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Hello gypsy!

30 Jun

Wednesday was a day to go play and run errands. I had a Groupon to get my eyebrows threaded and let me tell you, it was much needed. The caterpillars above my eyes were back with a vengeance!

Ah sweet relief. The girl who did my brows was so quick, it took less than two minutes. That’s what I’m talking about! Then my friend and I went to my beloved Three Amigos for lunch.

Pretty sad that this will be my last trip there since it’s become my favorite Mexican restaurant in Charlotte. I mean come on, with guacamole like this, what’s not to love?

We ordered the lunch portion of the enchiladas verdes and soon were greeted with this

Yeah, that’s the lunch portion.

Good thing we split it because there was no way in hell I could have killed it. Plus since I am now homeless, I don’t have anywhere to keep it.

Later that night, we went to Solstice Tavern in NoDa for my going away party.


NoDa is my favorite neighborhood in Charlotte due to it’s funky eclectic vibe. Add a decent mix of people including hipsters, hippies, urban dwellers, preps and more, it’s my favorite place to be. While walking down Davidson Street, you will see all kinds of art.


Solstice has a great, spacious patio that’s perfect for summer time drinking. On almost every wall outside there is a mural and I just adored the one we were sitting next to.

Woof woof indeed!

Beers were flowing and we started off with the mini corn dogs

These should be illegal. I’ve never heard of mini corndogs before but I will be keeping an eye out at restaurants for these. I wonder if they will make a hit like fried pickles are doing lately?

I got some kind of sandwich with roast beef and turkey, it was pretty unmemorable.

It was great to hang outside, drink some beers and be with friends before I leave

Hmmmmm, where will life take me? Screw that, I wasn’t pondering life, I was pondering what my next drink would be!




Add that plus a late night run to 24 hour  Amelie’s for some sweets, it was a fabulous evening!

And today? Today I feel n to the asty. I only had five beers last night, what the hell is going on? Maybe it’s because I haven’t had beer in a couple of weeks? How am I hungover still at 6pm at night? This getting older thing just sucks. But I think I need to keep it at a two to three drink limit whenever I go out drinking because nothing good ever comes out of five drinks. On the other hands, four drinks is when things start to get difficult. Ugh, priorities…..

And you know what you shouldn’t do when you’re hungover?


Never ever am I moving again in the summer, I am so over it. Luckily, a lot of my things were out of the house but I still had some random stuff laying around and had to do a final cleanup. I better get my $800 deposit back because I busted my hump cleaning today. Clorox and a hangover are not an ideal combination by the way.

Goodbye home.

Hello gypsy!

So now I sit here at my friends place catching up on Real Housewives of New York. Oh how I’ve missed the shrillness that Ramona brings to the table! Her voice doesn’t help me in the state I’m in and neither does her drama. I swear every time I watch RH of NY, I want to confront one of my friends or talk about pecking order. For dinner, I grabbed some sushi at Harris Teeter

Do you have an art district where you live?

Do you have a lot of restaurants/coffee shops that are open 24 hours?

Grease is the word

26 Feb

So, the plan last night was to go out for my co-workers birthday and have two beers then peace out.

Of course, that didn’t happen.

We celebrated, bitched about work and naturally bonded.  I love that I have such cool co-workers but am going to be leaving my job in a couple of months.

And the shirt? BCBG found at Goodwill for $4-holla!

Around beer #3 , these made an appearance

Now I’m not a shot kinda girl but when someone brings out a shot called a Purple Skittle, I’m instantly intrigued.

And you know what? It really tasted like a purple skittle, it was fantastic! So beer #4 and #5 happened after that and I was in no shape to drive so I cabbed it home and tried to find some drunk food to feast on. Unfortunately, I don’t keep any drunk food at home so it consisted of hummus and crackers. Not too exciting of drunk food but it did the trick and soon it was sleepy time.

I woke up this morning and felt ill. Not like pukey ill but ill as in my head was pounding, I was operating at a slower pace than normal and my stomach did not feel well. Of course Lincoln was extra hyper this morning because he likes to torture me sometimes. we went for a walk and then I called one of my co-workers to see if they would take me to my car. I got to my car and needed grease ASAP so I went to a local diner, grabbed a paper, sipped on coffee and feasted on a french toast, eggs and sausage special for only $4.95. Why hello cheap, greasy food, please get in my belly!

Ate every last bite of both plates. It was totally worth it.

I also saw some interesting ads in the paper like this

Couples dinner night at a strip club? How romantic!

Soon after I went home, caught up on tv and lounged around and again, was hungry. I remember a git card to Five Guys that I had so I went and picked up a burger and fries in hopes that it would cure the hangover

Yum yum yum! I love Five Guys so much plus the fact that they use fresh jalapenos if you want them on your burger and you can get cajun seasoning on your fries.

