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Damn you potatoes

30 Mar

Hello all-Happy Tuesday! Another gorgeous spring day in Charlotte, if it could only stay this way forever!

I started my day with an Iced Coffee Green Monster

I got to work and automatically went to the Bucks. I yet again, got a Venti Iced Coffee with soymilk and three splenda’s. I can clearly see this being an addiction. Dunkin Donuts has my favorite iced coffee —Coconut Iced Coffee but the two locations within walking distance of work are closed-boo!

Don’t mind my produce for the day in the shot, it gives it some color!

I had half a container of Chobani Strawberry Greek yogurt with sliced peaches and Fiber One Cereal .This stuff is so good and it has 14 gr of fiber per half cup and only 60 calories!


I don’t think I could eat it with milk alone but add some fruit and yogurt and I would be set!!

Speaking of getting your fiber on, click here to win a bottle of Tropical Traditions Coconut Cream Concentrate!


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I had a Big Salad….it’s a salad only bigger.

With Baby spinach, black beans, tomato, cucumbers, shredded cheese and Chick Fil A Fat Free Honey Mustard

All of this for under 300 calories—yumm yummy yumm

I took a 25 minute walk so I could get outside and enjoy the sun

I came back and sipped on some hot chocolate since it was freezing at work

By 3P I needed my second lunch which was baked tofu and broccoli slaw marinated in soy. I wasn’t too keen on this the other night because it didn’t fill me up and I sprinkled a tad too much sriracha on it. Paired the salad a few hours before it held me over.


For dinner, I had a half a pork chop and roasted potatoes

Why such a small dinner you ask?

 Because of these—JAY’S POTATO CHIPS!!!!!

Jay’s takes me back to my childhood in Indiana. I didn’t even know they made them still but my sister sent me an Easter care package (even though I will be seeing her this wknd!) I made the mistake of opening the bag and then I couldn’t stop. Damn you Jay’s and damn you potatoes.

 Other goodies include:

Old Navy Tops

Tommy Hilger pajama pants

Gossip magazines

Mucho chocolate–including Fannie May Trinidad’s and Pixie’s 🙂 And Coconut M&M’s which I have heard about but never seen before!

*Note, I will NOT be giving this stuff away!

A Raw Indulgence Revolution Bar (again something I’ve never seen) anyone know anything about these??

Thanks sis!!

Does anyone want to see a Levi Johnston reality show? Yeah, me either. Dude, you seem like a tool. A hot tool but tool nonetheless

I cannot wait to get my Lost on tonight!! Am I a dork for wanting these figurines??

Actually, please don’t answer that!

I don’t want to be a spooner

11 Mar

So…..I may have taken another day off from work. I may not be physically sick but was in total need of mental health days and I feel better. I would love to be a lady of leisure but think I would go crazy after a week with it being just me and Lincoln. Back to work tomorrow though and then the wknd–yay!!

I completely forgot that I had these in my pantry! I bought them about a couple months ago when @ Trader Joe’s when I saw it on the new items rack. I took them out, may have had a few and even took a picture with good intentions but while my oats were cooking just wasn’t feeling it.

I went with a banana, unsweetened coconut, flax and almond butter instead.

Suffice to say, I wasn’t disappointed with the outcome 🙂

 I had a random but filling lunch–3 Chicken Strips from Chick Fil A . Thanks to the free coupon for March in their calendar-does anyone else get this each year? It’s such a good deal and I get it every year from my parents for Christmas.

Salad with baby spinach, mushrooms, tomato and T Marzetti Light Balsamic

And a side of avocado—I love just slicing it and eating it as is.

I went for a short 1.5 mile run on the greenway. I wanted to go some more but didn’t want to hurt or strain anything two days before the 5K because with my luck, I would hurt something. Greenway during the week is so peaceful, I maybe saw six other people on there.

I made a green monster with soy milk, baby spinach and chocolate whey afterwards and it turned out a tad chunky for my liking and for the first time, had to use a spoon with it.

