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Frugal Friday–Yelp a sister out!

11 Mar

 As many of you, I am Team Yelp all the way. I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about my love for the Yelp and if so, you can stop reading now.  I joined this past summer after a bad experience at a local Mexican restaurant and have been addicted ever since! I love that you can go on there and voice your opinion, read reviews, create lists of places you love or want to try and connect with others in your city. Yelp has also saved me a lot of money as well which is why I’m featuring it on Frugal Friday!

This past Monday, I got free tickets to the Charlotte Bobcats vs. LA Clippers basketball game.

We had to get there early so I left work, came home to take Lincoln out and get to the arena by 530P. I was curious why we had to get there so early but soon found out we were going to the watch the Bobcats warm up court side!

Yeah, we were sitting that close for a 20 minutes. I was kinda afraid I was going to get their sweat on me but it turned out fine and I stayed dry.

Soon we moved up into the Executive level in the party suite complete with snacks, beer and pizza!

It was such a fun night and nice to see the game from the suite instead of the nosebleed sits where this frugal girl usually sits. Just one of many fun and mostly free Yelp events I’ve attended…..

I popped my Yelp event cherry at Charlotte Elite’s first Yelp event  at Custom Shop

Soon after, many other Yelp events starting filling up my calendar. All have been terrific and have given me a chance to try out new establishments in Charlotte. Some others ones have included:

*A rockin’ evening at Mattie’s Diner

*Chili Cookoff



*Brunch at Bisto La Bon

*Wine events like the one I attended at Petit Philippe

Yelp has not only held food events but fitness based ones as well…..

*CrossFit at Metro Fitness Club


*Holiday Detox at The Breathing Room


And festive events like the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!


So yeah, you could say I love Yelp. It’s not only introduced me to new people and establishments in the area but has also  saved me a lot of money while doing so! 

Do you Yelp? If not, do you review restaurants and business on other websites?