best goddamn dancer at the American Ballet Academy! Who the hell are you? NOBODY!!!”

I also picked up a book for some poolside reading this wknd

I went to Chick Fil A since I had a coupon to try their new Spicy Chicken Sandwich which they officially start servicing on Monday June 14th. I also had a free drink coupon so I got a large Coke Zero and lunch was free! There should be more free lunches in this world. Ironically enough, the only thing I remember from HS economics is TINSTAFL-There Is No Such Thing As a Free Lunch. Our teacher had that acronym on the board permanently so it kinda stuck in my head. I got a side of their Buffalo Sauce b/c I like it super spicy.

Behold, the sandwich.

With the sauce

My opinion? Loved it. It was a smoky/spicy flavor and with the Buffalo Sauce, it was very spicy and the spice didn’t hit automatically but by the time I was done, I was reaching for the water

This afternoon was uneventful, I caught up on some celebrity gossip and cleaned out my email deleted items, fun I know. When I got home, I was in major need of some snackage since dinner wouldn’t be until 7P

I chose Foods Alive Mexican Harvest Flax Crackers and Newton’s Folly Draft Cider

 Soon after, I met up with some friends at Thai Taste. Thai Taste is by far the best Thai place I’ve been to here and I ordered my standby of Tofu Pad Thai. They never asked me before what level of spice that I like  before but did tonight and after my spicy lunch, I was feeling confident about the spice so I went for Level 4 (out of 5, 5 being the hottest).

Look how orange it is! It was very spicy and absolutely terrific. Can I eat pad thai every day??

Daily dosage of  Stinky Linky, I see a bath in his future.

Night all—-we’re almost there–one more day!!

Cold weather runner

2 May

Happy Sunday all! Ok….not so happy, I tried but still despise this day. I feel like this day would never end and got a lot done though so clicks to that. 

I took Lincoln out this morning and of course when I have no bra on and am wearing my glasses, run into a hot new neighbor who also has a dog. I am talking like Channing Tatum hot. 


Which I really never thought he was that hot but now looking at him, yeah he’s pretty hot (That’s for you Neyal). We ended up talking for a few minutes while our dogs played and bid our goodbyes. 

I made a big Sunday breakfast with an egg and eggwhite omelet topped with avocado and ketchup with a side of turkey bacon and an english muffin with Trader Joe’s Superfruit Spread and coffee in my favorite mug. 





I went to the pool for a few hours and had the place to myself. I got some reading done and listened to my iPod. With it being 85 degrees out, I thought more people would be there but I thought wrong. 


When I got back in I was famished and ready to chow. I made a BIG Salad because it’s National Salad Month

Seriously, isn’t this salad gorg? It has spinach, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, tomato, feta and carrots topped with T Marzetti’s Honey Balsamic 



I also had the last two pieces from the pizza I made last night. I reheated in the oven so it wouldn’t get soggy and it smelled like pizzeria pizza by the time it was done. 


After that, I ventured out to go shopping. I went to Ross and got a cute skirt, tank top, underwear and cutting boards. I love how ghetto fabulous Ross has become and actually prefer it over Marshalls or TJ Maxx. I think those two have become more expensive in the past few years and the only reason I go to those stores is to save money so it kinda defeats the purpose. 

Then I went to Old Navy where the entire store (yes including clearance items) was 30% off and got a number of things–gaucho pants, a skirt, numerous tank tops, earrings and a necklace all for $60. And all within my budget too! 

By the time I got home, the clouds were starting to set it and it was around 4P…..my least favorite part of Sunday. I struggle with Sunday afternoons because I want to do nothing but don’t want to nap. I popped in a Netflix movie I have—The Invention of Lying. 


I fell asleep mid way through the movie because it was so bad so that sucks. I woke up right at the end and yeah, still sucked. I so need to revamp my Netflix queue. 

Soon enough it was dinner time and I had something new….an orange meal. I’ve had a green meal before but never one of Oompa Loompa standards. 

I baked chicken wings then tossed in wing sauce with a sweet potato on the side along with a shredded carrot and cilantro salad. 



Random meal but delicious! Maybe I should start doing themes of colors for my meals? 

Then I decided to go out for a run because I had nothing better to do. I really didn’t want to go because it was still hot and muggy out but I figured why not?  I hydrated before I left and ended up only doing 1.75 miles. I started running in cold weather and like it that way, I am not digging running in hot weather at all. I was sweating like a whore in church, felt like I was going to pass out and just wasn’t feeling it. But then again, at least I was out there doing something but just disappointed I couldn’t push myself anymore because of how crappy I felt. I love running in cold weather, love the chill in the air, how the cold air enters my lungs but this hot stuff I cannot do. 

 How can I enjoy it more—wear lightweight clothes, hydrate more, etc? Any tips would be appreciated! 

And I am not a pretty sweater by any means–I turn insanely red, am completely drenched and just nasty. 


 I put together my goals for the month of May (evaluation of April goals to come soon!) 

*Keep on running  

*Think outside the running box in regards to workouts and mix it up with other things (kettlebell, yoga, etc.) 

*Be more aware of my sugar intake . There’s no Recommended Daily Allowance of sugar that I could find but the Department of Agriculture (USDA) advises adults who eat a 2,000-calorie diet to limit consumption of sugar to about 40 grams (10 teaspoons) so I will follow those guidelines. 

*Track my food and exercise on a daily basis 

So that’s it, I will rock these.

Oh–click here to win some Justin’s Nut Butter! And has anyone seen Justin? He’s pretty damn hot.

Hope everyone is having a terrific evening!