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Snowmageddon? Not so much.

13 Feb

I woke up to this loveliness this morning

I love when it snows, the world just seems like a peaceful and happy place. No one is out, all is white ….not saying a perfect/peaceful world would be all white LOL!! Wow. That is totally not what I meant but I have to laugh now at how I worded that. White as in SNOW and it’s quiet out. No one is on the roads and if they are, the smart ones drive slow. It just makes me smile.

I started my morning by getting the snow off my car. I know it doesn’t seem much but it was on there and whaddya know, my scraper broke within the first two brushes so I had to scrap separately with the little piece in hand. This took a good 15 minutes and was a great workout! Plus I have the soundtrack to Trainspotting pumping so a good way to energize!


Soon enough, I was on the road and first stop was Starbucks. I had to go to the store to get some milk anyways so figured I would let someone else make my drink this morning. This was the least crowded I have ever seen Starbucks and there was only one other person there.

I treated myself to a Raspberry Soy Mocha. If you have never tried this and you like raspberry and chocolate, please do. I dated this dude a few years back and him introducing me to this drink was the one good thing I got out of the relationship.

 I only have this maybe three or four times a year because it is that orgasmic.

I noshed on their Huevos Rancheros wrap.

I love huevos rancheros, I love Starbucks. But this wrap? It was Gigli-rific. It tasted like something Lean Cuisine or Weight Watchers would come out with on their frozen breakfast line. Very disappointing since I have tried other breakfast items and all were fabulous.

I went to Harris Teeter to get a bread bowl for my spinach dip I am making this wknd. I wanted pumpernickel but the bakery man talked me into Italian since he said I am so Italian looking (which I will take as a compliment).

While I was waiting for the bread to finish in the oven, I wondered around the store. Look who I ran into :

Jay Robb Protein Powder!!

I’ve heard great things about his powders and never knew they had it at the supermarket. And only 23 bones—this will be a purchase in the near future since my current powder is running low.

Ok, I know a lot of people think Johnny Depp is sexy and all but I have never seen it. I’ve always thought he looked skeevy but after seeing him on this cover, I may have changed my mind.

Rawwwwwwr! And isn’t he 40 something? Homeboy is looking good.

Who knows the rest of the day will bring??!