Frugal Friday: Boston and Beyond

29 Jul

Happy Frugal Friday! Hope everyone is ready for the weekend and that it’s starting to cool down wherever you are. The weatherman said that in South Florida the heat index today will be 110 degrees so this girl is all about staying inside in the A/C. My parents said something about going to see a movie this afternoon at one of the $2 theaters so they are embracing Frugal Friday as well!

When I went to Boston, Stephanie took me to this awesome used bookstore she frequents. I love used bookstores but this one also had cd’s, dvd’s, magazines, records and other goodies. I soon got the lay of the land and found that they had racks in the front featuring best sellers, chick lit, cookbooks, etc. Along with that are rows upon rows of books, all organized  by genre. It was very easy to navigate through with very reasonable prices.

Not only did I get a couple of books (Devil in the Junior League was read on the way back to DC and a fun, quick read), I also snagged some books on cd, which I still call books on tape. I like to think people know what I’m talking about when I saw books on tape so hopefully that’s the case.

I listened to Something Blue on the way down to Florida and it really did help time go by quickly. I read the book years ago and knew the premise of it but forgot certain parts of it. Plus, after seeing Something Borrowed a couple of months ago, it was fun to continue the story from Darcy’s point of view plus now I can totally see Kate Hudson as Darcy. Every though I prefer the books to movies, I am hoping that they come out with Something Blue as a movie. I am waiting to listen to the Lovely Bones on another long trip. I read the book and it was a little too depressing for me but given the way the book reads, I think the book on tape will be really interesting. I got both of these for under $8. If anyone of you book on tape people would like “Something Blue” let me know and I will be happy to pay it forward and send to you!

While at the Lululemon store in Boston, I went up to the cash register to ask how much their red bags are. I’ve never bought anything there before but I see their bags everywhere and dig them because they are a) red, my favorite color b) I love the quotes on them, just looking at them makes me smile. Besides me Coach purses, I don’t think I can say that about any bags I own. The sales associate told me that they don’t sell them, that they are the bags they put purchases in. I must have looked pretty down while saying “Oh” because the sales associate took one then slid me it on the DL and that definitely turned my frown upside down!

I got to the train station a bit early on Monday and was bored after a half hour, the people watching gods were not being good to me. I found out where the closest CVS was and took a walk over there to stock up on snacks, drinks and more. Stephanie gave me this coupon for $3 off HerbaShine hair color and it must have been in the stars for me to buy it because it was on sale for $7 at CVS.

Pair that up with a $.50 extrabucks coupon and I got hair coloring, swedish fish, Gatorade and a sandwich for $11, not too shabby. But then I thought about my purchase and how sketchy I looked buying hair dye when about to get on a train. That’s like straight out of a movie when a chick kills someone then moves somewhere random like South Dakota to start anew. No worries though, Stephanie is still alive and I am too afraid of prison to do that anyways. I’ve never seen a CVS carry sandwiches like that and they had a pretty decent variety like a club, chicken caesar and buffalo chicken, which I got.


I later enjoyed on the train along with some pita chips that I bought at Trader Joe’s that weekend. A great, portable meal for about $5.50 as opposed to just a sandwich on the train for $7 or $8. The buffalo chicken was surprisingly tasty, a lot better than I expected from a drug store.

When I stopped in Charlotte for a night, my friend and I went to Target to look for dresses. Naturally, this meant that I would buy a crap ton more than a dress, including three pairs of shoes for under $30 (one of them not pictured because I have too much stuff and can’t find them at the moment)

While making my way down to South Florida, I saw this sign for free coffee if the restroom wasn’t spotless at Dunkin Donuts. I thought I was going to walk away with a free coffee since it was a DD located within a gas station but no dice, the restroom was completely spotless

I stopped at a friends house the first night I was back in FL and she has an avocado tree in her backyard that is growing avocados left and right. But they aren’t the avocados that I’m used to, like the Haas ones from California, they are Florida avocados and I’ve never heard of that even after growing up in Florida.She gave me a bag of them to take home but said I would have to wait awhile for them to be ready to eat.

As you can see, they are much bigger than the Haas ones and the skin is smoother as well. I sliced one open yesterday but it still wasn’t ready-boo.

