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Cecil does Charlotte

6 Apr

When you love something, you just know it. It hits you that instant like a ton of bricks and it’s all you can think about. You try not to obsess over it but you find yourself incessantly thinking about it and wanting it.

That’s how I felt when I saw Cecil.


Mind you, I didn’t see Cecil in person however I stumbled upon his existence on Second City Randomness. When I saw his fun adventures in Chicago, I suggested to Amy that Cecil should travel to different cities to experience other shenanigans. And guess where he came next?

Cecil didn’t come with any bags because he travels light but he did come with a travel journal and cookies! Amy is a master baker and I’m forever drooling over her creations. She even remembered that I am not a fan of the peanut butter so she made me chocolate cookies with regular M&M’s and some with peanut butter M&M’s (M&M’s are an exception as is anything that just isn’t peanut butter alone)

Needless to say, these didn’t last too long at Casa de Tiffany. They were absolutely delicious-I need to get the recipe for the cookies!

As soon as I started to show Cecil his temporary home, Lincoln came out and wasn’t sure how he felt about another man in the house……even if it was a man with an oxygen tank.

I put Cecil to work right away…..literally.

He hung out with me every day at the office and made himself at home at the office. Perhaps Cecil was a banker back in the day? I tried to discuss profit and loss sheets with him but he wasn’t so keen on discussing until we shared some java.

Contrary to popular belief, even though Cecil is an older man, he is not an early riser. But soon after we had our coffee, we discussed our dreams, fears, thoughts on corporate America and Normandy.

We shared Swedish Fish in the afternoon for a little pick me up.

He told me that having Swedish Fish reminded him of Amy, lucky for him, Swedish Fish are one of my favorite candies.

We went for walks around Uptown Charlotte. He really liked how handicap accessible it was and how many of the buildings Uptown seemed to be modern

We went to the library and perused the titles.

Cecil really liked the library, he said that these days you don’t see many people going to the library seems the young folk all seem to have Kindles and such.

We spent many nights together at home watching tv and reading blogs. He even helped me cook a few nights and gave me pointers on baking sweet potatoes

Cecil went with me to Columbia, SC and Pittsburgh, PA  he was a wonderful co-pilot. He has a keen sense of direction, why buy a GPS when I have a Cecil?

After all that driving, Cecil wanted some cold ones. Who knew he liked the hooch so much?

He also walked the line by getting too close to a candle

He quickly rolled himself off of it back onto the table and he was the hero for the evening-even the paparazzi wanted to get a snapshot of him!

By the end of his stay in tour around Charlotte, Columbia and Pittsburgh, Cecil was a tired man and Lincoln still wasn’t sure how he felt about him

Eh, well that look says it all, Lincoln likes being the man of the house and feels a little threatened by Cecil’s presence. I had a terrific time with Cecil and will never forget the good times we had.


The question now is-Where will Cecil go next???