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6 Nov

So….it’s been an interesting week. The “fun” started on Wednesday when I got a flat tire on the way home from work….in the rain….with no AAA…..with barely any battery left on my cell phone. I frantically called one of my friends who lives near the gas station I was stuck at  and she came right over and dialed AAA for me. While waiting on them, we went to The Melting Pot to get a glass on wine so that made the whole ordeal go a little smoother but in the back on my head I was thinking about the extra expenses such as a new tire or two that I would soon be dealing with. Oh. I didn’t mention how work screwed up my paycheck last week due to me changing jobs did I? Yeah, my official start date was 10/18 but human resources didn’t have it until 11/1 so the check I received on 11/1 was still my old rate and I have to wait for a separate check to come with the difference plus a few days missed pay.That’s supposed to be in my checking account on Monday. We can view our paychecks three days in advance online and it’s not showing up right now so I’m a bit skeptical about it being in there. All I know is I can’ really roll with less than $90 in my checking account for over a week. That being said, I will be living ghetto this next week. I am using any Groupon I have to get some free meals, coupons and will be cooking a bunch. I think I may have a free sub at Harris Teeter as well so that will be two free meals for me. It just sucks feeling like I can’t due anything due to lack of money, I hate that feeling so much. If only I didn’t have the little thing called rent or mortgage getting in my way each month. I would love to be able to live free from that for a year and save it so I can feel like I have a solid savings.

When I got home after the flat tire situation, I wanted pizza. And not homemade or Papa Johns, I wanted the authentic stuff. I’ve heard great things about Luigi’s Pizza, a NY style pizza joint throughout Charlotte. When I was in NYC this summer, I never got a slice of pizza so the time was finally right to try NY style pizza….even if I am in Charlotte. This place is right near me but I’ve never stopped there because any time I drive by it, I can’t see inside and that kinda skeeves me out. Feeling great from the wine, I went over to Luigi’s and ordered a small pepperoni pizza to go.

That is what I’m talking about!! When I opened the box I couldn’t believe that was a small pizza but I was loving what was in front of me. It was huge for just one person so there was guaranteed to last me throughout the week! My only gripe was that it was *eek* $14. I never pay that much for a pizza and don’t remember pizza being that much but I kept repeating to myself that I was supporting a local business and it would last more than one meal so that made me feel better. The pizza was absolutely wonderful cheesy yummy deliciousness. When I took a bite, it melted right in my mouth and the sauce was traditional but with more oregano than anything. It was just the right amount of grease but not swimming it in but visible and I had to fold it in half to eat most of it and that’s exactly what I was looking for. I added some grated parm onto my slices and kept singing “Me So Parmy” to “Me So Horny”. That was Wednesday and that’s still in my head.

The next night I met up with some friends at Loco Lime. I say I could eat Mexican any day of the week but I really was feeling sushi that night so was in a bit of a toss-up. Once the chips and salsa came, everything was right in the world. The $2.50 Dos Equis didn’t hurt either (I didn’t know they had an Amber? I loved it!) One of my friends ordered the guacamole and said it was the best in Charlotte. It was good but not as good as Vida, which was smoother and creamier. Regardless, if it has avocado and sour cream in it, I’m going to eat it. I’m equal opportunity like that. I got the combination plate of barbaqoa tostada and flautas but by the time it rolled around, I was a bit full. I had the tostado and some of the rice and beans and got the rest to go. The tostado was interesting–it was served with a hard boiled egg on top along with avocado slices. It was good, I just wasn’t expecting to see a hard boiled egg. The barbaqoa was delicious and tender and when I tried the flautas they were crispy and tasty as well.

My friend ordered the Tres Leches Cake for dessert and I didn’t want to be rude and not have a bite. It was so cute and so tasty! We somehow got to eating it with our arms intertwined. I remember thinking of the idea but don’t know what brought it about and thought it was the funniest thing in the world….again $2.50 beers.

The leftovers were super the day after

I tried to make chili last night but it was a huge fail. Until this past year, I’ve only made chili in the crockpot but lately by the time I want it, it’s too late to put it in the crock so I’ve just been making on the stovetop. One of my co-workers had a surplus of peppers and gave me a huge bag to take home with me so figured I could use the variety of the peppers in the chili

I was getting excited about the chili with the scent of all the different peppers. But then the evil can opener made an appearance. I will buy a can opener and it’s fine but then it turns racist whenever I want to open a can of black beans and won’t open it. Then from there, it won’t open anything—wtf?? Seeing I wanted to add beans, tomato paste and diced tomatoes, this was no bueno. I kept getting a small opening in the can then repeat about 10 or 11 times then forced open the top with a knife. I was a bit frustrated. I wasn’t even going to eat the chili that night but wanted to use the peppers before they went bad. I bought a new can opener today so let’s cross our fingers and hope it’s all about the love.

I don’t know if I didn’t add enough stock or the setting was high but it was not looking good by the time it was done. I wouldn’t call it so much as chili but as chili dip. I put some of it into small containers for this week but think I will be scooping it up with pita chips or something instead of eating it soup like.

I was up at 6A to go get my tires checked out and was back by 9A. It was around 40 something and it felt super wonderful. I love this season so much but feel like we aren’t really going to get a fall and will have a few nice days then jump right into winter. It was sunny out though which with my Florida mentality, think that whenever it’s sunny, it’s warm which I really need to stop that school of thought. I headed to Freedom Park to go for a run/walk on the greenway. I usually go walk around the lake at Freedom Park but wanted to check out the greenway there. The greenway goes along a little stream next to the hospital and has a gorgeous view of the skyline. I walked but got some running in there also but the thing I loved the most was no one was out. I maybe passed by 5 or 6 people which was a breath of fresh air since the greenway by my old apartment consisted mostly of people with their out of control minions. I will definitely be going back for a run or a nice stroll soon.

