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If there was a carbo, yo I’ll eat it

27 Jan

Check out my meals while I try to de-meat it!

(sang to the tune of Ice, Ice baby)

And sadly, yes, I sang that all day long yesterday since it was another meatless day. I was craving carbs all day long. I almost went downstairs on my break to get a “snack” of french fries because the idea of them seemed great but then I started to remember this trying-to-eat-healthy thing I’m trying out. And I had dinner plans but they were canceled in the afternoon and I had absolutely no contingency plan of making anything at home and almost opted for a bag of chips for dinner-wtf is going on with me??

For breakfast, I made a quick breakfast sandwich at work. The idea was to make an egg mc-muffin knock off but I forgot the eggs, kinda important component huh?

So, instead I settled for a Morningstar Mc-Muffin with Morningstar Veggie Sausage, cheese and ketchup on a whole wheat english muffin. Tasty but didn’t fill me up. Thankfully, I had two cups of coffee right after that since something major was going to happen……

The two most boring hours of my life.

I looked at my calendar and remembered we had a two-hour training session on financial statements and cash flow. Oh, just what a girl wants to learn on a Wednesday morning. Mind you, even though I work in banking, I am not a numbers person. I hate numbers and often get dyslexic with them so I have to triple check my work most of the time which is frustrating as is. That being said, learning how to understand tax returns and balance sheets was not high on my priority list. That’s what the other people on my team are there for-to help me! I tell them if they help me, I will cook for them or bake them goodies. This seems to work so why stop a fool-proof thing? To make it worst, I felt like there should have been a two drink minimum with the presentation. These guys were trying to make common stock and accounts receivable seem like a fun thing? Um, no. Sorry, not in my world.

However, I had to keep myself occupied and look like I was talking notes so I budgeted for my next paycheck, went through my “To Do’s” for the day but that was done within 10 minutes. So I started to look around the room since there were a lot of new faces in there of people who I don’t work with too often but in the same department as me. And I noticed a couple of doppelgängers!

One guy looked like a younger, beginning stages of balding Ed Burns. And no ring. Hello!


I’ll be your Christie Turlington, bitch!

And then there was a guy who looked like the character Greg Marmalard from one of my most favorite movies, Animal House.


Looked just as douchey and with that bad of hair.

So that helped pass time a bit but I was itching to get out of there. Especially since I had my phone and kept seeing responses to yesterday’s post about pets sleeping in bed with you. It seems like more of you than not are all for letting the dogs in the bed but it seemed like the ones who don’t let them sleep in the bed are bigger. Lincoln is only eight lbs and doesn’t take up a lot of space but I can’t imagine sharing a bed with a big dog! The worst is that Lincoln is a male. So he falls asleep then leaves me in the middle night…..but he always comes back in the morning before I wake, thinking I won’t notice or anything. That little scammer.

We finally got out of the meeting  then back to work but it was around lunch time and was already hours behind on work so I worked and scarfed down lunch at the same time–leftover whole wheat spaghetti with mushrooms, onion and parsley.


I could have had two more servings of that if it was up to me but soon it was done…….and then on the hunt yet again searching for carbs. I knocked out a bunch of shit in the afternoon since I’m off on Friday since that’s root canal day and have a ton to do today so I feel a little more at ease. But then when I was making a call to a customer, I got this song in my head since dude’s name was Rico.

Whatever happened to Gerardo??  And did he ever cut that dreadful hair off? Bad hair or not, I used to think he was such a hottie. I like how the You Tube caption says “One of his greatest hits from the 90’s”, he had more than this one? Maybe on the latin music world? On another note, I wish I could roll my r’s…..

When I got home, I still had no idea what I was going to have for dinner. I was in the mood for pad thai but didn’t want to drive to the ethnic area of town in rush hour traffic so I ended up at Zen Asian Fusion. I live near this place but never bothered to stop in since the prices seemed a bit high from the looks of its decor but once I checked out the menu it wasn’t that bad. I ordered Garlic Eggplant and Tofu with brown rice.

The meal was delicious but not as garlic-y as I would have liked it to be. Mind you, I’m Italian and garlic runs in my blood but the sauce was smooth and tangy. Plus the portion was huge so I have leftovers for this week. Carb craving =success! And can I just give some clicks to myself? I usually opt for some fried fest of chicken like sweet and sour chicken or general tso’s chicken when getting Chinese food so not ordering that is major.

Day 3-Your views on drugs and alcohol

My name is Tiffany and I’m a drinker. 

I didn’t drink too much in high school due to working, playing sports, volunteering and partaking in various clubs. I was too busy to drink! But when I went to college, all hell went loose, appropriately so b.c I went to one of the biggest party, drinking schools out there—WVU!

Just another typical Thursday night out on the town. The bars had ladies night specials and this bar had free wine and champagne until 11P so we would hoard as many as we could and then go to town!

The year I dressed as a pimp for Halloween, some alcohol may have been involved….

A memorable night during Greek Week with Neyal

Leila and I looking like ladies at the Panhellenic dinner. I believe we were there for the free booze though.

Hooray for hayride! Yes, I’m carrying a 2 liter of soda but there was major Captain Morgan action going on it.

Sitting pretty in Jamaica. Jamaica spring break deserves an entire post of it’s own…..if only I could remember it!

After college, I still drank a good bit but definitely not as much as my college days. As the years passed on, I kinda lost a taste for it. Maybe I had my fill of it and just didn’t want it anymore? But as always, it came back to me and I started drinking again frequently when I lived in Arizona and when I moved to Charlotte. This time period is when I gained a large amount of weight so go figure. Plus the fact that I crave bad food when I’m drunk doesn’t help, neither does it that Phoenix had a number of 24 hour drive through mexican places all ending in ‘berto–Alberto’s, Humberto’s, Filiberto’s, etc. I thought there were more but that’s all I can think of. Leila??

When I decided to start taking care of myself better my alcohol consumption went down…..alot. Almost to practically nothing but I would still drink every now and then but wasn’t a weekend warrior anymore.

Bonging a Natty Light since I’m classy like that.

I have nights that I still have fun, like this one, dancing with random old men at the bar but I just can’t imagine drinking as much as I did 10 years ago. My body seriously hates me for all the damage I’ve done to it via the hooch but you know what? I had some great time, some wonderful memories that I may or may not remember 100% correctly and wouldn’t trade my drinking life back there for anything. Best. Time. Of. My. Life. Now, I prefer to have a beer or three or a couple of glasses of wine and call it night. I like going to bars but not obnoxiously loud ones since my hearing is horrible in my right ear and in normal situations, it’s difficult to hear you (if I am ever with you, I will try to be on your right hand side so I can hear you better). So liquor, I like it, just not as much as I used to.

As for drugs, if you like the ghang-rock on. I am not a huge fan of it but if you partake, do your thing.

The coke, heroin, x, meth? Not so much a supporter of. Especially since one of my friends from childhood had a brain aneurysm from a bad Ecstasy pill.

Do you drink?

Are any of your co-workers doppelgängers? Have you ever been told you look like famous and if so, who? Not me, I’m unique looking like that!