Pretty interesting since Monica from Run Eat Repeat posted an entry  today asking if you use a straw or spoon with regards to smoothie consumption today.Mhy thoughts on spooning? I didn’t like this at all and now know, I am a straw girl at heart.

I caught up on some reading and munched on Kettle Brand  Sea Salt and Vinegar Chips (I could eat these every day)

Then Lincoln and I got comfy to watch Oprah. I cannot stand Oprah but Michael Pollan was on and talking about Food Inc. and I wanted to catch it!

If you would like your own copy of Food, Inc. for super cheap click here–Amazon.com is offering it for $9.99 until 11:59P on March 17th along with a downloadable version once you purchase the DVD.

The little ball of love

He clearly did not want to be bothered.

For dinner, I made Trader Joe’s Mandarin Orange Chicken. I LOVE this stuff!!! It is so easy and flavorful but haven’t had it in a while so decided it was time to bring it back!

 I am not a huge rice person so instead I serve over a bed of veggies and have to eat with chopsticks. When something is super yummy to me, I always use chop sticks to slow myself down. If not, I will down it within seconds.

Veggies cooking with ginger, red pepper flakes, black pepper, low sodium soy sauce and Sriracha

I scooped 1.5 cups (liberal with the orange sauce because it is liquid crack) over the veggies and voila!

Hope everyone is having a lovely evening!

The day that would not end

6 Mar

It’s 10P as I type this and I feel like it should be midnight. Such a long day filled with lots of running around!

If anyone out there likes Panda Express, they are giving away FREE Honey Walnut Shrimp on Wednesday 3.10, click here for the coupon—no purchase necessary! I normally don’t go there but a little greasy Chinese food is just what a girl wants and needs sometimes.

Bowling was a bust last night. There was a 13 yr old beating me and when it was my turn to go up and I was swinging my arm back, I accidentally released the ball backwards. Thank God it didn’t hit anyone or damage anything! Needless to say, it was a bit embarrassing!

I slept in until 9A, which is super late for me. I wake up early during the work wk and try to wake up no later than two hours after my normal wake up time during the wknd.

I made coffee and a big wknd breakfast.

I don’t what I envisioned in my head but this turned out to be half a baked potato,Morningstar Italian Veggie Sausage, scrambled egg and egg white, cheese, onion, parsley topped with Sriracha and ketchup with an english muffin topped with Trader Joe’s superfruit spread.

And the errands came to a start!

First stop was Petsmart to get Lincoln a new dog tag

I love the varsity letter print—it’s so cute!! They had an adoption fair going on for the dogs and I almost walked over to check them out but didn’t want a repeat of this

Then I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods to get some new running shoes

How hot our these?? Nike Air Max Run Lite


I hit up the supermarket after to get some stuff for two new recipes I am trying out tomorrow!

Black bean quesadillas were for lunch

The filling (Black beans, cheese, onion, parsley and jalapeno)


Made on my favorite–Trader Joe’s Habanero Lime Tortillas with a side of greek yogurt and salsa.

a fresh yellow apple on the side

I love being able to take my time and my meals during the wknd instead of having to heat leftovers at the office. One of these days when I win the lottery that will all change!

Still haven’t gotten enough from all the giveaways I listed the other day? Go to Kate’s site for a chance to win some chia seeds!

It was 60 degrees and sunny today so I went on the greenway near my place and ran/walk for an hour (about 3.5 miles)

Conclusions to while running

*I don’t like running in hot weather or when it’s sunny out

* I don’t mind running when it’s overcast and grey but feel like I run better when I run at night

*I do better when I run, sing and throw gangsigns simultaneously

*I hate running on the greenway for the following reasons

  1. Too many kids
  2. Too many families taking up the entire pathway who then stop on said pathway to look at a duck
  3. Some people don’t understand the phrase “Coming up behind you”
  4. I listen to rap when I run…..and explicit. I sing along and some people just don’t like when I sing along to Eminem’s “Shake That” ex. “Said he wants a slut, hope you don’t mind. Heard you was freaky from a friend of mine”

I really want to run but my body didn’t want to. I wasn’t hungover from last night since I only had two beers but really had to push myself and could only do a few minutes at a time then walk and then repeat.

