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Unheard Of!

20 Dec

Wow, what a Monday! Ok, so not really but I just wanted to say that for once because you never really hear someone say that. The only exciting thing that happened today was that it went by super fast which is usually unheard of on a Monday. I also started my day with no Starbucks which is also unheard of. I must have a Starbucks fix each day and if not, must drink two regular coffees to get the buzz that I get from one of theirs. Some say that their coffee tastes burnt but I absolutely love it. Some also say that I have an addiction but I like to think of it as stimulating the coffee economy.

I tried a new flavor of Kashi Crunchy Bar for breakfast today–Cinnamon Coffee Cake.

I found it on sale at Harris Teeter a couple of weeks ago for $.89–unheard of! These go on sale every now and then but I’ve never seen them for less than a buck. I was a little apprehensive about trying this flavor because I like cinnamon, coffee and cake but never had the trio all together. It could either be really good or really bad right? The verdict was that it was absolutely delicious! I loved the sweet glaze on top and it wasn’t hard or crunchy like other bars often are. The only thing that disheartened me is since it was on clearance, it may be discontinued soon. I need to investigate this because if it is going to be discontinued-I need to stock up! I do this now anytime I learn of something I love about to be discontinued, ever since Ulta took away my favorite lip stick shade. That was three years ago and I still haven’t found a shade like it.

I had a coupon for a free Like It size creation at Cold Stone Creamery so I walked over there after lunch with a co-worker and got a Sinless Sweet Cream Sans Fat with raspberries–unheard of for me since I can’t pass up their mint chocolate creation they have their.

Dinner was a random one. I was craving red meat and my thoughts automatically went to my stand by of stir fry but I was being lazy and didn’t feel like cooking brown rice. Yet I continued to cook up some peas, onion and mushrooms along with soy sauce, red pepper flakes and black pepper with no idea where I was going with it. Then I threw in some sliced sandwich beef and still had no clue what to do with it.

So I thought what to do with it and thought and thought and thought. And nothing. Since I had no clue what dinner would actually turn out to be, I heated up some tomato soup and sprinkled grated parmesan in it when done.

Delicious yet but you don’t get more random than tomato soup with a side of veggies and beef or veggies and beef with a side of tomato soup. It was tasty which is unheard of since the two would never be paired up together in my mind before tonight. Tasty but I wanted something a little more filling and wish I would have gone a different route for dinner-something hot, hearty and filling. And this my friends, is why you plan out your meals. I need to start planning out meals again but I didn’t buy alot of produce this week since I’m going out-of-town on Friday for a long weekend. Not having any fresh produce in my house is unheard of and frozen and/or canned veggies just don’t cut it in my book compared to it’s fresh counterparts. Oh well, there’s always next week.

I went for an invigorating 45 minute walk after dinner. I absolutely love working out when it is cold out and it’s like my own little outdoor gym since no one else seems to be out there. Unfortunately, I looked like Randy from A Christmas Story since I had a tank, two long sleeve tops, a sweatshirt and a coat on.

Too bad I can’t watch that movie anymore. I loved it as a kid but TBS showing it 24 hours straight absolutely ruined it for me. I also need to make a note to wear long socks when I go out for another walk because half way through my walk, I could barely feel my ankles.

When I got home, I did a mini kettlebell session working mostly on my legs

Kettlebell 20 lbs

Kettlebell (20 lbs)

Plie Squats (13 reps, 4 sets)

Squats (13 reps, 4 sets)

One Legged Deadlifts (13 reps, 3 sets)

Side Bends (20 reps, 3 sets)

Cardio and weights in one night? Unheard of!

I also had to say goodbye to a good friend tonight, Mr. Wal-Mart Pepper. A house with no pepper is a HUGE unheard of in my book.

Dear friend-you’ve been with me for a year, we’ve made alot of tasty dishes, lived in two homes and I finally went through you. You were exactly what you claimed to be-a great value.



Is anyone going to BlogHer Food ’11?? It’s in the ATL in May and that’s within driving distance so I am definitely looking into it. I’ve never been to a bloggie conference before and one that I can drive to is….yes, you guessed it…..unheard of!  I totally want to roll into the ATL blaring “Welcome To Atlanta”. If anyone out there is, let me know, we can be roomies 🙂

Less than 4 hours to go in my Chobani giveaway so get your last entries in!

Walk and goodies

17 Apr

Happy Saturday all! I woke up at 545A today which should just be illegal on the weekends. Registration for the walk was at 715 and I needed some food and coffee first. I wake up around that time during the wk but it was just rough today.

 I made a big bowl of rolled oats with peanut butter, baked apples and mini chocolate morsels.

I was off to Carowinds for the walk and it was absolutely packed! They already had a live band playing, Starbucks provided coffee (YAY!) and some snacks. I met up with the MeetUp group that was doing the walk and they were really cool. Meetup groups vary and really haven’t connected with too many people from there because I feel like everyone either knows each other or I don’t have that much in common with them so I was pleasantly surprised. We started the walk through the amusement park then continued on the road behind the park. It wasn’t timed so it was a pretty leisurely walk but they had people handing out water, apple and bananas along the way. My knee started to kill me around the second mile which sucked so I had to slow it down a bit but it was nice since I had someone from the group at all times there walking with me.

We got back to the park and got our post walk food which was provided by Jason’s Deli—I had a veggie pinwheel wrap and chips. Again, I would have pics but I was off to pick up my camera afterwards-happy 🙂

I went to the hood, got my camera and was back on my way home. I stopped at Harris Teeter and got some amazing deals and went to Kabob Grill for some lunch. Ever since going to Lebanese Taverna last wk, I had been craving Mediterranean food. I got the Pita Wrap Lunch Special with the Lamb Kabob Wrap, fries and a drink. Not too shabby for 9 bones.

Fabulous. I think next time I will get the Vegetarian Combo which is similar to what I had at Lebanese Taverna and more of a variety.

Now for the hot deals I got at Harris Teeter!

They had Buy 2 coffees, Get 3 Free!

$1 Chobani’s which just brought a smile to my face….I may have to go back and stock up on some more!

Amy’s Burrito’s for $2

Amy’s Bowls for $3 and Buy One Get One Free CedarLane meals

Nature’s Path Waffles Buy One Get One Free

Various Kashi Bars for $1

And I don’t even celebrate passover but EACH of these items were $.50

All in all, a bunch of good deals. I am happy for all my new stuff to try 🙂

Lincoln and I are tired so we are going to nap it up, hope everyone is having a fabulous day!