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Goals, Tacos and Goodies

4 May

April Goal Evaluation

*Track my food every day online along with tracking my activity for the day. Result? 20 days out of 30. I was on vacation for five days just slacked the other ten.

*Work out at least 4 times a week (I will schedule what my workouts will be in advance so I can’t cancel out because I don’t want to). Result? Slacked on this big time, I averaged three workouts a wk and did not like having planned workouts at all. I’m more of a free spirit so I will not be planning out in the future but will be thinking about what I would like to do and when I can do it

*When I get a craving at night or on the weekend, I will give at least 20 minutes to think about the craving and if it’s something I really want. Result? Success! If I was wanting something salty or sweet, I would talk a walk with Lincoln, drink water or pop a Werther’s Original in my mouth

*Sign up for another 5K ! Result? Success–signed up to the do the Great Harvest Bread 5K on May 22nd

*Keep a positive attitude at work. Result? Success! As much as I complained on here, I tried to keep positive at work and did a great job. I think I only cried a few times at work the entire month (which is great seeing I used to cry every day there!)

All in all, I think April was a pretty good month but I definitely need to stay on the ball with tracking my food and working out. I did my measurements this morning and here are those results:

Lost 2 lbs
1” lost in bust
2” lost in waist
.5” lost in hips
1” lost in thighs

Another sleepless night. I really need to cut down on my caffeine intake but that is going to a major adjustment for me so I will have to bring it down slowly. Do I really need three cups of coffee a day? No. Do I want it? Yes. But then again, I would like to sleep for over six hours just one evening so a cutting I will do!

For breakfast I had half a container of Trader Joe’s Apricot-Mango Greek Yogurt, frozen blueberries, Trader Joe’s Blueberry Flax and Coconut Granola.

Along with a Venti Iced Coffee with skim milk and two splendas

And Starbucks is having a Frappuccino Happy Hour May 7-16th?? What What!!!


I haven’t had a Frappuccino in forever but I think it will be a sweet treat and an afternoon pick me up.

I wasn’t too busy this morning so caught up on my news and saw this story.How could someone go on a stabbing spree at Target? Target is absolutely one of the happiest places in the world (especially since they merged with Starbucks) and I can’t imagine anyone that deranged to do that there. Maybe because when you go into Target for aluminum foil and come out $150 later with clearance clothes, accessories and makeup …which always seems to happen to me. But still, I am not that crazed enough stabbing innocent people. Oh society, what happened?

I went to the hippies today and got some awesome deals—-organic spring mix, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, apple, okra, potatoes and peppers.

All for under 10 bones too. Love the hippies 🙂

And look at this pepper-it is so beautiful and fresh I don’t want to eat it. But will……

Lunch was leftover lasagna.

I am a fan of any meal that I can freeze a month ago and then take it out, pop it in the microwave for five minutes and voila-a filling and tasty lunch!

I went to the library to get some reads because nothing is intriguing me these days. This book looked interesting-Holly’s Inbox

From Publishers Weekly
Holly Denham, the lead of this epistolary novel (and yes, the name of the author), is an overwhelmed receptionist at a major British bank. The reader’s access to Holly’s frantic life is via her e-mail inbox—the entirety of the novel, in fact, is e-mail messages sent by, among others, her gay best friend (a chick lit necessity), her brassy co-workers (another requirement), her meddling mother (check, again) and, of course, her would-be paramour (ditto). The plot runs along very traditional lines, and in the end overreaches for a happy ending, but this overlong novel’s saving graces are its fast pacing and very funny writing. Some of the best exchanges are between Holly and her grandmother, who sends e-mails that just read TESTING and signs her up for annoyingly spammy Web services. Despite the limitations inherent in an e-epistolary novel, the book is populated by vibrant, endearing characters, and Denham manages to juggle a dozen story lines at once. The ending’s contrived, but feel-good, which, in these gloomy times, might be enough to do the trick. (June)

Should be a good read!

And look how thick it is (that’s what she said)

 This shall keep me occupied for awhile…well until I get My Fair Lazy  (and the parental are in town this wknd so I think I will make them buy it for me lol)

I saw Scott Stapp lookalike a little before I left work and  he said “Hi”. We like that!! And I smiled and batted my eyelashes and said “Hey”. And I didn’t shimmy! Finally, I didn’t look like a herb in front of him. But maybe he is wondering why I didn’t shimmy and that I am not longer attracted to him. Anywho, I realized that he always does the no teeth smile so I really don’t know what his dental situation is. I think he has nice teeth but let’s just hope he is not like


I had a surprise for me when I got home…….my package o’ goodies I won over at Savor and Stretch!

Jenna hosted an awesome contest for a whole bunch of stuff including:

Thank you Jenna for the wonderful package—I can’t wait to try all these goodies!!! 🙂

I wanted to use my produce right away and had frozen tuna defrosting in the fridge today and decided on Fish Tacos for dinner.

I cut into little pieces and let marinate in lemon juice for 20 minutes

I cut up the tomato, peppers and onion. Does anyone else find chopping therapeutic? I think it helps me  de-stress.

T is for Tiffany

I warmed up a tbsp of butter and then threw the tuna on the stovetop along with some garlic at the end.

The toppings

While the tuna was warming up, I threw some cilantro, jalapenos and lemon juice in the food processor to top the tacos with


Fabulosity. I love the zing of the cilantro and jalapeno and of course, the freshness of the meal. I even had some tuna leftover to use for my lunch tomorrow!

