15 Aug

Happy Monday! There’s not such a thing but one of these days I’m going to convince myself that a happy monday exists out there. I know I shouldn’t complain because I’m working a temp gig that isn’t challenging whatsoever but the sleep fairy was not on my side last night. I went to Barnes & Noble last night after dinner and read some magazines awhile because I’m cheap like that. I caught up on my celebrity gossip thanks to US Weekly —Jennifer Aniston is having a baby—whaaaaaa? And then I picked up an issue of Hello magazine and caught up on my British celebrity gossip. I recognized a few names here and there but others I had no clue about and couldn’t tell you who I read about if you paid me. But for some reason these strangers stuck with me in my dreams last night. I’m not talking some freaky freaky dreams, I’m talking violent-let’s-set-people-on-fire-and-shoot-people kind of dreams. All I recall is one of the rugby players I read about being the head honcho of some renegade hoodlum group. A renegade hoodlum group  who would go into banks and restaurants robbing people then murdering them. Pleasant right? The fact that they were all gorgeous, wore cowboy hats and had accents didn’t help either. Just another case of me liking the bad boys. Then I remember Bindi Irwin holding a koala in Outback Steakhouse while reciting a poem about how wonderful the Alice Springs Chicken is.


No, no thumbs up Bindi. What the hell is wrong with me? Why are my own thoughts attacking me in my dreams?

Not an ideal way to start off my Monday but at least I had a pleasing weekend. I took a stab at making green salsa. It’s been forever and a day since I made salsa so it was long overdue plus I’ve never made the green variety before but found a great deal on tomatillo’s at the swap shop. I picked out six of them and removed the husks and cleaned them off. It took a little longer than normal since they were sticky but once I did I chopped into quarters.

I also chopped up some cilantro, three deseeded jalapenos, one plum tomato and red onion. I threw that in my magic bullet along with some minced garlic and water and voila-green salsa!

I’m not sure why it came out so frothy but once it settled it was tasty and something different.  I made so much of it I wasn’t sure what to do with it. The original plan was to make chicken tacos but I really wasn’t feeling that. I racked my brain thinking of what I could make and brought back another oldie but goodie-nachos.

Oh cheesy nachos, you make me want to sing to the heavens. Nachos are the sole reason why I can’t keep tortilla chips in the house regularly since I could eat them every day without thinking twice. I attacked that plate as soon as it was done in the microwave, poor thing didn’t even have a chance. The next morning I spiced up my scrambled egg wrap by adding the green salsa to the wraps.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early and ready to take on the day but unfortunately I didn’t have anything to do until the afternoon. I went to the gym and had a nice sweat session on the elliptical and some lower body moves.

I was shortly reunited with an old flame


I got the roasted pork with rice and veggies. I guess they consider the onions on top and peas in the rice veggies? Oh well, works for me. I miss Pollo Tropical so much and its one of the perks being back in FL. When I lived in AZ there was El Pollo Loco which doesn’t hold a candle to Pollo Tropical. Plus, cmon, I do not want to eat a crazy chicken. If I’m eating chicken, I prefer to think that he was a stable chicken with no mental problems.
Afterwards I hung out with the pool and that’s when the attack began. There were these nasty bugs in the pool. I am not completely afraid of bugs but once I see bugs with wings, I get freaked out. Pretty much anything with wings freaks me out and don’t even get me started on birds. When I see pigeons or crows, I cower away afraid that something out of “The Birds” is going to happen to me.

And I’ve never even seen The Birds but I can only imagine when it’s about and have visuals of crows pecking at my gorgeous face. Meh. And once again, ADD has taken over…..back to the story

I was in the pool, minding my own business when this creepy wingy bug swims over to me and jumps on me. I flip out, shriek, splash around and he is still on me. My dad was sitting on the patio reading and threw me a cup to get him out of the pool with. I finally get him in the cup, throw him on the ledge and kill him. I go back to where I was standing, reading my book in the pool. Bliss. No bugs and a good, fun read in my hands.


I’ve read this book twice before but love anything by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez. If you haven’t read any of her books, please go out and read one of my favorite books of all time, The Dirty Girls Social Club

ADD, right……

Soon enough I  see another creepy crawly swimming in there but coming right towards me. I didn’t freak out as much this time around but I got him in the cup and had a repeat session of the first victim. And what do you know, again, another ones comes after me. I think it was their dad or something trying to avenge their death because he attached myself to their bathing suit and would not let go. I finally got him into the cup and put him onto the ledge to meet his demise. And the effer was smart because he got away. He played a game of cat and mouse for 10 minutes and then he escaped for good. I thought I was just being dramatic at first about the bugs following me but my dad even admitted it was a bit odd that they were going after me. I don’t know where he is or where he is hiding out but I have a feeling we will meet again. When I walk out onto our patio area, I keep scouring the pool for him. I am afraid of this little bug for some reason and the next meeting, I’m not going to be so nice.


