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Tofu Win. Egg Fail

10 Aug

 Monday was meh Monday. Blech. Another Monday where I just couldn’t wake up, it was too humid out and my stomach was cramping. Suffice to say, not a good way to start the week. Plus the new guy on our team started today and I am helping with training so trying to be patient, enthusiastic and oh yeah, nice was stretching it a bit for me.

I thought breakfast would be rocking—I made an egg scramble with egg whites and one brown egg with avocado and tabasco.

To be honest, the eggs kinda sucked. I am used to eggs with ketchup and for some reason, don’t have any on hand. In my old apartment, I would have bottles of ketchup in the cupboard for this kind of situation. But now? None. Maybe someone decided to do their own intervention o’ ketchup since they know I love it so much but I honestly have no clue who that would be. And it’s not like I don’t go to the supermarket twice a week and live within walking distance of one that I can’t buy it, I just haven’t. End of ketchup rant. The avocado looked like it was ready to go on the outside and was tender but when I sliced it open, it totally wasn’t. I hate when that happens.

I had leftover  Linguine Pescatore for lunch

Now looking back, I was totally that obnoxious person stinking up the break room with my seafood. Oh well, sucks for them—it was worth it!!

Snacks for the day

There was a surprise anniversary party for one of the managers on my floor. And we all know what that means—cake. Lots of it. But I was surprised they had stuff besides cake like cheese, crackers and nuts.

I was quite proud of myself for passing on the cake but I would be lying if I said this plate was my only plate of cheese. I can’t resist the siren calls of dairy!

I bought some tofu awhile ago and needed to use it soon. Most of the tofu dishes I’ve made have been stir fry and to be honest, that gets a tad boring after awhile. I thought it would be fun and something different to try tofu tacos.

I got creative with getting the liquid out from my tofu instead of just pressing with a plate or paper towel. Who needs a tofu press when you have this? Actually, a tofu press would be pretty sweet but still I can save some money in the meantime by doing this.

I seasoned the tofu with salt and pepper then cooked with these two

The tofu was great-I’ve only made it one other time without breading or not fried and it turned out horrendous (on another note, that was one of my favorite posts to write). But this meal was fabulous, tasty and fresh, what more could you ask for?

As always, my little guy was right near me waiting for something to drop. Something tells me he wouldn’t discriminate against the tofu

I got my free drink coupon from Starbucks in the mail–now to think of what I will get and when!

If you’re like me thinking a peach and pomegranate smoothie would be a fun RSVP party in your mouth, you’re wrong. I made this concoction last night with almond milk, ice, xanthan gum and it was horrid. So horrid I didn’t even take a picture of it so yeah, chew on that (or should I say sip on that?) for awhile. Sometimes pairings that seem magical to you don’t turn out to be so magical.

Kinda like Crystal Pepsi

I used to not care for Tuesdays just like Amy but ever since I started going to zumba on Tuesday nights I have something forward to and am diggin that. I convinced one of my co-workers ( who has started to eat healthier and lost a ton of weight already!) to go with me and she seemed interested but I didn’t think she would actually go. She mentioned to me the other day that she will see me there tonight and I can’t wait to see her at zumba.

I also found out a restaurant near my place that has $2.50 fish tacos on Tuesday nights which could totally get in the way of my zumba time. But then I guess it all comes down to priorities right? Happy Tuesday all!

Likes and Dislikes of the day

3 Apr

Happy Saturday all–this is going to be a long one so get comfortable.

I woke up at 8A

What I liked about this

  • I got to sleep in

What I didn’t like about this

  • I had to set my alarm on a wknd so I could get my oil changed

I still wasn’t going to let my oil change appointment get in the way of me missing big weekend breakfast

I had cream cheese on hand for once since it was on sale $.67–holla and I made stuffed french toast stuffed with cream cheese and Trader Joe’s Superfruit Spread

I used two sliced of Trader Joe’s Whole Grain Bread and 1/8 of the Philly Cream Cheese package with three tbsps of the Superfruit Spread

What I liked about this

  • Umm, everything? It was amazingly delicious and decadent. I really like that word and don’t use it too often but I think if I were to start using it often, it wouldn’t have the allure it has.

