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Not a holy day

20 Apr

Welcome to my hell


I’m starting to give away all of my accounts at work to people on team. Which means, I have to go through 150+ accounts, see if there is any unfinished work on them, if I missed any defaults that haven’t been recognized and if not, go ahead and send glorious default letters out. Fabulous. So for the next week and a half, I am going to surrounded by files, looking for a new home.

Lunch was a beautiful disaster. Since I opened a can of refried black beans last night, I wanted to get to using them since it seems to take me forever to go through one can. I added salsa and cheese to a bowl of refried black beans and microwaved for two minutes to make bean dip with chips 

Ok, so it may not look delicious but how can you go wrong with a killer trio like beans, cheese and salsa? The plan was to have chips and dip, which is entirely appropriate, balanced meal for a 31 yr old working woman. But the chips I brought ended up breaking en route to work so I took the broken pieces and added to the mix.


I tried this Acai Berry Boost along with my bean dip meal. I added half of the bottle to 32 oz  cup of water and it was quite tasty!

My friend and I had plans for dinner and the place were were going to for Vietnamese, Ben Thanh, was in a *ahem* questionable part of town. We drove together since neither of us knew where it was and hello, safety in numbers. But when we got there, it was closed. Like no cars in the parking lot and no one had been there in hours, closed. I thought this couldn’t be right since I’ve read fabulous reviews on Yelp about this place and didn’t hear anything about it closing so what gives?  I texted one of my Vietnamese friends whose parents own a Vietnamese restaurant to see what the deal was

Her answer was justifiable since I went back and looked at their website and saw they were closed on Wednesdays—doh! Justifiable also since it is 4.20 but not so much because I don’t smoke the gang.

We saw some lovely sites en route to another Vietnamese restaurant

I guess one could be laid back and driving however I was curious if he had matching socks on and was he going to put on his shoes when stepping out of the car.

We ended up at Lang Van by pure luck alone. I knew it was somewhere in a questionable area but wasn’t sure about the location and since the location seemed a little sketchtastic, I never ventured out to see where it was. It worked out perfectly since it’s been voted Best Vietnamese restaurant in Charlotte multiple years in a row.

I could see why this place was voted the best Vietnamese in Charlotte since they were mad people get their hump on their! Hmmm, that doesn’t sound too good, it’s not like an orgy restaurant or anything, they were just celebrating hump day. I could have just backspaced or deleted that line but I am lazy.

We started with an order of jicama rolls with Chinese sausage in them

I ordered   bbq meatballs with vermicelli however the meat didn’t look like meatballs when it came out. But then again when my friend ordered the #47, the lady told her “No, you want the #45” so she may have switched my order while putting it in.

Guess she thought I look like a girl who likes to eat meat off a bone? And she would be right.

This was a flavorful, light, hearty portion with a mix of greens under the vermicelli however I made the rookie mistake of adding too much chile sauce. It worked out there because the staff was on spot with refilling my water, I think I must have had 11 glasses or so of water to wash down the heat. I like any restaurant that is that concerned with m H2o intake.

I got a pretty rockin fortune as well so I would say all in all it was a successful evening rolling through a questionable area. I am now curious as to who this unexpected source is going to be? Maybe an ex-boyfriend will win the Powerball tonight? Time to start sucking up!

Do you like Vietnamese food? If so, what’s your favorite dish?

Do you have any fun driving quirks?