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Feeling Hot Hot Hot

6 May

Anytime I think of the song Feeling Hot Hot Hot, I think of the office skit and thank god, not the song.

I hate that song. Almost as much as this song

I curse you Mony Mony. Which really sucks because I love Billy Idol.

Anyways, the last two days have sucked…..hard. Of course because of work. The girl who I backup is out of the office and her workload is exploding and so is mine. So having my normal workload x2? No bueno. Plus Stinkalicious called in sick the past two days which I would normally enjoy but not so much when we need all the help we can get. Stinky looked fine taking their regular four smoke breaks on Tuesday though so whatever. And I was supposed to go out for Cinco de Mayo and had to cancel my plans because I was at work late. AND my parents were supposed to come in this wknd but I had to ask them to come up some other time (an 11 hr drive, they must love me!) because there is no way I can leave early tomorrow. So the frustration grows as always.

But enough of that, let’s get to the fun stuff–the food 🙂

Yesterday I tried something different for breakfast-a whole wheat wrap filled with egg whites, feta and ketchup

This is definitely going into the rotation more. I love that I can nuke the eggwhites for a minute and a half at work and chow at my desk. I need to get a sturdier tortilla one though because it kept falling about. But then again, it was some ghetto brand that I got on sale.

Continuing my celebration of National Salad Month, I made a BIG Salad for lunch. And when I say BIG, I mean BIG. It was in a huge ziploc container and everyone kept making fun of me when they saw me carrying it over to my desk.

The salad included—spinach, zucchini, red, orange and yellow peppers, tomato, carrots, onions, feta cheese with leftover tuna from the other night and T Marzetti’s Honey Balsamic.

I was just in a terrible mood yesterday afternoon with all the work I had and mistakes of my backup’s that I had to fix. Which really sucks because I looked super cute in my new skirt that I bought. I am not a skirt or dress girl at all so me wearing a skirt and showing my legs is MAJAH! I am very self-conscious of my calves, they aren’t cankles or anything but just thick. Anyways. my skirt, compliments of Ross–ten bones!

What would make me feel better?


Even if I did have to shell out $25 of my very much hard-earned money, it was totally worth it. I seriously read her books over and over again so it’s worth the investment. I was reading it on the bus today and had to put it away since I was crying from laughing 🙂 If you haven’t read Jen Lancaster, please do. She is my absolute favorite author (it may be because I think we are one in the same, except I’m not a die hard conservative!)

Since I eat Mexican food every other day it seems like, I decided not to go with Mexican last night and made a random meal

Potatoes and Okra tossed in extra virgin olive oil with garlic salt and paprika

And nuked some of the chicken wings I made the other night

I couldn’t let Cindo de Mayo pass without something relatively Mexican so I broke out a Trader Jose Light for kicks.

And after yesterday’s day, I downed that bad boy!!!

Today just started off on a bad food. I had 50 something on my own emails to get to and then 40 something in my backups box. Ugh. I had to go Starbucks as usual and used my free drink coupon for a Venti Skim Raspberry Latte. YUM! And right now I am going to say this morning was all about emotional eating…and drinking. I brought yogurt and berries but went down to Showmar’s for breakfast. I haven’t been in a while and the girl at the cashier was like “Damn girl, you’re losing weight!” That made me feel good, especially since I was about to indulge in a fatty greasy breakfast.

Behold—an egg, bacon and cheese sandwich on whole wheat (hey at least I got whole wheat!)

A greasy breakfast would not be complete without potatoes

I could seriously taste the butter it was cooked in, it was fabulous.

I munched on Somersaults Salty Pepper Nuggets that came in the package of goodies I won over at Savor And Stretch

Yummy! I can’t wait to try the Sea Salt flavor. I need to see if they sell these in my area.

I love the picture on my calendar for this month. I’m hoping it keeps my motivation up and running.

My sugar cravings hit and I have been jonesing for regular Coke lately and finally gave in. I could drink Coca-Cola every day and be happy. The sugar content, not so crazy about. But it was totally worth it.

Lunch was finally around 330P and yet another shout out to National Salad Month! This was the best one yet– a BIG Salad spinach, zucchini, red and orange peppers, green peas, onions, cucumbers, tomato, shredded cheese topped with Salmon Salad and Trader Joe’s Feta Dressing.

OMFG. I cannot stand baked or hot salmon but love it in sushi but never tried the canned kind like this. Amazing, I just mixed with light mayo, chopped onions and paprika and it was a delicious protein addition to my salad. Will definitely be having this again!!

Right before leaving, I had a last-minute snack

I got home and wanted something quick, easy fulfilling. BFD it was!

I broke into my Nature’s Path Pomegran Plus Waffles

While those were toasting, I made scrambled eggs—all of this from one egg and 1/3 cup eggwhites (of course cheese was scrambled in)

BFD never fails to amaze me. How could someone NOT love BFD? I loved these waffles. I felt they just tasted less process and fresher, if that makes any sense. And there was a hint of pomegranate so nothing too overwhelming nor artificial.

And we already had one episode this season of Community with Joel McHale in his skivvies but another one tonight? Yes please.

Hope almost Friday!!

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