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You give great customer service

20 Aug

So, one of my traits is that I’m snarky. Like really snarky however I do have a nice side and contrary to popular belief, don’t complain about things all the time. I believe in giving props where props are due and this is going to be one of those posts.

I bought Solgar Whey To Go Strawberry Protein Powder on a whim my last weeks in Charlotte. I went to Healthy Home Market and wanted to get a small container of protein powder since I would be on the road soon and planned on bringing my Magic Bullet (which I completely forgot about) I’m a Spiru-Tein girl but when they are charging $40 for a tub of protein powder and $3 per packet, I don’t think so. I saw Solgar and checked out the stats and liked what I saw.

*130 calories per level scoop

*20g protein

*.5g fat

So I was excited to get some and use it in my first smoothie!

and when I opened it up there was no spoon. Hmmm, weird.

I sprinkled a little in my smoothie since I was in the middle of a protein fit and went onto their website to contact them about this. I wrote them a quick email asking if this was standard practice for them to not include measuring spoons.

A representative of theirs emailed me back before end of the business day, apologizing and asking me for my mailing address.

Three days later, I saw a box sitting at my doorstep. I saw that it was from Solgar and was wondering why it was so big if they were only sending me a spoon. I opened up the package

They sent me a completely new tub of protein powder! I wasn’t expecting them to send me a completely new package but hey, I’m not complaining. I thought it was pretty awesome that they responded to me so quickly and took action to resolve the problem.

Recently, I won a $50 gift card for Holabirds Sports over on Sweating Until Happy. Words cannot express how stoked I was to win this since I am in major need of new sneakers. I got my gift card from them in the mail with a personalized note. Can we say brownie points for Holabirds?

I went onto their site and automatically went to the clearance section to see if I could find anything. I found a pair of New Balance True Balance walking sneakers which was perfect since I was looking for some sneakers to wear in Italy. I also got a pair of Under Armour wrist bands for when I go biking. I sweat so much on my rides and hate having to pull over to stop and wipe myself down so there are perfect!

The shoes are exactly what I thought they would be and the fact they are very lightweight is a plus! I only have my bulky pair of Nike running shoes that I wear when working out and didn’t want to have to lug them around with me. I also ordered a pair of socks that didn’t come with the package. However, instead of just sending me an email that the item was on back order, they called me the day after I ordered to let me know. They didn’t email me, they called me. That is pretty much unheard of this day and age. I was taken aback when I saw their number come up on my phone, what could they be calling me about? I thought that said a lot about the personalized service of the company and wish more companies would follow their lead. When I got the package, it noted also that the socks were on back order and I could get them as soon as they came in. Very nice Holabirds, very nice.

Has a company ever WOWed you with their customer service?