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At one with nature

9 May

Today was a perfect, busy day. I passed out last night while watching SNL with Betty White. I tried to rally and stay up the whole time but the body just wasn’t having that. So sad that I used to be able to stay up until 4A with no problems but now staying up past midnight requires a nap the day of and a coffee! Oh Father Time, you suck.

I made eggs in a hole for breakfast. Although it just looks like egg covered bread, regardless whatever you want to call it, it was great.

I was picking up around the apartment and cleaning out my bathrooms. There was an empty Q-Tip (whatever happened to the rapper by the way? Vivrant Thing used to be one of my favorite jams) in my linen closet and I finally got the energy to pick it up and throw it out. But there was something in there and what do you know, I found the Starbucks gift card my team at work got for me for my birthday. My birthday was in December and I thought I lost it but happy times–$20 worth of Starbucks is on its way!

It was cool out this morning yet sunny and not a cloud in the sky. I went to the pool for two hours to sun myself. I was again, the only person there which kinda baffles me. Not that I am complaining, it was peaceful and I finished My Fair Lazy. While I appreciate the quiet, I kinda missed people watching.

I got back in and made a light lunch—Sabra Supremely Spicy Hummus, a Pocketless Pita and random veggie slices.

This may be my new favorite hummus! Athenos and Trader Joe’s are good but this was my far the creamiest and it left me satisfied.

After that, Lincoln and I went to the dog park for an hour so he could see his peeps then I dropped him off at home and I went to Ulta. Target and Starbucks.

It was after 3P so I got the half price frappuccino deal they have going on this wk. I haven’t had a frapp in a looooong time but since it was only $2 something so why not. I got a Tall Coffee Frappuccino

Delicious! Now if we only had a Sonic nearby so I can get one of their iced drinks. Or even a 7-11, some days I would almost kill for a Slurpee.

Let’s talk about the deals I got at Ulta. They had Buy Two Get Two Free on Ulta Brand cosmetics, shampoos, etc. and other deals.

That all would be two shampoos, one conditioner, a hairspray, face wash, body wash, sunscreen, self tanner, two nail polishes and a lipliner……all for $40! Most of it was Ulra Brand and for the three items that weren’t….Olay Facewash for $5.09 and I had a $2 coupon, the Loreal Shampoo was $4.99 and I had a $2 off coupon and the Nivea Bodywash was $5.49 and I had a $4 off coupon. I love being frugal.

By the time I got back, it was 430P and I was already beat but didn’t want to take a nap. I went on walk/run on the greenway for over an hour. My knee has been bothering me so I walked most of the four miles but got a bit of running in there. I took a water bottle to keep me hydrated, wore a hat and lightweight clothes so it was more bearable than last time. The one thing I didn’t take with me was my ipod. I guess I felt like being one with nature today but I really enjoyed it. Not concentrating on my music allowed me to pay more attention to the greenway and the nature around it. I kept walking past gardenias that smelled amazing (and better than the scent at B&BW), listened to the birds and took notice of the colors. It was nice being able to fully concentreate on how my body felt and the atmosphere around me without Andre 3K telling me to shake it like a polaroid picture. But then I got bored without my ipod and starting making up rhymes in my head. I think I was the only person out there alone (thanks God for reminding me of that fact) and it was pretty much all families of lovers take a stroll. So I would make up stupid rhymes in my head like “The family that peddles together, meddles together” , “The couple who runs together, bakes hot buns together”. As you can tell, I could only get so far with that. I ran a bit but my knee wasn’t having that and when I had only about .5 mile to go, I thought I was about to start crying in agony. There was a sharp pain going from the back of my knee to my calf and it was just killing me. I got back and was happy because I didn’t look like a complete wreck for once!

And had a good calorie burn

Those two happy things could only mean one thing—-green monster!

I made my Green Monster with Chocolate Almond Milk, Spiru-Tein Banana Protein Powder and 2 handfuls baby spinach

 Afterwards, I iced my knee, took a bubble then gave myself a manicure.

For dinner I made zucchini cakes.

