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The long drive home

23 May

Driving 11 hours sucks. Driving 11 hours alone sucks even more. No matter how hard I try, I get anxious the night before leaving for a long trip and end up getting almost no sleep which makes for a cranky beginning to the day. Lincoln and I packed up early on Friday morning and started out with a light breakfast of a banana and Nature’s Path Lotta Apricotta granola bar

Boy, that bar was sweet. Like almost too sweet to eat and I love me some sweets. It took a good 15 minutes for me to down. I think it would be really good cut up and sprinkled in greek yogurt though to even out the taste. While at the gas station (which we won’t even begin my rant on gas prices), I found this Seattle’s Best Iced Latte

I love Seattle’s Best but rarely see it anywhere so I was stoked about this. It was like any other iced latte out there but I didn’t find it to be too strong.

I had to go through Gainesville, home of University of Florida, on my way back and it was around lunch time. I was in need of something hearty and Lincoln was practically dying in the car from the sun beating on him

I did a quick search to find dog friendly restaurants in the area and found The Book Lover’s Café, located in Books Inc, a used bookstore a few blocks away from the campus.

They serve lunch items, coffee and tea but what I really liked about it was that their menu consists of vegan and vegetarian treats. I am neither however when you’re on the road, it’s difficult to eat healthy. I try to back food and snacks and sometimes want to sit down and eat but most of the selection seems to be fast food. I ordered and looked around the store for any books that might have been of interest to me. Can we say score?

Only $3.99! Perfect since I just finished The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I can’t wait to start this one. I got Lincoln and we sat on their patio and waited for the food to come. They brought him a water bowl and we just enjoyed the day and the freaks walking by. It’s a college town so you are going to have some weird people there and I saw a few people walking by singing and one guy (yes, guy) dressed like Rainbow Brite) it was very funkalicious.

I ordered the Hummus wrap and you can either get a side salad or soup with it-I got the salad with was hopping with veggies-just like the wrap


The hummus wasn’t flavored, it was just regular hummus and tasted homemade. It was flavorful but gritty in texture.  All of this for only $7! Plus I get a majority of my veggie servings in for the day while supporting a local business-win win!All in all, a great place to stop, relax, peruse the book selection and hang out. Even though we were in the shade, Lincoln was still panting like a whore in church

I think it’s sweating like a whore in church but I like panting like a whore in church much better-hello saucy!

The rest of the drive through Florida was boring. I took a less traveled state road back to Jacksonville so I could hop on I-95. While on the road, I kept seeing these billboards which was a bit disturbing

I guess Florida is trying to get rid of over population? I must have seen this billboard at least seven times.

And can someone tell me what this is? I despise personalized license plates and despise ones that I can’t figure out even more.

Of course, I pronounce OCRACOK as Okra Cock. Maybe he did have one? I don’t feel bad about saying this since he was the slowest driver ever.

And I finally figured out my cruise control after a year and a half of owning this car—clicks to that!

Lincoln was absolutely pooped by the time we got to South Carolina. So much that he felt the need to jump in my lap and rest while I was driving. Thank God I was just going straight.

While fueling up in South Carolina, I found a new goodie that is going to be on my next shopping list

Hooray for Skinny Cow candy! I love Skinny Cow products so much so this had to be tasty. There were only six clusters in the package and they were quite small but it was a nice, little treat to indulge in.

As soon as I knew it, I was back in Charlotte.

Yay. Can you read the sarcasm?

I came home to a couple of surprises though……

a bunch of mail

Then a couple of packages….hmmmm….what could be in them? Happiness! Well happiness to me because there was food and a book.

First was Lance Cracker Creations that I won over at The Food Snob

Oh Monique, your note made me smile, much needed at the end of the day Smile

The second thing was Jen Lancaster’s newest book, If You Were Here. It’s different from her books since it’s a novel as opposed to her memoirs she writes so I’m very interested to read it and see how it compares. One of my sorority sisters went to the book signing in DC and got a copy signed for me since she wasn’t coming to Charlotte this year. Oh well, at least I got to meet her last year.

What’s your favorite part about getting home from a long trip? Mine is my bed and clean clothes!