What I didn’t like about this

  • It had to come to an end

It was beautiful when I stepped outside and so happy spring is here!

What I like about this

  • Gorgeous weather, I can start tanning again and just happier in general

What I don’t like about this

  • The fact that I forgot to wear SPF at the pool yesterday and got sun on one side of me but not the other. Oh and the fact that I am extra crispy and not original recipe

I then went to the Toyota dealership to get an oil change since I’m driving to DC next wknd. I got my car in August and just hit 4,000 miles this past month. I really don’t like to drive anymore. And I had a free coupon for an oil change so yay!

What I liked about this

  • Free oil change-duh. And the potential to see hot grease monkeys 🙂
  • They have an ultra cool cappuccino machina including Butterfinger cappuccino. I had to try it (I only filled half the cup and filled the other half with regular coffee)

What I didn’t like about this

  • They rotated my tires without telling me that it is an additional $20 so I had to pay out-of-pocket. Not good customer service there.
  • No hot grease monkeys 😦

I drove across the border to South Carolina afterwards to get gas

What I liked about this

  • South Carolina gas is usually $.20 cheaper a gallon than North Carolina. Plus I used my Bi-Lo reward points and got an additional $.30 off which brought it down to $2.25 a gallon.

What I didn’t like about this

  • The people in York County cannot drive. They either go 40 mph or 95 mph on the highway and it’s frustrating

After I got gas I drove a little further to go to Rainbow AKA the ghetto baby girl store that I love so much. I mentioned how I think of Jennifer Lopez as a style icon and I love the graphic, flashy tops she wears. Since I am going to DC I need new clothes right? Right.

What I liked about this

  • Holy good buys batman!!

I don’t know if I’ll wear this in DC but I could wear it out or to work which I really like.

OMG frickin love this top. I love the cut, that it ties in the back to make my waist smaller and accentuate the girls (which in turn can get free drinks??!) and pockets in the front. Fabulous.

Buy one, get one 50% earrings. They are the same in gold and silver and I looooove big earrings.

What I didn’t like this about this

  • That I was called “Snowflake” by one of the girls in the store since I was the only white chick there. I felt like Alicia Silverstone in Beauty Shop

It was 2P by the time I got home and was FAMISHED! I had so much food on hand and made a roast beef sandwich with lettuce, tomato, dijon, low fat mayo, Muenster and american cheese. Hey, I warned y’all I love cheese. I also had half a bag of Trader Joe’s Lite Kettlecorn

What I liked about this

  • Like breakfast-everything. This was a MONSTER sandwich and totally filling. I know a sandwich and popcorn sound random but it was a great combo

What I didn’t like about this

  • That I never have lunch meat on hand to make sandwiches like this, we may need to change that soon.

I had some tofu leftover and wanted to use before I go to DC so I patted them dry and marinated in A1 Cracked Peppercorn

I also cut a sweet potato up and doused in evoo and McCormick’s All Seasoning Spice

I spent some quality time with Lincoln afterwards

What I liked about this

  • “Shake it Like a Salt Shaker” by Ying Yang Twins came on and we danced to it

What I didn’t like about this

  • We started to play catch with his favorite squeaky toy. I threw it, he ran to it then ran back to me without it. I then explained the mechanics of catch and retrieve to him but am 99% sure he didn’t understand me

Soon it was time to make dinner so I threw the potatoes in the oven and grilled the tofu up on the stove top.

Dinner is served!

What I liked about this

  • The sweet potatoes were absolutely amazing

What I didn’t like about this

  • The tofu, not so much. The best I can compare it to is Al Pacino in “Gigli”

Amazing actor, has played remarkable roles in the past and has never really disappointed. But eventually, he does disappoint. And the disappointment goes by the name of Gigli…..or A1 tofu

Butler won!!!  Butler won!! Butler won!!!

