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All apologies

17 May

Hello all! I’ve had some interesting search results that have brought people to my blog in the past few weeks. But what makes me sad is that I haven’t been able to help people with their search results. So this is my apology for you randoms that have been brought to Simply Shaka from your search inquiry. Some of my favorites are below (with my comments in red):

  • naked images of leonardo dicaprio –how I wish I could help you with that! Please let me know if you do find it though because this girl would really like to see that!
  • shaka wrap –Please don’t eat me
  • samoan arm –Curious about this. Especially since there was a month long period where my mom thought I was dating a Samoan man. I have yet to meet this guy but want to know where the rumor started (I’m sure on Facebook) Maybe she mistook my love for Samoa cookies for a Samoan man?


  • shaka’s bartender amanda
  • paula deen belly button –this search disturbs me a bit. Not only did one person get to my blog from this search but three people. Why are y’all wanting to see a pic of Paula Deen’s belly button? Is there something wrong with it or is it a fetish?
  • calories in brio tuscan grill artichoke crusted beef medallions –I have no clue nor do I want to know but I remember eating them like it was yesterday

  • string cheese incident apparel –I’ve heard of them but never heard their music. I may have to look into this!
  • shaka lunch bag
  • where do they sell shaka shirts in corona—Let a girl know!
  • the rock left arm
  • christmasrainbowjiglebells –I don’t even know what this means but I hope you found what you are looking for
  • chick-fil-a catching up with mcdonalds –Team Chick Fil A all the way!
  • chobani bad –Why would one ever say such a mean thing?
  • you all groomed up tube –Huh?
  • how to make 20lb whole wheat pizza dough –that is a lot of pizza my friend! I wish you luck and if you need someone to help you eat said pizza, drop me a line.
  • how to land a job at value village
  • shaka rice bowl stabucks center –I need to find out what a Shaka rice bowl is!
  • is harris teeter liberal –They are based out of North Carolina so my guess is no.
  • process 7p starbucks –Ohhh Starbucks tricks, I want in on what this means. Is that a code for when people are rude and you spit in their coffee?
  • Vienna airport deicing
  • poodle wears beret-Here you go

  • shaka-la-squat
  • tired of being broke when i deserve to rich-Preaching to the choir!
  • cleaned my plumbing and got really sick and then spread to my family
  • hawaiian shaka n stink eyes may 13, 2011-What??
  • does jen lancaster have a favorite coffee mug? –I’ve gotten a few people from this search and I honestly don’t know. She is my favorite author and all but what’s with the curiousity about her favorite coffee mug?
  • what if my tattoo isnt moist all the time –You should get some….
  • lubricating grease-I’m really sorry I couldn’t help you with this. Season has been slow over here.

And for the winner of the Biggest Loser Wii Interactive Fitness Game?….

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If you have a blog, what’s the most interesting search result you’ve had recently?

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