Feeling good after my cookie success last week, I picked up a box of Sun Maid Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Mix at the supermarket this morning. It was only $1.50 and I had no plans tonight so why not?


Mmmmmmm….chewy and delicious.

Besides that, work has been a killer. And I’m still in training so wtf?? The last four years, I was in a set process with my job and sad to say, really didn’t use my brain too often. I had a set process every day and my work was very redundant so I’m not used to thinking anymore much less using analytical skills. The position I took it going to be a lot more work and they are changing their current process so current and new associates are all learning something new. I am just curious on how we are going to manag the amount of work we are getting. I’ve heard the current team is overwhelmed so we are there to take some of the work off of their hands but our group is supposed to get another 15,000 accounts within the next few months. Multi tasking is one of my biggest strengths so I should be fine with it but still, I get worried. Good news is that I got all the vacation I requested off. I am taking Monday off since I had an extra day to use then time off for my birthday in December (going to NYC!), time around Chrismtas (going to FL) and for New Years Eve.

 Fall back!

Wet and Warm

4 Oct

Oh a dirty post perhaps? Fortunately for you, the title is regarding my meals today but it could be construed as something naughty. No Penthouse forum tonight though  (I love how I act like I normally have it??) so apologies.

Let’s just start with this morning. This morning started out bad. Maybe it was from the Entourage marathon that I watched for eight hours yesterday? I wish I was making that up but I’m not. The sad thing is that it was still playing when I dozed off on the couch, things like that make me miss my DVR. I really don’t know how I live without one sometimes.

Then this morning there was an “occurrence” at Starbucks. What it comes down to is that people who don’t have coffee etiquette piss me off. The offender this morning was some random dude who I’ve never seen at my Bucks. I go in at different times throughout the day and recognize a good number of people (which kinda pathetic seeing I don’t even work there). Offense #1—standing smack dab in the middle of the creamer/sugar station. The bar with the creamer, sugar, spices, etc. can easily fit three or four people in there. But when you go right for the middle spot and expect no one else to use it but you—oh hell no! Homey don’t play that. I scooted in there and started preparing my coffee. Offense #2 I reach for the half n half that he just put down and it’s empty-not one drip left. I give him the stink eye and bring it over to the cashier and let her know we need more over at that specific bar. I go back to my drink and see the dude is using yet another half and half and puts it down. I reach for it and what do you know? Nothing comes out. At this point, I am pissed off. It’s Monday morning, raining, my eye makeup is not hiding the circles and I have a zit on my cheek that takes me back to eighth grade. I would love to go back home, get into my fleece pants and snuggle with Lincoln and watch some “Who’s the baby daddy?” talk shows. Buy no, must go to work. Thinking three times the charm……well do I even have to say if there was any in the third vat? Again, I gave him the stink eye and *may* have called him something that rhymed with mocktucker.

When I got to work, I found out that I no longer have a portfolio—hooray! I will be acting as a consultant for the next two weeks and as support with any issues that come along. After dealing with 90+ clients for the past four years, this is a huge relief and welcome break. Now everyone else will get to take part in the mess of some of my work load and see I am really not being dramatic about some of the issues I have to deal with on a daily basis. On another note, I found out that my new position that I start in two weeks with be salaried and not over time eligible which will be a first for me. Let’s just hope I won’t be busting my hump too much compared to this place.

Having no real work to do this morning, it dragged on. I worked on a special project and even fit in two 15 minute walks in an attempt to wake up. And you know what? It didn’t work but it felt good to get out of the cube for a while.

Lunch was leftovers again of bacon and kale minestra and a chicken leg quarter with hot sauce.

What is it about soup that makes it even better the second time around? This was tasty and comforting however I got too excited about the soup and burned my tongue-thumbs down. I am loving soup with beans also which used to be a foreign idea for me. I never ate beans as a kid and when my mom would make chili, it would be bean less. Now with mine, I add beans and not only one kind-I like to mix it up with kidney and black beans with brings us to dinner.

Like many others out there, I don’t have a standard chili recipe. I am more of a free spirit and like toad stuff as I feel but it does always have the basics of onions, chili powder, beans and tomato paste. The rest is whatever I have on hand and feel like adding. I was going to make the chili yesterday but already made one soup recipe and didn’t want to overload myself. Also, I only make chili in my crockpot which takes five to six hours. I decided to take a leap of faith and make chili on the stovetop tonight when I got home from work. This time around I threw chopped onions in a large pot and let cook.  Then I cooked a couple hot sausage links without their casing on the stovetop for a few minutes and while that was cooking, drained the black and kidney beans and added tomato paste and diced tomatoes to the mix. I added chicken broth last along with chili powder, garlic, salt and pepper, brought to a boil then took it down to medium heat for 20 minutes.


*Once again, cheese makes everything better

*Ditto for sausage

* It tasted great but not as thick as when I make it in the crock. That being said, I would make again on the stovetop when I am looking for a quick/hearty meal on a cold night.

*Speaking of cold nights, it was 90 last week and it is going to be 44 tonight. Really?

*I think my can opener is racist. It only decided to stop working on me when opening up a can of black beans.

*Hmmmm, I think that’s it. I really don’t have much on my mind right now.

*Wow, nothing on mind? Kind of lame but it’s true, hope you all are having a beautiful night!