I have been doing excellent with not eating out that much. I only ate twice this week and one of them was with a Groupon I had for Wings n Ale in Coral Springs

When I bought the Groupon, I thought the name sounded very familiar and when we pulled up, I realized that I had been there before. I was surprised to see it still in business because it’s in a random strip mall in the corner and if you blinked, you would probably miss it. The inside was very small with about eight or nine tables and you seat yourself. They have a small bar area and only two servers working that night. It was packed and our server mentioned that everyone who has been there in there was because of Groupon. One of the many reasons I love Groupon is because it helps support local businesses so I was happy to see that it was hopping!

Since I tried their wings before, I ordered the blackened mahi sandwich and it was superb. The fish was freah and blackened perfectly with a hint of spice. Plus I kinda dig that the mahi filet is square and served on a round bun-just like Wendy’s hamburgers!


Do you do a lot of shopping while traveling or try to save your money on other things?

Have you ever had a Florida avocado?

Do you have a good avocado recipe? I’m looking to do something besides guacamole!



14 Responses to “Frugal Friday: Boston and Beyond”

  1. MelissaNibbles July 29, 2011 at 11:49 am #

    I hate chick lit, but I loved both Something Borrowed and Something Blue. I don’t like that the movie didn’t follow the book though.

  2. Ashleigh July 29, 2011 at 1:47 pm #

    Hey thats the CVS I go to 🙂
    CVS is my fave place for deals now! They always have good sales and extra bucks!

  3. Tiff @ Love Sweat and Beers July 29, 2011 at 2:02 pm #

    I spend a lot when traveling, but it’s usually not on shopping. I spend most of my money on food, wine/beer, activities/tours, transportation, and mroe wine/beer. I guess it’s just how I roll…

  4. Amy @ Second City Randomness July 29, 2011 at 3:10 pm #

    Swedish fish are my current favorite for road trips. The sugar keeps me hyped up way better than any cup of coffee could…

  5. Ally @ Sweet & Savory July 29, 2011 at 3:28 pm #

    I do shop a lot when traveling…as I don’t usually shop otherwise. I’m cheap, so when I go somewhere different I usually splurge a little!

  6. miriam July 29, 2011 at 5:07 pm #

    I have to ask…where/what is that bookstore? I’ve never heard of it – and want to go!

    • simplyshaka July 29, 2011 at 11:08 pm #

      Hey there- it wasn’t in Boston proper, it was in Burlington and the name on the receipt just said Used Bookstore…lmk if you want the address!


  7. twobooswhoeat July 29, 2011 at 6:12 pm #

    Florida avocados are definitely different! I think they taste a little less creamy than hass avocados.

    So sweet about the Lululemon bag! I love their clothes but they are way too expensive. I always look for their clearance.

  8. lauren b July 29, 2011 at 9:14 pm #

    Hey! Cant believe CVS had sandwiches. Weird! And yet amusing at the same time! I am a 27 year old attorney, floridian, but only been in fort lauderdale area for the past 4 months or so. So let me know if you would like to get together and grab a bite or a coffee with a blog reader fan of yours (god-that sounds sooo creepy! I wouldn’t want to go with me-haha-jk…kind of! ). 🙂

  9. diana@mymarblerye July 30, 2011 at 8:52 am #

    hell yeah I go shopping. I love going to tj maxxes across the country cause each store has different sh*t!! I’m obsessed!! I’ve been pulling a tiffany and bought so much stuff on clearance and at thrift stores this week! if I wasn’t lazy I would def do a thifty post!! BTW I want a free Lulu Lemon bag so I can look hip!

  10. diana@mymarblerye July 30, 2011 at 8:53 am #

    ps. use the avocado as a pasta sauce! I think oh she glows did that

    • simplyshaka August 3, 2011 at 10:40 am #

      I told my friend about your suggestion, she googled it, found that recipe an loved it–thanks!

  11. nutritionforarunner July 30, 2011 at 9:58 pm #

    I always save my money to buy things I can not buy where I am from:)

  12. Sara@Runninginpinkproject August 3, 2011 at 5:36 pm #

    Glad you had a good experience at Luluemon. I had a TERRIBLE experience with them in Georgetown over the weekend. Im feeling lucky that they didnt punch me in the face. 🙂

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