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waiting for kick off

7 Feb

I have a love.hate relationship with Sunday mornings. Love them on days like today, where I have nothing to do and am ok with that. Hate them when I have a ton of things to do yet nothing really opens until 11A. Another hate is that I have basic cable because tv on Sundays just sucks. I can watch GMA until 10A or so and then it is all religious stuff or politics (I choose the latter thank you). Most of the time, I end up popping  a DVD in or going to Pandora and have a ……

Dance parties are rampant here at mi casa. It gets me excited for the day, wakes me up and Lincoln partakes as well!

I was curious about the Thomas’ Whole Wheat Bagel Thins I bought the other day, so I toasted that and topped with Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butter and made an egg scramble with spinach, garlic and mushrooms.

The bagel thin was good…..just a slimmer version of the bagel without all the fluff but I liked it. And 6 grams of protein a serving-rock on. I wasn’t expecting that at all!

I did some laundry, dishes, cleaned my kitchen, figured out my scanner/printer (and now have pictures from way back online!), got my mail (in which I have two packages–I wonder what they are??!!) and walked to Trader Joe’s. I was craving a big salad for lunch and needed berries for my oatmeal and yogurt. I usually try to stay away from Trader Joe’s after 10A on Sundays (I love that they open at 8A since I am a morning person) because all the Stepford wives and churchies go there. And the Stepford wives usually bring their 3+ kids and do not discipline them at all. It really grinds my gears!! I am spoiled though because Trader Joe’s is maybe a three-minute walk from my place so when I move it will be a rude awakening for me!

The dressings for the salad

In the salad:

*Kidney beans


*Baby Spinach

*Shredded Cheese



*Banana Peppers


Holy yum! Exactly what I was craving. I also re-heat a piece of the pizza I made on Friday since it was the last piece. Salad + Pizza is always satisfying in my book!

 I plan on going to Ulta this afternoon to get some goodies with the gift card I got for Christmas. I love Ulta because you get a point for every dollar you spend and they take manufacturer’s coupons. For the SuperBowl festivities I am going to a bar to watch the game.  Be safe party people!

Dial 1-900-MIXALOT

5 Feb

Fridays are always my day “off” per se. Where as I track food on Livestrong.com every day, I tend not to on Fridays. I do this mostly for my mental sanity. I could be good all the time but that just isn’t my nature. I need to have a day off where I can go eat something I am craving, whether it be good or bad and simply not care, beat up myself or obsess about my meals. And what a foodie frenzy Friday it has been!

All I wanted last night was a good night’s sleep to start my Friday on a good note. But apparently that is too much to ask! I was in a peaceful slumber until a little before 4AM. My dog woke up (he has a bad yet cute habit of burrowing under the covers and sleeping right by my side–literally!) and kept jumping on and off the bed then couldn’ t decide if he wanted on or off the bed! I kept tossing and turning afterwards and just decided to give in to the day. 

I figured if I was up so early, I may as well to go to the gym. But then it was raining cats and dogs (who coined that term anyways?) and just decided to have some coffee and breakfast instead. I usually wait until 8 or 9A to eat breakfast but wanted to make something out of the ordinary for a weekday breakfast.

I put some chopped spinach on the stove top and seasoned with garlic and pepper and let cook. Then I threw in some liquid eggs and spread on a tortilla with Laughing Cow Garlic and Herb Cheese and sprinkled Tabasco sauce on top.

It was wonderful! I really only use spinach in lasagna and an occasional smoothie so I am trying to incorporate it more.

I caught the early bus and rolled into work super-duper early. I love being there before anyone else gets there because it is actually peaceful and I can catch up on my emails and work before the phone starts ringing and the emailing flying in. It turned out great though because my stinky co-worker wasn’t there! YAY-Life is good 🙂 Background: I have a stinky co-worker. I am not talking funk, I am talking bleu cheese and butt (or hot trash and baby diapers) but they stink. Really bad. And I have tried in the past to hint around but have no clue why they smell so bad and apparently it doesn’t bother anyone else on my team. When they come over to my desk, I have to take a deep breath and breathe through my mouth. It sucks. Maybe I am just really sensitive to smell? 

Work was alright though, since Stinky wasn’t there I covered their workload and it kept me busy the entire day which helped the day go by quickly.  I perused online in between doing stuff and looked up some heart rate monitors and for my price range, think I am gonna go with the  Polar F7 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor. It’s one of the gifts to myself with my tax refund and I have wanted one for a while.

Snack was Chobani 0% Strawberry Greek Yogurt with some flax and strawberries.