 So happy for them and cannot wait for the WVU game.

What I like about this

  • I am happy for Butler since they were the underdog and my sis went there. And WVU hasn’t gone to the Final Four since 1959 waaaaaaaay longer before I was a glimmer in the eyes of my parentals

What I don’t like about this

  • I am not in Indianapolis to enjoy it. I feel about 85% better but wasn’t better enough in time.

Off to watch the game!

Damn you potatoes

30 Mar

Hello all-Happy Tuesday! Another gorgeous spring day in Charlotte, if it could only stay this way forever!

I started my day with an Iced Coffee Green Monster

I got to work and automatically went to the Bucks. I yet again, got a Venti Iced Coffee with soymilk and three splenda’s. I can clearly see this being an addiction. Dunkin Donuts has my favorite iced coffee —Coconut Iced Coffee but the two locations within walking distance of work are closed-boo!

Don’t mind my produce for the day in the shot, it gives it some color!

I had half a container of Chobani Strawberry Greek yogurt with sliced peaches and Fiber One Cereal .This stuff is so good and it has 14 gr of fiber per half cup and only 60 calories!


I don’t think I could eat it with milk alone but add some fruit and yogurt and I would be set!!

Speaking of getting your fiber on, click here to win a bottle of Tropical Traditions Coconut Cream Concentrate!


If you would like to win some free Yoplait Greek Yogurt Coupons and a $20 Stop and Shop Gift Card, click here

I had a Big Salad….it’s a salad only bigger.

With Baby spinach, black beans, tomato, cucumbers, shredded cheese and Chick Fil A Fat Free Honey Mustard

All of this for under 300 calories—yumm yummy yumm

I took a 25 minute walk so I could get outside and enjoy the sun

I came back and sipped on some hot chocolate since it was freezing at work

By 3P I needed my second lunch which was baked tofu and broccoli slaw marinated in soy. I wasn’t too keen on this the other night because it didn’t fill me up and I sprinkled a tad too much sriracha on it. Paired the salad a few hours before it held me over.


For dinner, I had a half a pork chop and roasted potatoes

Why such a small dinner you ask?

 Because of these—JAY’S POTATO CHIPS!!!!!

Jay’s takes me back to my childhood in Indiana. I didn’t even know they made them still but my sister sent me an Easter care package (even though I will be seeing her this wknd!) I made the mistake of opening the bag and then I couldn’t stop. Damn you Jay’s and damn you potatoes.

 Other goodies include:

Old Navy Tops

Tommy Hilger pajama pants

Gossip magazines

Mucho chocolate–including Fannie May Trinidad’s and Pixie’s 🙂 And Coconut M&M’s which I have heard about but never seen before!

*Note, I will NOT be giving this stuff away!

A Raw Indulgence Revolution Bar (again something I’ve never seen) anyone know anything about these??

Thanks sis!!

Does anyone want to see a Levi Johnston reality show? Yeah, me either. Dude, you seem like a tool. A hot tool but tool nonetheless

I cannot wait to get my Lost on tonight!! Am I a dork for wanting these figurines??

Actually, please don’t answer that!

Swallowed your hollaback girl

29 Mar

You know it’s going to be a happy monday when you’re morning “coffee” is brewing at home and you forget to put grinds in the night before, waaaa waaa waaaaaaaa 😦

I had a Venti Iced Coffee with Soymilk and three splenda’s from the Bucks for a morning pick me up

I had a new concoction for breakfast–Chobani Strawberry, Sliced Peaches, Unsweetened Coconut and Fiber One Cereal

It was a party in my mouth–a lot of flavor everywhere!

I was evil again and loaded more chocolate onto my co-workers. I like how I am telling them what to do.

