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I don’t wanna wait

8 Jul


I have a confession.

I’m 31 years old and wish Dawson’s Creek was still on.


Dawson’s Creek came on my earlier years of college but I never watched it. Then my second senior year I had one class left and when I came home each day from that one class, it was on for two hours on TBS. And that’s when I got hooked. At first I would just sit at home, watching it by myself, making fun of it. But then I really started to like it and couldn’t wait to get home from class so I could zone out and see what was going on in the town of Capeside.

So when I found out we would be going to Wilmington, where Dawson’s Creek was filmed, I was super excited.  I started searching for Dawson’s Creek stuff in Wilmington and found this picture of a mural


But unfortunately couldn’t find it or really any other things when I went to Wilmington the other day. I saw Hell’s Kitchen but that was about it since it was dark outside and I didn’t want to get out of the car and ask strangers about Dawson’s Creek. I was looking forward to seeing the city but I think it would have been better during the day instead of night time. Oh well, perhaps another time.

So instead of searching for Dawson’s Creek memorabilia, we went to Carolina Ale House since it was $2.50 pint night and oh yeah, that little thing called food

This place was total sausage fest…..and men without wedding bands who were over the age of 24 not wearing pastels, it was great! So, $2.50 beers plus nice scenery, definitely a good place to go. I had a Stella and a Carolina Blonde and by the time we got out food, I was a bit full. I got the Greek Pizza topped with pesto alfredo, feta, kalamata olives, spinach and tomatoes.

Party on Creekers


Did you watch Dawson’s Creek?

Team Dawson or Pacey?


Team Pacey all the way!