2 zucchini’s, peeled

1 egg

1/3 cup breadcrumbs

1 tbsp butter

1-2 tbsp vegetable oil

salt, pepper, whatever seasonings you would like to add (I prefer paprika, garlic salt and pepper)

Chop zucchini into bits in the food processor until shredded. Pour onto a plate covered with a paper tower and top with another paper towel and squeeze moisture out (if you don’t chances are it won’t stick too well together) mix with remaining ingredients and form into patties. Heat oil in the pan and add the patties and turn every four minutes. This made three patties for me which was more than enough! I served with Ken’s Lite Honey Mustard on top and with a BIG Salad with spinach, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, shredded cheese and Kraft Light Three Cheese Ranch

I think the rest of the night is going to involve reading and cuddling with Lincoln. A Happy Dog-Mother’s Day indeed. And I hope all the momma”s out there (momma of kids, dogs, cats, men haha, etc.) had a fabulous and relaxing day 🙂

We never found out who let the dogs out.

21 Mar

Sometimes when I get ready to take Lincoln out, I get “Who Let The Dogs Out?” in my head and once again, it’s crept in my head.

I am seriously contemplating downloading it from itunes.

I made french toast with fresh strawberries this morning. Yay for spring and cheaper fresh fruit! I need to hit up the farmers market soon.

I decided to get some spring cleaning done and cleaned out my closet and packed away my winter clothes, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Does anyone know of a good earring organizer> This is what it looks like when it’s “orderly” and is such a pain in my behind trying to organize, untangle, etc.

 I love my ghetto baby girl earrings!

I put away a bunch of clothes into my outdoor storage and put away a bunch of stuff that I’m donating to Good Will. All that stuff worked up my appetite and decided to make zucchini cakes.

The cakes frying up

Looks wise=fail. Taste wise=fabulous. They didn’t look as good as the last time I made them but still tasty!

Dessert was greek yogurt, pineapple, strawberries and flax

I got the bubble bath going and put on my bathing suit because it was time to give Lincoln a bubble bath! He hates going in the kitchen sink so have to give him a bath in the tub and he has this pina colada dog bubble bath that smells wonderful.

He looks so fluffy and clean now

And without a collar, he looks like a little naked puppy!

I ran to K-Mart to pick up some random stuff plus Easter gifts for my nieces. I love going there as opposed to Wal-Mart since the [prices are comparable and not as many people go there. One of the things I cannot stand about Wal-Mart are the crowds (given it is good people watching). Soon enough, it was time for the WVU-Missouri game. I made popcorn with my new White Cheddar seasoning

WVU won so they are onto the Sweet 16 and play Washington on Thursday–bring it Huskies! I feel asleep right after and hate that about Sunday afternoons. I never sleep well on Sundays due to me not being happy about another work wk starting but something about Sunday afternoon naps is so right.

Dinnertime was approaching and already had split chicken breast in the crockpot cooking so all I needed was a side dish. I had this box of Annie’s Organic Shells and Cheese sitting on my shelf for a few weeks and have been itching to make it. This was my first Annie’s experience and was excited!

Shells and cheese alone never fills me up so I steamed some broccoli and threw it in the mix with some pepper


I pulled the chicken apart to make pulled chicken, spooned Budweiser bbq sauce on top and let simmer in the crock while the shells were cooking

LOVED the shells and cheese. It didn’t taste as processed as Kraft shells and cheese, which I definitely liked it. It was light, cheesy and paired with the broccoli, a perfect side dish.

Since I already had dessert at lunch, I figure why no continue to have dessert at dinner.

This was another first for me–Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffle Bar

I’ve always wanted to try these but they are super expensive but only $2.48 at the supermarket this wknd so I had to buy a box!

Mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm mmmmmmm. This was delicious and reminded me of Pudding Pops from the 80’s!

God, those were so good!

I made lunch for tomorrow–Barilla Plus Whole Wheat Farfalle with sautéed baby spinach, artichokes in olive oil with fresh garlic and red pepper flakes.

It’s hard to believe this is one serving of the farfalle—56g. Before I had a food scale, a “serving”—eek!

I signed Lincoln and I up for the Dogswalk Against Cancer Event on the 3rd here in Charlotte this evening. Some of my former co-workers may come out with their dogs to walk as well. It’s the weekend of Easter and will be something fun to do since I have no plans for Easter Sunday itself.

Does anyone watch Desperate Housewives? Does anyone else want to shave off Preston’s porn-stache or think MJ is super whiny all of a sudden? I know I shouldn’t pick on a five-year old but suck it up MJ and stop whining about everything under the sun!

I wish I could tire out as easily as this little guy  but no can do. Hopefully I will start getting sleepy soon enough!