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Let Them Eat Cake

17 Feb

I barely slept at all last night yet felt so rested and relaxed this morning.

 I’m convinced that I need to stop watching tv though. In the past wk I have dreamed that I

*Was a Polygamist wife (Big Love)

*Was a pimp


*Was stuck in the desert with Larry King  (I don’t  want to know what these means and I don’t even have CNN!)

 I woke up late and caught the late bus and Josh Hartnett look-alike was on it so that made the ride more pleasant I love eye candy in the morning 🙂

All of our systems were working today! It was like a dream how a normal business day should be! Clicks to that!

Breakfast was Greek Yogurt, flax, coconut granola and frozen cherries and raspberries.

 Lunch was a Dragon Roll from Harris Teeter. Surprisingly good! I didn’t have the time to go sit down somewhere for lunch so when I need a quick fix for sushi, I head to the Teet. The avocado was very fresh and tasty.

Seriously, how beautiful is this roll?

 I had a side salad as well with spring mix, peppers, mushrooms, onions, olives and carrots with peppercorn dressing.

 Of course after this, I found out about the dessert bar in the conference room. Yes….I said dessert bar (so much better than a salad bar). It was for associates as a “thank you” for all the hard work we do. It included ice cream, cake, fruit and nuts. Yum! I didn’t want to be rude so I took a slice and some fruit to go . Yay for fruit…yay for free fruit and cake!

After the big lunch and a bite the slice of cake, I was in a food coma. The afternoon surprisingly went by quickly. We were super busy at work which means the day goes by quickly which means it doesn’t feel like I am there an eternity which means I am happy which means …..(hahaha just kidding I will stop there)

 Having a three-day wknd is so nice because it makes the rest of the wk fly by but then I get super confused about what day it is. So today is Wednesday, which should feel like a Tuesday but for me it feels like a Thursday. Oi! Suffice to say, two more days to go!

I came home and had to think about what was for dinner since no chicken, pork or red meat for the next 40 days. I went with tofu stir fry….quick, easy, delicious!

The veggies stir frying with low sodium soy, ginger, garlic, red pepper flakes, hoison sauce and Sriracha

The final product with cashews thrown on top

It is so cold out which means perfect running/walking weather! I don’t know why but I really enjoy running when it is cold out and it motivates me more to workout than hot weather. I ran for 30 minutes and went 3 miles.

 And had a yummy smoothie waiting for me 🙂 I made it with Soy milk, chocolate whey, almond butter and spinach. Magnificent!

 Chocolate milk would be a great addition to my smoothies—speaking of which–click here for a chance to win some free Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk Coupons! Winners will be picked on Friday the 19th.

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2 Feb

My dog is not a morning dog

Woke up at 620A and caught the 655A bus—-go me! But it was not meant to be……10 minutes from work some idiot crashed and took down two poles (I can say idiot because he is alive and ok) so the cops made everyone detour. I got to see parts of Charlotte I’ve never seen though so that was a plus. To get through the detour, I just played on my BlackBerry and updated my datebook. How cute is my datebook? It says “Let the sun shine on me and make me feel special….” And it is just too cute! And it has red and white polka dots on the inside. It makes me happy every time I see it 🙂

But then a 40 min bus ride ended up taking an hour and a half so me=not a happy camper.

A few interesting things though

*Some guy who I have never seen at my bus stop offered for me to stand under his tiny umbrella-ella-ella-ella. Sorry random, slightly creepy man I have never seen or spoken to, I am alright. And I am super mad because I couldn’t find my mini Coach umbrella. It was so cute-turquoise with  signature C’s on it and I got it on sale at the Coach outlet! But now I just remembered that I left it on the bus last wk and am highly sure I am not getting that baby back. RIP…..


*There is a new cutie on the bus. I am sure he is not jail bait but not so sure he can buy liquor legally in the US. And he looks like a slightly overweight Josh Hartnett (in his clean days, not went he went dirty like Ethan Hawke).

Hello lover

 He gets off at the community college stop each day maybe I can offer some “tutoring” services hehe

*We have another celebrity lookalike on the bus  (but not a good one!) This dude looks like David Gest (liza’s ex)

I know, I just lost my appetite too. He is usually quiet and reserved but after our slight detour today, he was getting really ancy and couldn’t stop tapping his foot. He rang the bell to get off (about eight miles from work….in the rain) so I am not sure what happened to him.

Breakfast was day two of operation-get-off-the-greek yogurt.

Blueberries and oatmeal with some blueberry flavored flax


Now I shall only answer to Blueberry Muffin since I was in blueberry heaven

Lunch was sloppy joes


Snacks were a banana and orange . I am not sure if you can tell by this angle but they looked like they were spooning on my desk 🙂

Some random thoughts:

I wonder why on Microsoft Officer communicator there is an emotion for a martini? No clue but I love it!!

I don’t like looking on Facebook to see that men who may have done a body shot off of me in college now have babies (especially daughters) this just irks me
Dinner was inspired from Tina’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza

I made split chicken breasts this weekend marinated in Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Sauce and used that for the chicken (love the timesaver there!) and took Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Pizza Dough (1/2 of the entire portion), spread Naturally Fresh  Lite Peppercorn dressing on top, topped with chicken, onion (I didn’t have green but threw some yellow onion in my food processor along with jalapenos for a little extra spice) and mozzarella cheese and let bake for about 13 mins. I would make this again, it’s a nice break from regular pizza.


I am so excited for Lost tonight!!!! I cannot wait to see what happens however it is bittersweet since it is the final season (which I secretly hope they are lying about!)  I love this photo clearly taking after the Last Supper with Locke in Jesus’ seat.

And this would be me being a dork with my Lost shirt-I’m so stoked (and need a tan, I look like an extra on True Blood!)

Anyone else excited? Do Not Disturb is going on my BBM 🙂