Doggone It

27 Jun

 Hi all—hope your weekend is going great! I feel like it’s flown by and I still have a ton of stuff to do! Yesterday instead of coffee, I made a green purple pink brown monster. Seriously, I have no clue what color this really is but thought it looked cool. I made it with 8 oz Vita Coco Water, Chobani 0% Plain Greek Yogurt, Banana, Blueberries, Mango and Baby Spinach.

 I’ve been loving this in the AM if you can’t tell. I love my coffee but just haven’t been craving it as much first thing in the morning—not sure if it’s bcause of the weather or when I make my own iced coffee at home, it is not good. I try to add more grounds and less water to make it strong but no go. Plus, I have a bunch of frozen fruit in the freezer I need to go get rid of, which brings us to breakfast.

Three Nature’s Path Flax Waffles topped with peaches and blueberries. It looked so pretty, I almost didn’t eat it. Almost. Who am I kidding, I devoured it but the thought did cross my mind for a nano-second.

 I didnt have any plans until afternoon time so I went back to bed after breakfast. Um, I never do that…edit, I never do that when I’m not hungover. I don’t know if it’s the heat, humidity or what but I have just been taking every minute I can to rest or take a nap lately. My sleep is lacking! I woke up, showered and made a quick wrap lunch with ham, tomato and hummus. Speaking of hummus, click here for a new way to use your hummus. Well new to me, I never thought of the concept but will definitely be trying it soon!

 I met up with my friend Kristi for a free brewery tour at the Olde Mecklenberg Brewery, a fairly new brewery located here in Charlotte. It has been open for about 15 months but their business seems to be on the up and up and had good beer! We like that. I had a few pints of the Mecklenberger, a full bodied yet light beer.

Full bodied indeed but very refreshing. Originally, I was going to try their darker ale as well but stayed with this one because I am devoted like that.

Excuse my greasiness, me so shiny!!

The World Cup was on and it was a packed house! We really weren’t paying attention to the game but clapped when we hear everyone clapping, boo’ed when other people did, etc. Really dug the atmosphere though, it was just a big open room full of people appreciating good beer. I am down with that.

 The wrap didn’t hold me over for too long and for some reason I was craving Subway. I hate Subway. The smell of their bread just lingers and I find it just a downright, nasty smell. Plus back in Florida, we had a lot of gas stations that had Subways within them and I can still smell how disgusting they smelled. The Five Dollar Footlong and Jared commercials don’t help either, those two alone make me scream! Personally, I would rather go to Quizno’s to get a sub b/c they are awesome in my book and they have one my most favorite commercials….EVER!!

But I guess the beer was really good and potent because I was on a mission to find a Subway! I keep seeing commercials for the Orchard Chicken Salad and was ready to give it a go.

 It was ok. I was expecting more flavor with the fruit it had in it but it was a decent sub. Arby’s had a Chicken Salad Sandwich with apples and grapes a few years back and that was the best I had yet but this was ok. I can say it was fresh and the cucumbers were fantastic!

Then I was on my way to pick up Monet, my friends dog that I’m dogsitting for the week.

 These dogs have such a ruff life.

Dinner was a Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken from Reid’s that I purchased the other day 40% off. I topped with T Marzetti’s Light Ancho Chipotle Ranch. This had waaaaaaay more black olives than last time but I am actually starting to enjoy black olives so bring it.

Despite it being humid and nasty out, I woke up at 7A today and went for a two mile walk. I felt good to get out, do something and move today rather than complaining that it’s hot. Sunday mornings are so peaceful, I love how quiet it is, not too many people out and just a hopeful feeling for a new day!

I stopped at the Bucks and came home to make breakfast since I only had a banana before my walk. I made an egg white, ham, cheese and avocado sandwich on an Arnold Whole Wheat Sandwich Thin

So I know it doesn’t look like much but this was one of the best breakfast sandwiches I’ve made! I loved the ham and cheese in between the egg white omelet and I used Monterrey Jack, which added a nice kick of flavor. And avocado never wrongs me or lets me down. I was pleased with the sandwich thin as well, in the past I’ve only had bagel thins and always had that pesky hole in the middle but this right here was fabulous and filling!

Ok, off to start a bunch of things that need to get done today–starting with laying out by the pool 🙂 I’m not going to have a pool at my new place so I need to appreciate it while I can.

PS–Seriously? These dogs are knocked out like they did manual labor.

