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Asheville (Part 2)

26 Feb


It was freezing and windy as hell but a beautiful sight to see!

Afterwards we went to Goodwill (pics of the goods found will be up later) then went to downtown Asheville and grabbed some lunch at Barley’s Taproom and Pizzeria

Since it’s Friday, I opted for a black bean burger with jalapeno’s aplenty, potato salad and a pickle

This was delish! I ate all of the potato salad and only have of the burger so threw that in a box with some of my mom’s pizza.

We walked back to the car and saw this in the window of a clothing store

I absolutely love that Asheville is so dog friendly! It is a small artsy, liberal city with dogs everywhere.

I picked up some goodies on the way back

I never indulge in this anymore but absolutely love it and it isn’t too bad for you (in my opinion at least!)

 Peanut butter moon pie??!! I have never had a regular Moon Pie but seeing that I do live in the South, I felt like I needed to support the local economy and try one.

The drive was smooth until we got back into the Charlotte area and then hell broke loose. There is usually some traffic on the interstate near my place but today was absolutely out of control. And there was no accident so didn’t know what was up.

By the time we got home, took Lincoln out and tried to decompressed, we were wiped. We were planning on going out to dinner but did the next best thing-went to Harris Teeter. The HT near me has a sushi bar, fresh pizza by the slice, gelato bar and a Chinese/Thai place so the options are endless.

I went with sushi and shrimp dumplings

And with that, I am going to take a bubble and pass out. We have our water again–yay!!! Hope everyone’s wknd is starting out great!