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400th post GIVEAWAY!

7 May

Wow, 400 posts. I can’t believe I’m up to 400, there’s been so much I’ve discussed—weight loss, recipes, bad dates, traveling, work issues and more! So in honor of my 400th post, I am hosting a giveaway for…..

The Biggest Loser Wii interactive fitness video game! Includes:

  • Extensive workout customization, a daily calendar for day planning and 50 healthy recipes from The Biggest Loser Cookbook.
  • A complete workout containing over 88 exercises, including upper and lower body, core, cardio and yoga.
  • Select from a 4, 8 or 12 week program and compete with contestants from the prior seasons of The Biggest Loser.
  • Multiplayer functionality allows you to train with a friend and compete in weekly challenges to see who really is The Biggest Loser.
  • Wii Balance Board compatible with 66 of the included exercises utilizing the Wii Balance Board, including squats, knee lifts, lunges and much, much, more.

Want to win this? Here’s how to enter:

1) Leave a comment telling me your favorite exercise

2) Follow me on Twitter  and leave me a comment letting me know , if you already follow me, leave a comment letting me know!

3) Tweet about this contest “@TiffanyNico is giving away The Biggest Loser Wii interactive fitness video game

4) Link this contest to your blog (you don’t need a blog to enter to win) and let me know

Giveaway ends on Monday May 16th at 11:59pm EST.

Good luck!!

Behind the times

7 May

Hello all! My trip plans were delayed for one day due to my lack of sleep on Friday night. I finally got some rest early Saturday morning but woke up late and decided to leave for Florida today. I was dragging for the first few hours Saturday morning and went to the gym to wake up. I did 25 minutes walking on the treadmill with an incline ranging from -3 to 6, did lower body strength training then a cool down of 5 minutes on the elliptical. Unfortunately, it didn’t help me too much in the waking up department.

I met up with some friends to see Something Borrowed in the afternoon which was perfect since the movie theater was near Dean & Deluca.


I needed a major dose of java so I got an iced coffee and went around the store trying out their free samples. I could dine off of their free samples alone since they offer bruschetta, creamy artichoke dip, hot raspberry preserves over cream cheese and other goodies.

Something Borrowed was cute. As always, the book was better and there were a few changes in the movie but I enjoyed it. And I now have a crush on John Krasinski, unlike others who fell in love with him on The Office. I am behind the times what can I say?

Another way I’m behind the times? In regards to books. I found these two titles at the library today and am excited to read them, especially since I’ll be putting in some beach time this next week!

Which one should I read first??

Fro-yo was enjoyed right after the movie. I got the mini at Pinkberry since their fro-yo seems to be more expensive that other places. I am all about the self serve fro-yo places that allow you to choose the size, adds ins and weigh it for price as opposed to a set size

After running some errands, I stopped by Harris Teeter to pick up something to eat. I went to the Harris Teeter referred to as the Taj MaTeeter by many since it’s the mothership and has just about everything there—sub station, pasta bar, pizza stone, hot bar, olive bar, Starbucks, etc. I was in complete overload of what to get to eat! I started talking with the sub girl about how I had no clue what to get and she told me since she loved my girl earrings and liked my fashion sense, I could get any of the six inch subs for $3.49, works for me!

I went with the chicken breast sub because it is heaven on a roll and little Lincoln got to enjoy some of the chicken since she hooked me up!

I’m not a huge movie girl but after seeing the previews in the theater, I cannot wait to see these two movies this summer

Friends With Benefits


Crazy Stupid Love


All I need in life is a little Ryan Gosling, homeboy just keeps getting better with age!

Any movies you’re looking forward to seeing this summer?

A couple of mayo’s

7 May

It’s around 5am and I’m supposed to be leaving for FL at 8am. Yeah, I don’t see that happening. I’ve been up since 3am and couldn’t get back to bed, which is just driving me crazy. Why does insomnia have to hit the night before an 11 hour drive??

So, we shall do a little recap of Cinco de Mayo and Yelpo de Mayo! I met up with some some friends for drinks at Three Amigos for Cinco de Mayo . Some of you may remember Three Amigos from my previous visits here and here—it’s officially my favorite hole in the wall Mexican joint in Charlotte.  The Cinco was a gorgeous day in Charlotte and I was all about getting a margarita in my system! But after three consecutive meals of Mexican food, I really wasn’t in the mood for a huge Mexican meal. So we just noshed on chips, salsa and guacamole instead.

Yep, works for me!

Oh, I didn’t mention the winner of the evening, did I?

Queso dip is proof from god that he indeed, loves us. Look at it spilling over—aw yeah.

On Friday evening, I went to Yelpo de Mayo sponsored by mi amore, Yelp. I go to Elite events every month but the cool thing about Yelpo de Mayo was that it was a free, open event to anyone with a Yelp account!


The nice part was that Elite members got to go at 7pm before the common folk. Love that since battling the masses was the last thing I wanted to do. The drinks were aflowing! Of course I had to try a margarita to properly kick the fiesta off with

Please disregard chipped nail polish

But then I said adios to the margarita and had the best drink I’ve tasted in awhile—Raspberry Truffle made with Whynatte Latte, vanilla vodka and raspberry schnapps.

I’ve tried Whynatte before at a local bar (they only offer them in bars for the time being, a little confused why only in bars) and that just had vodka in it and was good. But vanilla vodka and raspberry schnapps? Hello, this takes me back to college where I drank White Russians until I dropped (which could also be the reason I gained weight along with the discovery of ranch dressing with french fries freshman year) If your local establishment offers Whynatte, you should definitely try it out!

There were a number of local restaurants providing food. The first thing I tried was duck confit tamale from Roots, a new food truck rolling around in Charlotte!

Then tried chicken enchiladas from Three Amigos. After two visits in less than 24 hours, Three Amigos and I are as thick as thieves!

And then the cupcakes from Cupcrazed


The margarita mini cupcakes were the death of me. I heard a rumor that they were going to be giving to go boxes of cupcakes away if they had any left over by the end of the night. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see if that was true or not which could be a good thing. I really don’t need a to go box of cupcakes but want? Fo sho.

All in all, a successful end to my three day Mexican celebration. If I don’t have to look at any burrito or enchilada, I wouldn’t be sad.

What’s your favorite cupcake?

Any tips to help me fall asleep? I may just leave tomorrow instead if I can’t get back to bed soon. Driving 11 hours is something I don’t want to do if I’m not alert!