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Frugal Friday-Chikun, Bins and Calendars-Oh My!

31 Dec

Hello all—another round of Frugal Friday! I was going to do a year recap but then sadly realized that not only is it the end of a year but the end of a decade. No way I could recap an entire decade in a moments notice. There will definitely be a recap in the future but just not now so another round of Frugal Friday we go!

I’m a mover (yet sadly, not a shaker) and I tend to move a lot since I am part gypsy. Anytime I move one thing I look forward to is the “Welcome to the neighborhood” packet of coupons that various companies send to you with freebies and special offers in your new neighborhood. Luckily when I moved this summer, they sent me two packets so I’ve gotten to enjoy double free goodies in the past few months. I saw this coupon for a free Chick Fil A combo meal sitting around and went to use it on Wednesday

I found out they offer whole wheat bun options which is fabulous and I think it’s only $.20 extra. They also offer you fruit instead of fries with your combo which is also fabulous however their waffle fries are one of the reasons I heart the Chick Fil A so fries it shall be forever! Total meal cost me $.22 for the whole wheat bun substitution.

Also, Chick Fil A has a jar near the condiments station with awesome pre-wrapped mints. I may have taken a few handfuls of them for later enjoyment.

They are rolling out the unveiling of their Spicy Chicken Biscuit next week. If you go here and make a reservation, you can get one for free! I know Christina is already on this like white on rice.

Tip: If you get the Welcome to the neighborhood” packet like I do, take advantage and use your freebie coupons! They can introduce you to new places that may just be your new favorite spot!

Soon after, I headed over to Healthy Home Market–a local natural, organic, hippie store that has a phat selection of bulk bins.

I want to start incorporating more legumes into my diet and wanted to pick up some dried beans to make at home.

I got a half pound of cannellini beans that is going to last me a long time. I was also on the hunt for oats that I can make on the stovetop since I’m running low and love the oats when it’s cold out. I found rolled oats that were half off the original price so only $.79 a lb! That’s a whole lotta oats for so cheap.

I ended up getting a little over a pound for $1.69. Beans and oats for only $3.29—great deal!

Tip: If your stores offer them, I definitely suggest checking out the bulk bins, they are crazy cheap and offer many varieties of beans, flours, oat, trail mix, coffee, nuts, candy and more! I like to get items I’ve never tried because I can control the portion size so even if I try it and don’t dig it, at least I can say I didn’t spend too much it.

Another tip: Make sure you portion enough water when making dried beans. I don’t think I used enough water and let it sit at too high of a heat when I made them so they turned out a little burnt.

Oh well, I don’t mind burnt stuff. I will find something to use these for.

Anywho, after picking up the dried goods, I got home, put my finds away then checked my mail. Usually, I throw out all the junk mail that I get from random companies but I saw this flier from one of my credit cards and had to do a double take!

50% off a $10 or more iTunes purchase. I loooooove iTunes and have too many songs on my wishlist however once I start purchasing, I go all out and $30, there I am wondering what I just spent my money on. But for 1/2 off it’s totally do-able.

Tip: Don’t just throw away your mail-look through it and see if any offers or promotions could be useful to you. As states, I love iTunes but never really go on there since I spend more than I want to but with this offer, I can do it without buyer’s remorse.

I also flipped through my calendars for 2011 to see what goodies they held in them

Tip: See if you’re favorite chain restaurant produces a calendar. I love both Dunkin and Chick Fil A and they both have calendars that offer coupons for each month. The DD one only cost $1 and the Chick Fil A one is $7 (I believe) so it’s a great deal and way to save throughout the year!

Happy Savings!