I hung out with Lincoln then watched some tv and decided to get out for a run/walk. I covered almost 4 miles and had a pretty decent calorie burn…about 700 cals altogether (this picture is just on the way back since I took a water break at the pavilion)

I just wasn’t feeling it and really had to push myself. Again, the lungs were just not wanting to have me run so I walked a fair amount. I had a big water bottle with me and kept trying to hydrate but just not diggin the warm weather running so this may be a little issue since it’s going to be warm out for the next six months. Hmmmm.

My legs were jello my the time I got home and in excruciating pain. What could make me feel better? A green monster!! I made mine with Chocolate Almond Milk, Spinach, Vanilla Protein Powder and 2 tbsp Crazy Richards Creamy Peanut Butter.

I need to pass out soon. Hope everyone had a great Tuesday  🙂

I leave you with Lincoln Love

Whole Lotta Catching Up To do!

28 Mar

Hi all-I have been totally MIA for the past few days due to A) it being gorgeous outside and B) too much to do so this is the catch up posts of all catch up posts. But I do have lots of pictures of food so redeeming myself there!

Starting off with Friday, I had the greenest green monster I have ever had!

I got to work and was covering my desk + another person’s so needed a Starbucks stat……and I went venti this time which I never really do anymore.

Since I am a nice co-worker (and don’t want my butt to get any bigger) I brought in Dove chocolates and set them in the break room

I went back into the break room five minutes later to make my breakfast and they were gone. The people live their Dove!

I made a bowl of Chobani blueberry greek yogurt, sliced peaches, unsweeted coconut and flax—it was delicious!

The morning went smoothly without too many issues

Lunch was Annie’s Shells and Cheese with broccoli florets

And then the craziness started and lasted all afternoon. I did pack along a salad to have along with the shells but didn’t have a minute to get over to the break room to prep it. Nothing too horrible but just a lot going on and was happy when 5 o’clock hit!

I was riding along on the bus home and you could hear my stomach growling and the salad was just sitting next to me so I broke it out. I want to apologize to other bus riders who had to smell my salad with tuna salad and vinegar. But there were only four other people on the bus and I was starving!!!

I took Lincoln for a long walk and by the time we got back, I was mentally wiped clean. I couldn’t think after the craziness that occured at work and wanted something easy for dinner so I fried up some frozen pierogies and grilled mushrooms and onions on the side.

Oh pierogies, I will never quit you

I settled down and finally got a chance to watch this past wk’s episode of Lost which was all about Richard.

I soon had someone watching me

What an episode!! I may have to watch it again today because it answered so many questions.

Lincoln started inching himself towards me so he could beg for food

Ha, he looks drunk here

I was in bed by 1030 on Friday night because I am lame but I did get a nice eight and a half hours of sleep which is unheard of for me!

I tried out my Sticky Bun Coffee I got on sale at Bi-Lo on Saturday morning

And we all know about BFD but what about DFB? I feasted on mashed potatoes with avocado and greek yogurt for breakfast

I was tempted to add some garlic, salsa and lime juice to make guacamole potatoes because it just sounds magical.

Lincoln was due for a check up and we spent a half hour at the vet getting his shots so he can be a healthy boy!

I came home to a nice surprise—my Crazy Richard’s peanut butter I won from

I had to break into this right away because…..well….no specific reason other than I just wanted to!

I made a Morningstar Chicken Pattie with Frank’s Red Hot topped with cheese on a Thomas Whole Wheat Bagel Thin and tomato with a sliced banana topped with Crazy Richard’s Creamy Peanut Butter.

 The verdict? AMAZING! It was super creamy which I am a total fan of and not too thick (I am just starting to like peanut butter again because it’s thickness turned me off). I will definitely start using this kind and can’t wait to try the chunky)

Lincoln wasn’t feeling so hot due to his shots so he sat with me while I caught up on some reading

Soon after, I decided to take on the mall since JCP was having a great sale. I don’t like going to the mall because it just seems like madness each time I go and too many people. If I do ever go, it’s right when it opens in the morning and I go in and get out stat. I got two tops at JCP then went to Steinmart and got two more tops(those are for work though so nothing too saucy).

WVU was playing at 7 so I got on my gear and headed to a bar a few blocks away from my place to watch. It was $2 Corona’s and yeah, pretty much stayed with those all night. I was alone so just sat and the bar and needed nourishment. Confession…..I absolutely love bar food. I know I shouldn’t but I do and could eat it every day if I could.

I got a cheeseburger with french fried potato chips

So I know it doesn’t look like much but this was one of the BEST cheeseburgers I’ve ever had. I can’t describe why, it was just amazing. I stayed there the rest of the night, made new friends and watched WVU beat Kentucky to move onto the Final Four!!!

What has two thumbs and a sister who lives in Indianapolis? THIS GIRL!

Pending I can get Friday or Monday off of work, I will be making a beautiful nine hour drive to Indianapolis next wknd. I really don’t want to drive but refuse to pay $500+ for a plane ticket. I don’t have tickets but think it would be fun to hang there with all the basketball madness going on. Plus my sister went to Butler so a little bit of a rivalry there which makes it even more fun!

Anyways, after too many Corona’s I made it home and once again, famished. I made nachos, which is just fabulous drunk food. But I wasn’t too drunk that I couldn’t take a picture 🙂 They had Morningstar veggie crumbles, cheese, avocado, jalapenos with greek yogurt and salsa on the side.

And I devoured every last bit!

This morning I was looking forward to a big breakfest….well, a super huge hungover big breakfast: scrambles eggs with mushrooms, cheese and avocado and a Thomas Whole Wheat Bagel Thin with TJ’s Superfruit Spread

Nom Nom

It’s supposed to be absolutely miserable out today which I am excited about because

*I’m hungover and don’t want to move

*Have blogs to catch up

*Need to cook lunch meals for this wk

*Have Netflix movies to catch up on:


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