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What I’ve realized this week

9 Aug

*I don’t like how the price of Dunkin Donuts coffee is increasing. At first, I thought I was going crazy because the iced coffee seemed to more expensive here than in Charlotte. But then I did a little research and turns out the price of their iced coffee and breakfast sandwiches at certain locations has gone up and may still go up. And of course, I think Dunkin has rockin iced coffee but not really a fan of their hot coffee. And vice versa for Starbucks.

*I have an unusual obsession with Mob Week

Mind you, they play movies that I’ve seen a hundred times. However, something about that it’s on for hours on end really excites me. I didn’t want Mob Week to end but of course, all good things must come to an end. Perhaps they should create a mob station? I would totally subscribe!

*I miss Lost. A lot.

‘Nuff said.

*As much as I complain about how hot is it outside and how I can’t wait for winter to be here, I’m going to miss salads come fall and winter. I’ve been chomping down on them a lot lately and eating a salad in the fall or winter just doesn’t do it for me.

*Bonding with mom isn’t so bad. My mom and I are close but not like Gilmore Girls close. I don’t tell her my secrets, indulge her with information about who I’m dating and admit, I can be pretty secretive with her. She is unemployed at the moment and wanted to go shopping to get out of the house and do something with someone instead of sitting at home alone. We  went shopping, had coffee and it was nice to hang out. I think I can definitely do it in small increments like three or four hours. Otherwise, we will likely kill each other.

*Once again, I need to cut myself off from all things Groupon. South Florida not only has one or two Groupon options, they have three! I get the emails for Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach daily and while that’s nice for saving money and trying out new businesses, I need to stop buying. I bought this Groupon awhile back when I lived in Charlotte for my parents to use and my dad insisted on my mom and I going for lunch the other day.

I don’t know how I have the ability to pick out places that are dead but we were the only table in there

It was a bit creepy but way better than being surrounded by noisy people. Our server told us that it picks up at nighttime and I can see why. Hello drink specials! And I noticed that they are all day drink specials so I guess if I have nothing to do and feel like a good day drinking session is in order, I know where to go.

Not only are the lunch items cheap, you get a salad with any lunch item

I got the chicken franchese and the chicken took up half of the plate

That’s what I’m talking about! More bang for my buck!

To top it off,  you get dessert with any lunch entrée!

It’s been too long since I’ve had a decent cannoli. The ones I had in Charlotte were pretty crappy but this here was the real deal.

*I love to spoil my dog

Lincoln isn’t having a dog party anytime soon since A) that’s ridiculous and B) momma has student loans to pay before throwing her non existent money towards a dog party. But that doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy a fun treat right? I got him a martini doggie treat and he scarfed it down, like momma like dog.

*I love riding my bike again! I usually scoff when I hear people say that once they find something they truly enjoy, it doesn’t feel like exercise anymore but I kind of know what they mean. I love going out there without a plan and seeing where I’m going to end up. I felt ambitious on Sunday and went for a four mile ride in the afternoon. I felt like I could have kept going but I underestimated how much water I would need. I rested for a bit then went out again that night for another four miles.

And that’s it…..for now at least. I’ve realized a whole lot more but I am just about dead to the world with a headache from hell. My sister has been in town so we have been going around non stop. She is getting married in October and lives three hours away so when she comes to town, she wants to get as much done as possible. Plus, on a happier financial note, I am going to work tomorrow! My friend is a recruiter and hooked me up with a week and a half long gig doing reception work. The girl is going on vacation next week and is going to train me the next three days and then I will be on my own next week. Get out of the house and get some extra cash? Sign me up!

What have you realized lately?

Tell me something fun going on with you! I am so behind with reading blogs, checking Facebook, etc.!

Frugal Friday–Deals, deals and more deals

25 Feb

Hey everyone–happy frickin Friday! Why does it seem like when I have a short week, it goes so much slower than a normal week? Maybe I am the only one like this? Who knows, it sucks so I’m stoked Friday is here! Thanks everyone for putting in your two cents on how you keep things organized–I got alot of good tips and ideas out of it!

Some of my deals from this past week….

 *Chick Fil A yogurt parfait +Dasani water for free thanks to my snazzy Chick Fil A calendar

It was a good size but I was expecting more than just one fruit, like some blueberries as well

And I finally got a chance to check out their new ketchup packaging!

I had to snag some for the road

Also, be sure to check out Chick Fil A’s Fry Day next Friday March 4th!

*Free dog treats

Ok, so Lincoln barks his non existent balls off anytime someone is near my front door or knocks on it. And I guess this applies to when my mailman/woman visits each day. He or she puts dog treats on top of my mailbox for Lincoln since I guess they can hear him everyday. At first I had no clue what these were and naturally thought I had a stalker since I am so awesome but I finally took one, sniffed it and realized they were dog treats. How sweet is that?