I came home and made this beauty

Best Green Monster EVA!!!!! I made it with the following

*Dallop of greek yogurt

*Silk Soymilk

*Chocolate Whey

*Frozen banana

*Almond Butter

*Baby Spinach

I think it was the combination of almond butter, banana and greek yogurt but this was the most wonderful one I have met yet. So rich and creamy!

I limped over to the bubble bath and soaked for a good while. I was in soooo much pain! I whimpered and read my book and was so relaxed. So relaxed when I got out, I was watching tv and crashed for two hours.  I love having nothing to do sometimes!

My legs were hurting so bad that I was going to make dinner but decided to take out so I wouldn’t have to stand and cook so I drove to Harris Teeter for yummies. I drove along the route that I ran the other night and was amazed that I actually ran that. I kept thinking to myself , “Wow, I am awesome” ala Ron Burgundy

And yes, I am a big deal 🙂

I decided on a salad from their wonderful salad bar

And Hawaiian Sushi, which I had never tried. Sushi topped with two fabulous A’s—almonds and avocados?? Yes please!

I enjoyed this while watching Bruno.

 Bad idea. Especially the beginning with the scenes of him and his lova. For those who have seen it, I need not explain more.

After dinner snack was some kisses….unfortunately the candy and not the real kind

One of my neighbors came over and just hung out and caught up on stuff going on since we haven’t talked in awhile. Now, just hanging in for the evening and I am contemplating taking yet another bubble just to ease my pain. I am going to feel sweet tomorrow!!

Jim Gaffigan was on Law and Order tonight and Kathy Griffin on Law and Order SVU. Being that they are my two favorite comedians, I leave you with my favorite skits of theirs

She’s just a smart girl with red boots

19 Feb

Lame Friday night here. I just woke up from a nap and still feeling groggy. I haven’t been sleeping well this week and think it finally caught up with me. I got to leave work early though so I could go to  my laser tattoo removal appointment. I got a tattoo when I was 16 years old (which was a huge mistake) and have been in the process of getting it lasered off for the past two years. It was a four-leaf clover and of course, green is the hardest color to get off so this is the eighth time I have gone and it is still not gone completely but it has faded alot.

Here are some comparison pictures

Before (2006ish I think?)

Before my session today:

Eek! So my resizing on my pics totally isn’t working but you get the point. It has faded a lot but a tad green left and it is raised a bit. After I am done with the laser removal process, I will have to get it micro-dermabrasioned down. In other words….why didn’t I listen to my mother?

I woke up at 5A today and started the day with a Mojo Peanut Butter Pretzel Bar for some much-needed energy

I took Lincoln out for a long walk, got ready and jetted to work. It was nice to actually drive to work for a change. I’m so accustomed to the bus that driving isn’t second nature to me anymore. It was great being able to jam, sing as loud as I want, cuss at bad drivers (I am not even going to mention the number of times I dropped the F bomb in a 20 minute drive)

I parked about a mile from work and walked over to get some exercise for the day since I knew after the tattoo removal I wouldn’t want to do anything (forward to me sitting on my couch in sweatpants typing this). Something unexpected happened–I got catcalled my construction workers!!

I remember watching movies in the 80’s and they always depict construction workers as catcaller but you really don’t see that anymore? Maybe the Construction Workers Association of America wanted to do away with the bad rapp? All I know is  I never see this happen anymore and it’s been awhile since I have been catcalled by a construction worker so bring it on. Must mean I was looking fiiiiine! I have a bad happen of walking with my iPod and sashaying to the music so maybe that’s what did it? Or they can’t resist me, who knows?? 🙂 

I love these tips for guys who like to catcall and definitely agree with #5

I rolled into work a little before 7A and situated myself with a beautiful bowl of Oikos Greek Yogurt, frozen strawberries, flax and coconut granola

Day from hell at work! Super duper busy but that helps the day go by quickly right?

