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A day without a hippie.

27 Apr

I love not being busy at work. I had time to meet one of my old co-workers for coffee this morning and wasn’t stressed about time at all. We went to Caribou Coffee since I had two $1 off coupons that are expiring this wk. I got a large coffee for $1.08—score!

I just love this cup from Caribou it just made me smile. I really need to follow these especially
“Hold Hands Not Grudges”. I don’t like Caribou drip coffee as much but their specialty drinks beat Starbucks hands down in my book. But then again, I think Starbucks laces their coffee with a little something extra to get you addicted. I used to love Dunkin Donuts but had it recently and it tasted like coffee flavor water….ick. I’m progressing with weaning myself off the Diet Coke but don’t know if I could get off the Bucks.

I had a Kashi Go Lean Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookie bar as breakfast

The 13g of protein I loved. The 280 calories for that little bar, not so much.

Today was a relatively slow day again. I wish it would just even out with a steady pace instead of being super crazed one day then dead the next.

I did a side by side with a co-worker today who does a different job function so that killed a good hour of my day. Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement about the manager position role I mentioned yesterday (and the taking down of Stinky!). I got more questions from coworkers today if I’m going to apply for the manager position or not. I’m going to think long and hard about this because I KNOW I would do an awesome job but its Stinkalicious that’s getting in my way. And it would be more money and cmon who doesn’t like that? But then again in the words of Biggie…..mo money month problems.

Sigh, decisions decisions.

For lunch I had a Cedarlane Chile Relleno. I’m not a big fan of frozen meals but it was a) Cheap and b) Mexican so I was game.

 It was good…except that I had to re-nuke it three tops. Originally I cut into it after heating for the recommended time and kept getting icy bits. I would have loved to have tortilla chips to dip in the sauce but didn’t have any there. I think if I would’ve had a reliable microwave I would liked it more but I would try again.

I saw Scott Stapp lookalike again and didn’t recognize him b.c he has a beard. Not. A. Fan. I am anti facial hair—what about yall? He just looks a little too hippie for me. And speaking of hippies, my hippies (yes I now own them) weren’t out today….sadness.


I was hoping to get some veggies but they don’t come out when it rains. Which confuses me b.c aren’t hippies supposed to be one with nature? BS I tell you.

I had half a container of Chobani peach greek yogurt with blueberries for a snack since that was going to my brekkie.

Didn’t keep me full too long though b.c I remembered I had these mini size candies hidden in a drawer.

I had some Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Pizza Dough leftover and decided to make a pizza with a side salad for dinner.

Salad with red onions, half a tomato and Ken’s Lite Honey Mustard Dressing, Boring I know. If the hippies would have been out, it could have been prettier.

And look at this—I made an almost round pizza—no Richard Nixon looking or California shaped pizza! Go me 🙂

I love the combination of mushrooms and artichokes with garlic and red pepper flakes–yum!

Even though the hippies weren’t out today, I had my own hippie–Lincoln! He got into a bush when I took him out and turned into a flower child.

And I’m sorry but I think Lincoln is just one of the cutest dogs ever. And he is so much cuter in person since he doesn’t photograph well. But seriously, how could you look at him and not be happy?

I spent a good 10 minutes getting the mess out of his hair and it obviously exhausted him. Poor baby.

And I forgot—I signed up for another 5K today! I am going the Great Harvest Bread 5K on May 22nd.

 I have been slacking on running lately and this will push me to get out on the road again. And I was all set to go tonight and course the rain is coming down. Maybe the hippies did a rain dance?


2 Apr

I got so much done today it wasn’t even funny! After proclaiming about how much I was going to get done after my last post, I got sucked into Regis and Kelly (which I love but never get to watch) but then, I got sucked into Dr. Phil.

I cannot stand Dr. Phil and just the sound of his voice makes me cringe. But seeing sometimes I am lazy and do not have a remote control, I sit there and watch him. Then I get in a Dr. Phil trance and soon I am cheering him on. Ugh.

I was then off to go to the grocery store but stopped at the Bucks first for a grande iced coffee with skim milk, one pump of Cherry syrup and two splendas.

I stopped and loaded up at Bi-Lo, Harris Teeter and Trader Joe’s. I go wherever the sales are for things I need and luckily, all are within a two-mile radius. And God forbid, I don’t stop at Trader Joe’s every other day.

I love that Trader Joe’s sells beer individually. One of my goals this month/quarter is to drink less beer but it is the opposite of when it comes to chocolate. If I have chocolate in the house, I eat it …..non stop. But sometimes I will get a hankering for beer and just want one or two. If I have it in the house that’s good but if I don’t I go out to the bar and end up drinking seven or eight of them and end up staying for a while.

I grabbed a bag of their  Flax Seed with Blueberries. I was telling one of my co-workers about it and we are going to keep it at work and split it. If you haven’t tried this—do so!!!

