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Quick Fix

18 Apr

So, it seems like we are equally divided on the Bieber. Some of us love, love, love him while others are not so fond of the Biebs. I’m secretly  hoping that when he is 40 years old there will still be a thing called reality shows around and there will be a show like the Bachelor centered around him called “Somebody to Love”

As long as he doesn’t end up like Leif Garrett, I will be a happy gal


Sometimes, a quick fix is just what I need.

In the morning when I don’t feel like washing my hair, I sometimes need a quick and easy.

Or when I need to bring some color to my skin but don’t want to spend hours sitting outside

Sometimes I need a quick fix for meals.

Enter dinner last night.

  I had some romaine that was about to go bad along with a surplus of veggies like cucumber, red pepper, carrots, tomato and onion. I also had a couple of pieces of steak defrosting in the fridge with no direction of how to use it. I marinated the steak in Paula Deen’s Peach BBQ Sauce for a half hour then cooked on the stovetop

Oh how I long for a grill. Stovetop steak is just not the same as grilled steak

I wasn’t sure what kind of dressing I wanted to use so I used lime juice and hummus to top it off with. It was a great pick since the hummus didn’t overtake the flavor of the meat.

After having that, I made a quick stir fry with peppers, onions, zucchini and steak. I mixed garlic, red pepper flakes and soy sauce and poured on top of the steak while it cooked. I removed the steak then cooked the veggies in the same sauce then added all together.

I had a container of cooked spaghetti in the freezer so I defrosted that to make a quick meal for lunch on Monday.

Suck on that Lean Cuisine.

A quick fix for exercise today was taking a 20 minute walk on my lunch break. It was a gorgeous day—74 and sunny (sorry Chicago peeps who are getting snow!) and it was a nice way to break up my day. Until walking back when the pain in my knee became almost unbearable. I don’t know what’s up behind my knee but it is no bueno. It hurts when I have my leg bent sitting down and when I get up, it kills me to walk for the first few steps.

Which led to a quick fix for what my behind the knee pain would be on Livestrong. which then led to me quickly freaking out that a strain, a cyst or a tumor. If anyone has any tips on behind the knee pain, let a girl know. It’s horrible and I feel like I can barely walk a mile anymore due to the pain.

Some interesting headlines I saw today:

I saw this article on the Huffington Post today about how Australian retailers are going to tack on a fitting room fee to try on clothes since their sales have dropped by almost 5%. However, if you purchase the items, the fee is then refunded.  What do you all think about this? I think it’s a creative way to bring income in but they will see a drop in sales regardless.

In other news, a study came out saying that  coffee drinkers are more loyal to McD’s than to Starbucks. I would be too if I could get a decent cup of joe for $1. Unfortunately, I am lazy. There is a Starbucks in our building at work and it’s the closest thing to me so why walk three blocks away to McD’s to get a coffee? I’ve also been spoiled by the coffee since Starbucks coffee is stronger than others so if I were to go to McDonalds or Dunkin Donuts, I would have to drink two of their coffees to give me the jolt that Starbucks does. I prefer to grow some hair on my chest with my morning cuppa joe, thank you.

Is it wrong if I want to try the Doritos Taco Shell at Taco Bell? I may need to make a trip to Toledo soon….

And wth is up with my former employer,  Applebee’s  serving a toddler the hooch? My favorite part of the article was after the toddler drank some of the margarita that was supposed to be apple juice “The little boy reportedly began hailing strangers, too” Hakuna matata little boy, I do the same thing, little boy.

What are you quick fixes in your every day life?

Survey: How many of you know who Leif Garrett is without Googling him?