Leftovers of tofu stir fry for lunch

By the way it tasted, I felt like I overloaded this portion with too much Sriracha. I downed a 32 oz bottle of water four bites into it!


After that, I went to the doctor, got my tattoo lasered, drove home without too bad of traffic and came home. I had these babies waiting in my mailbox

Yay for Barney Butter! I have heard great things about this product and got my free sample and can’t wait to try it!

The plan for dinner was black bean quesadillas but my can opener is caput and I didn’t feel like cooking so nachos it was!

Or chips and melted cheese with a few jalapeno sporadically placed on it…..not sure what the exact definition of nachos is but these are ghetto nachos in my opinion. Luckily, I am a ghetto-friendly girl so I enjoyed them.

Now I am watching All About Steve with Bradley Cooper and Sandra Bullock

Ummm, this is painfully bad. If I weren’t so lazy and in pain right now, I would turn it off but I am a bum. Seeing this though reminds me that I need a cute pair of rain boots. And if they turn out to be red (or black with cherries!!!) that would rock. I haven’t had rainboots since I was a little kid so maybe this will be a treat for myself this wknd.

**********Click here to enter to win a sample pack of 12 different fruit crisps from Brothers All Natural. All the flavors look interested but I am interested in the pear!

That’s it for now…..I feel like I am going to either pass out or be wired for the rest of the night. Lincoln is getting pretty tomorrow since his grandma will be in town next wknd! Happy wknd everyone 🙂

Let Them Eat Cake

17 Feb

I barely slept at all last night yet felt so rested and relaxed this morning.

 I’m convinced that I need to stop watching tv though. In the past wk I have dreamed that I

*Was a Polygamist wife (Big Love)

*Was a pimp


*Was stuck in the desert with Larry King  (I don’t  want to know what these means and I don’t even have CNN!)

 I woke up late and caught the late bus and Josh Hartnett look-alike was on it so that made the ride more pleasant I love eye candy in the morning 🙂

All of our systems were working today! It was like a dream how a normal business day should be! Clicks to that!

Breakfast was Greek Yogurt, flax, coconut granola and frozen cherries and raspberries.

 Lunch was a Dragon Roll from Harris Teeter. Surprisingly good! I didn’t have the time to go sit down somewhere for lunch so when I need a quick fix for sushi, I head to the Teet. The avocado was very fresh and tasty.

Seriously, how beautiful is this roll?

 I had a side salad as well with spring mix, peppers, mushrooms, onions, olives and carrots with peppercorn dressing.

 Of course after this, I found out about the dessert bar in the conference room. Yes….I said dessert bar (so much better than a salad bar). It was for associates as a “thank you” for all the hard work we do. It included ice cream, cake, fruit and nuts. Yum! I didn’t want to be rude so I took a slice and some fruit to go . Yay for fruit…yay for free fruit and cake!

After the big lunch and a bite the slice of cake, I was in a food coma. The afternoon surprisingly went by quickly. We were super busy at work which means the day goes by quickly which means it doesn’t feel like I am there an eternity which means I am happy which means …..(hahaha just kidding I will stop there)

 Having a three-day wknd is so nice because it makes the rest of the wk fly by but then I get super confused about what day it is. So today is Wednesday, which should feel like a Tuesday but for me it feels like a Thursday. Oi! Suffice to say, two more days to go!

I came home and had to think about what was for dinner since no chicken, pork or red meat for the next 40 days. I went with tofu stir fry….quick, easy, delicious!

The veggies stir frying with low sodium soy, ginger, garlic, red pepper flakes, hoison sauce and Sriracha

The final product with cashews thrown on top

It is so cold out which means perfect running/walking weather! I don’t know why but I really enjoy running when it is cold out and it motivates me more to workout than hot weather. I ran for 30 minutes and went 3 miles.

 And had a yummy smoothie waiting for me 🙂 I made it with Soy milk, chocolate whey, almond butter and spinach. Magnificent!

 Chocolate milk would be a great addition to my smoothies—speaking of which–click here for a chance to win some free Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk Coupons! Winners will be picked on Friday the 19th.