Lost :(

23 May

I can’t believe Lost is over for good tonight. Since there is stuff on from 7P to Midnight, I had to take a two-hour nap this afternoon so I could stay awake—no way I am missing this! 

A pretty boring wknd all in all. Payday isn’t until Friday so I am kinda waiting on that since I paid more than I normally do on my credit card. I hate having all this time to do stuff but no money–sucks. 

I started yesterday with eggs in a hole with yellow apple slices on the side. 



I was pretty bored plus it was overcast out so I decided to go into work to catch up from being off on Friday and of course, get some OT pay 🙂  Anywho, I knocked out all of my emails from Friday plus a bunch of stuff I needed to review. I even applied for some other jobs and it felt good to be caught up. I will definitely be catching the late bus tomorrow since I won’t be going to bed until 1A or so. Ay Chihuahua. 

Yes, that would be Lincoln napping in my arms like a baby.

But happy times were soon near—the hippies were out! I didn’t have a lot of cash on me so only got a few things. 


I had a late lunch –I brought a California Pizza Kitchen Personal Size Margherita Pizza. 



I got home and pretty much just lounged around the rest of the night. 

I was reading The Auspicious Squirrel and saw that she made Pasta Primavera a few wks ago and  been wanting to make it (or a variation) ever since. I usually make tacos or asian stir fry with all my fresh veggies but never really thought to do it Italian style. 

I made mine with Farfalle Pasta, Chicken, Homemade Pesto, Zucchini, Tomato, Mushrooms, Onions topped with a dallop of Greek Yogurt and Feta Cheese. 





FANTASTIC! I loved this and was nice to have a cold pasta for a change. 

 I fell asleep at 9P because I’m lame then woke up, cleaned the kitchen, did laundry and watched some tv. I had dessert of Skinny Cow Chocolate Fudge Brownie single portion 



This morning, I was gearing up to go on a walk and possibly a run and made a waffle and egg breakfast sandwich using Nature’s Path Original Flax Plus Waffles. 




I went for a two-mile walk  which was frustrating. Both my knee and ankle were killing me so I had to stop after that but wanted to do more. I tried running a little but my body did not want to roll with that. Why is my body acting against me now? For years, I was lazy, ate horribly and just a mess and now I want to be active, be healthier, etc. and I keep having this issues. Annoying to say the least. 

I went to the pool for two hours and caught up with some friends there and by the time I got back in, I was starving! I made black bean quesadillas topped with avocado for lunch. 



I saw that Naomi made these SuperCharge Me Cookies the other day and noticed I had the ingredient list in my kitchen and have been itching to make them! I used whole wheat flour and didn’t have any coconut on me but threw in some extra raisins in there instead. It took less than five minutes to mix and made 12 big cookies. 



 Try this cookie recipe now! It was awesome, moist  and flavorful. I put in a few extra dashes of cinnamon and really enjoyed the flavor of that along with the vanilla, raisins and chocolate.  My shadow was by my side also waiting for a taste 


After that I took my nap, I grabbed a Diet Mountain Dew so I could jolt my system to wake up for Lost. 


Dinner time was nearing and I had one of my favorite meals for a night of one of my favorite shows. I made Trader Joe’s Mandarin Orange Chicken with bok choy, mushrooms, onions and snap peas. 



And that’s it. I am absolutely loving this Lost Flashback of all the moments in Lost history. I cannot wait to see what happens tonight!!

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

6 May

Anytime I think of the song Feeling Hot Hot Hot, I think of the office skit and thank god, not the song.

I hate that song. Almost as much as this song

I curse you Mony Mony. Which really sucks because I love Billy Idol.

Anyways, the last two days have sucked…..hard. Of course because of work. The girl who I backup is out of the office and her workload is exploding and so is mine. So having my normal workload x2? No bueno. Plus Stinkalicious called in sick the past two days which I would normally enjoy but not so much when we need all the help we can get. Stinky looked fine taking their regular four smoke breaks on Tuesday though so whatever. And I was supposed to go out for Cinco de Mayo and had to cancel my plans because I was at work late. AND my parents were supposed to come in this wknd but I had to ask them to come up some other time (an 11 hr drive, they must love me!) because there is no way I can leave early tomorrow. So the frustration grows as always.