And Lincoln got some goodies also—all of this for $10—thanks coupons 🙂

When I was at The Teet, I got a 6 inch tuna sub on wheat with mustard, lettuce, tomato and pickles

As always, a fan was waiting for something to fall

The Barack was in town so it was all over the news……future running mates?

Has anyone seen this ad? Hilarious and so true.

I mentioned in my last point how I leave a path behind me since I am so unorganized and evidence right here :

It was a gorgeous day outside and couldn’t let it go to waste. I took some sinus medicine I had from my last sinus infection and suited up for the pool. I haven’t work my bathing suit since December when I went to the Bahamas but good news—less snug!!

I caught up with Gwen again

Beautiful day indeed

There were a few other people getting sun. Ummmm one dude who is ALWAYS there was talking to himself for a good 20 minutes. I walked past him to see if he had a Bluetooth but none so yeah, stay away from him. I got a good two hours of sunning in then went back in. It’s just not as fun when the pool isn’t available 😦

I saw an ad for H&M in In Style which reminded me of how much I love that store….and that we don’t have one near.

But have no fear—there a few in the DC area so I will be putting it up on the list of To Do next wknd!

I made granola bars afterwards since I am out of stock

The dry ingredients—I added vanilla whey and mini chocolate morsels for some umph!

The wet ingredients

The final product

Can’t wait to break into these!!

I haven’t made lasagne in a while and decided to break it out again! Just call me lasagna because I loooooooove lasagne

I made veggie lasagna with mushrooms, onions, baby spinach and Morningstar Veggie Crumbles

I use No Boil noodles since I really don’t have the patience to sit there and boil lasagne noodles

All layered up and ready to go

I just had to take a peek while it was cooking!

It turned out beautifully (I love burnt edges)

Not to toot my own horn but this is the best lasagne I have made to date. I love cheese but used only 2/3 of the ricotta it called for (the consistency turns me off) and less shredded cheese.

Lincoln always gets to lick the lasagne plate clean

Such a sucker for this dog.

I love and hate how much energy I have when I don’t have to work. I love it because I can get so much done in the day but hate it because my jobs the energy out of me and it kinda pays the bills. Note to self, buy lottery ticket tomorrow.

Vibrating Booty and Fish Burps

21 Jan

Yep, sums up my day. Well, a portion of it. Today kicked butt!

I had my year end performance review with my manager and he basically told me I am top performer on my team and that I have no worries of layoffs. I work at a bank headquarters so layoff scares are always floating around. The past year and a half has been especially tense but hopefully the sun will start shining again.  We also find out tomorrow if we get our incentive bonus for the past year. I have been with the bank for five years now and we received it the first  three years I was there but not the past two. Major bummer. The nice thing is that they allow you to elect a portion of it to go into your 401K so less taxable income and more money for me when I am a silver fox! I refuse to work when I am retired (I almost refuse to work now but I have these little things called bills each month). That just started my day off to a great start and it kept getting better!

Soon afterwards, I had my Buckies and Greek Yogurt in a cup (if everyone can do oats in a jar, I can do yogurt in a cup with yummy strawberries, flax and granola). On another note, I am sad that the red cups from Starbucks are no more. They just make me warm on the inside (or maybe that’s the hot coffee I am enjoying?)

I was sitting at my desk and felt something weird. My butt. My booty was vibrating! I don’t know if this was from the running that I have recently starting doing or what but it was weird.

Quote of the day when I went to a make coworkers cubicle 

Me: “Hey were you able to open that spreadsheet I sent you? Oh yeah…..and what should I do if my butt is vibrating? The cushioning is starting to revolt!”

Him: Crickets…..Crickets….”Huh?”

Fabulous. And I took my Fish Oil and had the fish burpies after. Gross.

Busy busy busy day at work which was a nice because that always helps the day go by fast. More planning for the NYC trip in July and random IM’s with coworkers about randomness.

And I am happy to say today was the last of the Baked Polenta I made this wknd! Don’t get me wrong, it was fabulous but four days in a row? Meh.

I bought these Diet Snapple Single Packets this wknd b/c of a BOGO special at Bi-LO and one word: NASTY! How could Snapple produce something so horrible? It tasted like chalk with a sprinkling of fruit flavoring.Maybe they would be good with vodka? Who knows. The only thing I liked about these was that they each have a fun fact on them! Knowledge is Power 🙂

The snacks were a Gala Apple and Navel Orange. I just love the light shining on the orange. Heaven indeed my friends. Hold on–correlation–orange–light shining–good! No light on the apple–bad! Like the Bible! I am so not a religious person but wow. I amaze myself sometimes.

Nothing too interesting happened on the bus ride home. I jammed to Julian Casablancas (lead singer of The Strokes) new solo cd. I am diggin a few songs, 11th Dimension is definitely my favorite by far.

Came home and caught up with one of my besties from the west coast (which is impossible because of the time difference) and put me in a better mood. I just love friends who you can talk to although it has been forever and you can just pick up like you saw them yesterday.