*Double coupons at Harris Teeter

I found the following:

Silk Pure Almond Milk – $.50

Minute  Brown Rice-$.55

Yo Crunch Fruit Parfait-free!

These are yummy but so tiny they end up being only four spoonfuls

*Sabra Hummus-$2

Athenos Greek Yogurt-$.65 each

Two packs of chicken breasts $7.88


Old El Paso tortillas $1

*Free dinner from Earthfare

I signed up for Earthfare’s email club and got this free dinner coupon. You spend $10 and you get a bag of baby carrots, mashed potatoes and either whole chicken or veggie burgers for free!

I spent $12 on the following

Vegan nuggets

Carolina Slaw

Bigelow White Chocolate Kisses hot tea

Yogi Bar

then got all of this for free

The vegan nuggets were absolutely terrific–just like chicken taste and consistency wise-win!

This was a fantastic value and worked out to about four to five meals!

What deals have you found this week?

Interested in guest posting for Frugal Friday on how you save money? Let me know–simplyshaka@gmail.com

Happy Savings!

Guest Post: Lincoln-It’s My Birthday!

4 Dec

Hey bitches–Lincoln here! I’m doing an extra special guest post today. Why today you ask? Because it’s my birthday! I’m 4 years old today so that means I’m almost 30 in human years. My momma and me are almost the same age-how weird is that?

It’s been a great year!

 I played in the snow

Traveled to Indiana with my momma

And I took many naps

I had a girlfriend, Sprinkles, but that voluptuous Maltese bitch packed up one night and left me for bigger things like a mastiff California. It’s ok though, they will be other bitches around. They are other cuties in my neighborhood but I mainly have my eye on Muffin, she is a cutie dachshund who I think has a crush on me.

I also found out this year that my long-lost brother is out there! Momma says she has never seen a doggie like me before but when she was reading More to Life Than Lettuce she saw Brody.


Pics courtesy of More to Life Than Lettuce

Isn’t it weird how much we look alike? Sometimes my marmie just stares at the pictures and can’t believe that’s not me. I wish I had Brody near because then everyone would see us together and think we’re twins!

I had a very happy birthday though. I thought it would be just another normal day and get to spend more time with my marmie because she had off from this place she calls work (What the hell is work anyways? She is probably out having fun 40 hours a week!) I thought it would consist of some puppy kisses and my momma taking me out for a long walk but I was wrong, momma had an agenda. We went for a long walk and I got a nice, meaty treat shaped like a pizza.

But then we got into this device with four wheels where I sit in an oversized seat and momma has her hands around a round contraption (hehe). I don’t like when we get into this thing.  Although we hop in this thing a lot for pleasant things like the park, I always think we are going somewhere bad like the doctor or the pound. I had one momma before my current momma and always think somewhere back in my head that she is going to give me away. Who says dogs don’t have confidence issues? Anyways, we got in and I waited to see where we were going. Turns out, I was going to get pretty! I love getting pretty because they treat me like a little baby and can tell I’m nervous. But it’s all good because I get my hair cut, nails trimmed and they clean the brown gook around my eyes.

My momma picked me up a few hours later. She was in her workout clothes and think she muttered something about going for a 45 minute walk and running errands while I was at the spa. But then there was another surprise! Momma took me to the Canine Cafe for a birthday treat! Canine Cafe is a cute, dog boutique near us and they have dog accessories and a dog bakery so we can enjoy sweets like us humans! Momma got me two petite four treats

Momma sang happy birthday to me when we got home. That’s nothing new to me though since she sings to me…..all……the…..time. She loves to sing but won’t sing in front of other humans since *ahem* she isn’t the best singer ever. I know, I know. I shouldn’t say that about my momma since she is so good to me but it’s the truth. She sings all these songs to me and sometimes replaces words to make it relatable to me. She sings “Devil in Disguise” by one of her faves, Elvis someone or another and sings:

“He looks like a poohuahua”

“He walks like a poohuahua”

“He barks like a poohuahua”

 “You’re the Linky in disguise”

She also sings a lot of Lionel Richie and The Commodores to me. She is old school. My favorite is when she sings some song called “Maniac” from an 80’s movie (waaaaay before my day) and does this little dance running in place. It’s cute and it amuses me.

Anyways, it’s been a great day. Momma and I took naps after my treats then we just hung out. I’m happy she let me blog, I’ve only posted once before but definitely want to do it more! And thanks everyone who comments how cute I am. She relays the messages to me and I really appreciate it. Thanks for reading, it’s truly been a great day.

PS–My momma asked me to post a link to win a free apron at Fashion Meets Food!