Once the bug drama was done with, Mickey came in the pool to float around for a few minutes. Seriously, how cute is this dog? He’s not as agile as he once was but I’m hoping Mickey hangs in there for another year. He can’t hear or really see anymore but doesn’t appear to be in pain. I feel bad for Lincoln because Mickey is the OB (original baby) and I coddle him like there is no tomorrow. Whenever I walk in, I say hi to Lincoln and give him kisses but quickly pick up Mickey, hold him like a baby and rub his belly and ears. Lincoln has bigger fish to fry though, like avoiding being attacked by grandma. Lincoln goes in her bed every night to cuddle with her. But I walked in the other night and saw him pinned down, not being able to move from the force that is grandma’s thigh.

I guess we are all being attacked over here, physically and mentally.

Do you remember your dreams?  I tend to have super weird ones like last night or can’t remember anything at all. One of my favorites was when I came home drunk one night and dreamed that Alec Baldwin was the leader of a cult and tried to kill me. I tried to escape him but he was on the mission to have my murdered and tried to get me via speedboat chase, a run through the jungle and chasing me in a case on a winding road. Thankfully he never caught me but when I woke up the next morning, I turned on the tv and The Hunt For Red October was on. Freaky.

What’s your favorite salsa?  Do you buy it or make it? If you make it, please share your recipe!

31 Responses to “Attacked!”

  1. Aww, Mickey is too dang cute! Between him and Linc, looks like you’re surrounded by adorableness nearly 24/7!

    Whn it comes to salsa, I LOVE Fronterra by Rick Bayless. I could probably drink a whole jar of the salsa verde. I also recently tried a jar by World Table, which is actually a Wal-Martbrand in disguise. I must say, it was damn good and the price couldn’t be beat. I’m picky about jarred salsa and there’s like, a million to choose from, but those are my current faves.

  2. Laury@thefitnessdish at 11:19 pm #

    Oh My, Mickey. I want him!!!! SO so so cute!!!!

    My dad makes the most amazing salsa…I will go with his any day. Your green salsa looks awesome though!

  3. Awww Mickey is adorbs! So cute! You are on the road to a gazpacho with that amazing salsa. Delish looking. I absolutely love tomatillos!

  4. MelissaNibbles at 5:32 am #

    I usually don’t remember my dreams unless they’re bad. Am I the only one that thinks Bindi looks like a character from The Dark Crystal?

  5. Aww Mickey in the pool sooo cute!!

  6. I remember running across the movie “The Birds” when I was really little. I watched it anyway, even though I knew I shouldn’t have. Scared the crap out of me!

    I’ve never made my own salsa. Because yeah- that would mean there are chips in my house and that’s not a good thing. lol

  7. Abby at 7:15 am #

    That picture of Mickey belongs on a greeting card or something. You know I love Lincoln, but that was too cute.

    As for “The Birds,” I saw it in 3-D at Universal Studios when I was like six. Yeah…thanks for that trauma, mom and dad. Actually, Bindi Irwin scares me more…

  8. diana@mymarblerye at 8:49 am #

    i do NOT do bugs. WTF those sound huge and ANNOYING. Talk about ruining relaxation…and yes mam..don’t complain about Mondays! hahaha. Anyways I love green salsa…no recipe to share cause I’m lazy

  9. Ashleigh at 8:58 am #

    I love to make my own salsa.. SO easy! Here is my recipe

    O M G how freaking cute Mickey in the pool? Awwww!!

  10. Julie at 10:34 am #

    HAHAHAHA, LOLOLOL, the part about Lincoln and your moms thigh, cracked me up!!! LOVE your sense of humor!

  11. BikiniBy30 at 10:43 am #

    Add some avacado in place of tomatoes to your tomatillo salsa. You won’t be sorry. Mr.BB30 makes an amazing tomatillo/avacado sauce that is mind blowing! He whips it up every couple of weeks and we keep it in a squirt bottle to put on eggs (for him), tofu, noodles, EVERYTHING. It’s my new favorite condiment.

    • simplyshaka at 10:09 am #

      Noted—I love avocados! I really need to invest in a swuirt bottle like that instead of a jar with the hassle of spooning it out.

