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2 Apr

Work actually gave us a break and allowed us to leave early on Friday–no joke! Management asked us to come into the conference room for a few minutes and told us they were letting us leave at 1pm because they recognize how much we have been working lately. Of course, none of us believed them when they told us this so we asked them a few times if they were being serious. When they said 1pm, I naturally asked “Eastern standard time?” just to be sure they weren’t letting us leave at 1pm Pacific standard time or something cruel along those lines and soon we were out of there!

I met up with one of my friends at Three Amigos Mexican Restaurant because I was in desperate need of a margarita (because who doesn’t want a margarita at 1:30pm on a sunny Friday?) and tortilla chips. Some of you may remember Three Amigos from my Charlotte field trip day last month and I was stoked to check it out again.

A margarita was definitely on my mind but once I saw my friend having a Coca-Cola, thoughts of a tequila filed drink went adios

We noshed on their lovely guacamole and caught up on things

After this, I didn’t need too much food but I love Mexican leftovers. I had no idea what to get since everything there sounds delicious, comes in huge portions and best of all, is very reasonably priced. I went with something different-veggie enchiladas poblanos (I wanted to stick to no meat this Friday to make Grand Master J happy  as opposed to last Friday with its meat filled glory from Primanti’s)

I’ve only tried mole a few times so this was new to me but delicious. I was so full from the chips, salsa and guacamole that I had two of the enchiladas to take home with me for leftovers this weekend. When I got home, the one thing on my mind was to snuggle with Lincoln and nap. But he was content with sitting in the sunlight and working on his tan.

Soon we were on the same wave length, even if he was still working on his tan.

Good thing he didn’t need SPF! Is there even doggie SPF, like a spray version? 

I made it to the gym after my nap and did 25 minutes of upper body strength training then onto cardio- none of the ellipticals were open so I did 25 minutes on the treadmill with an incline ranging from 3.5 to -3.0. I haven’t just walked in a long time so it felt good to do something different plus I got one of the machines with a tv and E! kept me entertained.

Some thoughts from E!

*I don’t mind in plaid shirts but after seeing Seacrest in one, I don’t think I like them anymore.

*Khloe Kardashian has her own reality show—really?

*When is American Idol going to go off the air? I think they should American Idol for seniors as opposed to just the youngin’s.

*I like Ashlee Simpson’s short ‘do


Some other random things……

*I love my dog, that’s all

*I have a mild obsession with a couple of international men as of late

Kieron Elliott

Rhys Darby

Did anyone buy the Living Social deal for Spa-Lami yesterday? Or the Forever Young Puppy of the Month Club?

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