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Music, dirt and gigolos

10 Jul

Allo! The drive up to DC was an uneventful one. It’s about seven hours from NC but no good stories or anything. One of my biggest concerns is that I’m going to be bored with my music selection which is one of the reasons I long for XM Radio. But then whenever I think I want it I think about how I’m not in the car that much for me to justify getting it. With all this driving happening though, that may change soon because you can only listen to a cd so many times in one sitting.

A few of my favorites this time around were:

Mushroom Jazz 2

I just discovered this cd at my friends place and surprisingly liked it. I never considered myself much of a jazz person. Mostly because anyone that I know who likes jazz is old but this cd is great! It reminds me of the type of tunes you hear in an independent coffee shop and had a lot of funk tones to it so it wasn’t just straight up jazz.

If I Were a Carpenter


This cd reminds me of freshman year in high school. Yes, high school. I still have a bunch of cd’s from those days and refuse to throw them out. I remember buying this cd on a trip to NYC with my parents and anytime I listen to it, it takes me back to high school. It’s a cover cd of The Carpenters songs featuring  artists like Shonen Knife, Cranberries,Sonic Youth, Sheryl Crow and more.

Luke’s Hall of Fame

This is another cd that reminds me of high school and one that I haven’t listened to in ages. I listened to it for about an hour on the drive up and really listened to the lyrics. One question-why the hell did my parents let me listen to this stuff? Can we say vulgar?!

As soon as I knew it, I was in the DC area. I’m staying with Neyal for the next week and a half and excited to spend time with her. I’ve known Neyal forever (10+ years) so crashing her place for this long of time is totally acceptable (at least I like to think so) and told her I will cook and clean in exchange for room and board. Plus, I get to hang with Riley so that’s a big bonus.

Sigh, Riley and his ASPCA commercial eyes.

When I got to her place we caught up and  made dirt for dessert.  Basically, it’s crushed oreos (we added a few chocolate chip cookies since we are adventurous like that_, pudding and cool whip. You layer all three together and let chill then you have a fun little dessert to have. She was telling me when she makes it for a party she puts it in a flower pot, adds gummi worms and other cute stuff like that.

This stuff is absolutely amazing and I could have had it for my meal.Instead I stuck with a little bowl and had a conventional “meal” for dinner. We feasted on leftovers and hung out, it was a perfect night in.

Another random thing?

I learned about Gigolos on Showtime

Neyal told me about this show and we watched  a few episodes the other morning and all I can say is WOW. This show is graphic yet I can’t look away. But after four or five episodes I had to since it’s pretty much like watching soft core porn. The show follows five straight male escorts in Las Vegas who are the best of the best. They show a lot of their day to day gigs and  people who hire them and I’m somewhat surprised with that. I’m kinda waiting for the day that I watch it and see someone I know on there. Who wants to see their co-workers on there buck naked bumping uglies with one of these guys? That wouldn’t be a tad bit awkward at all. Yeah, it’s a reality show but it has an emphasis more on  “what” they do rather then what’s going on with their lives, the business, etc. Supposedly the second season is premiering tonight and I have a feeling that like any good wreck, I won’t be able to look away.

Have you ever made or ate “dirt”?

What’s your take on the Gigolo show? Have you seen it?