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Just call me Snots

2 Feb


This nonsense with my sinuses has to stop immediately. All day Tuesday I was blowing my nose, if not blowing my nose, I was sneezing multiple sneezes in a row. If not that, I was wiping my eyes since they were releasing  tears every other minute. If not that, I was walking around with no tissue in hand and it felt like the floodgates opened in my nose. Which resulted in me running into a door because I was trying to walk with my head pointed towards the ceiling until I could get to tissue.

That being said, you can just call me Snots McGee.

Don’t worry I don’t have a little Mississippi leg hound in me.

So what does a girl named Snots McGee eat?

Nothing too exciting unfortunately.

Lunch was soup because cmon, who doesn’t love soup when they’re sick?

I’m still perplexed why I bought this one. I am not a fan of chicken and dumplings. I blame it on working at Cracker Barrel for four years.

It was quite delicious especially with some crushed up Ritz crackers mixed in. I could have had two more bowls if I had it on hand. Maybe I am a chicken and dumplings fan after all? Or maybe Campbells Chunky just knows what they’re doing?

Speaking of which, how freakishly pretty is Matt Hasselback’s mom? Elisabeth is like her mini me, which is kinda creepy since he married someone who looks exactly like his momma.


The theme for dinner was Let’s-see-how-many-veggies-I-can-fit-in-a-meal

I had a salad with baby spinach, cucumber, mushrooms, sweet peppers, red onions, carrots, kalamata olives and tomato

I was going to have a baked potato on the side but decided to jazz it up and topped it with broccoli and cheese

Then I added a Laughing Cow wedge to the mix since there is no such thing as too much cheese. This was one of the best baked potatoes ever! The only thing that would have made it more tasty was if I had Velveeta cheese.

God help me if I ever become lactose intolerant.

Since I’m feeling a bit blah, hopefully these links will keep you entertained,

*I am so loving Taco Bell’s snarky side


*Beware Green Bay fans, Suffering a Super Bowl loss can impact heart health. Just sayin, my money is on Pittsburgh!

*Speaking of the Superbowl-anyone see PETA’s banned Superbowl ad??

And of course, some Linky Linx

Do you say “Bless You”? I got some bless you’s at the beginning of the day but by the end of the day, the bless you’s were non-existent. I don’t blame them though, I stop saying bless you after five or six sneezes of the day. You should know you are blessed by now. Plus in my old job, I could never say “Bless you” to anyone because Stinky would get pissed if someone said “Bless You” before he did. Seriously. This was a 50 something year old man, such a bab. He actually got laid off the other week. I guess our company finally saw how useless he was and how much he was scamming the system.