But enough of that, let’s get to the fun stuff–the food 🙂

Yesterday I tried something different for breakfast-a whole wheat wrap filled with egg whites, feta and ketchup

This is definitely going into the rotation more. I love that I can nuke the eggwhites for a minute and a half at work and chow at my desk. I need to get a sturdier tortilla one though because it kept falling about. But then again, it was some ghetto brand that I got on sale.

Continuing my celebration of National Salad Month, I made a BIG Salad for lunch. And when I say BIG, I mean BIG. It was in a huge ziploc container and everyone kept making fun of me when they saw me carrying it over to my desk.

The salad included—spinach, zucchini, red, orange and yellow peppers, tomato, carrots, onions, feta cheese with leftover tuna from the other night and T Marzetti’s Honey Balsamic.

I was just in a terrible mood yesterday afternoon with all the work I had and mistakes of my backup’s that I had to fix. Which really sucks because I looked super cute in my new skirt that I bought. I am not a skirt or dress girl at all so me wearing a skirt and showing my legs is MAJAH! I am very self-conscious of my calves, they aren’t cankles or anything but just thick. Anyways. my skirt, compliments of Ross–ten bones!

What would make me feel better?


Even if I did have to shell out $25 of my very much hard-earned money, it was totally worth it. I seriously read her books over and over again so it’s worth the investment. I was reading it on the bus today and had to put it away since I was crying from laughing 🙂 If you haven’t read Jen Lancaster, please do. She is my absolute favorite author (it may be because I think we are one in the same, except I’m not a die hard conservative!)

Since I eat Mexican food every other day it seems like, I decided not to go with Mexican last night and made a random meal

Potatoes and Okra tossed in extra virgin olive oil with garlic salt and paprika

And nuked some of the chicken wings I made the other night

I couldn’t let Cindo de Mayo pass without something relatively Mexican so I broke out a Trader Jose Light for kicks.

And after yesterday’s day, I downed that bad boy!!!

Today just started off on a bad food. I had 50 something on my own emails to get to and then 40 something in my backups box. Ugh. I had to go Starbucks as usual and used my free drink coupon for a Venti Skim Raspberry Latte. YUM! And right now I am going to say this morning was all about emotional eating…and drinking. I brought yogurt and berries but went down to Showmar’s for breakfast. I haven’t been in a while and the girl at the cashier was like “Damn girl, you’re losing weight!” That made me feel good, especially since I was about to indulge in a fatty greasy breakfast.

Behold—an egg, bacon and cheese sandwich on whole wheat (hey at least I got whole wheat!)

A greasy breakfast would not be complete without potatoes

I could seriously taste the butter it was cooked in, it was fabulous.

I munched on Somersaults Salty Pepper Nuggets that came in the package of goodies I won over at Savor And Stretch

Yummy! I can’t wait to try the Sea Salt flavor. I need to see if they sell these in my area.

I love the picture on my calendar for this month. I’m hoping it keeps my motivation up and running.

My sugar cravings hit and I have been jonesing for regular Coke lately and finally gave in. I could drink Coca-Cola every day and be happy. The sugar content, not so crazy about. But it was totally worth it.

Lunch was finally around 330P and yet another shout out to National Salad Month! This was the best one yet– a BIG Salad spinach, zucchini, red and orange peppers, green peas, onions, cucumbers, tomato, shredded cheese topped with Salmon Salad and Trader Joe’s Feta Dressing.

OMFG. I cannot stand baked or hot salmon but love it in sushi but never tried the canned kind like this. Amazing, I just mixed with light mayo, chopped onions and paprika and it was a delicious protein addition to my salad. Will definitely be having this again!!

Right before leaving, I had a last-minute snack

I got home and wanted something quick, easy fulfilling. BFD it was!

I broke into my Nature’s Path Pomegran Plus Waffles

While those were toasting, I made scrambled eggs—all of this from one egg and 1/3 cup eggwhites (of course cheese was scrambled in)

BFD never fails to amaze me. How could someone NOT love BFD? I loved these waffles. I felt they just tasted less process and fresher, if that makes any sense. And there was a hint of pomegranate so nothing too overwhelming nor artificial.

And we already had one episode this season of Community with Joel McHale in his skivvies but another one tonight? Yes please.

Hope almost Friday!!

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