  12. LL…I have weird dreams too…but I have to say, I’ve never dreamed about Bindi Irwin 🙂

  13. Carly at 11:00 am #

    Oh those nachos are making my mouth water. I like to make homemade salsa – cherry tomatoes, lots of peppers, red onions, garlic, olive oil, cilantro – so so good!

  14. You just reminded me that there is a post I want to write recounting a dream starring Tom Brady. I’ve been reading a lot of fantasy epics (Game of Thrones and the Outlander Series) AND watching The Wire on DVD (just finished Season 4), so I keep having these insane nightmares that medieval clans are trying to kill me with shotguns over a drug supply I don’t know exists. It’s rather disturbing.

    Not as disturbing as dreaming about Bindi Irwin, though. That shiz is whack (and FTR, I think Melissa is dead-on with the Dark Crystal thing).

    • simplyshaka at 10:08 am #

      That is a disturbing dream. Does Tom have long or short hair in the dream? For some reason I really love the Bierblicious hairdo on him.

  15. Eunice at 11:41 am #

    Bahah. Your dog looks so happy in the pool!

    I’ve been using this pico de gallo recipe from Simply Scratch for all my salsa needs:

    • simplyshaka at 10:08 am #

      Awesome-thanks for the link! The pico looks so fresh and zesty, I love serrano peppers.

  16. bindy and mickey are making this post all kindsa cute. AND THOSE NACHOS.

  17. I am catching up on your posts and had to click out to comment on this one for two reasons. One, to AWWWWW at all the pup photos! and two, to tell you Marshall recently bought this brain pill (it’s a vitamin) that causes lucid dreaming. It’s been awesome! It works and I remember my dreams now! Also–I got the stay fresh bags yesterday… excited to use them! xo

  18. Kelly at 4:10 pm #

    I always have super vivid dreams…always have. I have been known to wake up at Keith pissed off about something he did in a dream…they always seem so real.

    • simplyshaka at 10:00 am #

      I hate when it is so real that you are actually mad at the person from what they did in a dream-happens to me all the time!

  19. Katie @ Legally Fit at 5:33 pm #

    Aw, love the puppy pics! Don’t the super vivid violent dreams like that kind of freak you out? I always wake up in a start whenever I have one.

    I love birds but dude, that movie is creeper city. I think they were crows though, which I hate. Anyway, can’t believe the bugs were attacking you like that! I would have called it a day and ended the pool sesh- I’m a wimp about bugs.

    The salsa looks awesome and I love putting it on eggs! My current fave is the tomato-less salsa from TJs- I love corn salsa! I made nachos on Sunday- I feel the same way you do- they are dangerous!

    • simplyshaka at 9:58 am #

      Oh, I never heard of that salsa. I will have to look it up1 But maybe I shouldnt since there is no TJ’s here and that would be a tease.

  20. So many comments going through my head i don’t even know where to start! 1) Yes, I remember my dreams most of the time. I hate the kind that are so real that you think about them all day long. 2) Nachos-have you tried Trader Joe’s sweet potato tortilla chips? I just bought a bag. Pretty good. 3).Bugs…EW. You have to look at the pic I posted on my FB page today. You’ll understand. 4)Mickey is so cute in the pool and I love how cute Links looks even if he’s caught under grandma’s thigh…haha. 5)Love DGSC book. I’ve never read any of her other books. Will have to check the one you’re reading out. 6) Why didn’t I give you salsa when you were here? I have a case of it from Chris’s mom. 7) Tomatillos remind me of our adventure to the Latino Mega Mart.

    • simplyshaka at 9:57 am #

      Why didnt you give me salsa? I would have gladly taken it off your hands. And no to the sweet potato tortilla chips. No TJ’s remember?? 🙂 However, if you would like to send me some, I wouldnt object. I saw the pic of the cicada-um, gross.

  21. leashieloo at 8:28 pm #

    I am literally laughing out loud about the birds. I’m not usually worried about them, but I hate geese. I don’t wish them ill will, they’re just way too aggressive and psycho. There’s a pond around the corner and I have to take little detours when I go on walks and jogs. They are CRAZY and start chasing for no reason. It’s like, dude, I don’t have any bread for you!

    • simplyshaka at 9:55 am #

      Hahahahah, I feel your pain. Geese do tend to be on the crazy side dont they? Hope you dont have anymore run ins with them!

  22. Those pups are adorable! It makes me miss mine 😦

  23. Awww… such cute pups! Looks like Lincoln doesn’t mind the snuggle factor from grandma, he looks totally zonked! 🙂 Mickey looks like he really likes hanging out in the pool, so cute!

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