I found a nice surprise waiting for me as well courtesy of Kimberly from Sunny State of Mind. I recently won her giveaway for Raw Revolution bars and an Oikos greek yogurt coupon–I can’t wait to try out the bars!

Thanks Kimberly–so many bars to eat, so little time!!

And after that? You guessed it–more lounging and doing absolutely nothing. It felt great to relax but I still felt like hell.

By the time dinner rolled around, I was ready for something not so greasy so I made tofu tacos again and they turned out great. I swear the taco seasoning just makes it even better plus a little cheese and salsa never hurt anyone as well.

And now I sit watching Billy Madison


I love Adam Sandler movies but never been able to sit through this one because I think it’s just too stupid. I’m really just waiting for Happy Gilmore to begin which could possibly be even stupider than Billy Madison but I just like hearing “The price is wrong….bitch” I think Adam Sandler would be a really good and loyal friend though, look at how he always puts his friends in movies. Even the friends who have nothing going on career wise-that’s a good friend indeed.

 What’s the worst hangover you’ve ever had?

Favorite shot?


9 Oct

WTF is up with this weather? Why is it October and 85 degrees out? If someone could give me a logical explanation, I would love to know but until then, I need this to go away. Hot weather makes me irritable and I am sick of having to go in between two seasons of wardrobes. Even though I am annoyed by the weather, my internet is finally up and running which makes me happy since it’s been on the fritz the past few days. It’s been working but at the speed of dial-up which has been driving me crazy. Nothing has really been going on here-just working and hanging out. I had no plans last night so I made a quick dinner of penne with hot sausage, mushrooms and kale

I walked over to Picasso’s for two beers. Or not. The plan was to have two beers but five beers later I was home and illin. Like majorly illin. Let’s just say that it involved praying to the porcelain king a few times…after five beers. WTF? I don’t know what made me so sick but I do not puke after five beers. Suffice to say, a big breakfast was in order this morning.

Sometimes turkey bacon is a fail. I wish I would’ve had the real stuff to soak up the liquor. Had it not been so pretty out today and if I didn’t have plans, I would’ve laid on the couch all day. Fortunately, the Ciao Italia! Festival was today. They have this festival every year over Columbus Day weekend but I’ve never been able to go so I was excited I would finally get to go this year.

No Italian festival is complete without food. I had the eggplant parmesan sandwich and of course, a large cannoli.

I love the t shirts they were selling, especially the “Approach with Caution-Italian Temper” one.

Lincoln and I went to Independence Park afterwards. It was a perfect day to be outside however it saddens me a bit that more people don’t visit parks and enjoy them. Our tax dollars are going towards them so we should enjoy them more!

 Hot dog!

I needed something to cool me off afterwards and stopped at Carolina Smoothies.

This place is close to home and I’ve passed by hundreds of times but never stopped in. I went in and love the selections they had plus you could get a free add in so I chose the anti-oxidant one with my Carolina Sunrise smoothie.

And they sell Spiru-Tein there! Check out my new flavors—I’m so excited!

And so was Lincoln! Or maybe he was excited about his new blanket that I bought for $2.99 at Salvation Army?

I’m sick of the Real Housewives (with the exception of my precious Jersey housewives—love em!) How many franchises are there now? And why so many? I’m sick of seeing these rich women creating drama in their boring lives. I keep seeing the previews for Beverly Hills and they keep saying something about high stakes drama and they cut to one of them yelling out “ENOUGH!”. Um, ok. Yelling out, “ENOUGH!” isn’t drama to me. If you are telling me there is drama, I want to see hair pulling, ambulance, cheating, cops, spitting ala Pumpkin on Flavor of Love. Rich over highlighted housewife from Beverly Hills saying “ENOUGH!” isn’t drama in my world, Bravo. Seeing that one of the Housewives series is always on, I think Bravo should move it to more “real” cities and it should be one for the corresponding day
Monday-Real Housewives of Milwaukee
Tuesday-Real Housewives of Topeka
Wednesday-Real Housewives of Weirton, WV
Thursday-Real Housewives of Tifton, GA
Friday-Real Housewives of Fairbanks, AK
Saturday-Real Housewives of Sioux Falls
Sunday-Real Housewives of San Antonio

And yes, I do have this much spare time on my hands to think of cities. I’m sick of seeing these over privileged people and their supposed drama. I want to see real people dammit.  But at the same time, I can’t help watching this crap. I spent an hour watching Real Housewives of the ATL this morning and I think I am hooked to that one-oi.

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable weekend so far–does anyone else have Monday off as well?

And lastly, a big GOOD LUCK to all the gals running the Chicago Marathon tomorrow—you will rock it!