I had lunch with Gwen

Would have much preferred lunch with Gavin though…..hello daddy.

Sigh……ok, what was I talking about? Oh yeah….lunch. fun.

I love it when lunch doesn’t sound appetizing at all but then you taste it and find yourself wrong. I didn’t want my lunch today although it sounded good when I put it together last night….potato wedges,baked tofu bits, black beans, jalapeno, shredded cheese and a side of greek yogurt.

 I love when a meal proves me wrong. This was asbolutely fabulous.

For dinner I had baked panko porkchops and broccoli slaw with T Marzetti Honey Balsamic Dressing and tomato

I finally got off my butt to go run. I haven’t ran since my 5K……yeah over two wks ago. My knee and calves were hurting for the first wk and then last wk, pure laziness deterred me from workking out. I need to get on a consistent schedule again whether it be running, walking, kettlebell, etc. and stick with it. I feel so much better when I work out and only takes an hour out of my day. An hour which I have been sitting on my butt watching tv.

I went to the YMCA where I used to go to before they jacked up my rate to $65/month because I turned 30. Not happy about that. The YMCA was where I started my weight loss journey and was one of the only gyms in my life that I felt comfortable going to. I know it is just money and that I shouldn’t have stopped going but I basically lost motivation doing cardio only and the fact they jacked up my rate because I turned 30 really pissed me off. Basically, if I was married and had children it would have been cheaper per person but since I am 30, single and no kids, my rate gets jacked up. I have a reminder of that enough every day (and from my mother) that I don’t need that getting in the way of my gym rate.

Rant over……so I went to the YMCA I used to go to go because they have an outdoor dirt track. After 12 minutes I wanted to stop but then this track came on and made me smile

because it then made me think of this movie

And those two things just kept me going. I ended up walking/running for 35 minutes. Not too shabby for not working out at all in 2 wks.

I stopped at Harris Teeter on the way home and got some cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach, apples and bananas for the week. I then went to Walgreens to get some bubble bath, which I couldn’t find. Weird. I went to one of the ladies who work there and asked where the bubble bath was and she had no clue what I was talking about. Which confused me because was in her 40’s and sounded like she was from here and I had to explain what bubble bath suds were and she looked at me like I was crazy for wanting to take a bubble bath.

Yeah, I am 29 30 yrs old and love my bubble baths, shoot me.

She then said they have Mr. Bubble where I shot back with “Mr Bubble sucks”. All said with a smile though since my humor wins everyone over 🙂 I ended up with bath beads which also sucks but oh well, momma needed a long soak!

I came home and made a green monster. I’ve had some morning green monsters the past two wks but was ready for a proper protein filled green monster after my run. In the mix tonight—baby spinach, blackberry kefir, vanilla whey protein and milk.

Holy shizzle—this is the mother of all giveaways!!! Click here to win a Health Refridgerator Makeover on Danica’s Page—or don’t because I want to win lol 🙂 Includes a $100 gift card, healthy recipes and tips on what to stock and more!

This was a great start to the week! It is quarter end which is a super busy time for my line of business. Tomorrow should be another slow day at work then the craziness will resume on Wednesday. But I will be gone by Thursday afternoon on my way to Indiana! I am stopped and staying at my friend’s place in Charleston, WV Thursday night then drive the rest of the way to Indianapolis on Friday morning. Some things that I get excited about when going to Indianapolis:

Cafe Patachou: They have an awesome menu and great coffee–Highlander Grog is my favorite and I always buy a bag to take home with me!

Fannie May Trinidad’s—I will be stocking up

Meijer—so much better than WalMart and they always have cute sports apparel for cheap….along with scratch off lotto vending machines 🙂

 And my sister and my nieces of course 🙂 But those are a few of my favorite Indiana things.

 And Ricky Martin—you go! It’s about time and I always knew you were too pretty to be straight. You can officially drink from the cup of life, shake your bon bon and live the vida loca. But not too loca since you got the twins.