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Giveaway winners!

28 Feb

Regular posting will resume soon, I’ve been in a funk the past few days but just wanted to announce the “I Love My Dog” magnetic bumper sticker winners!

*Amy –The Scene from Me

*Christine-Bite Right In

* According to Gus


*The Fit Academic

*Rachel-This Italian Family


*Natalie-Will Jog for Food


*Emily-A Nutrionist Eats

*Yelena-One Healthy Apple

*Nicole-Prevention RD

*Natalie-While I Breathe

*Monique-Food Snob

*Kristen-That Hoosier Girl

*Alyssa-Life of Blyss

Wow, lots of Natalie’s in the mix–you don’t hear that name anymore which makes me sad b/c it’s one of my favorite girl names.

Thanks to everyone who participated–please email me your addresses to simplyshaka@gmail.com so I can get those out–thanks!