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Back at it

24 May

Ever since I got back from Florida, I’ve been trying to get to back to some kind of normalcy. At first my cooking mojo was not there. Thankfully, I had a freezer stocked full of food waiting to be used

This pizza tasted so good but the weird thing is it tasted like sushi. I’m not joking. I could take a bite, be taken aback by the flavor, take a sip of water, take another bite and yep-sushi tasting. It was very weird but oddly enough, I would buy it again.

Instead of going to Starbucks and ordering a shaken iced green tea/lemonade, I’ve been making my own at home and it’s been surprisingly Buckies-like!

If you have a Publix near you and dig green tea, you must try this tea. I got two gallons before I left Florida and am kinda sad it will be gone soon. A trip to Greenville or Columbua, South Carolina may be in store.

I’ve gotten back into my cooking routine, as much as I didn’t want to. Having someone cook for you almost all the time is pretty nice. A girl could get used to that….note to self, troll culinary school for men who can cook. Thank God I have my standbys such as quesadillas

And pasta salad of course since that seems to be my latest obsession. I put a new spin on it by adding  Great Northern Beans, Parmesan & Peppercorn dressing and using Wacki Mac pasta.

I cooked the pasta then added chopped orange pepper, red onion, black olives and feta cheese then mixing in the dressing and a quick, creamy meal.

The point that it made four servings only helped since I’ve been a little lazy this week.


One thing I haven’t been able to get back into? Working out. I went to the gym on Saturday and Sunday and struggled to do just 30 minutes of cardio. When I was on the machine, time just dragged and I wanted to get off and do strength training, which I could do all day long.

I’m going back today and will conquer 30 minutes of some type of cardio! Maybe I just need to concentrate on what I am doing, challenge myself more or new music? And that will be right after I stop by Time Warner and cancel my cable. God help me…..

Are you cable-less?

Have you ever had a food that tasted good but like something else like my sushi tasting pizza?

Gringos falling from the sky

5 May

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Or should I say Feliz Cinco de Mayo? No clue, I would have hoped that four years of Spanish would help me out with this but apparently not.

As you all know, I love Mexican food. I could exist on a diet of chips, salsa, nachos and tacos if possible.  To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, I whipped up a batch of homemade salsa!


1 can diced tomatoes

1/2 cup frozen corn (thawed)

1/2 cup green onions, chopped

1/3 cup cilantro, finely chopped

2 tbsp jalapeno flakes

2 tbsp lime juice

1 tbsp vegetable oil

1 tbsp red pepper flakes

1 tsp pepper

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp garlic

Directions: Simple-mix everything together!

Let chill for a few hours then pair up with your favorite Mexican dish! For Cinco de Mayo Eve, I made chicken quesadillas with red onions and red peppers

Served along side my salsa and a Wholly Guacamole Spicy style

I’ve only tried Wholly Guacamole Original version before and the spicy was a nice change. It definitely had me reaching for a glass of water!

For breakfast today, I started my day off with a big cup of coffee before anything. It was 39 degrees overnight…..in Charlotte….in May! That is completely unheard of and I believe it’s a new all time low for this time of year. As soon as I thawed out I made scrambled eggs topped with cheese, guacamole and salsa

For lunch today, I went to Moe’s for their $3 Burrito special in lieu of Cinco de Mayo

I love Moe’s because they yell at you when you walk in and you get free chips and salsa!

And soon–off to drink some margaritas and who knows, maybe meet some hot men. Maybe I will find a real El Guapo.

And if you don’t know who El Guapo (above) is, I weep for you.

Are you celebrating Cinco de Mayo?

Have you ever been to Mexico?

I Feel Like Chicken Tonight

9 Nov

The rest of my day off was enjoyable. Why can’t every day be a day off? I feel so much more productive getting stuff done around the house than when at work. That being said, operation win the lottery or find a sugar daddy is in full effect. I could really get used to not doing the 40 hours of work thing but wouldn’t mind it if I could do something I loved and didn’t have to worry about money. Sigh, let’s see this operation takes me…….