Dinner was something new! I made ChickPea Burgers! I just took:

 1.25 cups of chickpeas

.5 cup breadcrumbs

1 tbsp soy sauce

Sprinkling of garlic, pepper, thyme

.25 cup wheat gluten

2 tbsps olive oil

Mashed together, formed into two patties and grilled on the stove with  1 tbsp of veggie oil.

I put it on a Kaiser Roll with a tomato and Ken’s Lite Honey Mustard. HEAVEN! I definitely recommend this and it filled me up and a nice veggie alternative. I had some grilled mushrooms and onions on the side(I wanted to put on the burger but it was about to topple over as is) and some Food Should Taste Good Jalapeno Chips. Full I am!

And now off for a run–yay Couch to 5K! I need to enjoy this 70 degree weather before it goes back to 40 something and rainy tomorrow!

Ain’t That The Tooth

19 Jan

Happy Monday!  I started off the day with a yummy breakfast (1.2 cup oats, 1 cup Soy milk, 1 nanner, 1/2 scoop protein powder) sorry for no picture—my cam did not want to cooperate. I finally got the nerve to book a dentist appt (after 7 yrs without one!) and went to my new dentist today at 915A. I filled out all the paperwork and patiently waited for the nurse to call me out. The front desk lady called me over and told me “Oh, yours husbands insurance is DMO not PPO and we are an out of network office.” I, of course, fount this amusing because I don’t have a husband and asked her “Oh, is he hot and does he make a lot of money??” 🙂  I was kinda bummed after that. I finally grew a set and turns out they are out of network. At least they told me beforehand. To shake this bad feeling, I went to Goodwill to find some goodies for cheap. I bought a pair of cute Nine West black heels that are perfect for work and actually comfy! 4 dolla make me holla!

After that, just went to Buckies and got a Grande Pike with two pumps SF Cinnamon dulce and soy milk. Yum!

 After that, I went to Earth Fare to wonder around and got some red quinoa, rolled oats and coconut granola. I came home, picked up my baby boy (I love federal holidays!!!) and packed up the car to go to the Dog Park.

Look at how good he is ….never happens in the car. We went to the park and sadly enough, no small dogs there. We decided to get our cardio on and walk around regardless (it has been in the 20’s the past two wks and today it was 50’s-60’s so suffice to say, we wanted to take advantage!)  I stopped at The Teet and got a turkey wrap (sub of the day $2.99 why thank you Mr. Teeter) and some oranges for the wk. Chowed on my wrap once I got home and some Food Should Taste Good Jalapeno Chips. I actually got my wrap without cheese or mayo which is muy dificulte for me. I loaded the wrap up with tomatoes, pickles, banana peppers and a yummy Dijon mustard made by Boar’s Head that has white wine in it. Will definitely be trying again! The chips were interesting…..texture wise, I really didn’t like them but I loved the jalapeno flavor. They had enough flavor that I would consider trying again.

 And I got to break out my ultra cool napkins. If I ever breed, this will be me (except I do like salt with my ‘rita’s 🙂 )

Since I was feeling productive, I decided to continue training for Couch to 5K. I went to the local Greenway and walked/ran 2.25 miles for 45 minutes. My legs didn’t hurt as much as Saturday and I felt fabulous afterwards! I called one of my girls afterwards and we met at Salvation Army to look for goodies (you know it’s a good day when you can hit two thrift stores up in one day!) and I found some awesome deals once again! I got a pair of Italian Leather Ankle Boots for $2.50 and some kitchen utensils (yes I know, which I plan on cleaning very very very well!) before using. After that, she wanted Buckies and I wanted Cold Stone since it was so gorgeous out. I was a good girl and got the Like It Guilt free sweet cream ice cream with strawberries.

We chatted outside about the horrible dating scene that is Charlotte. I love exchanging bad dates stories with friends. But in a sick way, it’s like we try to one up each other by whose circumstance is worse. Her date brought over a $5 jug of wine (which he took with him when he left!) and I have a guy who has called me 11 times in the past two days who cannot take a hint. I guess we can’t win them all. Sigh!!

After a day of running around, I came home to my beautiful dog and made some dinner. Tonight was leftovers (which I eat leftovers a lot since some recipes make so many portions, it’s a waste to throw out the food!) and it was my take on this  Baked Polenta Recipe. I made this last night but mixed it up a bit. Instead of the sausage, I used Morningstar Crumbles  and used about 4 oz. shredded Mozz and a dash of Parm.  

I reheated some of that yummy goodness and grilled some zucchini, onions, mushrooms, red pepper in a dab of evoo and garlic. All in all, a good flava filled meal!

Besides that, I am looking forward to a relaxing evening. Perhaps a bubble bath? Perhaps a read? Perhaps waiting for my Weeds Season 5 DVDs to get here on Wednesday (Thanks Netflix!!!) Cannot wait. I am seriously addicted to that show and if one has not watched, I seriously recommend it.

Do I seriously have to go back to work tomorrow? Boo to that! Cheers to a three-day work wk (I took Friday off as well since I am crafty like that!)