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Babies breath

19 Mar

 Today I went south of the border to South Carolina for my friends baby shower in Columbia at The Riverbanks Zoo & Botanical Garden. The shower was at the Botanical Garden but it also covered admission to the zoo afterwards.

I was trying to think of the last time I went to a baby shower and couldn’t even remember. Babies kinda freak me out. I think they are cute and adorable….in pictures. When I see them in person, yeah, they are still cute but I prefer babies to come with a mute button. That being said, I wasn’t too keen on a baby shower however she is one of my best friends, is moving to Colorado next month and this would be the last time I saw her pre-mommy.

 Peep my new purse!

Ah, I wish!!! One of these though! I saw her purse and demanded that I pose with it so I can put it on my vision board.

I had planned on dropping by Cupcake after the shower since it was a few miles away and I’ve read reviews about their goods. Lucky for me, I didn’t even have to go there–they had cupcakes from Cupcake!

Who doesn’t love a cupcake topped off with a Teddy Graham??

I opted for the Almond cupcake because almonds have many nutritional benefits so eating an entire one would help me, right? Right.

I was especially pleased with how the  frosting was bigger than the actual cake portion.  Never would I have imagined an almond cupcake but they did it right –almond cake along with almond cream cheese icing and garnished with an almond. I was in almond heaven!

We played a few baby games and thank God they weren’t lame ones! We did a celebrity baby name match up, fill in the nursery rhyme game and the string game where you try to guess the area around her tummy. Unfortunately, yours truly didn’t win any of them which is sad because one of the prizes was a Starbucks gift card. Boo!

Soon we headed out to the Botanical Gardens where we soon said our goodbyes. I got a little emotional since it would be the last time I saw her before she was a mommy and no clue when I would see her again. And I was stoked I finally got to meet her husband, he is Shaka approved! The good thing is that her and her husband are going to be stationed in Colorado so I have a free place to stay! I even offered my services to her if she let’s me crash….watching the baby and cooking. Mind you, I don’t even know how to change a diaper but it can’t be that hard right?

I walked through the Botanical Garden while making my way back to my car and it was absolutely gorgeous

My inner hippie smiled when I saw this

What’s your favorite flower?

What kind of baby shower would you want-traditional or non traditional?  If I were to ever be expecting, I would request fried chicken at my shower like Miranda on SATC!