After Panera yesterday,  I had to pick up a few things at Wal Mart and found some Halloween items on 90% off clearance!

I have no clue what I am going to make with black frosting but for $.17 I will try it out! Then the sprinkles were only $.30, I should have stocked up some more. Thankfully they didn’t have any Halloween candy because that is the last thing I need. Want? Hell to the yes. But need, not so much.

I had leftover chili that I made on Friday for lunch with Food Should Taste Good Olive Chips.

These babies have been sitting in my cupboard for a couple of months but to be honest, I was kinda scared to open them up. I figured they would either be really good or really bad. The verdict? I think these may be my new favorite flavor. I love all things olive but recently started liking black olives but I would say I tasted kalamata more than anything.

Since the chili was more thick than anything (that’s what she said), I used the chips to scoop. I originally thought the chili was a fail but it was more of a thick, hot dip this time around. I made it with fresh peppers, onions, corn, cannellini beans and Morningstar Veggie Crumbles but not enough stock or diced tomatoes. I wish I would’ve saved more instead of throwing out some of the remains since I thought it would taste horrible.

Inspired by Devon’s Buffalo Chicken Tacos, I put some chicken in the crockpot with hot sauce and water and set on high.

 I didn’t have any of the ingredients for tacos but by making them in the crock, I could have chicken on hand to make a few versatile dishes this week. I will be feeling like chicken each night

Does anyone else remember that commercial or once again, am I aging myself?

The first thing on the list was a simple dinner of pulled chicken, green beans and brown rice sprinkled with chile powder. I’ve been craving canned french cut green beans this past week. I can’t do frozen green beans for some reason, only fresh or canned.I’m a condiment girl so the honey mustard on the side was essential.

A couple of hours later, I was craving something warm and sweet. I had phyllo dough defrosting in the fridge with an apple that only had a few more days left to enjoy so I decided to make  a few apple tarts. I cut up an apple, sprinkled cinnamon and agave nectar on it then microwaved for two minutes then scooped into the phyllo in a muffin tin

Covered with the remainder of the phyllo, sprinkled with more cinnamon and agave nectar then baked at 400 degrees for 17 minutes

These were absolutely delicious and hit the spot! They were so easy to make along with a quick fix when something sweet was needed. The only thing that would have made it better was some Cool Whip (said the same way Stewie says it of course)

Contemplating what I could make with the crockpot buffalo chicken, my mind naturally wondered to quesadillas. I’ve made the traditional quesadillas and even pizza quesadillas but I never thought to make buffalo chicken quesadillas. Once I thought of that while entering DOS codes into our with the times computer program at work, it was so on.

I took the shredded chicken and added chopped onions, fotina and shredded mozzarella cheese

Then I remembered I had an unopened bottle of this stuff in the cupboard, if you haven’t tried it—go out and buy some, it’s fabulous!

Added some to the chicken mix and spread on a whole wheat tortilla then topped with another and let cook for about 10 minutes

I mixed a couple of teaspoons of the wing sauce with a spoonful of ranch to make a zesty dipping sauce. The day I get sick of condiments is the day I die.

If you like buffalo chicken and like quesadillas–make these, like now. They turned out wonderful and I was a bit skeptical about using fontina but it melted beautifully with the mozzarella. I can’t wait to make these again!!