Since it was still miserable outside  i.e. raining and 30 something the entire day! I mean, if it is going to be cold and nasty out, I want snow! I decided to get lunch at Showmars inside our building. I love convenience! On Fridays, they have my favorite item on special for five bones—-Gyro with Fries


 Also know as heaven

I would love to eat this all the time but try to limit it to once or twice a month. For a quality food served fast kind of place, awesome gyros. Now if only they had some Greek, hairy men making them, it really would be heaven (I am weird, I know)

After work I went to the grocery store (one of two this wknd) to use my coupons and hit the big sales. With my coupons here are some of the deals I got:

*Daisy Sour Cream $.10

*Tabasco Sauce $.35

*Huge Spaghetti Squash (so excited to use, never cooked with one before!) $2

*Thomas’ Whole Wheat Bagel Thins $1.20

and so on and so on……….

I had some of my Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Pizza Dough that I had to use up so I made some pizza…..again. I can’t help it, I love it.

I grilled up some spinach, artichokes, roasted red pepper and mushrooms and threw turkey pepperoni on there and this was the beauty in which it  evolved 🙂

Seeing all these colors make me happy–and they are the colors of the Italian flag! Hey mambo….mambo italiano…….




I wish I would have never discovered TJ’s pizza dough, if you can’t tell I kinda like it.

I love lazy Friday nights. By the end of the week, I am either ready to go out and have some drinks or veg and tonight is the latter. I have no plans really for this wknd except go out on Sunday afternoon/night and find somewhere to watch the SuperBowl. Go Colts!

Speaking of the SuperBowl, I saw this list on-line and had to read through it!

The 10 Best Butts in the NFL

I definitely agree with Miles Austin but my second pick would be Troy Polamalu. Tom Brady has the perfect life (well except last season with the whole knee thing) so he really doesn’t need the boost of #2. And Peanut Tillman? Whoever voted for him needs to put down the crackpipe. Personally, I prefer my pancakes with syrup, not on a man. I don’t like a small waist and a big butt on a guy (because, I am cursed with that) but it’s nice to have something to gran onto and now just flat.  All in all, I dig a man with some bubble. A man red beans and rice didn’t miss! And now I have E.U.’s “Da Butt” song in my head!

Still snowed in

30 Jan

It is 10PM and I havent left my residence today (except to walk Lincoln and get my mail). This city is absolutely ridiculous and behind the times when it comes to snow. Everything is shut down and I keep watching the news which lists all businesses that are closed for today. I then have to remind myself that I am in a major city with an airport, businesses and other things to classify it as a city. Just annoying!

After going out in the snow, I had a feeling Lincoln was a little chilly

I put Lincoln’s turtleneck on and he loved it ….but was still all about the love 🙂

Ever since reading this post, I have been singing Lady Gaga to Lincoln…..this needs to come to an end!!! 😛

Since it was cold, icky, snowy out, I decided on some comfort food for lunch….NACHOS!

The usual suspects

Add a bowl of Chobani Greek Yogurt and salsa mixed with that—bon appetit!

We would for a nice walk in the snow after that and then it was nap time. I love being able to justify a three hour nap on a Saturday.

I woke up refreshed and cleaned my kitchen and watched some tv. It was once again, meal time.

The day of comfort food continues with homemade pizza (yet again using Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Pizza Dough)

 Spinach, artichokes and mushrooms with some evoo, garlic, oregano and red pepper flakes cooking


One would think since I am part Italian, I would be able to round into a nice circle. No can do. I did think it kinda looked like a state though but couldn’t find any states it looked like. West Virginia would be a fun one to make some time though!

 The result—HUMUNGEOUS Pizza!!!

I sliced and added some nice marina dipping sauce

 For dessert, I had some Big Love

And every time I see Law and Order (the regular one not one of them million of spin offs) and Jeremy Sisto comes on, I can’t help but singing “Rolling with My Homies” in my head. From one of my most favorite movies eva, Clueless.

However my favorite quote from that movie is “Ummmm I can’t do any activities where balls fly in front of my face?” “There goes your social life!” Love it 🙂

Kinda bummed, I was supposed to see “When In Rome” with a girlfriend tomorrow afternoon but looks like it won’t be happenening due to snow. Hopefully next wknd!

At least tomorrow, I will be able to use the gym here and walk over to Trader Joe’s and Starbucks….something to look forward to!

Y’all know how much I love Chobani Greek Yogurt (seeing that I post about it every day) if you would like the chance to win an entire CASE of Chobani, click here to Stephanie’s site to enter!