In other big news, my bestie just created a blog! She is writing about her training for her first half marathon in January, PF Changs Half Marathon no less so it will be rocking time (pun intended). She’s ran a few races in her day but never attempted a half and I am so happy for her! If I train, maybe I will meet her in Phoenix for it, you never know! I can’t wait to read about her progress and other fun, random happenings! Anywho, check it out—Thirteen.Point.One

Today, I took a beating mentally. It was my first day back at work after a three-day wknd (and that means I have a three-day workweek with Veterans Day on Thursday!) plus we got our credits assigned to us yesterday so jumping into that was interesting. The first part of the day, I was overloaded but soon found my groove into how much workflow would go. I also spoke with HR and my paycheck will be coming to me on Friday (grrrr) but it is more than I expected plus I will get my normal paycheck the following Monday. I can hold out until then and budget money, bring leftovers for lunch, etc. AND, I spoke with my mom today and she found a job! She worked at a newspaper in South Florida for 10 years then due to lack of sales, they laid her off last year. She has been depressed about not being able to find anything and been looking anywhere she can. Not only did she get a job, she got a sweet ass job at William Sonoma as a gift wrapper so let’s hope they hire her full-time or keep her on part-time. And let’s hope she takes that 40% discount and buys me a useful gift for Christmas and birthday!

With that, I plan on snuggling with this little man tonight. We got some Netflix to catch up 🙂

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I Deserve It

13 Oct

 So, it’s October. And I somehow forgot what happens to me every October: I get sick. For the past four or five years, I’ve either had strep, bronchitis, the flu, swine flu (last year which was so much fun) and this year who knows. I’ve had a terrible headache since Monday and just felt bleh. Today was no exception so let’s hope this is a quick, passing thing so I can be on my A game next week.

Even though I was feeling crappy, my appetite was still in check this morning. I had a little extra time to get ready since I was dropping Lincoln off to get groomed and go to doggie daycare. I toyed with the idea of making an omelet but that hasn’t turned out well the past few times I’ve attempted. All the scrambled eggs you’ve been seeing lately? Yeah, originally were to be omelets but the pan gods had other plans. I went with making a scrambled egg wrap with mushrooms, green onions with  a Laughing Cow Sun Dried Tomato wedge on a whole wheat wrap.

When I got into work, one of my coworkers saw I was looking a bit rough and handed me a Venti Chai Skim Latte. She ordered one at the Bucks downstairs but they got her order wrong so she took the messed up one as well. It was fabulous. I’ve only had a chai latte once and wasn’t too impressed. But this bad boy was good…..and there was no sweetener in it but it was almost too sweet for me. That didn’t stop me from gulping it down though. You hand me a free $4 drink and I will down it no matter what it is (Jager excluded, this girl had too much of that in college)

I brought lunch with me but was really in the mood for soup. When I’m sick, my comfort food is wontons and hot and sour soup. I really don’t need wontons and wasn’t too hungry so I walked to the Chinese restaurant downstairs to pick up some soup. It was only $2.40 for a to go bowl and that means free containers for later use.

AND I got a rockin’ fortune–that never happens!

I do deserve it.  I deserve a lot. I work my butt off each week and a good person. I think this is total justification to go shopping this weekend for clothes for my new job, yes?

I wanted to share some link love with you all…..

Has anyone seen that Jillian Michaels is putting out a Kettlebell DVD? I love my kettlebell and can’t recommend it enough but if you read the LA Times article you will see all that is wrong with this. And if you check out this post on Girl Heroes, you will see even more what’s wrong with it including a clip of the dvd with bad form (and Jenn is RKC certified so she knows a little something about kettlebell form)
 In news of the obvious, USA Today reports that if you eat less, move more and lift weights, you can beat obesity! Can I get a duh?
 If you’re curious, as to 5 Greatest Cosby Sweaters of All Time are, click here The WTF? is my favorite.

By the time I got home, I was famished. I made chicken and mushroom quesadillas on a spinach wrap and quinoa salad with zucchini, mushrooms, carrots, green onion with a Laughing Cow wedge

And Lincoln? Well, Lincoln looks adorable.I wish he would lift his head up so I could take a proper picture of him while he sports his colorful scarf. He is absolutely exhausted from getting groomed then being at doggie daycare all day and I love it. He is usually right by my side and often tried to blog and leave comments so it’s a welcome break being able to type with two hands as opposed to one (while the other rubs his belly)

And he has no tail anymore 😦 His tail usually looks like a fan and I think it gave him personality but now we have to work with this little thing

He looks so cute, I think I shall go snuggle with him.

On an end note, thanks everyone for your kind words on my last post and the way I’m feeling. It felt so good to ponder the subject, write it down and put it out there. I am going to change the way things have been and I will get back to my normal self. Once again, I deserve it. It’s nice to have a self support system like you ladies (especially when some of you all know where I’m coming from) and I truly appreciate each and every comment. Hope y’all are getting your hump on!!! Cmon, I couldn’t keep it too sentimental for too long, that’s just not my style! 🙂

My first 5K

13 Mar

I did it!!! I ran my first 5K and it was amazing!

Some fuelage at 6A for “Get Your Rear Into Gear 5K” hehe, I love the name.

Got the D tag on the shoe. I never knew this is how they tracked people, very cool!

I’m soooooo excited!! I repped the WVU after their HUGE win last night!!

That is me au natural. I usually wear some form of makeup (lipgloss at the least) so me stepping out like that was a rarity!

I DID IT!!!!

My final time was 43:48 with a pace of 14.03.

I know that’s not quick by any means but that’s the fastest I’ve ever gone! When I turned the corner at mile 3, my heart rate was a whopping 201 but I just pushed myself a little longer to make it to the finish line!

Walking into the post-race area

Yay Caribou Coffee!

My neighbor ran as well but she was behind me so I refueled and cooled down while I waited for her

They had tables with bananas, oranges, bread, fruit chews, pretzels and water aplenty. I took a little of each and may have snagged four or five mini bags of pretzels.

Thoughts on the 5K

*I hate hills

*My heart rate was decent for most of it but when it got to 190+ I would slow down but it hurt so much to walk (especially rough on my calves). I would start a slow trot again but tried to keep my heart rate down which was harder to do that I thought. I would have gladly walked to cool down but was in excruciating pain. Running wise, I was fine–calves, hamstring, feet, etc. didn’t hurt at all

*Lucacris helped get me through this race

*We ran though a historical neighborhood and there were tons of people out on their decks and yards cheering runners on. It was so encouraging and sweet– these complete strangers just cheering us on and telling us we could do it–it made me smile and restored my faith in humanity 🙂

*Yay for no spitting! I usually have to hauck one out (no clue how to spell that) a few times during a run but none today

*I wish I would have drank more water. I had about 30 oz beforehand and they only had one water station so the water tent was the first thing I walked over to when finished.

*Said water station was across the street from the Salvation Army Thrift Store and it took everything in me not to go in.

*The Hives “Try It Again” was the song I was listening to when crossing the finish line. I love this song because it is high energy and super motivating.

*I thought I would cry or be swept up in a wave of emotion after I crossed the finish line but didn’t. I was in total awe that I just ran a 5K and proud of myself. I can’t believe I did it but did and will do it again!

Thank you everyone for your kind words and encouragement, truly meant alot to me! 🙂

I came home to a nice surprise….2 huge boxes of Brothers All Natural Crisps that I won over on Morgan’s blog. Thanks again!! Review to come soon 🙂

I also scored a cute pedometer from Coca-Cola

I made black bean and avocado quesadillas for lunch.

Oh Mexican food, I wish I could quit you.

I then took a warm bubble, caught up on reading and maybe fit an hour nap in there.

For dinner, I made pizza  with Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Pizza Dough since it’s been awhile

Baby spinach, sliced portabello’s and artichokes cooking

Topped it with the veggies, light sauce, turkey pepperoni and mozzarella

One of these days, I will make a circular pizza. I like that mine are in funky shapes, it gives it personality.

I thought it resembled California

Funniest picture of the evening

I was cracking up when I uploaded this.

I’m going to pop in this tonight and relax

I leave you with one of the reasons I will forever love the 80’s…this is day three this song has been in my head.

Remember to change your clocks tonight!!